APACHE KID of the Old West (Alan Krandal, aka Aloysius Kane) - @ 1870, rode Nightwind, ally of Captain Bill Gregory, in love with White Swan, husband of Rosa, parents killed, raised by Red Hawk, chief of a tribe of Apaches, allied with both white men + Native Americans, killed by Billy Tyler
    DAZII (Outlaw Files, net-preff) *D* --(g) Two-Gun Western I#5 (6-14, Apache Kid#1(1953)-19, Wild Western#15-22, 39;
    Western Gunfighters#2-33, Apache Skies#2(fb) [1(fb,d)]

APACHE KID of the Old West (Rosa ) - @ 1886, widow of Dazii, slew his killers, set out to rescue Geronimo, resigned to taking away children and teaching them the way of the Apache
    (2006#1)--Apache Skies#1 (2(fb), 1-4

APALLA - living embodiment of Earth’s sun, first formed when forced into human form by creators, lost memory, regained it during encounter with Captain Mar-Vell.
    Takes form of human female, invoked in creation of Ardina
    Appala, Queen of the Sun, Sun Queen (app)--Dr. Strange II#22 (24  Marvel Super-Heroes III#3/6, [Order#]

APE of the Old West - trained ape working under Dr. Karlbad
    (Outlaw Files, app)--Rawhide Kid I#39

APE (Lawrence Schrott) - apelike wrestler and criminal, manipulated by crimelord Big Joe; enemy of the Challenger
    --Mystic Comics#7 (1941)

APE ( ) - World War II era criminal; enemy of android Human Torch + Toro (Raymond)
super-strong criminal, engendered primal fear
    --Human Torch Comics#36 (1954)

APE (Donald Jones) - Egghead henchman
--Tales to Astonish I#45

APE - Morlocks, Drain Dweller, attempted to kidnap Power Pack for Annalee, vanished after Mutant Massacre, rounded up and possibly exterminated in Neverland.
    Metamorph, mentally challenged
    (D#8, ME:X, app)--Power Pack I#12 (Uncanny X-Men I#195, PP#19, X-Factor I#10, PP27, XFac11-13, 15, Weapon X II#5

ape - sentient, possibly given intelligence by Red Skull (?- Red Ghost?), allied with Killmonger in Niganda against Wakanda
    --[Black Panther IV#35], 37 ([35-36], 37-38

ape-demon of the Hyborian era - see ape-thing (app-tk)--Black Colossus, Savage Sword of Conan#2

APE LORDS of Pre-Cataclysmic and Hyborian Eras (Anaxor, Thasaidon, Xeethra, "Zekkir") - servants of Rotath
    (app)--"Curse of the Golden Skull"; Conan the Barbarian I#37 (Savage Sword of Conan#231/3 - 233/3, Conan: The Ravagers Out of Time, Conan the Barbarian I#37, Savage Sword of Conan#234/2 (fb)

APE MAN - transferable curse from witch doctor
    immense ape-creature "the size of the house"
    (app)--Strange Tales I#85

APE-MAN (Gordon "Monk" Keefer*) - Ani-Men, Unholy Three, briefly empowered by agents of Count Nefaria, killed by bomb set by Spymaster intended for Tony Stark
    *D* (I#13,D#16,M)--(Monk Keefer) Avengers I#12, (Ape-Man) Daredevil I#10 (11, 39-41, Marvel Team-Up I#25, X-Men I#94,95(Classic X-Men#3), Iron Man I#115,116d)

APE-MAN (Roy McVey) - Ani-Men, killed by Death-Stalker
    *D* (I#13,D#16,M)--Daredevil I#157 (158d)

APE-MAN (    ) - Ani-Men, present at Hammerhead's meeting
    --Civil War: War Crimes#1

APEMAN - evolutionary "past" self of Manikin.
    Cro-Magnon type man, superhuman strength and agility
    --Alpha Flight I#49

