ARAB - @ 1870, steed of Ringo Kid
    —Ringo Kid#1 ( 21, [Avengers I#141], 142, 143

ARABELLUM - gas giant, leached for fuel for Broker's ship, destroying the planet
    *Des*--Force Works#14

"ARABIAN" (    ) - Calliope's Carnival and Circus
    (app)--Werewolf by Night I#6 (7

ARABIAN NIGHT - see ARABIAN KNIGHT (Qamar)--Incredible Hulk II Annual#20/3

ARABIAN KNIGHT ( ) - @ 1200s, nomad, chosen by desert gods/magicians of the east to oppose Gog + Magog, defeated them by sealing himself and them within a cave.
    used sash + carpet + scimitar
    --[Incredible Hulk II#257]

ARABIAN KNIGHT (Abdul Qamar) - Bedouin chieftain, discovered weapons of original, acted as hero, briefly forced into service in Desert Sword when they kidnapped his children, life force sapped and possibly killed by Humus Sapien.
    used sash + carpet + scimitar
    ARABIAN NIGHT (app, I#1, D#1, M, 2006#1, net)--Incredible Hulk II#250, 257 (279, Ghost Rider II#61(fb),62, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3, Rom#65,[66], Marvel Comics Presents I#47/4, 114/4, New Mutants Annual#7/2, Uncanny X-Men Annual I#15/2, X-Factor Annual I#6/2, Incredible Hulk Annual#20/3, Thunderbolts I#55d?

ARABIAN KNIGHT (    ) - Muslim warrior, won magical sword, carpet, and armor in combat, sent to Africa to dispatch infidels, easily defeated by Black Panther and Storm
    (app)--Black Panther IV#15

ARABIAN KNIGHT (Navid Hashim) - Muslim warrior, aided Union Jack, Sabra, and Valentina de Fontaine against RAID assault in UK
    wore costume composed of rewoven carpet
    (AZU#4)--Union Jack II#1 ([1 (fb), 2 (fb)], 1-4

ARABIAN KNIGHTS of Counter Earth-Franklin ( ) - slaughtered ruling house of Wakanda, defeated and taken over by Dr. Doom
    --Heroes Return: Doom (Fantastic Four III#26

Arabian wizard (    ) - allied with Achmed, part of plot seeking the ebony Blade, shot Sean Dolan, subdued by Bloodwraith
    (app-bloodwraith)--Avengers Annual#22

ARACEBY -  - sole survivor of captured slaves from Mexico
    --Scarlet Spider#1

ARACHNE - from Greek mythology, the weaver of tapestries turned into a spider for her vanity
    --not yet in the MU

ARACHNE - see SPIDER-WOMAN (Jessica Drew) (I#14, M, OH: Women, OH: Av2005, SecWar, net)--Marvel Spotlight I#32

ARACHNE - Demon-Fire, giant spider, killed by Morbius
    sucks out insides of victims
    *D* (app)--Vampire Tales#3/6d

ARACHNE (Dr. Sylvie Yaqua) - Deathweb.
    generate webbing from glands in wrists, release neurotoxin
    (app-deathweb)--Avengers West Coast#82 (Spider-Woman II#2(fb), AWC#82, 84-86, Spider-Woman II#1-4

ARACHNE (Julia Carpenter) - Omega Flight, Queen's Vengeance, Force Works, Avengers West Coast, Freedom Force, Commission on Superhuman Activities, powers temporarily siphoned by Wittier, restored via replication of chemical that originally empowered her, fell in love with Shroud, opposed Super Hero Registration, imprisoned
(Civil War, CWBDR, app-emorgan)—Avengers III#2, (named) 5 (2,3-->Spider-Woman.
    Ms. Marvel II#8 (fb), 6-8, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], MsM#14 (fb), 13-14, [Omega Flight#1], 2-5, Marvel Comics Present#3/3, 4/4, 6/4, 7/4, 9/4, 12/4

ARACHNID of Earth-238 ( ) - killed by Fury
    *D* (app-lh)--[Marvel Super-Heroes (uk)#388(d)] ([Daredevils#7(fb(d))]

