A.T.A.C. of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - offensive weapon units of C.S.S.
    -Armed Tactical Armored Combat--Ghost Rider 2099#2 (3

ATALANTA - Trojan war, huntress, proficient with bow
    --Thor Annual#8?

ATALANTA - Pantheon, had affair with Achilles.
    short brown hair, superhuman strength + durability, fire energy arrows from plasma bow, low level telekinetic ability to direct arrows to targets
    (net/hand-panth)--[Incredible Hulk II#376], 379 (381,382, Hulk An18/3, H391, X-Factor I#76, [H392], 393-395, 397,398,399(fb), Hlk421, 423-425, 445,446,448, Hulk Annual 1997

ATALI of the Hyborian Era - daughter of Ymir
    - Frost Giant's Daughter* (app)--"Frost Giant's Daughter/Gods of the North", Fantasy Fan; Savage Tales I#1

ATALIS of the Hyborian Era - Yaralet, former philosopher, aided Conan against Munthassem Khan, later used Hand of Nergal to take over Yaralet, drugged Prince Thann and Fafnir Hellhand to control them, rule broken by Conan and Tiqua, hand cut off by Conan
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#30 ([30 (fb)], 30, [Savage Sword of Conan#220 (fb) / 221 (fb)], 231(fb) 220/2, 221/2

ATALON of Earth-691 circa 2018 AD - organizer of Deathbirth
    *D* (app-db)--Amazing Adventures II#27 (28,29,31d

ATALON of Earth-93060 - Fire People, empowered by a Break-Thru
    Vast gravity manipulating power
    (app)--Ultraforce#0A (4(fb), 0A,0B, 1-6, Solitaire#8-9, UF8?

ATAR - Zoroastrian fire god, son of Ahura Mazda, dwells in Naqsh-I-Rustem, formerly worshipped as the Vedic god Agni, part of Council of Godheads convened to deal with Akhenaten
    - AGNI*, HAUBAS, KHALID ATAR (app)--Marvel Universe: The End#2 (5,6

ATARATA - supposedly birthed from the fears of the Hyborians, made Bela, Asa and Kera into his Votaries, sent them to bring him victims, slaughtered many of the Red Brotherhood; stabbed in the head by Conan
    aka He Who Lurks Beneath the Lake--Savage Sword of Conan#198 (1992)

ATAROS - Gods for the 80s, God of the Video Arcade
    (app-gods80s)--Bizarre Adventures#32/4

ATEN - see ATUM.
    Egyptian sun god, the pharaoh Akhenaten turned the worship of the Egyptians over to him from Amun.
    The name was later usurped by Horus
    (app-atum/demogorge)--[Marvel Universe: The End#1] ([2(fb)]

ATH'AGAAR of the Hyborian era - Barbarian leader, led conquest from the glacial northlands to overtake the citadels of the Dark Lords until slain by them; reincarnated in the extraterrestrial Geburan Jhagur
    --Marvel Graphic Novel#11: Void Indigo

ATHAME - sacred cultural blade, used by Amahl Farouk in sacrificial ceremony
    --X-Men: True Friends#2

ATHAURUS - Microverse, planet destroyed by the Beyonder under the advice of Scion to act as a firebreak to slow the spread of the Pain
    --Micronauts II#16

ATHEIST (Gerard O’Higgins) - Erewhon, former freedom fighter in Northern Ireland, lost faith in his mission, sought to kill the Punisher to restore his faith, captured Wolverine, failed to kill him, imprisoned by him, eventually escaped
    --Wolverine/Punisher III#1 (2(fb), 1-5

ATHENA (Athena Parthenos) - Olympian goddess of wisdom, Olympus Group, daughter of Zeus and Metis, ally of Perseus, Jason, Cadmus, Ulysses, and Hercules, gave her breastplate to Aegis, mistaken for Thena in past; became security consultant for Atlas Foundation
    -MINERVA, PALLAS ATHENA (D#9, app)--Thor I#164 ( Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9, Thor Annual#8, Thor#164, Champions#2, Thor289,291,292, Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), Avengers I#283-285, [Thor467], New Warriors II#10, Hercules III#4?, Ares#1 (fb), 3, [4], 5, Incredible Hercules#115, Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1, [She-Hulk II#30 (fb)], 30, IncHerc#116-117

ATHENA - see THENA—(g) Red Raven comics#1

ATHENA - Warheads, Kether Troop, killed by Ghengis
    *D*--Warheads#6 (7d)

ATHENE - Medusa-Land
    --Adventures Into Terror#15

ATHEY 2020 - Dicemen, acted as agent for Chance, slew him when he drew attention to the game
    (app-dice)--Death's Head I#9

ATHMAR PHONG of Lost Lemuria - rival wizard of Kaman Thuu, controlled the Demon of Zangabal, which later slew him
    (app-thongor)--Creatures on the Loose#23

ATHMETH - Pangea, ancient caverns of the Pterons, usurped from Aerians
    --Ka-Zar the Savage#2

ATHOS ?? - former of Hugo Natchios’ estate in Greece, friend of Stavros + cook
    --DaredevilI#168 (168(fb), Wolv10_ Elek#18(fb) 18

ATHYR-BAST - Black Ring, former lover and co-conspirator of Hak-Heru
    (app-br)--Savage Sword of Conan#205 (206