APESLAYER of Earth-7481
    redrawn and slightly rewritten
Killraven from Amazing Adventures#18-21
    (app)--Planet of the Apes (UK magazine) #23 (24-30

ape-thing of the Hyborian era - former emissary to Natohk/Thugra Khotan
    (app-tk)--Black Colossus, Savage Sword of Conan#2 (Conan the Barbarian I#246, SSoC#2/CtB#249

APE X (Roy Reyna) - empowered by Ape X-8101's mystical luchadore mask
    --(Reyna) Marvel Apes#4;

APE X of Earth-712 (Xina) - Squadron Supreme, Institute of Evil, product of artificial enhancement of intelligence experiment, turned to crime after trainer was slain, behavior modified to join Squadron, fell in love with Tom Thumb, mind destroyed when caught between two conflicting behavior orders.
    Intelligent ape, genius level IQ, behavior modified
    (D#12, app)--Squadron Supreme#5 (6-10, 11(mind destroyed), 12(c)

APEX - former messianic god of the Ama, dwelt among them for a time
    --Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#2 (2008)

APEX INVESTIGATIONS - discovered affair of Kristy Swanson
    --[She-Hulk II#4]

APHAKI of the Hyborian era (Daura, Zebeh) - brown-skinned caste of Tombalku, dominant by history, but outnumbered by the blacks
    --<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku, Savage Sword of Conan#21

APHONIC BOMB - designed by Anton Trojak imposter
    makes no noise when it explodes
    (app-trojak)--Strange Tales I#155


AP IOWERTH, DAFYDD - Dragon Circle, descendent of King Arthur
    able to command those of British descent
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#3 (4

APOCALOFF, NIKOLAI of Earth-UV - Russian werewolf
    HELL-WOLF*, WOLF* (app)--Night Man I#7 ([7+8(fb)], 7-9

APOCALOPIAN of Earth X - see CABLE--Universe X Special: Ironmen

APOCALYPSE (En Sabah Nur) - X-Ternal, master of Ozymandias, uses Horsemen, formerly employed Alliance of Evil + Dark Riders + Ship, immortal mutant, seeks to establish world order based on survival of the fittest, born @ 5000 years ago in Egypt as part of Akkaba clan, abandoned as an infant due to physical deformity, rescued and raised by Baal of the Sandstormers, defeated Ozymandias and Rama-Tut, arranged activation of powers of Exodus, granted power to Mr. Sinister + Moses Magnum + Horsemen + Dark Rider + Archangel, directed Sinister to empower Living Monolith, infected Nathan Christopher Summers with techno-virus, attempted to siphon power of the Twelve, took over form of Cyclops which prevented him from accessing power, forced to split off from him, spirit dispersed by Cable.
    Alter form + size, energy powers, gains power by siphoning it from other sources, must periodically take new host bodies when energies consume his current one
    "SET", HUITZILOPOCHTI, SAURU, KALI-MA, Forever Walker, <The First One>
    (U#1, M, ME:X, net)--X-Factor I#5 (Rise of Apocalypse#1-4, X-Men II#186(fb), RoA#4/2, Eternals IV#4 (fb), Cable and Deadpool#26 (fb), X-Force I#37(fb), Cable and Deadpool#27 (fb), X-Men: Search for Cyclops#1(fb), Further Adventures of Cyclops +& Phoenix#1(fb), Incredible Hulk II#457(fb1+2), Black Knight: Exodus, X-Factor I#24(fb), FAoC+P#1-4 (Cable Annual 1999 (fb2)), X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1-4 (fb), Cable II#50(fb) [X-Men I#119(fb)], Classic X-Men#25/2, [XM I#118,119], Cable1999(fb1+3), Uncanny X-Men#376(fb), [She-Hulk II#29],30, Cable minus 1 [XFac4] 5,6, 10, Thor I#373,374, XFac11, 12, 13, 15, 17-25 (Power Pack I#35]), 26-28, X-Factor Annual#3, Fantastic Four I#335, XFac49, XFac50/2, 51, [53], Wolverine: Jungle Adventure, XFac65-68, X-Men  II#14, UX295, XFac85, X15, X-Force I#17, UX296, XFac86, X16, XFor18, [Cable II#19, X41, Wolverine II#100], UX335, Cab34, F4#415, [XFor70], UX336, Cab35, Onslaught: Marvel Universe, Hulk455-457, [Cab44-52], 53, 64, [X90], Cab66-68, Eternals: Apocalypse Now, Magneto Rex#3,Wolv145(fb2), [X93,94], Cab74, [X95], Wolv145, UX376, Cab75, X96, [Wolv146], X-Man#59, UX377, Cab76, XMan60, X97, UX378/X98, X-Men: Search for Cyclops#1-4, X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1-4, [Cable and Deadpool#26], 27, X178-179, 185/2, 181, 182, 182/2, 183/2, 183, 184/2, 184, 185-186, [New Excalibur#9]