ARACHNOID (Zoltan) - Acquired powers similar to Spider-Man, framed the hero for crimes, further mutated into half-spider form, fought Spider-Man and others, lost powers. (TV) 
    --Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: "Attack of the Arachnoid"

ARACHNOIDS - reconnaissance weapons of Factor Three
    --X-Men I#35? (37

ARACHNOSAUR of Earth-99476 (    ) - Fantastic Five, counterpart of Spider-Man
    (app-earth99476)--Excalibur I#51

ARACHT'YR - Lizard People, father of C’Rel
    --Ms. Marvel I#20 (21

ARADNEA - Atlantean, one of Nerkkod's generals to watch over prisoners of New Atlantis
    --Fear Itself: The Deep #1 (2-4, [Fearless Defenders#6]

ARAGO-7 - home planet of Pheragots
    --Silver Surfer III#32

ARAGORN - winged white horse, originally mutated by Dane Whitman using technique developed by Nathan Garrett, used as steed by Black Knight/Whitman + Valkyrie
    (D#1,M) --Avengers I#48 (Uncanny Origins#11, Av48, 54,55, Marvel Super-Heroes II#17, Dr. Strange I#178, Av61,62, 70, 84,85, 100, Defenders I#4,5, 7, Av116, Def9, Av117, Def11,12,13, 15, 16, Giant-Size Defenders#2, Def17, GS3, 4, Marvel Team-Up I#34, Def22, 33(fb), GS Def5, Def26, 31, 35-37, 45-48, 61-65, 67-73, 80, 85-87, 90, 91, 94, Avengers Annual#11, Def116,117, 122, 126, 128, 136,137, 140, 144, Valkyrie#1, X-Force/Cable Annual 1997, X-Force I#74, Defenders II#4, 6, 7, 12, Order#1, 3, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6

ARAGORN (    ) - winged steed of Vatican's Black Knight, captured and slain by Alyosha Kravinoff
    *D*--Black Panther IV#3 (4-5, Punisher War Journal II#13, 14d)

ARAK of the "Age of Legend" - goblin-like creature, took over kingdom of Princess Lissal, powers reflected by Trolkin, turned to stone and shattered upon the ground
    *D* (app)--Tower of Shadows#7/3

ARAK - servant of Kyras Shakati, brother of Arion
    *D* (app-shak)--Marvel Preview#11

ARAKI - Shi'ar, former Lord Chamberlain, cloned repeatedly after his deaths
    *D* (app)--X-Men I#109 (122, 125, 135-137, 154,155, 157d

ARAKNE dim (Araknoids, Gossamer Tower, Nucleolus ) - world of the Araknoids, the Paladins and the Scourge parallel the Pendragons and the Bane of Earth-616
    (app)--Knights of Pendragon II#6 (7-9

ARAKNOIDS (Arrakhyl, Malekyth, Rikskath, Tanakyth, the Paladins, the Scourge, the Spiridkin)
    - spider-people of Arakne, worship the gods Arakthu or Taraskh
    (app-arakne)--Knights of Pendragon II#6 (6(fb), 6-9

ARAKTHU - spider-god worshipped by the Paladins of Arakne, appearance similar to Spider-Man's red and blue costume, unknown connection to the Green Knight
    (app-arakne)--[Knights of Pendragon II#7]

ARALLU (Thulsa Doom) - Hyborian era, realm of the evil dead
    --Conan the Barbarian I#200

ARALUNE (Rebecca "Becky" Ryan) - Order, Initiative, teenager, grew up in Texas as a young model & pop singer, historical eating disorders, apparently posed nude at some point
    metamorph, sometimes merges with Supernaut to become Hybrid
    --Order II#1; (identified) 2 (2 (fbs), 1-9, [10 (fb)], 10

ARAMANTHE, DAME - see DAME ARAMANTHE (app-satana)--[Marvel Preview#7]

ARAM BAKSH - see BAKSH, ARAM--Shadows in Zamboula; Savage Sword of Conan#14

ARAM-SET - Egyptian pharaoh @ 1000 BC, served by Nephrus, used the Swarili to build his monument, killed by N'Kantu
    (app-neph)--Supernatural Thrillers#5 (5(fb, dies)

ARAN IV of Earth-691 - planet, destroyed by Ripjak
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#55