ATKINS, - Marrs Corporation?, agent of Kearson DeWitt in controlling Tony Stark's nervous system via the bio-replicant synapse override system
    (app-dewitt)--Iron Man I#262 ([260 (fb), 256, 258-261], 262, [263-266]

ATKINSON, Maj. EDMOND - gov't agent, leader of Task Force 12, ex-husband of val cooper, former polygraph expert
    (net)--X-Factor I#74 ( 137,139,142

ATLA - associated with the Worms of the Earth, made deal with Bran Mak Morn, showed him where to find the Black Stone and then arranged a meeting with the Worms
    Witch-Woman of Dagon Moor--Worms of the Earth; Savage Sword of Conan#17/4

ATLAN - Conspiracy, dolphin mystic, died within Hellfire Helix/Bloodgem monster
    *D* (app-Consp)--[Rampaging Hulk I#1/2],8/2([1/2-6/2],8/2d)

ATLAN of Counter Earth-Franklin (Dorma, Krang ) - alternate dimensional counterparts of Atlanteans/Homo Mermani, ruled by Dorma after Namor returned to Earth-616, traveled to Earth-616 in order to conquer it for Dr. Doom, sent back to their earth by Reed Richards while he trapped inside Doom’s armor
    --Fantastic Four II#2 (3 Heroes Reborn: Doom [F4 III#25-27],28, Doom2,3, F4 An2000, F4#32, Exiles#81-82

ATLANTA, Dr. THERON - scientist, received Nobel prize for psyche imprint procedure, driven mad after tested on self, released from asylum by bribe from Obadiah Stane, transferred minds of Bethany Cabe and Madame Masque, captured, but freed by and allied with AIM following death of Stane, mute by choice, captured from aim by Iron Man/Stark
    —Iron Man I#198 (203(fb), 198, 200-201

ATLANTA BLUR  of "Earth-31916" - see BLUR
    --Supreme Power#1

ATLANTEAN DREAMWAVE - magical item, used to probe dreams of others, used by Dr. Strange to investigate nightmares of John Blaze
    --Midnight Sons Unlimited#6 (6(fb3))

ATLANTEANS/Pre-Cataclysmic (C'thunda, Darkholders, Vaninor Dharan, Dherk, Kamuu, Khor-Nah, Klarkash-Ton, Ku-Var, Lhok-Nor, Nakura, Ocar, Om-Ra, Sareena, Stygyro, Zapal, Zartra (naturalized))
Hensel (Namor the First Mutant #6, 2011), Kam'u (possibly the same as Kamuu; Namor the First Mutant #6, 2011); Rithea (Namor the First Mutant #6, 2011); Zalphir (Namor the First Mutant #6, 2011)
    - powerful island nation, sank during Great Cataclysm, remnants survived in Antilla and the Negari, as well as Mayapan, Zothique, and Poseidonis, some traveled to the Savage Land and created Pangea
    —Kull the Conqueror I#1

