heal others via mystic fire, enhanced physical abilities
    (net)--X-Men/Alpha Flight I#1 (2)

ANOLE (Victor Borkowski) - mutant, Xavier Institute, Alpha Squadron, chose Shan/Karma as mentor
    green + spiked skin, extendable tongue, camouflage power, regrew severed right arm in powerful form
    (XM: MC-MF, 198, New X-Men Yearbook)--New Mutants II#7 (8, 13, New X-Men: Academy X#13, New X-Men II#20-23, 24-25, 27, 28-29, 32, Astonishing X-Men#13-18, X-Men II#190, 192-193, NXM34-35, 37-41, WWH: X-Men#2-3, X201-202, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men#1, Young X-Men#6

ANOMALY - metaphysical being, manifestation of concept of anomalies, apparently destroyed and replaced by Maelstrom, reformed after his defeat
    (app)--Quasar#20 (20(fb) [25] 37

    contained Baloneyverse, landed in Mount Pookie where it interfered with electronic devices
        --[Sensational She-Hulk II#13],14->cr

ANOMALY - either of two or a collection of both pyramids created by Contemplator to enable Iron Fist to contact him for spiritual enlightenment, sought as source of power by Hydra and AIM
    Both Anomalies together could open a portal to the Contemplator; also served as an oracle and spiritual compass for direction
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#125/4 (125/4(fb), 125/4-132/4

ANOMALY of Counter Earth-Franklin (Koyami Sazaki)
    - null-energy creature, child of Chaos and Order, disrupted/destroyed by Thunderbolts
    --Thunderbolts#64, 68 (70, 72, 74

ANOMALY RUE - Dr. Strange's sanctum

ANSELMO, JEBEDIAH of the Old West - encountered Lance Temple
    --Marvel Comics Presents II#4/3

ANSKAR - Polemachus, attempted to appease the gods of Polemachus via human sacrifice, killed Astra, slain by Sersi
    *D* (app)--Avengers I #358 (258(fb), 358, 359

ANSWER (Aaron Nicholson) - Hood's army, former agent of Kingpin, former hit man in Las Vegas division of Hydra, empowered by machines of Harlan Stillwell, converted self to energy to revive Dagger in hopes that she would help the Kingpin’s wife, regained awareness without solid form and allied self with Dr. Octopus, fought and defeated by Octopus
    Able to temporarily develop whatever ability he needs for any situation
    QnA (e-mail) (M, AMW, app)--[Spectacular Spider-Man II#91], 92 ([Lethal Foes of Spider-Man#1(fb), Spec91-95,96"d," LFoSpdm#1r, 2-4, I (heart) Marvel: Outlaw Romance#1 (fb), [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb), Toxin#3, I (heart) Marvel: Outlaw Romance#1, Civil War: War Crimes#1, Punisher War Journal II#4, [She-Hulk II#17 (fb)], Spider-Man: Swing Shift, New Avengers#35, Annual#2, [Amazing Spider-Man#552]-553

ANSWER (David Ferrari*) - former agent of SHIELD, US Army, Furnace, former ally of Crimson Dynamo, brother of Connie, led mission to aim base to prevent release of Omega Compound, released two drops to destroy base when the rest of his men were killed, appeared to have died, recovered, family was told that he was killed in an army hazing incident, used drug to control Nick Fury, allied with Crimson Dynamo in attempt to steal missiles from Khamistan (formerly of USSR) to take over the world.
    Strength augmented
    --[Captain America III#42],43

ANTAEUS - ancient Greek warrior, son of Poseidon, battled and defeated/slain by Hercules.
    Gained strength from earth
    *D*--Young Allies Comics#6; Avengers I#265(fb)

ANTAEUS ( ) - Neo, named after Greek warrior.
    vast strength + durability, large, shaved head, stitches on skull
    -ANTEUS --X-Men II#101, 102(named) ( 110/2

ANTAR of the Hyborian era - Zuagir, son of A__, fought alongside Conan, joined Yezmites until betrayed by them, joined forces with Conan in overthrowing them
  --The Flame Knife; Savage Sword of Conan#31