APOCALYPSE ( Kazarian) - leader of Demon-Fire.
    multi-bladed hand
    *D* (app)--Vampire Tales#7 (8d)

APOCALYPSE - see SPIRAL--X-Force: Shatterstar#3

APOCALYPSE BEAST - ancient giant monster, egg landed on Earth in distant past, hatched, eventually consumed other eggs (possibly poisoned by the "Ancients"), which cause it to pass out. It awakens bound and trapped in another dimension, with a piece of itself missing; returned via sacrifice of the Kayama Expedition and ritual completed by Dr. Yamanes, injected with Moloids which acted as a virus against its system; turned itself inside out and launched into space
    (AZU#2)--[Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#1], 3 (4(fb), [1-2], 3, 4

    --Uncanny X-Men#475

APOCRYPHUS - Anachronaut, Eternal from future, son of Sersi, apparently slain by Immortus in his assault on Chronopolis
    (app-an)--Fantastic Four Annual#25, Avengers Annual#21 (22/2, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#1, Force Works#17-19?, [Avengers Forever#3]

APOGEE of the KALI YUGA - Cosmic Law is upended, allowing Dormammu and Umar to combine their powers
    --[Defenders III#1], 3 (named)

APOKALIPS of Earth-Amalgam - twin planet of New Asgard
    --Bullets & Bracelets#1 (Thorion#1

APOLLO (Phoebus Apollo) - Olympian god of light + medicine + music + poetry + sciences, son of Zeus + Leto, twin brother of Artemis, apparently slain by the forces of Mikaboshi
    used enchanted chariot
    *D* (D#9, M, app)--Venus#3 (1948); Thor Annual#5 ( [Venus#10], Thor: Blood Oath#3-4, Avengers I#50, Thor I#301, Thor Annual#10, Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), Av256, 283-285, New Mutants#81(fb), Hulk: Hercules Unleashed, Hercules III#4, Ares#1 (fb), 3-4, 5d

APOLLO - Fury Secret Base 3
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

APOLLO of Earth-Amalgam (Ray) - Cyclops + , JLX, absorbed power of Fin Fang Flame and transformed into power entity
    --JLX#1 (DCvM#4, JLX Unleashed#1(fb),1

APOLLYON of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow - apparent counterpart of Fantomex, agent of the Beast/Sublime
    ---X-Men II#151 (152-154

APOLLYON of Eurth - alternate counterpart of Vision, champions of the realm
    --Avataars#2 (2(fb1)

APONE,  - US Navy SEALS, sent to rescue the USS Dauntless submarine, assaulted by Atlanteans
    (app-forrester_gerald)--Namor I#41

APOX the OMEGA SKRULL of Earth-982 - came to earth to destroy Fantastic Five
    (app)--Spider-Girl#46 (47(fb), 46,47, 86-88

APOXY - thick, soap bubble-like substance, used by Attuma to bring down ships gently so he could capture the inhabitants and cargo
    --Tales to Astonish I#64

APPARITION ("Shocks" Marley) - battled Ghost Rider (Blaze)
    (app)--Ghost Rider II#57