ATLANTEANS (Amir, Arkus, (Lord) Arno, Ashur, Askid, At'la'tique, Attuma, Attumacht, Azir, Balaal, Beemer, Betty, Bloodtide, Bobo, Byrrah, Corak, Coral, Crab, Dakkor, Dara, Dashak, Numara D'athahr, Deathcharge, Dorma, Dragonrider, Elanna, Fara, Fathom Five, Fen, Gorgul, Gort, Govan, Grokko, Ikthonn, Immannu, Jakka, Janus, "Joe," Kalen, Kamuu, Kavor, Keerg, Kor-Konn, Kormok, Korra, Korro, Krang, Kyral, Lorvex, Madoxx, Mako, Mako, Manowar, Marcan, Meranno (U-Man), Minnow, Mirella, Morel, Mussels, Namor, Namora, Namorita, Nautak, Nereus, Obtu, Orelem, Orrek, Ossem, "Paul," People of the Black Sea, Politus + wife, Proteus, Proteus, Ramin, Ramon, Relun, Rennar, Rodis, Ronga, Ruthar, Saru-San, Seahorse, Seaweed, Serestus, Seth, Shakkoth, Shalak, Shem, Squid, Stacian, Stegar, Sulumor, Talan, Tanas, Teneel, Thakorr, Thakos, Thallo, Tornaga, Trident Team, Tyrak, Unforgiven Dead/Old Ones?, Vashti, Volpan, Vyrra, Xiomara, Zantor, Zantor, Zarina, Zartra, Zoga )
Arath (Sub-Mariner #1, 2007); Arkus (Sub-Mariner #63, 19__); Ashur (New Warriors #3, 1999); Askid (Namor #6, 2003); Attumacht (Night Thrasher #11, 1994); Balaal (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9, 1989); Banara (Sub-Mariner #1, 2007); Beemer (Namor #1, 2003); Betty (Hulk/Sub-Mariner 1998 Annual, 1998); Blabek (Marvel Mystery Comics #4, 1940); Bobo (Namor #1, 2003); Brodar (Sub-Mariner #31, 1970); Burka (Avengers #272, 1986); Cirin (Sub-Mariner #4, 2007); Corak (Defenders #5, 2001); Coral (deceased) (Sub-Mariner #56, 1972); Crab (Marvel Comics Presents #12, 1989); Daka (Marvel Mystery Comics #24, 1941); Dakkor (Iron Man Annual #10, 1989); Dara (deceased) (Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner #1, 1984); Delta Nine (Namor the Sub-Mariner #20, 1991); Elanna (Sub-Mariner #64, 1973); Epititus (Web of Spider-Man Annual #4, 1989); Fara (deceased) (Incredible Hulk #118, 1969); Gorgul (Sub-Mariner #4, 1968); Gort (Avengers #154, 1976); Grokku (Defenders #7, 1973); Harla (Sub-Mariner Comics #5, 1942); Jadda (Sub-Mariner Comics #5, 1942); Jakka (deceased) (Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner #2, 1984); "Joe Atlantis" (Civil War: Front Line #3, 2006); Kalen (Namor the Sub-Mariner #38, 1993); Kamar (Sub-Mariner #1, 2007), Kamuu (Sub-Mariner #64, 1973); Karal (Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1, 1939); Kor-Konn (Sub-Mariner #4, 1968); Kormok (Sub-Mariner #17, 1969); Krakos (Sub-Mariner #1, 2007); Kyral (Namor the Sub-Mariner #20, 1991); Lerza (Sub-Mariner Comics #5, 1942); Lorvex (Sub-Mariner #54, 1972); Lucas (Sub-Mariner Comics #1, 1941); the Mad Twins (Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner #3, 1984); Madoxx (Sub-Mariner #64, 1973); Mako (Avengers #154, 1976); Mara (Human Torch Comics #7, 1942); Mel (Sub-Mariner Comics #1, 1941); Minnow (Marvel Comics Presents #12, 1989); Morel (Namor the Sub-Mariner #35, 1993); Mussels (Marvel Comics Presents #12, 1989); Nautak (deceased) (Marvel Comics Presents #121, 1993); Orelem (Night Thrasher #11, 1994); Orrek (Sub-Mariner #64, 1973); Ossem (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9, 1989); Politus (deceased) (Wolverine #42, 2006); Proteus (Sub-Mariner #36, 1971); Proteus (Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner #2, 1984); Ramin (Alpha Flight #14, 1984); Remora (Namor the Sub-Mariner #46, 1994); Rennar (Sub-Mariner #64, 1973); Ronga (Defenders #84, 1980); Ruthar (Marvel Comics Presents #7, 1988); Sarna (Human Torch Comics #7, 1942); Saru-San (apparently deceased) (Sub-Mariner #4, 1968); Seahorse (Marvel Comics Presents #12, 1989); Seaweed (Marvel Comics Presents #12, 1989); Serestus (Avengers #43, 2001); Seth (Tales to Astonish #98, 1967); Shalak (Namor the Sub-Mariner #15, 1991); Sharkskin (New Mutants Annual #5, 1989); Shem (Avengers #282, 1987); Stegar (Sub-Mariner #64, 1973); Talan (deceased) (Namor the Sub-Mariner #20, 1991); Tanas (Sub-Mariner #64, 1973); Thallo (Namor the Sub-Mariner #20, 1991); Til (Marvel Mystery Comics #4, 1940); Timoran (Sub-Mariner #1, 2007); Tornaga (Defenders #84, 1980); Undertow (New Mutants Annual #5, 1989); Vayor (Sub-Mariner #4, 2007); Worta (Sub-Mariner #31, 1970); Xiomara (Marvel Comics Presents #121, 1993); Zantor (Tales to Astonish #72, 1965); Zantor (Hulk/Sub-Mariner 1998 Annual, 1998); Zartra (Sub-Mariner #66, 1973); Zoran (Sub-Mariner #3, 2007)
    new since SC1 update: Lida (
X-Club#1-2, 2012), Porphyr (Torch#3, 2009)
    - Homo mermani, blue-skinned, have dwelled in cities of Atlantis + Maritanis + Oceanus, Thakorr, New Pangea, former city off the New York coast was rendered uninhabitable by an oil spill @ 1936
    (I#1,D#1)--(g) Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly#1;F4 An#1 (Spider-Man: Lifeline#2(fb), Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#2-4
    Namor II#1, 1/2, 2-12
    F4 An1,
    XM:HidY#12, F4:WGCM#2, 11, F4#102-104/XM:HidY#20-22
    Rom37, Av222, Hlk277
    F4#402, F4:AR#2, F4Unl#11/2, MTU II#8, 9, 11, Hulk/SubMariner An1998, NewWar II#3, Def II#1, BP29, Def5, CV+VB#2, Av42-44, Def7, USAgent II#2, Def11, Av52, 53, Human Torch III#11, Avengers III#83,84
, Invaders III#8-9, New Thunderbolts#1-6, 9, Defenders III#1, Sentry II#1, Civil War: Front Line#3/3 (fb), 3/3, 4/3, 6/3-7/3, 8/3, [9-10], Wolverine III#43-45, Civil War#7, [New Warriors IV#3 (fb)], Incredible Hulk III#107, Sub-Mariner III#1-6

Atlanteans in Hell - subjects of Namor while he was sent to Hell, pled for water but there was none; disembodied heads of Atlanteans
    --Namor the First Mutant#7

ATLANTIS - pre-Cataclysm, sunk in part by energy released by second celestial host when attacked by Deviants
    (I#1,D#1, 2006#1)—Kull the Conqueror I#1

ATLANTIS - post-cataclysm, undersea, discovered and colonized by Homo mermani @ 6000 BC led by Kamuu, in recent times was brought to the surface of the ocean as an island by Morgan le Fay, and the island of Attilan landed on it, sunken again by Gorgon under direction of Black Bolt, Attilan relocated to Himalayas
    (I#1,D#1, 2006#1,
Civil War)--(g) Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly#1; Fantastic Four Annual#1 (Spider-Man: Lifeline#2(fb)
    F4 An1
    Namor62, F4:AR#1,F4:AR#2,F4Unl#11,11/2 Inh III#1-12, Def II#1