ARAA (Anya Corazon) - Spider Society, Webcorps, daughter of Gil and Sophia, trained to oppose the Sisterhood of the Wasp, eventually released the Hunter into Nina
    (OH: Women, CWBDR)--Amazing Fantasy II#1 (Arana#7(fb), AF#1-6, GLA#2, Arana: Heart of the Spider#1-6, 7-12, Spider-Man & AraŮa Special: The Hunter Revealed#1, [Dr. Strange: The Oath#1 (fb)], 1, Ms. Marvel II#6-8, Iron Man IV#14, Civil War#6-[7]/Amazing Spider-Man#538, Ms. Marvel II#11-12, 13-14, 18-20, 21-24, Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!#1/3

ARANIAN race  of Earth-691 circa 31st century - natives of Aran IV, killed by Ripjak
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#55

ARARAT RESEARCH CENTER - Canadian, near Arctic Circle, destroyed by Venom
    --Venom#1, (named) #2

ARATH - Atlantean terrorist, replicated Nitro's powers and destroyed Bentonville, Kansas to drive Atlantis and the USA into a war
    drain and duplicate others' powers
    --Sun-Mariner#1 (2007)

ARATU - Microverse, boyfriend of Ginsa, brought the army of his family to kill Genis-Vell after he allowed Ginsa to divorce him, she got back together with him after seeing the effort he had gone through for her
    --Captain Marvel VI#11 (12

ARAWN of the Hyborian era - god
    --Conan the Barbarian I#135

ARBOGAST, BAMBINA TERESA BLISS - Stark International + Enterprises, executive assistant to CEO at Stark, executive assistant to Heroes for Hire, quit Stark International after Obadiah Stane took over.
    Trained in kendo
    (IM)--Iron Man I#118 (Iron Man Annual#11/4, Fantastic Four#214, IM118, 125, 129, Avengers I#201, IM#131, 134  137  142, Avengers Annual#10, IM#144  146  147, 151, [Av212, IM#154],155, Av217, IM#158,159, [Av224], IM#162, 164, 166, [Av228], IM#167-170, 172-174, 178/2, 194, 201, 222, An9  IM223, 225-227, 228(fb),,231, 233, 235, 238, 241-244, 255, Marvel Comics Presents#51/3, IM245, An10, IM246-249, 252, 254, 256(fb), Marvel Super-Heroes III#2, IM258,259, [IM An11/3], IM281, 283, An13/3, IM285, [287],288, 306, An15, IM308,309, War Machine#8, IM310,312,Force Works#8, IM313(fb), [317] ,318,319,[FW#16], IM327,328, [Iron Man III#1], Heroes for Hire#8, 9, 13, 16, 19

ARBONA, ALEJANDRO - copy editor at Daily Bugle
    --[Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1]

ARBUS, DIANE - photographer, recovered Lou Rocko and allied self with him to gain revenge on Fisk in exchange for exclusive rights to the story
    --Kingpin II#2

ARC - Hellbent.
    fire eyeblasts
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#58

ARC ( ) - Imperial Guard, part of strike against the X-Men sent by Cassandra Nova.
    Generate bio-electric energy
    (ME:X,app)--X-Men II#123 (124, [133]

ARCADE ( ) - assassin, creator of Murderworld & Murderland, independently wealthy, allegedly inherited enormous sum of money after killing parents, employs Ms. Locke + Mr. Chamber, formerly utilized Brynocki
    Genius, devises deadly amusement parks and life-sized games, designer of numerous robots & weapons, wm, red hair
    -Mr.A (I#1, D#1, M, OH:AZU#1, ME:X, net)--Marvel Team-Up I#65 (Uncanny X-Men#124(fb), MTU65,66, UX122-124, Classic X-Men#30/2, MTU#89, UX145-147, Daredevils#4, Micronauts I#45, UX177, Wolverine/Fury: Scorpio Connection, UX197, 204, Marvel Fanfare I#50(fb), Excalibur I#4,5 Marvel Comics Presents#31-38, MarvFan50, MCP#99/2, 103, Spider-Man I#25, Northstar2,3, Blaze II#8, X-Men: Prime, Night Man vs Wolverine#0, Wolverine & Gambit: Victims#4(fb), [1],2-4, X-Force + Cable Annual 1995, Green Goblin#10, Colossus#1, XFor76, SensSp29,30, Agent X#5, [UX448(fb)], Claws#1-3, Thing II#1-3, X-Factor III#29-31

