ASSASSIN (Frank Scalise) - @ 1930s, hired by Mr. Big to kill Night Raven, defeated by him, shot by police
    *D* (app)--Hulk comic#7/6 (8/6, 9/6, 10/6d)

assassin - sought to kill von Eisenbluth to avenge his family, fought Elektra, killed by von Eisenbluth
    *D* (app-von)--Bizarre Adventures#28

ASSASSIN - see Mr. KLINE (app-mk)--Daredevil I#81

ASSASSIN (Maria ) - hired to assassinate Avengers by several of their foes, inadvertently killed by her followers when they failed to recognize her without her mask
*D* (app)--Avengers I#145 (145(fb),145,146d)

ASSASSIN ( ) - Committee for Free Emigration, cyborg, attempted to capture Red Guardian (Belinsky), defeated by her.
    Enhanced strength in arms and hands
    (app)--Defenders I#40

ASSASSIN ( ) - hired by Hydra (corporate) to execute Marauder
    --Team America#2

ASSASSIN (Mimeyoshi) - nuclear-powered robot killing machine in guise of beautiful Japanese woman, constructed by and served Apocalypse
    (card,app)--Namor Annual#3 (3/3, 3

assassin - see  SKYLINE KILLER--Clan Destine#6

assassin - former agent of San Francisco drug smuggler "fat man" and later Minerva Bannister
    (app-cutlass)--Defenders I#133 (148

assassin (    ) - Russian, wore green armor, sent to kill Peter Gyrich, foiled by Steve Rogers
    --Captain America#617 (2011)

ASSASSIN-8 (Andrew Booth) - former mercenary, became UK-based cyborg assassin, tried to kill Spider-Man
    *D* (app)--Spider-Man#607 (Marvel UK) (608-610

ASSASSIN-BOT - robot creation of Mako, destroyed by Coldblood
    (app-mako)--Marvel Comics Presents I#29/3

ASSASSIN NATION (Contract, Kickback, Manslaughter, Troubleshooter) - assassins working for the Corporation
    --Cage I#13 (14

ASSASSIN OF PARIS ( ) @1900 - trapped by Sensational Mademoiselle
    (app-sensmadem)--Journey into Mystery I#10/4

ASSASSINS GUILD (Daryl, Masumi, Reiko, others; unidentified boss) - based out of Manhattan, briefly worked with Punisher against organization of Robert Abbey and Richard Fletcher
    (MKE,app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Assassins' Guild

ASSASSINS GUILD of Lemuria (        ) - 3 female assassins were sent after Captain America
    --Captain America IV#13

ASSASSINS GUILD of New Orleans (Julien(d) + Marius + Bella Donna Boudreaux, Francois Chicault(d), Gris-Gris, Questa, Singer)
    - Louisiana group, empowered by candra, enemies of the Thieves Guild, sometimes makes up a Unified Guild with them
    --X-Men II#8 ( GamIII#1(fb3),XM II#8 Gambit I#1-4,XM II#39,Rogue#1-4 GamIII#15 16(fb4) 17-21

ASSASSINS GUILD of Earth-Hercules 2300 (Akooti, Ceefer, Malicon, Tark, Viperius)
    - @ 2385, hired to assassinate Hercules by Layana Sweetwater
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#39/3 (40/3

ASSAULT ( ) - partner of Battery.
    large bm, joined to Battery by a coil similar to that used by Hammer & Anvil
    (app-a+b)--Nick Fury: agent of SHIELD II#33 (33(fb), 33-35

ASSAULT (Edward Wong) - metahumes, brother of Phil.
    (app-meta)--(EW) Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies#1; (A) 2 (3, 4


ASSEMBLY of EVIL (Fenris, Hulk robot, Hydro-Man, Jester, Rock) - organized by Jester during Acts of Vengeance under direction of Dr. Doom in order to battle the Avengers, defeated by Avengers with assistance of Cloak and Dagger
    (net-hand)--Cloak & Dagger III#8 (9

ASSIMILATOR - technology developed at saunders college by those under influence of that which endures,destroyed by mr.immortal. enabled that which endures to inhabit mutants and others resistant to it
    *D*--West Coast Avengers II#47 (Avengers West Coast#48,49d)

ASSISTANT WATCHER of Reality-90984
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#8 (2009)