ATLAS - Titan of Olympus, carries the Axis Mundi (World Axis) on his shoulder
    --Thor I#356 (Incredible Hercules#123 (fb), Thor I#356 (fb), Incredible Hercules#124 (fb), 124

ATLAS - Greek god
    --Journey into Mystery I#124 (Thor II#7(fb), 7

ATLAS (Steve Rand) - Hollywood stuntman, became insane after disfigurement, battled Werewolf/Jack Russell
    --Werewolf by Night I#22 (23

ATLAS (Erik Stephan Josten) - Thunderbolts, former agent of Baron (Heinrich) Zemo, dispersed due to overload of ionic energy of Count Nefaria, reformed and merged with Dallas Riordan, lost powers after struggle with Anomaly on Counter Earth, re-exposed to Pym Particles, allowed Henry Pym  to remove the Pym Particles after the failure of Project: Liberator.
    Grow in size and strength, ionic energy powers
    -POWER MAN*, SMUGGLER*, GOLIATH*, Edward Jantzen, Intruder from Beyond
    (2006#1, net)--(EJ) [AvengersI#9], 21 (Tb18(fb1-3), [Av9,15,16], Tb minus 1, Av21->PowM.
    (Atlas) IncHulk II#449 (ThunB An1997(fb), Tb1, Hlk449 ([450], TotMU#1/2, Tb2, SpTU#7, Tb3,4, An1997, Tb5, 6, 7(fb), 7, 8, HsfH#7, [Hlk459], HR:tR#2, AmzSp430, Tb10-18, 19(fb) 19-22 AvIII#12 Tb23,25,26,33(fb),27,28(fb),28-30,31(fb),31,32 IM An’1999 Tb33,34,35(fb),35-37, An2000, Tb38-42, Av32, Tb43, Av33, Tb44-47, 51, 54, 56-62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 73/74, 75, Avengers/Thunderbolts#1-6, 7-10, 11(House of M), 12
    Thunderbolts#100, 101, 102-105, 106-109, Amazing Spider-Man#533, Civil War#3-4

ATLAS ACADEMY of the MARTIAL ARTS - front company for Atlas Foundation, taken down by Agents of Atlas
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

ATLAS AUTO - normal company, inspected by Agents of Atlas as possible front company for Atlas Foundation, though they did smuggle weapons in their overseas shipments
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

ATLAS BIOTECH - front company for Atlas Foundation
    --Agents of Atlas#4

ATLAS COMICS - normal company, inspected by Agents of Atlas as possible front company for Atlas Foundation
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

ATLAS DAIRY - normal company, inspected by Agents of Atlas as possible front company for Atlas Foundation
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

ATLAS FOUNDATION (Mr. Lao, Plan Tzu/Golden Claw, Jimmy Woo)
    - front corporation for the Eternal Empire, perpetuation of the legendary Mongol Empire of Temujin/Genghis Khan
    ETERNAL EMPIRE--Agents of Atlas#1 ([6 (fb)], 1 (fb), 1-6

ATLAS MINING - front company for Atlas Foundation, taken down by Agents of Atlas
    site to which those listening to Atlas Records were sent
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

ATLAS MORTUARY - front company for Atlas Foundation
    --Agents of Atlas#4

ATLAS MUNITIONS - front company for Atlas Foundation, taken down by Agents of Atlas
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

ATLAS NOVELTIES - front company for Atlas Foundation, taken down by Agents of Atlas
    used lethal novelty items
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

ATLAS NURSERY - front company for Atlas Foundation
    --Agents of Atlas#4

ATLAS ORPHANAGE - front company for Atlas Foundation
    --Agents of Atlas#4

ATLAS PLAYMONSE(?) - put on Animalia, a play which involved magic, including bonding totemistic masks to volunteers to create magical beings, broken up by Spider-Man and Agents of Atla
    --[Spider-Man Family#4]

ATLAS RECORDS - front company for Atlas Foundation, taken down by Agents of Atlas
    producers worked subliminal mind-control messages into recordings
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

ATLAS TOWERS - apartments, home of Mallory Book
    --Thing II#1 (She-Hulk II#5

ATLAS VINEYARDS - front company for Atlas Foundation, taken down by Agents of Atlas
    made truth-serum wine
    --[Agents of Atlas#4]

AT'LA'TIQUE - Atlantean terrorist organization, affiliated with Fathom's Five, infected with radiation plague by Radioactive Man
    "Fury of the Sea"--New Thunderbolts#1 (2, 3, [4-6], 8

ATLEZ - one of the line of cosmic beings who anchor all reality, preventing it from tumbling into the cosmic abyss, employed Adam Warlock to seek out his successor, Atleza Langunn, released Thanosi when tried to only release Armour in order to reawaken Warlock, died
    (app)--Infinity Abyss#1,4(4+5(fb),1-6d)

ATLEZA (Atleza Langunn) - human girl, daughter of Brian and Debby, older sister of Ruby, chosen as a toddler to replace Atlez
    (2006#1, app)--Infinity Abyss#3 (4-6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, [6,
Thanos#1, 6]

ATLO - Eternal, challenged Ikaris to wrestling match
    strong, brown hair
    —Thor I#287

ATOLA of Aesgaard the Hyborian era - barbarian, partnered with Kamala and Zar-Zak in plot to dupe the men of the village of Numalia out of their money, pretended to battle the dragon form of Zar-Zak to rescue Kamala
    --Savage Sword of Conan#46/3

ATOM BOB of Earth-93060 (Bob Hardin) - Strangers

ATOM COMPRESSOR - developed by ??, used to negate energy of the Infinity Union
    --Avengers I#318?