APPARITION of Earth-712 ( ) - Golden Agency, spectral defender
    patterned after the Spectre
    --[Squadron Supreme: New World Order]

APPARITION of Earth-148611 (Danny) - ESPeople.
    manipulate senses

APPLE of Earth-30826 - mind-evolving device, used by Eternals to enhance minds of human Deviants
    --Eternal#1 (2

"apple ghost" of Reality-14137 - created by a sentient pencil as a companion for She-Hulk, spurned by her, it rampaged before wandering into the ocean and falling in love with a school of fish
    (App)--All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual#1

APPLE SISTERS and THEIR ALL-GIRL APPLE CORPS (   ) - Song and dance pair that tried out at Howard the Duck's burlesque house and who were transported along with the house to the Odd dimension for an unidentified period of time
    (app)--Crazy magazine#65 (68

APPLEBY, JOHN - Confederate soldier alongside Travis Parham, slain by Union soldiers
    *D*--Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007)

APPLECRUST of Earth-691 - Greenwich Village
    --Cable: Blood & Metal#2

APPLETON, EDNA  - bitten by Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula II#3

APPLETREE, Mr. - head of Appletree Enterprises and Productions, used the Death Mask of Koala Bun to transform five men into Podunk Slam, forced them into rigid contract
    (app-podunkslam)--Marvel Fanfare I#38

APPLEWOOD, KIRK - targeted by Sword of Glory, slain by Sam Kurokawa, sleeper assassin designed by Silver Wolf
    *D*--[Sable & Fortune#1] ([4 (fb, dies)

APPRAISER (    ) - mutant, allied with Stripmine and Trolls in an effort to takeover Genosha
Excalibur III#5], 6 (7, 8

APRIL of Earth-982 (    ) - agent of Black Tarantula, directed to assist Spider-Girl, works in office
    --Spider-Girl#75 (76-78

APRIL FOOL of Earth-57780 (    ) - pranks people on April Fool's Day, has encountered Spider-Man a couple of times
Spidey Super Stories#10/2 ([10/2 (fb)], 10/2

APTAK - Skrull male soldier, former lover of Nenora, trapped in form of Waziliah by hyperwave bomb, served under Kylor, killed by Nenora to preserve her secret
    (app)--Silver Surfer III#6 (8, 10

AQHAT - Everlasting, agent of Marduk, eternally resurrected, named for Canaanite myth
    --Citizen V and the V-Battalion#1 (1(fb), 1-4

AQQOONKAGUA of Lost Lemuria - demon, alleged prince of Hell, former prisoner of the Mirror of Zaffar
    (app-thongor)--Creatures on the Loose#23

AQUALUNG of Earth-148611 ( ) - Para-Troop
    generate sonic blasts from mouth

AQUAMARINER of Earth-9602 (Prince Namor; Arthur McKenzie) - Sub-Mariner + Aquaman, JLX, former member of Judgment League: Avengers and All-Star Winners Squadron
    Prince Namor the Aqua-Man, Mariner, "Son of the Seas"
    --JLX#1; Marine Mystery#1 (Marine Mystery#1, All-Star Winners Comics, Super Soldier: Man of War#1, Challengers of the Fantastic I# , Showcase of Suspense# , [JLX#1], Adventures to Astonish#76, Judgment League: Avengers II#122, JLX#1, 2, 4, 6, [JLX Unleashed#1], Iron Lantern/Mariner#1

    (app-piranha)--Marvel Team-Up I#14

AQUANOIDS - AIM robot guards around Boca Caliente
    (app)--Captain America I#414

AQUANOX (giant carnivorous fish) - water covered planet, visited by Starjammers, who were nearly killed when they went swimming in search of food
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men#391 (391(fb)

    ( Annual#4

AQUARIAN (Wundarr*) - Dakkamite, leader of the Water Children, sent to Earth by parents prior to explosion of planet, initially had childlike personality and mind due to lack of education, gained null field from exposure to Cosmic Cube.
    Superhuman strength, unable to be touched by any form of energy above certain thresholds
    (I#1,D#1,M,net)--Marvel Two-In-One#58 (64, 69, 74, [Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3], CapAn7, Quas4, 25,28, [AvWC#96],97, MCP#46/3, SpdmTU#6

