A'SAI - extraterrestrial, ally of Grunz, obtained Galactus-weapon, abducted Uatu, sought to force him to reveal secrets of his weaponry, gambled against Uatu over earth football game involving Spider-Man and a group of teen, lost, transformed into joker in deck of cards at Atlantic City
  (app)--Web of Spider-Man#34

    --Wolverine I#1 (3,4

ASANO, YOSHIDA - see SAMURAI STEEL (app-samurai)--Iron Man I#257

ASANO ROBOTICS (Yoshido Asano, Shigeru Tetsu) - based in Hiroshima, leveled by Samurai Steel in effort to gain vengeance against the Stark family
    --Iron Man I#257

"ASBESTI TRIBE" - see fireproof natives
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#9

ASBESTOS LADY (Victoria "Vicky" Murdock) - World War II, enemy of android Human Torch, twin sister of Killer Murdoch, attempted to force Fred Raymond to design new uses for asbestos, defeated by Human Torch, caused the trainwreck which killed Fred and Nora Raymond.
    Wore fireproof costume
    (app, OH: A-Z HC#1)--(g) Captain America Comics#63 (Human Torch Comics#27; Invaders I#22, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#9 (fb)

Asbestos Man (Hans Gretnoff) -
    --Human Torch#7

ASBESTOS MAN (Orson Kasloff) - criminal scientist, designed flame proof costume and defeated Human Torch (Johnny Storm) in order to impress crime bosses so that he could gain their employment, defeated when Torch used his power to burn up his surrounding oxygen
    (1960s, app)--Strange Tales I#111

ASGALUN of the Hyborian era (Akhirom, Uriaz) - capitol of Pelishtia, Shem, worshipped Pteor and likely Ishtar
  --Hawks over Shem; Savage Sword of Conan#36?

ASGARD city - capital of Norse gods
    - apparently destroyed in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    --Journey into Mystery I#85 (
    Thor#80-85, Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#5, 6(fb)

ASGARD dim (Alfheim, Asgard, Hel, Jotunheim, Midgard, Muspelheim, Niffleheim, Svartalfheim) - also home of Agnar, Fenris Wolf, Midgard Serpent, Mimir, Nidhogg, Wyrd, Yggdrasil)
    - apparently destroyed in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor; subsequently restored
    (I#1,D#1)--Journey into Mystery I#85 (
    Thor#80-85, Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#5, 6(fb)

ASGARD landmass (Asgard, Alfheim, Cave of Time, Cragmouth, Gundersheim,Gymirsgard, Hindi, Nidavellir, Plains of D'Takron, Ringsfjurd, Skartheim, Skornheim, Valahalla, Vanaheim,Varinheim, Zanadu)
    apparently destroyed in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    (D#1)--Journey into Mystery I#85 (
    Thor: Son of Asgard#1-6, 7-12
    Thor#80-85, Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#5, 6(fb)

ASGARDIAN (Billy Kaplan) - see WICCAN--Young Avengers#1 (Young Avengers Special#1 (fb), New Thunderbolts#12, YA#1-6-->Wiccan)