ATOM-DISPLACER - massive weapon located in Deviant Lemuria which was said to be able to slay Eternals
    --Thor I#286

ATOM PIRATES  - creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave
    nuclear pegleg

ATOM SHIELD - barrier which surrounds city of the space gods in order to prevent intruders from finding the city
    --Eternals I#3

ATOM SMASHER (Ronald English) - criminal, killed by Warhawk/Tanner for Connors and succeeded by brother, exposed Black Goliath to radiation that eventually caused the extended period of power  loss.
    Transform body into pure energy
    *D* (AZU#4, FFE, app)--Black Goliath#1 (2, 3d)

ATOM SMASHER (Michael English) - brother, had Warhawk kill him, usurped his identity, apparently died in battle with Giant-Man (Bill Foster) + Thing + Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
    (AZU#4, FFE, app)--[Black Goliath#3], Marvel Two-In-One#85

ATOM SMASHER (Kevin Leonardo) - anti-nuclear activist, disgruntled former employee of Stane International, shot and inadvertently mutated by them when threatened to reveal poor storage of nuclear waste, convinced not to destroy nuclear plant by Iron Man/Rhodes in exchange for shutting down Stark Enterprises nuclear facility
    (app)—Iron Man I#287 (288 (fb), 287,288

ATOMIC BLACK KNIGHT of Earth-Amalgam - Black Knight + Atomic \Knight
    --[Exciting X-Patrol#1]

ATOMIC CHANGER - see KIBER's ATOMIC CHANGER (app-kiber)--Black Panther I#11

ATOMIC CITY of Earth-712 - city in Herculeana, hometown of Dr. Spectrum
    --Squadron Supreme#1

ATOMIC INVERTER X-99 PROTOTYPE - designed by Roxxon, stolen by Batroc's Brigade for Maelstrom, added to his Chronal Accelerator to bring about the end of the universe
    --GLA#2 (3-4

ATOMIC LOU (Lou Messner) - Delta City, enemy of Fight Man, killed Kid Hit
    --Fight Man#1 (Agent X#11

ATOMIC REASSEMBLER - device created by Sigmar which receives people who have been captured in a dimension cloak cloud and restores them to human form
    --Eternals I#18

ATOMI-GEDDON device - Hydra, weapon of Strucker, deactivated by Avengers
    --She-Hulk II#7 (7(fb)

ATOR - Inhuman general, leads Crimson Cadre
    --Fantastic Four I#398 (399, F4: Atlantis Rising#1, Fantastic Force#8, F4:AR#2, F4Unl#11

ATRA - @ 18000 BC, alchemist of Lemuria prior to Great Cataclysm, under Deviant command, father of Antilla, created Serpent Crown with aid of Serpent Men, sacrificed own daughter to Set to power Crown, died in struggle with Phraug over the Crown when the Celestials sank Lemuria, his + Phraug’s hands remained in contact with the Crown until it was taken by ??. wm
    *D*--Marvel Team-Up Annual#5 (Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23/7

ATRIN 2099 - former mid 20th Century nuclear physicist, mutated by radiation, created and lived in the Valley(s) of the Beasts, tortured Ravage & Ferra, killed by Ravage.
    Mutate others, trapped between dimensions?
    (app)--Ravage 2099#24

ATROCITY - Fallen, former lover of Xoc, killed by Blade.
    form is an affront against nature, reacts explosively, fire heat blasts from eyes
    *D* (app)--Nightstalkers#15,MSU#4(named,d) (MSU#4(fb) SoV#17,Ns15,[GR45],MCP#145,Doc61,SoV#18,MSU#4d)

ATROPOS - Fates/Norns.
    Used scissors to cut the thread of fate at a person's death
    "scissors," VERDANI* (app-fates)--Tales to Astonish I#33, Journey into Mystery I#102/2

ATROPOS of Earth-Shadowline - Greek man, lived below Monastery of Order of St. George
    --Dr. Zero#7 (Critical Mass#1

ATSUKO - circa 1945, Japanese woman living just outside Hiroshima, daughter of kamikaze fighter, briefly befriended and romanced Logan before being slain by Lt. Warren; spirit met with Logan again decades later when he finally destroyed Warren
    *D*--Logan#1 ([1 (fb)], 1 (fb), 2 (fb, dies), 3 (spirit)

ATTACKER (Richard Taine) - Anti-Registration Underground
    (app)--Civil War: Front Line #4([4/4]) (5

ATTACKOID - AIM synthoid programmed w/ abilities of Black Widow
    alter physical composition of body at will
    --Solo Avengers#14 (15


ATTRACTIVE LAD (Aundray ) - Crazy Eight, Los Angeles actor, runs own dance studio, former neighbor of Simon Williams.
    Repel or attract objects, bm
    (net/hand-c8)--(Aund) WondM II#4 (11,12,18; (AL)19(20,21,25 IM1999 [Av2:W+B#2]