ARCADE of Earth-8410 circa 2020 (Liddel, Trout, Wild Thing, Kronski(wt7)
    - New York City organization dedicated to destroying virtual reality crime
    --Wild Thing I#1 (2-7

ARCADE of Earth-8410 circa 2020 - name for the Arcade group's base, New York City
    --Wild Thing I#1 (2-7

ARCADIA - ship of Aletys Forrester and Paolo
    --X-Men I# ( Uncanny X-Men#386


ARCADIA-32246 - circa 12,000 AD, society of equals, overthrew the wealthy ruling class, before being again overthrown; Touch subsequently allied with in their next uprising.
    --Rogue Touch (2013)

ARCADIAN of Earth-928 ( ) - Undead, mutant @ 2040 in 2099 timeline, recovered from storage by Graverobber.
    similar power + appearance to Gambit, charge objects with kinetic energy, used playing cards as weapons
    (net)--X-Men 2099#26 (27,28

ARCADIUS - Inhuman chancellor
    able to animate statues
    --Fantastic Force#5 (Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, FanFor8, Fantastic Four I#401, FFor9, F4#402, F4:AR#2, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11

ARCADIUS (Hyborian Era) - Aquilonian army captain, killed by HaderŁngd
    *D* (app-HaderŁngd)--Conan the Barbarian#201

ARCANE race - see QUIST race--X-Men I#9

ARCANE ARCHIVES - database of the Knights Templar

ARCANE DATABASE - created by Nugent as a repository for magical lore to be used by Magik, gave rise to the Archenemy, destroyed by Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)
    *Des* (app-archenemy)--Magik II#1 ([Magik II#1+2+4(fb)], 1-3, 4d)

ARCANE ORDER of the NIGHT (Ambrose + Andre Carpathian ) - founded by Ambrose, involved in attempt to return the black insect swarm back to earth in order to exterminate the rest of humanity
    (app)--[Spectacular Spider-Man II#170], Amazing Spider-Man I#350 (Spec170(fb), Amazing Spider-Man I#350

    Squadron Supreme, original identity.
    (I#10,D#12,U#1)--Defenders I#112 (Web of Spider-Man Annual#5/6(fb), [Avengers I#148,149], Avengers West Coast Annual#4/5(fb), Def112-115, Squadron Supreme#1-12->mg)

ARCANNE, TABITHA - vampire?, partner of Dalton Cartwright
    *D/R/D* (app-cartwright)--Ghost Rider II#48

ARCENAUX, ANTOINELLE - New Orleans, aunt of Emery, voodoo practitioner, raised zombies to storm the city after Emery's death, convinced to cease assault by Gambit, allowed to go free due to difficulty in proving the accusations
    --Gambit IV#7 (8-9

ARCENAUX, EMERY JAMES - New Orleans mutant, nephew of Antoinelle, robbed a bank, convinced to stand down by Gambit, shot and killed by Det. Noreen Tanaka, briefly raised as a zombie by Antoinelle
    Generate force field, project concussive blasts
    (app)--Gambit IV#7 (8-9

ARCFIRE NETWORK - defeated by the Agent (Rick Mason), cementing his status as a major player
    --[Marvel Graphic Novel: The Agent?]

ARCH ?? -
    --New Warriors IV#1

ARCH-E-5912 - Sakaar robot, enlisted with Hulk's Warbound, piloted stone starship to Earth, sent to observe humanity, unintentionally saves a woman's life in contrast to his orders, burst a logic circuit, destroyed in explosion
    --Incredible Hulk III#93 (104, 105, World War Hulk: World Breaker prologue#1, Iron Man V#19, World War Hulk: Frontline#1, 2-5 (fbs, destroyed)