ASGARDIANS (Aegir, Alaric, Alibar, Amora (Enchantress), Arko, Arko's son, Arngrim, Astrologer Royal, Atropos, Balder, Bor, Borgus, Braggi, Bragi, Brodag, Brunnhilde (Valkyrie), Bulwar, Buri (Tiwaz), Bygvir, Casiolena, Chamberlain, Cosak, Crimson Hawks, Cromdar, Dagal, Daillus the Daring, Deilla, Druvak, Edda the Elder, Harald Einarson, Einhar, Eldred, Fandral, Flosi, Fragon, Frey, Freya, Fridleif, Frigga, Gallon, Garloff, Gerd, Ggorgstog, Ghanskygt, Glimda, Godron, Gondolff, Gotron, Gudrun, Gunna, Gunna/Troll, Gunnar, Gunnhild, Guntharr, Haakun, Hardol, Harokin, Heimdall, Hela, Helgi, Hermod, Herval, Hildegard, Hildegund, Hognir, Hogun, Holvar, Honir, Hrolf, Hymir, Hyrra, Idunn, Igron, Ismalda, Isulde, Jargsa, Jolena, Jymrsk, Kamoor/Kamorr?, Karina, Keeper of Antiquities, Kelda, Kesk, Khan, Klothos, Krista, Kroda, Laecius, Larson, Lawgiver, Leif, Lofn, Loki, Lonkarr, Lorelei, Magrat, Meft, Millennius, Mist, Mogul, Mord, Morduk, Nanna, Neri, Odin, Oldar, Ollerus, Osav, Poppo, Priestess of Freya, Rana, Rimthusar, Rinda, Rivvak, Rolfe, Rongor, Royal Messenger, Saga, Saguta, Seidring, Shamballa, Sif, Sigfod, Sigurd, Sigyn, Silgund, Skald, Skirnir, Skoval, Skurge (Executioner), Sludge, Snaykar, Starkad, Sulibeg, Sunna, Sygdahl, Targi, Thakrad, Theoric, Thialfi, Thigvald, Thor, Thorgum the Tree-Shaper, Tilda, Toag, Tongar, Torger, Tyr, Ularic, Uller, Una, Valdor, Valkyries, Ve, Vidar, Vigdal, Vilar, Villi, Vizier, Volla, Volsak, Volstagg, Wazir, Whitemane)
    - gods of Asgard, descendents of Odin, worshipped in Norse mythology, divided into Aesir (most) and Vanir, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    (I#1,D#1)--Journey into Mystery I#83 (
    Silver Surfer/Thor Annual 1998(fb), Thor III#7-8 (fbs)
    Captain Marvel VI#8(fb),  Thor II#9(fb) Thor II#44(fb1) Thor II#44(fb3), Thor: Son of Asgard#7-9,
    Thor: Godstorm#1(ff)#2(ff1),
    Thor: Blood Oath#1, 6, F4: World’s Greatest#11,
    Th202, MTU I#7, Th212 Def109, Av220, Dazz16
    JiM#501-513, AvIII#1, ThorII#10-14, 16, 21-25, 26, 28, 29-32, 35, 36, 39-42, Av55, Th45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 50/2, 51, 53, 58, IM64, Av63,  Captain Marvel VI#7,8, Th66,67/79, 80-84, 85d)

ASGARDIAN nobles duplicates (Fandral, Heimdall, Hogun, Odin, Sif, Thor)
    - creations of Igron using energy from Asgardians' belief in a higher power, ceased to exist after Igron's defeat
    *D* (app-igron)--Thor I#217 (217(fb), 217d)

ASH, BRANDY - daughter of Skip, formerly allied with Daredevil against her father and Factory Farm, accompanied Daredevil to Hell, killed by Mephisto
    *D*--Daredevil I#271 (272-276,278-281,282d)

ASH, CRIMSON - arsonist, childhood friend of Matt Murdock, apparently consumed in fire
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#15/2 (15/2(fbs), 15/2

ASH, SKIP - owner of Factory Farm which created Number Nine, involved in numerous deals with the us government including drug-running, employed Shotgun against Daredevil, eventually persuaded to discontinue government dealings
    —Daredevil I#267 (271-276

ASH, VOLCANA of Earth-691 - ally of Killraven, red skin
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#27 (28(fb), 27-29, 31

ASHAKE - @ 26th - 11th century BC Egypt/Pharaoic time, descendent of Ayesha, ancestor of Storm, similar appearance to her, traveled to modern era to aid Ian McNee against Chthon
    sorceress, cast illusions, telepath, sense other sorcerers, learn other languages, cast guiding spells
    (Mystic Arcana, OH: A-Z HC#1)--New Mutants I#32 (32/Mystic Arcana: Magik#1/2, Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1/3

ASHAKE of MERO - descendent of Ashake of Egypt and Ayesha, Candance/ruler of Empire of Mero sometime between 50 BC and 50 AD, regularly challenged warriors to the Royal Hunt, defeated by Marada who then helped her slay traitorous soldiers seeking to kill her and usurp her throne, befriended Marada & Arianrhod
Epic Illustrated#12 ([12 (fb)], 12

ASHCAN (Alex Woolcat) - formerly an abused child, mutated by exposure to energy from father’s disintegration experiment, inadvertently incinerated father, seemingly killed but actually captured by SHIELD I and kept under surveillance by foster father.
    Release destructive energy
    (2006#1, app)—(aw) Spectacular Spider-Man II#112 (114-118;
    (ashcan) Incredible Hulk II#339 (339(fb), 339

ASHBERRY, SHAMARI - girlfriend of Bison
    (app-bis)--Thunderstrike#13 (14

ASH HOTEL - dwelling of the Enchantress
    --Thor I#491

ASHEI (    ) - Wakandan pilot
    --Black Panther IV#2

ASHEMA the LISTENER - Celestial in humanoid form, came to earth to force Franklin Richards to choose between Earth-616 and Heroes Reborn dimension, absorbed Heroes Reborn universe into herself to allow it to survive, temporarily lost powers and trapped as human on Ehr/Counter Earth-Franklin, allied with Doom in defending Ehr from Dreaming Celestial, captured by him after defeating the Dreaming Celestial in Earth dim
    --Heroes Reborn: The Return#1 (2-4, Heroes Reborn: Ashema (fb), Heroes Reborn: Ashema, Doom, [Fantastic Four III#24], 25,26