ATTALUS of the Hyborian era (Bardylis, Ptolemy)
    - Stygian city outside the yoke of the nation's government, descendants of Iskander (Alexander the Great) who arrived in that valley through a strange blue mist, built the city, and then marched Eastward again; the mist then vanished, leaving the city's people stranded in that time; slaughtered all Stygians who sought to conquer them, established a peaceful relationship with Harakht via symbolic exchange of the Eyes of Set
    --The Lost Valley of Islander; (Marvel) Conan the Barbarian I#79 (79 (fb), 79-81

ATTALUS of the Hyborian era - Khauran, soldier, ally of Marcios
    (app-marcios)--A Witch shall be Born; Savage Sword of Conan#5

Attania (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#2 (3

Attila the Hun -
    --All Winners Comics#8

ATTILAN - home of Inhumans, originally founded @ 5000 BC on island in North Atlantic by king Myran, moved to Himalayas, then in recent times to the Blue Area of the Moon, and later onto Atlantis after it was raised by Morgan le Fay, transported back to Himalayas under direction of Black Bolt after deceiving humans into believing it destroyed, brought into space by Kree as a mobile weapon, all but the Royal Family initially elected to remain with it in space though many returned soon after
    -GREAT REFUGE (I#1,D#1)--Fantastic Four I#47(
    Inhumans III#1-12, Inhumans IV#1-4

ATTILAN - built in Himalayas, relocated to Blue Area of the Moon?
    NEW ATTILAN*--Fantastic Four III#68 (Inhumans V#1,2

ATTUMA - Atlantean, Lethal Legion, Worthy, barbarian warlord + usurper, ruler of Skarka, father of Andromeda, believes self to be conqueror of Atlantean chronicles, has ruled Atlantis in past, former ally of Dr. Dorcas. abilities enhanced through unknown means, seemingly decapitated by Attuma
    -the BARBARIAN, Lord of the Murky Depths, NERKKOD* (I#1, D#1, M, app)--Fantastic  I#33 (Tales to Astonish I#64, Tales of Suspense I#66, Fantastic Four An3/Marvel: Heroes & Legend#1, Avengers I#26,27, TTA#88,89,91, Sub-Mariner I#4, 31, 36,37,[56], Defenders I#7,8, Super-Villain Team-Up#1-3, Av154, SVTU#9, Av155,156, SVTU#10(fb), Bizarre Adventures#27(fb), Alpha Flight I#36(fb), 33-35,[36],37,38, Av272(AF#39),
Marvel Age Annual#1, Avengers An17, Iron Man An10, 10/2, AvAn18, XFactor An4, Web of Spider-Man An5, Marvel Comics Presents#121/4, Namor An1(fb), Namor#52,53, Hulk/SubMariner An1998, Defenders II#1, 2, 5, Citizen V & the V Battalion#2, Avengers III#42-44, Def#7, 11, Hercules III#3, Sentry II#1

ATTUMACHT - ancient Homo mermani, leader of Skarka
    --Night Thrasher II#11 (12

ATTUR-HEI - Breakworld
    Palace of the Corpse--Astonishing X-Men#20

    --Captain Marvel I#38

ATUM - offspring of Gaea & Demiurge, lives within the Earth’s sun, slew most Elder Gods, drove Set back to extradimensional realm twice.
    Generate vast heat and light, fly, survive in vaccuum, becomes Demogorge after slaying other gods, requires aid to return to Earth due to injuries from first battle with Set.
    -DEMOGORGE* (app, net)--Thor Annual#10 (ThorAn10(fb), Iron Man Annual#10/ (fb), Thor An10, Thor Annual#14

ATUM-RA - Heliopolis gods, alias of Atum, alleged descendent of Hun, father of Khonshu, worshipped by Egyptians
    --[Thor I#24_ ]

ATUR of Earth-691 - Courga
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#2 ( 18-20

ATWELL, PAUL – American scientist and inventor of Vitamin X formula which was able to make soldiers stronger, almost killed by the Head and his Headhunters, saved by the Young Allies timely arrival and lent the Young Allies his plane so they could get to Australia to stop the Head and his mission of terror.
--Young Allies#12 (spring 1944)

    Invaders III#4,5

AUCAI - name given to merged form of Cyclops and Apocalypse
    --XMen: Search for Cyclops#1 (2-4)

AUCTIONEER ( ) - based in Toronto, captured and attempted to auction off Purple Girl and Madison Jeffries, used gas to control her, kidnapped her mother as well, arrested following defeat.
    Access to advanced technology, WM, dark hair, goatee
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#42

AUDIENCE race - extraterrestrial, initially dwelled on energy orb, traveled to another world after consuming orb’s energy, learned they could survive off energy released from combat of others, built arena and paid warriors to fight, attempted to recruit Silver Surfer, who attempted to destroy their transported to prevent them from spreading their desire for battle to others, but they escaped
    --Silver Surfer III#39 (39(fb), 39

AUDAIN, JOHN - New Orleans Harbor Patrol, former partner of Monica Rambeau
    --Amazing Spider-Man Annual#16?