ANTAR-19 - planet, manipulated by Gene-Corp

ANTARCTIC ABOMINATION - see TORG (app)--Sub-Mariner I#55

ANTARCTICA SYNDROME - referred to plot of Greedy Killerwatt to use nuclear meltdown at the North Pole to melt a hole down to Antarctica
    (app-greedy)--Howard the Duck II#3

ANTEN DECAN - mystic text, used by Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship to summon Aan Taanu and Fin Fang Foom
    --Legion of the Night#1 (1(fb),1

ANT FARM - replaced the Big House, used Pym particles to shrink super-villains to tiny size and housed them within ant farms

ANTHEM (Henry Hellrung) - Order operations leader, Initiative, former played Tony Stark in Iron Man TV show, partied alongside Stark, went through rehabilitation 5 years ago, sponsored Stark's rehab
    Apollo figure, powers of a supercell thunderstorm
    --Order II#1 (1 (fb), 1 (fb), 5 (fb), 2 (fb), 1 (fb), 1-9, [10 (fb)], 10

ANTHIGORITE race (Krru (archaeologist possessing Resurrection Stone, d))
    (app)--Avengers I#209

ANT HILL - Mark II sentinels Australian HQ
    --Avengers I#102 (103,104, Marvel Super-Heroes III#6-8, Wolverine II#73,74

ANTHONY ?? - Random Killers?, present at Mr. Code's Texas seminar
    (app-mrcode)--X-Statix#15 (15(fb)

ANTHONY, MAX RUDOLPH - son of Salvatore, kidnapped by 66 Bridges, rescued by Black Panther and Kasper Cole
    --[Black Panther III#59], 62

ANTHONY, Lt. SALVATORE VERASCE "LEW" - NYPD, superior to Kevin Cole/Black Panther, corrupt, daughter paralyzed and son kidnapped by Triage to force cooperation?
    --Black Panther III#50 (51-56, 61, 62

ANTHOS of Earth-691 - god worshipped by Centaurians, word for heaven and peace, possible connection to Thanos
    --[Marvel Presents#3], Guardians of the Galaxy#50

ANTHROPOMORPHO - Dimension of Manifestations
    - Prime Manifester (app)--Quasar#37 (58

ANTI-BEING - created from collective negativity of Mys-Tech Techo-Wizards, trapped in Inner Space by Dark Angel
    (app)--Dark Angel#10 (11-16

ANTI-BODIES ( ) - humans mutated and controlled by Infectia,
    develop enhanced size + strength + durability, at the expense of disintegrating after using up all of their energy
    --X-Factor#28 (29, 30

ANTIBODY of Earth-148611- New Universe, entity created by Randy O'Brien, also utilized by Evan Huebner, one traveled to earth along with Quasar, transferred to Kayla Ballantine, then into Quagmire, where it fed off his Darkforce energy and grew to enormous size, split into numerous duplicates, went on rampage because they were dying without a host body, combined into single form by Dr. Druid and Shadowoman, Darkforce energy consumed by Glom, original form dispatched to ??
    (DP7#20,app)--(nu)D.P.7#1; (Marvel Universe) Quasar#31( DP7 Annual#1, DP7#1-4, Kickers, INC#5, DP7#5-14, Psi-Force#15, DP7#15, 16, Justice#16, DP7#17-20, 22/Draft, DP#24-29, Starbrand#18, DP&#30-32, War#4;
     Quasar#31, 36, 37, 43-46

ANTICA - Microverse, Homeworld, Jungle Zone, inhabited by insectoids, conquered by Baron Zebek, freed by Alpha Flight and Micronauts
    --Alpha Flight II#10 (10(fb), 10, 11

ANTI-CAPTAIN AMERICA (    ) - Navy SEAL, recruited after girlfriend killed in Oklahoma bombing, received variant of super-soldier serum (containing acetovaxidol), amongst others, covertly served admiral Jimmy Westbrook, defeated and contained by Captain America after conflict in Guantanamo, seemingly died after being deprived from AVX, assisted Falcon against MODOK/Damocles Rivas, committed suicide after power ran out and he was defeated by Captain America
    *D* CAPTAIN AMERICA*, SUPER-SAILOR *D* (2006#1)--Captain America and the Falcon#1 (3(fbs), 4(fbs), 1-5, 6, 8-11, 13, 14d)