AQUARIUM (Black Widow/Belova) - Russian, GRU base
    --Black Widow: Pale Little Spider#1

AQUARIUS (Darren Bentley) - Zodiac Cartel, based in San Francisco, following capture by Avengers made deal with Slifer for additional power, destroyed and soul claimed by Slifer after adopted form of each member once.
    transform into personification of each of the Zodiac Cartel members
    -One-Man Zodiac*, Zodiac, Zodiak, Second Zodiac *D* (D#15,20, app-omz)--Avengers I#72 ([80,81,DD#69,Av82,IM#33],35, DD#73, IM#36, Av120-122,[123], GR II#7(fb),6,7d)

AQUARIUS - see Mr. Zodiac (app)--Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac

AQUARIUS (Zachary Drebb) - Zodiac Cartel, based in San Francisco, successor to Bentley, determined to perform operations in artful fashion, used small army of followers (including Amanda), attempted to kill Iron Man (Rhodes) due to suspicion of knowledge of Zodiac activities, killed by LMD Zodiac
    Psychologically unstable genius, designed various weapons, used laser guns, explosive gas, and the Zodiac Field
    -Water Bringer *D* (D#15,20,app)--Iron Man I#184 ([184(fb), 185(fb)], 184,185, West Coast Avengers II#26d)

AQUARIUS - LMD Zodiac, deactivated in Ankh dimension
    fire blasts of electrified water
    (D#15,app)--Defenders I#49,50 (West Coast Avengers Annual#1, West Coast Avengers II#26,27,28d)

AQUARIUS ( ) - Zodiac (Ecliptic).
    male, project energy blasts
    (app, net)--Alpha Flight II#12 (Weapon X#1

AQUARIUS (Akira Kiamata) - "New" Zodiac, organized by "World Trust" Scorpio
   Japanese female
    (app)--New Warriors IV#4 (New Warriors IV#4-5, Dark Reign: Zodiac#1-2

AQUATICONS - extraterrestrial aquatic race, encountered Dr. Druid
    (app)--(g) Amazing Adventures I#2; Weird Wonder Tales#22

AQUEDUCT (Peter Van Zante) - Force of Nature, Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)'s, Masters of Evil, Thunderbolts army
    WATER WIZARD* (AZU#4, app)--New Warriors I#7 (8,9, 29 (fb), 30 (fb), Tb24-25, 107-108

AQUEOS (Drones, Thakorr, Vampire Whale) - Atlantean Vampires
    UNDERWATER VAMPIRES*--Death of Dracula#1 (Namor: The First Mutant#1-4

AQUILLA, senator LUCIUS ANTONIUS - Nova Roma, father of Magma, slew Marcus Gallio
    --New Mutants I#9 (10, 11, 12(fb2)

AQUILONIA of the Hyborian era (Numedides, Numitor, Amulia Procas, Vilerus III, Zenobia)
    - ancient civilization, founded @ 13000 years BC? by barbarian savages who drifted south from the Arctic Circle, capitol in Tarantia, its mightiest province is Poitain
    formerly ruled by Numedides, Conan, Valerius; worshipped Mitra and Asura
    --Conan I#

AQUION - planet, race of fish visited by cosmic-powered Human Torch while seeking allies against Galactus
    --Fantastic Four#521

AQUIRIA (king Khafir, Fasaud ) - Middle Eastern country, oil exporter
    --Fantastic Four I#309 (310

AQUON - agent of Captain Omen, hybrid Infra-Worlder/shark?, battled Hulk in effort to quell rebellion
    (net)--Incredible Hulk II#165

AQUON of the Microverse - Seazone, son of Tybalt, transformed into mer-man by Time Traveler
    --Micronauts I#30 (30(fb), 30

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