ARCHANGEL - see ANGEL (U#1, M, ME, 198, net)--X-Factor I#38 (UXM243,XFac39 XFac An4/3 XFac40-42 47(fb) 43-50, XFac51(NM88) 52-54 [55] 56-58, XM:SoStarjam2, GR III#9 XFac An5 XFac59 XFac:PrisLove MarvFan50 NM95,XFac60,NM96,XFac61, UXM272,NM97,XFac62,63,UXM273,XFac65(An6) 66-68 [InfG#2] XFac69,UXM280,XFac70,DamCont III#4 XM II#1-3 MCP#89/4, X5, UX281-286, 287 An16 UX288 An16/2 UX289    InfWar#1,2 MK III#41 NewWar27 Quas38 F4#368, InfW#3/MK III#41/Quas38/War+IW#8 IW#4 F4#369, AlphaF#111, Q39,40, IW5, WondM#15, IW6/F4#370, UX291-294, XFac84, X14, XFor16, UX295, XFac85, X15, XFor17, UX296, XFac86, X16, XFor18, SecDef#18 UXM314 CabII#16 UXM318 XM An3 Bish I#4 [Ex83] UXM319 XM40 XFor43 UXM321 XM41 Cab20 XM:Prime, UXM322, [XM42], Wolv91, UXM323, XM An1995, UXM325 XM An1995, An/2(fb) UXM328,SabreT SE,UXM329,XM50 UXM330,333 XM53, Arch#1 AvAn1999(fb) , [X57], UX338, Psy+Arc:CD#1-4, UX348-350, X80 UX352, XMU#17 IM III#1 UX353 X73,74, UX356-358, Ex125, XFor/Champs An1998 UX368 X88 Tb27,28(fb),28-30 AstXM#1-3 UX375 376 GamIII#10 X96, Wolv146,147, UX377 X-51#7,8 UX An1999, Gam14, UX379, IM III#37, Sentry5, Sent/F4/Hlk/Spdm/XM, Sent v Void#1, XM:HellFC#2 UX379 [X99], Gam19, An2000, X101,102, 103 UX385, X105, 106, XM:Black Sun#2,[3,4],5, X108,109, Spectacular Spider-Man III#21
    X131 UX410-412
    New Mutants II#7, X-Treme X-Men#46, X157
    X165, X-Men Unlimited II#8, Excalibur III#11-13-->Angel)

ARCHAEOPTERYX - see TONAJA (net-InhRF)--Inhumans III#2

ARCHEOPIAN race - (Ree) - first race to have planet consumed by Galactus, which occurred billions of years ago, only a handful survived, but most of those were later exterminated by Ego.
    semi-humanoid avians
    (app)--Thor I#162

ARCHENEMY - demonic creature, former ally of S'ym, inadvertently created by Nugent when he constructed an arcane database compiling all mystic lore for Magik (Amanda Sefton), slaughtered numerous demon realms and threatened to destroy combined force of all Splinter Realms until Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) destroyed the arcane database, allowing Magik to destroy the Archenemy with her Soulsword
    Immensely powerful, used storms of glass-like shards to rend opponents
    *D* (app)--[Magik II#1], 3 ([1,2],3,4d)

ARCHER of Earth-1191 ( ) - Xavier’s Underground Enforcers, XSE, XFactor, wife (Anne) and son (Connor) killed in his timeline, traveled back to modern time and inhabited body of Jude Black (a criminal recently killed in a train wreck), quit team to live with Black’s family
    WM, white hair, wears opaque helmet, transform into pure energy
    (net)--X-Factor I#140(141,143-146,149

ARCHER, MARY McGRILL* - starstop, wife of U.S., mother of ??. wf,blond - MIDNIGHT*--Shulk II#6 (7, [40(fb), 39-43]

ARCHER , ULYSSES SOLOMON "U.S."-short stop,starstop,husband of mary,brother of highwayman,adopted by poppa wheelie+wide load annie.
    possesses plate in skull that enables him to communicate over cb radios,skilled fighter and truck driver
    (1980s, app)--U.S. One#1 (1(fb)/6(fb), 1-12, [Shulk II#6],7, 40(fb),39-46

ARCHER TROOPERS of Earth-Avengers: Galactic Battalion - Galactic Avengers Battalion, patterned after Hawkeye
    (app-earthagb)--Avengers Forever#10

ARCHFIENDS of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Misery, Pyre, Reaper, Serpentine, Shambler) - creations of L-Cypher, transformed from captured employees and customers at Thrillsville
    --Ghost Rider 2099#18 (19