AST - Time Keepers
    (app-timekeepers)--Thor I#282 (245(fb)/Avengers Forever#9(fb)/What If? II#39(fb), Thor I#245, W?39(fb), [39(fb)], Th282(fb)/AvFor8(fb), [Quasar#30 (fb)]/What If II#13?, [AvFor8(fb)/Avengers I#2], [AvFor8(fb)], 8(fb), [8(fb)], [8(fb)/Avengers West Coast#42-44, 48, 50-52], [Avengers West Coast#62], Quasar#26, [Quasar#30(fb)], [W? II#35-38], 39, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#3, [AvFor8(fb)], 8(fb), 9(fb), 1, [2-9], 10-12, Marvel Universe: The End#2

ASTARTE - see INANNA. Mesopotamian goddess (app-in)--Hellstorm#15

ASTARTE - Eternal, Sword of Damocles, with Electryon attempted to steal power of Moonstar for Odysseus Indigo.
    amplify powers of others, wf, dark hair, red + white costume
    —[X-Force#92], 93 ([92], 93(fb), 93

ASTER, LUCIAN - sorcerer, ally of Shanzar, summoned the Wild One, sacrificed himself to help stop Wild One
  (app)--Incredible Hulk II Annual#18 (Namor Annual#2(fb), Hulk An18(fb), Hulk An18, Nam An2, Silver Surfer III An5, Dr. Strange III An#2

ASTERIA - associated with Glove of Asteria; possibly one of 5 beings from Graeco-Roman mythology
    --[Vengeance of the Moon Knight#10]

ASTEROID EATERs - extraterrestrial, natives of Denak IV, one encountered a Fear-Eater and died from fear as a result.
    large + powerful quadripeds, grey skin, horns, tail, survive in a vacuum by storing gas in auxiliary lung compartment
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#1/4

ASTEROID M - base of Magneto, crashed to Earth after badly damaged by arrival of Warlock/technarch on earth, rebuilt as Avalon, destroyed when Cortez set off its nuclear weapons, crashed to Earth
    --X-Men I#5( X-Men II#1,2

Marvel Mystery#42/5

ASTEROTH - extradimensional demon, unwittingly allowed into Earth dimension by Stardust, threatened to destroy entire universe, knocked into black hole by Alpha Ray, transferred portion of self into the Meta-Orb, rebuilt self into Omega Ray on the Korbinite life forces within it, confronted and apparently destroyed on Asgard by Beta Ray Bill
    OMEGA RAY* (app)--Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#3 (4(fb), 3-5, 6(fb, dies)

ASTI the ALL-SEEING - magical messenger creature of the ruler of the Dark Dimension, has been seen to serve Dormammu and Umar
  (app)--Strange Tales I#144/2 (Defenders I#10, Dr. Strange II#67, 73

ASTIN, Mr. - Maggia, past history of working with the Model Soldiers
    --Dark Angel#7

ASTOR, KEN - friend of Nick Fury, slain by "Ghost of Ravenlock'
    *D*--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#3 (3(fb, d)

ASTOR, KEN - intelligence agent, operative of Gen. Argyle Fist, aided Captain America against Tarantula and Senor Suerte, captured and tortured to death
    *D* (app-argylefist)--Captain America I#244

ASTOR, VINCENT - leader of the Room, yacht used by President Franklin Roosevelt to discuss keeping up with Project Nietzsche
    --[according to Marvels Project#1 (2009)]

ASTOUNDING ASTROVIK - see JUSTICE (Vance Astovik) (OH: Av2005)—

ASTRA - Spaceknight trapped by Mentus, rescued by Rom, assisted in battle against Galactus, presumably slain by second generation Spaceknights

ASTRA ( ) - Imperial Guard.
    Alter density?
    (I#5, D#6, ME:X)--X-Men I#107 ([108,109], X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, Thor I#446, Avengers West Coast#82, Inhumans IV#3,4, Thanos#12

ASTRA - Polemachus, sacrificed by Anskar
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#358 (358(fb), 358,359

ASTRA ( ) - mutant, allegedly a former member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, left due to emotional abuse from Magneto, has access to variety of extraterrestrial technology, created Joseph, sent him to destroy Magneto, captured him + restored his memory, attempted to use him to destroy Magneto.
    teleport, uses shield, wears gauntlets to fire devastating energy blasts
    (app, net)--Uncanny X-Men I#366(XM For4(fb1) XM II#86(fb1-3),UXM366,XM86,UXM367,XM87, Magneto: Not a Hero#1-4