AUDIFFRED, JOHANNA - Daily Bugle employee, assistant to Jeff Suter
    --[Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1]

AUDIT (Mr. Grant) - former boss of Warheads
    --(MrG) Warheads#1( ); (A)#7

AUDREY ?? - Syndicate assassin, killed Bruno and Frank Costa, killed by Punisher
    (app-costa)--Marvel Super-Action magazine#1

AUDREY ?? - Hell's Kitchen, young girl who cared for her "Gra'Ma", threatened by Bruno and Tony on behalf of their corrupt landlord
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#81/4

AUDUMBLA - Asgardian entity, form of a cow, possible aspect of Gaea
    (app)--Journey into Mystery#97/2 (97/2,Mighty Thor Annual#5,Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#35,OHotMU A to Z Vol. 14, Avengers Assemble: Ymir entry

AUGEAN STABLES - the cleaning of these was the fifth of the twelve legendary labors of Hercules, although it was actually performed by the Forgotten One
    (app)--[Thor I#291], Hercules III#1?

AUGIE ?? - robbed a bank, defeated by Spider-Man, sent to prison, girlfriend Vivian got married while he was away, worked for the Mercenary, ultimately shot him, aiding his capture, and surrendered to Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#6/2

AUGMATRON - Skrull weapon able to fire sonic blasts able to shatter walls, placed in Vince Rivers guitar by Diabolik
    ----Marvel Premiere#36

AUGMEN - children given mutant implants by 3rd Species technology created at Winterbrand Technologies, under direction of Alan Weiss
    --Iceman II#1 (2-4

AUGMENTO ( ) - former superhero from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, discovered existence of Unbeing, contacted Quasar for assistance, apparently uncreated by UnBeing

AUGUR of Earth-148611 ( ) - Forsaken. precognitive/clairvoyant by reading entrails

    --Astonishing X-Men#19

AUGUST, Rev. of Earth-93060 - Ultraverse, used Penny Slater, killed by Rafferty

AUGUST PERSONAGE in JADE - see YU-TI (app)--Marvel Premiere#15

AUGUSTINE - servant of Absynthia
    large and strong, transparent skin
    --X-Man: All Saint's Day


AULA of Earth-93060 - chief of cloud city
    --Strangers#2 (UVP#0/2,Str2 (2-4

AULL, LESLEY - ambulance driver, helped Dorothy Walker
    (app-Walker, Dorothy)--Defenders I#88

AUMAVI - tree on Sof
    --Silver Surfer IV#8

AUNT SERR - mother of Karl, widower of Frank, mutated by radiation, created the People, presumably perished in the burning of her mansion
    Mentally control others
    *D* (app)-- Sub-Mariner I#41 ([41/42(fbs)], 41, 42d)

AUNTIE FREEZE (Ann Fraley) - leader of Grapplers, former professional wrestler in years past
    --Thing I#33 (35

AUNTIE MAIM 2099 ( ) - Lawless, muscular woman
    --X-Men 2099#32 (33(fb2),32(fb),32-34 2099:ManDest

AUOHUMLA - ancient entity, left horn severed, serves as the power item Ragnahorn
    --[Marvel Knights#1]

AURA (Anne Herd) - wife of Overrride, given suit to create and project force fields by Master Programmer, wife of Override, fought the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man, nearly killed when trapped a particle beam within her field, hospitalized.
    Projects force field that blocks motion and energy
    (app)--Spectacular Scarlet Spider#1 (Web of Scarlet Spider#2, Sensational Spider-Man II#25, Spectacular Spider-Man II#255(c), Sens[32]+33(par), Amazing Spider-Man II#3(fb),[3], Civil War: War Crimes

AURA of Eurth - X'Changelings of Simon Magnus, counterpart of Unus?
    (app-eurth)--Avataars: Champions of the Realm#2

AURA of NEGATIVISM - Kree cloaking device, used on
    --Marvel Super-Heroes II#12

AUREL EYE of ASMODEL - magic item/spell used by Shadu the Shady
    --Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1

AURELLE - eternals, new breed, poses as human hedonist, suggested formation of new breed to Ikaris.
    Energy powers, transform into silvery energy form, glowing head.

    -SPARX* (app)--Eternals: Apocalypse Now

AURIC (Zhao Tang) - Gamma flight, Chinese mutant, brother of Silver, former ally of Dog, fled china to Hong Kong and later Canada, seemingly killed and body dissected by Hero-Killers (captured by Sphinx and taken to Target technologies), bodies absorbed energy when Sphinx imploded, taken by Brass Bishop for auction for group of super-villains, merged with silver into entity.
    Fly, generate heat -GOLD* (net, app-dog)—AF I#76 (79,80 84-86 87(fb) 87-90 AmzSpAn26 WebAn8, AF#121->entity

AURON - Inhuman, deposed Gral, led Inhumans to accept their variations
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#5?]

AURORA - Olympian goddess of the dawn --not in MU

AURORA (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) - mutant, powers altered by Langkowski and Weapon X Project, Alpha Flight, Beta Flight, Gamma Flight, Weapon X, severely disciplined as a child, former nun and history teacher, badly scarred by Sabretooth, twin sister of Northstar, former lover of Walter Langkowski and Roger Bochs + Wild Child.
    Fly at great speeds, generate light, multiple personality disorder, undetectable as a mutant
    "Danielle Belonde" (I#1,D#1,M, 2006#1, ME:X, 198)--Uncanny X-Men#120(AF I#9/2,10/2,7(fb1+2), , X-Men II Annual#1 (2007, fb), AF52(fb) 92(fb),UXM120,121,CXM#27 [Hlk An8] MachM#18 AF I#1(fb) MTIO#84, Hlk277 279 CoChamps I#1,[2,3] AF#1 2-4, XM/AF II#1,2 AF#7,8 10 11,12 MTU An7 AF14,15 17 20,21 XM+AF I#1,2 AF#22-24 113(fb), AF25-27 SecWarII#4 AF28/Hlk313 AF29-33 34(SW II#9) 35-39,Av272,AF40 MarvFan28 AF An1 AF41-46, 48, 49, 50, 64, 81,82, 84-86 [87(fb)], 87-91 93(fb) 93-95 98 104(fb) 102 104-109 109/2//InfWar1 IW#2 AF110 Q38 IW3 AF111,112 114-116, 127-130, XFac116, XMan27,28, XFac143, AF II#12,15,[17],18-20, Wolv142,143 GX#58? UXM379
    Weapon X: Draft: Wild Child, Weapon X II#1, 2(4(fb)), 3, 6-8, 9, 10,11,13, 22, X-Men II#189-190, X-Men II Annual#1 (2007)