"ARCHIE" - led criminal gang, encountered and briefly manipulated Spinerette
    (app-spinerette)--Fantastic Four I#237

    (app)--(g) Comedy Comics#10

ARCHIMAGE of Earth-93060 - sorcerer, brother of Boneyard, trained Lukas


ARCHITECT - Elder of the Universe, designed track from earth to the moon for marathon for fastest man on earth

ARCHITECT (Orville Nugent) - criminal engineer, killed by Jack Oonuk
    *D* (MKE,app)--[Punisher I#64], Punisher War Zone#17(18,19, Punisher An7d)

ARCHITECT ( ) - alien, last of the Shining Ones, desired death at hands of Elektra, essence transferred into extradimensional creature and imprisoned in Dr. Strange’s sanctum, arranged Bullseye’s attack on Elektra
    Center of the Fire, Clytemnestra, Glowing One, Judy, Lord of Treachery and Illusions, Master of Snakes and Ladders, Shining One, Konrad Weiss
    (app)—[Elektra I#3], 4 ([6(fb)], [8(fb)], [2(fb)/1+2], [3], [4(fb)], 4-8

ARCHITECT of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Ryu Kobolt) - founder of Oasis, former agent of Feng Huang
    --X-Men 2099: Oasis (XM2099: Oasis(fb1+2), Oasis

ARCHITECT of the DESTRUCTION of all WORLDS - see MAHAPRALYA (app)--Man-Thing III#6


ARCHON - former king of Thuvria, manipulated by the Wise One (secretly a Dire Wraith), slain by Terminator
    *D*--Rom I#19/2

ARCHKO (Primus) - dimension invaded by the Soul Masters
    --Marvel Spotlight II#

ARCHORIC of the Hyborian era - Turanian, leader of a band of thieves, including Conan and Trollo, killed when betrayed by Trollo
    *D* (app-sod)--Savage Sword of Conan#164

ARCHSTONE - private security/mercenary forces?
    --Battle Scars#3

ARCLIGHT (Philippa Sontag) - Marauders, Superia's Femizons, 198, Vietnam veteran, haunted by memories, came to stay at Xavier Institute following M-Day
    Female, amplify body’s kinetic energy to create illusion of superhuman strength OR focus seismic energy through hands to create shockwaves
    (U, ME:X, 198)--X-Factor I#10 (UXM215(fb(223(fb))),210,211(XFac10),XFac10,Thor373,PowP#27,UXM213(fb),215(fb),219,221,222,240, [Cap387,388], Cap389-392, XMan13,18, Cable Annual 1999, X-Men: The 198#2-5, X-Men II#183, [184-185], [Civil War: X-Men#1-2], 3-4, X-Men II#200-203

ARCTIC ADVENTURE - book by Lewis Conrad
    --Strange Tales I#75

ARCTURAN race - Milky Way, natives of Arcturus IV, colonized by Fortisque who guided scientists in genetic engineering, originally humanoid, half of population severely mutated due to a combination of biochemical advancements and reaction to nuclear fallout during civil war over 10,000 years ago, mutates/mutants lack survival instinct, others devolved into savagery, tribes of barbarians (mixes of organic/baseline/normal Arcturuans) androids exist, most presumably killed with destruction of Arcturus IV by Axi-Tun
    (I#1,D#15, app)--Adventures into Fear#23 (23 (fb), 24 (fb), 23-24, Fantastic Four#315 (fb), 315, [Star Masters#1d]

ARCTURUS - angel, Council of Thrones
    --Wolverine/Punisher: Revelations#1, 3(named) (1-4

Arcturus (planet) of Reality-????? Suspense #13 (1952) Collided with the Earth.