ANTI-CHARGE BAZOOKA - AIM designed powerful handheld energy weapon
    (app)--Strange Tales I#163

ANTI-CLAUS of Earth-8336 (    ) - immortal enemy of Santa Claus, eventually killed him, trapped inside Santa's bag by Nick Norris ("Son of Santa")
    (app)--Bizarre Adventures#34 ([34 (fb)], 34

ANTI-COSMIC FLYING WING - designed by Reed Richards, used against the Silver Surfer-powered Dr. Doom
    absorb cosmic energy, fly, perform aerial maneuvers
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#59 (60

ANTI-CREATION of "Earth-7031" - side effect of creation, cloud-like being, threatened to consume all life in the universe, contained by the Keepers until they began to die out, ultimately destroyed by Binary
    briefly brought into Reality-616 by Gavin, destroyed by Ms. Marvel via regained Binary powers
    SWARM*--Ms. Marvel Special#1 (1 (fb)

ANTI-GALACTUS ARMOR - designed by Reed Richards, used to destroy CAP
    --Fantastic Four#557

ANTIGO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (Juston Seyfert, Alex, Greg, Jessie, Josh, Matt, Shelly) - Wisconsin
    --Sentinel#1 (2-7, 10, 12

ANTIGONE - daughter of Oedipus
    --[Avengers: Ultron Imperative]

ANTIGONE - Bio-Synthozoid created by Alkhema, sole survivor of destruction of her base, cared for recovered head of Ultron,
    mind taken over by Jocasta
    originally had childlike personality
    (app)--Avengers:  Ultron Imperative ([Av: UltImp (fb)], Iron Man III#48(fb), [46], 47, 48

ANTI-GRAVITY DEVICE - built by Tony Stark (successful purely by random chance), stolen by Black Widow and used to break into Fort Knox, destroyed by Iron Man
Tales of Suspense I#53

    identity used after near death from teleporting Avengers and Alpha Flight back to Earth from Quwrlln homeworld, body recovered and brainwashed by Master, realized flaws in Master and turned against him after battle with Vindicator/Heather
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#129,130

ANTI-HULK of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - created by Golden One
    --Hulk 2099#9 (10

ANTILLIA of the Hyborian era - site associated with Ptahuacan, in which settled the survivors of Atlantis
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

ANTI-MAN (Sgt. Conner Sims) - Korean war, US Marines alongside Adam Brashear, mutated with him and saved his life, but maddened after FBI-agent brother killed by Ku Klux Klan and transformed into Anti-Man
    --Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#1 (2009)

ANTI-MANDATE ARMORED CORPS of Earth-3071 - developed to combat the Mandate, but were eventually decimated by them
    (app-earth3071)--Wolverine: Snikt#3 (3(fb, die)

ANTI-MATTER - composed of particles that are counterparts of matter, made up of opposite charges. contact with matter results in the annihilation of each other and their conversion to energy
    --Fantastic Four I#51

ANTI-MATTER (Arlo Summers) - X-Force training camp, skeletal creature within containment suit

ANTI-MEN (Fangor, Felix, First Ones) - animal-men, creation of Dr. Scarabeus
    MANIMALS* (app-scarabeus)--Hulk Comic (UK) #15 (16-20

ANTI-MIND - fusion of minds of deviants briefly created by Sersi and Thena under control of Ghaur, with which he planned to challenge Celestials until defeated by Dark Angel/Ritters
     --[Heroes for Hire#5], 6

ANTIMONY of Earth-Amalgam - Magnetic Men, after Scarlet Witch
    - DEBBI WALKER--Magneto and the Magnetic Men#1 (Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

ANTIMUSE - see INANNA (app)--Hellstorm#15

ANTI-MUTAGENIC COMPOUND - Used by HERBIE to reverse effects of the Food Converter after Franklin turned his class into fruits & vegetables
    --Power Pack III#3/2

ANTI-NAMORITA - anti-matter form summoned from the Negative Zone, based on Namorita, sent back to the Zone by Nita and the Torch
    --Human Torch II#11