ASTRAIOS - space mission, crew killed by demon, later influenced Erik Delano
    (app--delano)--Tomb of Terror II#1/2

astral entity - impersonated Galactus to help Surfer save her infant
    --Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#2 (2008); (seen) 3

astral infant - taken prisoner by the Ama, freed by Silver Surfer, slew Ruqtar
    --Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2008)

ASTRAL PLANE - realm of the mind; an abstract realm shaped by those who inhabit it; accessed via sorcerers and telepaths
    Temple of Oshtur--

ASTRAL REALM of MORGAN LE FEY-actually a realm between lfe and death in which a being of sufficient power can maintain its existence even when lacking a physical form
    --Avengers I#240

ASTRAN race (Metal Master) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Astra
    semi-humanoid, four lungs, secretory glands on stomach
    (I#1,D#15)--Incredible Hulk I#6

ASTREAS of the Hyborian era - chronicler, received reports on Taramis' changes (When she had been replaced by Salome)
    (app)--A Witch shall be Born; Savage Sword of Conan#5

ASTRIEL - see SNOWQUEEN (app-snow)--Savage Sword of Conan#74

ASTRO - see Mr. ZODIAC (app)--Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac

Astro (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#35

    identity used while forced to remain within protective foil uniform
    (I#12,D#5)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#18 (GotG An1/2, MSH III#18, MTIO#5, GS Def5, Def26-29, MarvPres3-10, ThorAn6, Av167, 168, 170, 173, MTIO#69, [Av177], MsM#23, GotG An1, GotG#1-20->MajV

ASTRO VID PARLOR 2020 - Forest Hills, Queens, owned and run by Broadani, catered to Vidiots
    (app-broad)--Machine Man II#2

Astroff, Bradley -
    --Daring Comics#10

ASTROLOGER ( ) - criminal, used runaway teenagers as pawns, apparently died in battle with Black Widow
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#5/2 ([5/2(fb)], 5/2, 6/2, 7/2

    --Journey into Mystery I#165 (166

ASTRON - Uranian Eternal, rebelled against Uranos’ warlike ways once on Uranus, stayed behind along with three others when Uranos left to return to Earth, settled colony on Uranos, died when dome of life was destroyed by Deathurge
    *D*--W? I#26/2(27/2 [Quas#2(fb3(dies))]

ASTRONOMER (Seginn Gallio) - Elder of the Universe, participated in plot to kill Galactus, granted apparent immortality by death, thrown into black hole by Galactus, freed by In-Betweener, apparently killed by death under direction from the In-Betweener.
    vast knowledge of astronomy and advanced alien technology, project lasers from hands
    *D* (D#1, M, net-elders)--Silver Surfer III#4 ( 7, 9, 15(fb), 15-17, Annihilation: Ronan#3, [4]

ASTROSTATION - module released from the Endeavor
    --Micronauts I#20

ASTROVIK, ARNOLD - father of Justice, abusive, inadvertently killed by him when lashed out against beating
    *D*--Giant-Size Defenders#5 (Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4, New Warriors I#3, 7, 20, [21]

ASTROVIK, NORMA - mother of Justice, widow of Arnold
    --Giant-Size Defenders#5 (Avengers I#170, Thing I#32, Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4, New Warriors Annual#1/3(fb), New Warriors I#3, 20,21, 24,25, Justice: Four Balance#2-4

    (U#1)--Giant-Size Defenders#5 (Defenders I#26, Avengers I#170, 173, Marvel Two-In-One#69, Thing I#26-32, Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4->Marvel Boy)

ASURA of the Hyborian Era - worshipped by Vendhyans and a secret cult in Aquilonia; possibly connected to Ahura Mazdah
    (app)--Conan the Conqueror, GS Conan#3

ASURA - Hindu gods of the underworld --<not in MU>

ASURA- assassins of heaven
    (app)--Hellstorm#12,13(14,18, 20,21

ASUZA, Mr. - ACE Corporation, slain by Motormouth
    (app-ace)--[Overkill#6 MOPED profile, Motormouth & Killpower#6],
Motormouth & Killpower#7d

ASYLUM ( ) - Psionex
    (net-ps)--NewWarriors I#4(15,16

ASYLUM (Henrique Manuel Gallant) - Psionex, mutant, born with fetal alcohol syndrome, took possession of body of gang member named Joachim
    harness Darkforce, teleport, create weapons
    -DARKLING* (net-ps)--New Warriors Annual#4 (New Warriors I#52-53, 60, 63-->Gallant)

ASYLUM of Earth-691 - planet for the insane, established from interplanetary federation by Courga
    (app)--Marvel Presents#5

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