ARCTURUS - Rigellian
    --Iron Man I#110 (111-112

ARCTURUS IV - planet in Milky Way, former home of Arcturan primitives, mutates, & androids, destroyed by Axi-Tun race
    *D* (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23 (24, Fantastic Four I#315 (fb), 315, Star Masters#1d


ARDENT SPRING - planet on the edge of the Shi'ar Empirium, all life on its surface destroyed by Uncreated , leaving the planet in flames

ARDILLES, DIEGO - Bastrona, contact for X-Force (X-Statix), betrayed them to the military, forced to assist them, killed in crossfire
    (app)--X-Force I#118 (119

ARDINA - feminine aspect of Silver Surfer, created by Clea using spell invoking Hecate + Demeter + Apalla
    (app)--Order#4 (5,6

AREA 13 (    ) - base for SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force
    --Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1

AREA 51 - Located in New Mexico
    --[UXM #363], probably also connected to the numerous 1947 Skrull incursions from in Conspiracy #1-2, Marvel: The Lost Generation #12-1 and Blackwulf #2

AREA 52 - Utah facility, used to contain "the mysteries of America," including superhuman-related technology, allegedly replaced Nevada's Area 51, infiltrated by Cerebrite
    --Uncanny X-Men#363

AREA 87 - Prison of Clyde Wyncham, aka Marquis of Death
    --Fantastic Four#561

AREA 102 - Government facility designed to prepare for and contain superhuman threats, used by "Thunderbolt" Ross as a Hulkbuster base
    --Incredible Hulk II#462

AREFI, JAWAN - Taliban?, executed by Kathryn O'Brien
    *D*--[Punisher VII#37] ([37 (fb, dies)]

ARENA - gladiatorial arena used by Chosen, used to battle Rejects against each other or against Dualers
    --X-Factor I#44

ARENA - Rio de Janeiro, mutant fighting arena
    --Cable II#105

ARENA - international mutant fighting arena, investigated by Storm and Yukio
    --X-Treme X-Men#36 (37-39

ARENA of Earth-93060 ( ) -
    --Prototype#6 (0, 6-8, Giant-Size#1/2, Freex16/Ultraverse Premiere#9, Solution#16/UVP#10/4, Night Man I#16/UVP#11/4 ,Prime II#5

ARENA OF DEATH (Microverse) – Baron Karza’s gladiatorial arena on Homeworld, alien gladiators forced to fight till death against Karza’s mutations
            --Micronauts I#1 (Annual#1/2, 1/3, Micronauts I#49

ARENA WORLD - planet, former home of Vorin (and possibly Goodfellow), accessed via space-time portal in time equivalent to Earth's 1383 AD by modern era Mys-Tech's Warheads, most natives slaughtered by Warheads; Abadon trapped there
    SHARIN* (app)--[Shadow Riders#2], 3 (4

ARENJUN - Hyborian era, place of origin of Bel
    "City of Thieves"--Tower of the Elephant; Conan the Barbarian I#3

ARES - Olympian god of war, lord of Warhawks, son of Zeus + Hera, husband of Venus, enemy of Hercules
    - John Aaron, MARS, Mr. Tallon, the WARHAWK (I#1, D#1, M, Mighty Avengers: WMF)--Thor I#129 (Thor Annual#8, Dr. Strange III#32/2(fb), [Ares#3 (fb)], Thor129,131, Av38, [49],50, Ka-Zar Quarterly#1/2,
Av100(fb), 98,[99],100, Sub-Mariner I#57, Thor221,222 Champions#1-3, Thor I#289, 291,292, Av281-285, New Mutants I#81(fb), Av349 382, 384, Hercules: Hearts of Chaos#1-3, Thor II#7(fb), 7, Hercules III#4, Ares#1 (fb), 1-5, Mighty Avengers#1 (fb), 1-5,6 (fb), 5-6, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), Order II#1, Avengers: Initiative#4, Incredible Hulk III#112

A.R.E.S. (Burlson, Cygnus, Deathstorm, Raider, Scorch, Emil Tessler) - terrorist organization
    -Assassination, Revolution, Extortion, & Sabotage --Amazing Spider-Man Annual#27 (Solo#1-4,Web120

ARES COLONY 2099 - Mars base, settled by Alchemax
    --[Spider-Man 2099#3_], 2099: World of Tomorrow#1 (2

AREX - Polar Eternals, brother of Ajak, son of Rakar and Amaa, active during Trojan War, fought against Maelstrom, captured by Ghaur in his attempt to form the Anti-Mind
    -AJAX the LESSER--Av I#361(Starblast#1, F4 Unl#10, HsfH#5