AURORA - see SHIP (starlord) (app-ship)--Starlord#1

AURRON of Earth-Cable - Apocalypse's soldiers
    --Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix#1

AURWEL - Ancients, discovered and killed by Naga
    *D* (app-ancients)--Daredevil Annual#4B/6

AUSTEN, CONNOR - Daily Bugle reporter, attended SHIELD press conference and wrote article on Initiative
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

AUSTIN, ADAM - comic book writer, possibly the Masked Marvel
    --X-Men II#187/2

AUSTIN, General - SHIELD II, present at hearing of GW Bridge for involvement with Cable, poisoned and killed by Dark Sisterhood to cover up evidence of Bridge’s acquittal
    *D*--Cable II#91 (92d)

AUSTIN, JAKE - astronaut, mutated in explosion, defeated by John Jameson 
    (app)—Amazing Spider-Man I#375/3

AUSTIN, JANE - former possessor of amulet of Pazuzu/Doucheblade
    --Howard the Duck III#3(3(fb)

AUSTIN, SUSAN - friend of Eric Masterson
    --Thor I#392 (405 408 411-414, 416,417 MSH III#9/2 Th419-423 427 429-433 435 437 438 440 [441] 443,444 448,449 451 453/2 455/2 456 Ts10 11 13 15(fb) 15 19,22

    Crazy Eight.
    generate three-dimensional translucent images
    (net/hand-C8)--Wonder Man II#19 (20-21)

AUTHIER, Chief - police chief of snow valley,father of trace
    --Generation X#33 (36-37, 40, X-Men Unlimited#20, GX42

AUTHIER, TRACY "TRACE" - daughter of police chief, obtained stolen materials containing the secrets of Generation X
    --Generation X#33 (34-39, 44

AUTHORITY (Authority, Specialists) - think tank formed by Tito Mendez
    (app-authority)--[Marvel Team-Up II#1], 4, (named) 5 (5(fb), [1-3], 4, 5

AUTHORITY (Tito Mendez) - developed desire to possess all knowledge after he assassinated a man and later found out it was his own father, manipulated Spider-Man, lost mind to Sphere of Ultimate Knowledge
    (2006#1, app)--Marvel Team-Up II#1 (shadows), 4 (fully seen) (5(fb), [3(fb)/4(fb)/5(fb), 1(fb)], 1-3, [4(fb)], 4,5

AUTOBOTS (Optimus Prime, Gears, Hound, Cliffjumper, many others) 
Extraterrestrial robots capable of transforming into vehicles, engaged in millennia-long war against Decepticons, aided by Spider-Man in one skirmish against their enemies.
    --Transformers I#1

AUTO-BOXERS - remote controlled robots used by Eternals for amusement
    --Eternals I#5

AUTOCRON race (Fabrikant, Ten-For, Ten-Twentiwon, Ten-Thirtiate, Ten-Thirtifor, others) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Cron,
    iron-based life forms, superhuman strength and endurance
    (I#1, D#15, app)--Machine Man I#3 (Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook, Machine Man I#3-6, OHotMU I#1, Quasar#14-16,53, Starblast#1-4, Quasar#55, Fantastic Four I#386, Maximum Security#1,3, Avengers III#36

A.U.T.O.F.A.C. - SHIELD device, successfully determined the true identity of the Supreme Hydra, but destroyed by him before the information could be revealed
    Analytical Unit for Tabulation of Original Factors And Computation (app)--Strange Tales I#154

AUTOLYCUS - son of Hermes & Chione, grandfather of Odysseus, taught Hercules to wrestle

AUTOLYCUS - Sark, Universal Church of Truth, former leader of Black Knights of UCT, soul transferred to Soulworld by Adam Warlock
    (app)--Strange Tales I#179 (Avengers Annual#7, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#2, Silver Surfer III#46,48, Infinity War#6

AUTOMATOIDS - Robots created by Quasimodo, fought Spider-Man and Hawkeye.
    --Marvel Team-Up I #22

AUTOMATON - Q7 Strike Force
    (app-q7)--GeneDogs#1 (2-4

AUTUMN ?? - friend of Gus Beezer
    (app-gus beezer)--Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Hulk#1 (Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: X-Men#1, Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Gus Beezer & Spider-Man#1

AUTUMN of Earth-238 -
    (app-e238)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#383 (388?, [Daredevils#6d]

AUUROGHAN of the Hyborian era (Lahrentz, Rhan) - city, home of the crew of the Valishka, predated Conan's era by a few thousand years?
    --[Savage Sword of Conan#64] ([64(fb)]

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