ASHER, CARL - father of Mike, husband of Donna, supportive
    (app-ma)--Brotherhood#1 (2, 3

ASHER, DONNA - mother of Mike, wife of Carl
    (app-ma)--Brotherhood#1 (2, 3

ASHER, EZRA - vampire, ex-wife of detective Antonio Vargas, former ally of Saint Cyrus Leviticus
    *D/R* (app)--Wolverine: Black Rio ([Wolv: BR (fb)], Wolv: BR

ASHER, MIKE - Brotherhood, son of Carl+Donna, former boyfriend of Kari, joined out of high school, possibly killed in final battle within Brotherhood.
    Cause his own blood to explode on contact with air
    (app)--Brotherhood#1 (2, 3, 4, 6-9

ASHIDA, KEITARO - brother of Surge
    --New X-Men: Academy X#7

ASHIDA, Mr - father of Surge
    --New X-Men: Academy X#7

ASHIDA, Mrs. - mother of Surge
    --New X-Men: Academy X#7

ASHKANI of Earth-Amalgam (RAVENIYA, Niles CABLE) - Askani+ ,cult from future
    --Exciting X-Patrol#1

ASHKENAZ, SERENA of Earth-93060 - see SERENA--Solitaire (uv)#8

ASHLEY ?? - old Goth friend of Nico Minoru and Seth
    --Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1/2

ASHMAEL - led war against techno-group, transported dinosaurs from Earth to his world and controlled them

ASHTA - see GALACTUS--Stormbreaker: Saga of Beta Ray Bill#1

ASHTAR's MOON - base of the Contemplator
    --Prelude to Deadpool Corps#1

ASHTON, GEORGE - encountered Pandora on Shadow Mountain
    (app-pan)--Chamber of Darkness#3

ASHTORETH - goddess worshipped in Hyborian era, in portions of Shem, served by pleasure maidens
    --Conan the Barbarian I#71 or 77?

ASHTOROTH - Dragon of Otherworld, served Necromon under Karadoc
    --Hulk Comic#45

ASHUR - Atlantean
    --New Warriors II#3

ASHURADO (Ryuki) - Fourth level of Japanese Hell
    --[Wolverine: Soultaker#3], 4 (5

ASHURBANIPAL - Assyrian, brother of Shamash-Shum-Ukin, betrayed by him, causing him men to storm Babylon
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#7 (7(fb)

ASHWIN, BLYTHE of Earth-93060 - Heronvolk.
    power leech
    --[Mantra: Spear of Destint#1], 2

ASHWOOD, VANESSA - wealthy young Denver woman, abusive to Mary MacPherran
    --She-Hulk III#10 (10(fbs)

ASKALON - Otherworld, Camelot, slain by Ashtoreth
    *D* (app)--Hulk Comic#46 (46(fb), 46d)

ASKANI of Earth-Cable (Rachel Summers, Aliya, Blaquesmith, Diogenes Chang, Malachi Hark, Lexii, Madame Sanctity, Ozana, Qwa, )
    - quasi-religious order founded by rachel summers,freedom fighters,brought infant nathan summers to earth-cable timeline,cloned him due to fear that he might die,clone stolen by apocalypse and became stryfe,formerly based in ebonshire
    <Outsider>--[XFac#66], (Excal#75 XM:Ph1-3 UX minus 1 AdvCyc+Ph1-4
    Cab II#23,24,65,71


ASKARE’ - Monitor robot-woman, served as power source until rebelled against them
    (app-nyg)--Marvel Two-In-One Annual#3

ASKARI (Jono Baraka) - president of Zanzibar, retired superhero, used powers to assist Archangel and Husk against the Weaponeers
    The SPEAR--Excalibur III#11 ([11(fb)], 11-13

ASKELLA - Asgardian Rock Troll
    --Marvel Graphic Novel#15: The Raven Banner

ASKID - Atlantean, Trident Team, green-skinned, former friend of Beemer, exposed his actions in destroying the oil rig
    --Namor II# , (named) #12

ASIKII race - superstitious, conquered by Mingo
    (app-min)--Tales to Astonish I#53/2