ARGATH, MAXIMUS of Earth-148611 - see MAX (app)--Justice#13

ARGENT - see Samantha Destine--Marvel Comics Presents#158

ARGES - Cyclops, one of the first three, son of Uranus and Gaea, imprisoned in Tartarus, freed after assisted Zeus against Cronus, forged Olympian Weaponry for Hephaestus, slain by Apollo after Zeus slew Aesclepius, allied with Typhon against the Avengers.
    Create and unleash thunderbolts
    (app-typh)--Avengers Annual#23

ARGO - ship of Argonauts
    --Marvel Preview#10/2 (Hulk: Hercules Unleashed (fb1+3d)

ARGO of Earth-982 ( ) - son of Hercules and Human Woman from San Diego, sought Avengers for assistance in locating father
    --A-Next#6 (12, Spider-Girl#58,59, Last Hero Standing#1-5
, Last Planet Standing#4, 5, Avengers Next#4, Amazing Spider-Girl#15

    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

ARGON - hero assimilated by death Metal
    (app)--Death Metal#1 (2(Death Metal vs Genetix#2),3,4

ARGON of the Elder Earth - hunter, used monstrous pet to test others, met Chane, sought the Hound of Hell, followed it into Hell, where he was claimed by the devil.
    --Savage Sword of Conan#64/3

ARGON of Reality-712 - Milky Way galaxy, homeworld of Hyperion
    --Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Hardcover#5

ARGON of the Microverse - prince of Homeworld, later possessed by Karza, form destroyed
    -FORCE COMMANDER* *D*--Micronauts I#1

ARGONAUTs (Aegisthus, Eurytus, Heracles, Jason, Orestus, Timon, Old One (d), Perseus, Theseus, many others ) - Greek heroes, sailed on Argo
    (app)--Marvel Preview#10/2 (Hulk: Hercules Unleashed(fb1), Hercules: Hearts of Chaos#3, Ares#3, [4-5],  Incredible Hulk#117-118 (fb)

ARGOR - Negative Zone, planet, capital city of same name, ruled by Annihilus, populated by purple skinned natives. Fantastic Four briefly trapped here due to problems with fold space transceptor
    --Fantastic Four III#19

ARGOS - Hyborian era country, presumably became Greece, worshipped Mitra

ARGOS - Eternals, monitors computer banks of Olympia
    --Eternals II#9

ARGOS the HUNTER ( ) - Sword of Damocles, armored warrior, pursued Arcadia and Ulysses
    --X-Force I#83 (84, 93,97

ARGOT, MILDRED - aboard the Eighth Avenue Elevated Train in which Hodiah Twist investigated murders, middle aged woman, slain by werewolf/Jeffrey Winters
    possibly an homage to Patricia Wentworth's Miss Maud Silver
    (app-twist)--Marvel Preview#16

ARGUELLES, MANUEL "MOSQUITO"  - Young boy, fan of Spider-Man, met Spider-Man just prior to the hero's involvement with the second Big Man and the second Crime-Master.
    --Marvel Team-Up I #39

ARGUS - Olympus group, many-eyed servant of Hera, guarded Io
    --Incredible Hercules#128

ARGUS of the Hyborian era - ship of Tito, briefly sailed with Conan until destroyed by the Black Corsairs
Weird Tales#23/5 "Queen of the Black Coast"; Conan the Barbarian I#58

ARGUS - first king of Greek Argos, first mortal son of Zeus
    --not in MU

ARGUS - one of three cyclopes born to Ouranos and Gaea, imprisoned in Hades by Ouranos, released by Zeus and helped fight against the Titans, helped create Zeus' thunderbotls, formerly guarded entrance to Mt. Olympus
    (app)--Thor I#289

ARGUS ( ) - weapons dealer, leader of Terror Alliance, former agent of CIA, poisoned Shang-Chi, kidnapped and tortured Leiko Wu, cutting off her hand in an effort to learn how much her organization knew of him, defeated by Shang-Chi and his allies.
    white male, balding, white hair, prosthetic claw on left hand
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#1], 4 ([1-3], 4-8

ARGUS of Earth-93060 - Vahldala
    --Giant-Size Rune#1 ([Rune#7],GSR#1,Rune9,GodW#0-3

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