ASKEW ELECTRONICS (miss Anderson, miss DePalma, Calista Hancock, Hogan Potts, Dr. Reynolds, Johnny )-electronics firm, developed SKIN technology and assisted with development of iron man mark xvii armor, employed tony stark while keeping low profile as hogan potts,building blown up by modok and ghost as part of the "you da man" program of the mad bomber
    --Iron Man #
( IM#42-45, 46

ASKIA of the Hyborian era - Tombalku, formerly served Sakumbe, but arranged plot to kill Sakumbe + Dauria + Zebeh so he could become sole leader, killed by Amalric  
  *D*--<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku?, Savage Sword of Conan#21

ASKLEPIOS - son of Apollo, slain by Zeus with one of the Cyclopes thunderbolts, prompting Apollo to slay the Cyclopes, ascended to Olympus, treated Zeus after he had been injured by Mikaboshi
    Medicinal skills

ASKWITH family (father + mother + daughter) - Canadian, moved to USA; father was a politician, daughter was held for ransom, saved from kidnappers by Spider-Man and windborn Wendigo spirit
(app-wendigospirit)--Amazing Spider-Man I#277/2

ASTOROTH - dragon of Otherworld/Netherworld, servant of Karadoc, sent by him to slay Black Knight (Dane Whitman), slain by him,
    His power was contained within an energy sphere which was taken by Black Knight -
    Scourge of Men *D*--(uk)Hulk Comic#45/2(46/2,47/2,48/2d)

ASMODEUS - alleged father to many of the Lilin
    (app-lilith)--not in MU?

ASMODEUS - demon subservient to Mephisto, served by Mount Avarice+Rzh’Arr+ Saturnine+Tabicantra+V’Zarr+Yammuz+Yukthalok, apparently destroyed by mephisto after a series of failed schemes to obtain soul of john blaze/ghost rider. Red+fat, cloven hooves,
    (MarvZom, MKE,app)--Ghost Rider II#53 (64, 76, [Tomb of Dracula III#1-4]

ASMODEUS (Dr. Charles Benton) - Sons of Satannish, former leader, respected New York doctor, temporarily controlled Clea, used her to steal Book of Vishanti, used spell of Fire and Ice, banished other Sons of Satannish to 6th Dimension, heart couldn’t stand the strain of battle against Dr. Strange and gave out, offered return to life by Satannish if he could exchange another soul for his own, defeated by Defenders, granted power to Gregor Smirnoff and Dracula
    (app)--(CB) Dr. Strange I#169,173; (A) 175 (176,177d,178(d), Giant-Size Defenders#2 (spirit)

ASMODEUS - Inhuman.
    green, bat-wings
    --Fantastic Four I#117 (Fantastic Four Unlimited#2

ASMODEUS ( ) - Followers of the Left Hand Path, agent of Morning Star, captured Werewolf (Jack Russell) defeated by Moon Knight
    (app-morningstar)--Moon Knight I#29

ASMODEUS - amorphous blob, demon worshipped by Enclave
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula II#2([2(fb1-3)],2

ASMODEUS JONES (Ozzie Palmer) - rock musician, brother of Felix, agent of Fashima, stripped of powers by Defenders and Ghost Rider (Blaze)
    (app-fashima)--Defenders I#96

ASMODIAR - demon, father of Beliar, battled Merlin + King Arthur
    (app)--Marvel Preview#22

ASP (Richard Harper) - thief, partner of Miles Olddan, became involved with the struggles against the Elementals, stole the Ruby Scarab, possibly slain by Hellfire
    *D* (app)--Supernatural Thrillers#9 (11(fb),9-15, Ms.Marvel#11,12, [13(fb)])

ASP (Cleo Nefertiti) -Serpent Society (expelled), Bad Girls, exotic dancer, Egyptian woman.
    Fire paralyzing energy blasts
    -the TEMPTRESS (D#1,M)—Captain America I#310 (311 313 315 319 341,342, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13, Cap365/2, Alpha Flight I#79,80, Cap367/2,368,369 371 380-382, 385/2, 386/2, 387-393, 394/2 [395(395/2)] 396/2 397/2, 411, 412, [413, 414], Cable & Deadpool#20-23, Civil War#5, Giant-Size Avengers II#1

"aspects of ETERNITY" (Sai Anand, Socrates Cavropolis, Ivan)
    - numerous aspects sent out to experience humanity, three refused to return to Eternity and threatened all existence, eventually convinced to sacrifice themselves for their loved ones by Nighthawk
    (app)--Defenders I#92

ASQUINT, Major PENDLETON- art thief
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#97

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