    --Excalibur I#48 (50(fb), [47],48

ANTIPHON the OVERSEER - Proemial God, first among equals, tasked with monitoring cosmic consonance
    --Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2/2 (2/2 (fb), 2/2(d))

ANTIQUARY ( ) - former lord of New Orleans, centuries old, had infant Gambit stolen for himself, ex-communicated from Thieves Guild by Jean-Luc LeBeau, sent into exile with arrangement with Dr. Strange, sought by Jean-Luc to prepare for the recrudescence
    (app)--Gambit III#1 (1(fb3), [4], Annual 2000/3, [Gam20]

ANTI-REGISTRATION UNDERGROUND (Battlestar, Canasta, Dahntu, Freeware, Gladiatrix, Green Guardswoman, Harbormaster, Johnny Justice, Lawman, Kruzado, Masked Rose, the Natural, Qiblah, Scorecard, Skybolt, Solo, the Staten Island Star, the Tosser, Typeface, U.S. Annie, Warbug, Zapster    )
    - opposed the Superhuman Registration Act
    --Civil War: Front Line#3 (4-6

ANTI-SPIDER SQUAD - Jonah Jameson's mayoral agency to bring down Spider-Man
    --    ( Peter Parker#1-4

ANTI-TERRIGEN compound - mist created by Reed Richards to reverse the mutation of the Hydro-Men, which had been performed with Terrigen, some was stolen by Maelstrom
    --Marvel Two-In-One#71

ANTI-VENOM  (Edward "Eddie" Charles Brock*) - former member of Sinister Six, former reporter for Daily Globe, fired after Sin-Eater expose’ was revealed to be a false story of Sin-Eater, desired vengeance on Spider-Man, merged with the symbiote that formerly served as his costume, "father" of Carnage’s symbiote, memory of spiderman’s identity erased, symbiote auctioned off and sold to Don Fortunato for his son Angelo, seemingly committed suicide, eventually cured of cancer via exposure to Martin Li, developed antibody powers to become Anti-Venom
    VENOM*--Amazing Spider-Man#569

ANTI-VISION - Gatherers, alternate dimensional counterpart of Vision, slew the Captain America of his world, switched bodies with Vision, infiltrated Avengers, exposed due to lust for Crystal, forced by Avengers to take them to Proctor’s Andean base, infected Vision, Ultron, and the Golden Jocasta with viruses to re-program and/or erase them, defeated by Vision
    -VISION* (app)--Avengers I#359 ([362(fb)], 359-363,[Vision I#4(fb)], [Blackwulf#5(fb)/Vision I#1-2], Vision I#3-4

ANTI-VIVISECTIONISTS - Four Empire State University students, stole laboratory animals to give them freedom, initially stopped by Spider-Man, who allowed them to escape.
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#39

    original costumed identity, founding member of Avengers.
    shrink to ant size, wore helmet to communicate with insects
    (D#10)--Tales to Astonish I#35 (36-44, Fantastic Four#16,17, TTA I#45,46, Avengers I#1, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#1(fb), TTA#47,48, Av227(fb)->Giant-Man.
    Av93, Iron Man I#44/2, Av99,100, Incredible Hulk II#154(fb), [148,151],154,155, Marvel Feature I#4-10, Av139(fb), Captain Marvel I#35,37->YJ.
    Hulk Comic#48-49
    Ant Man’s Big Christmas#1

ANT-MAN (Scott Edward Harris Lang*) - Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, father of Cassie Lang, ex-husband of Peggy Rae, dated Jess Jones, electronics designer and technician, former employee of Stark International, resigned when Stane took over, formerly ran Electrolang, ex-convict, given costume of original, apparently slain by Jack of Hearts under control of Scarlet Witch, death apparently prevented by time traveling Young Avengers and Scarlet Witch
    uses Pym Particles to reduce in size, uses helmet to control insects, formerly used Ignatz as steed
    MYRMIDON* *D* (I#1,D#1,M, OH: Av2004, OH: BoD, ME, ME: FF, net)--Marvel Premiere#47 (Avengers I#181, MarvPrem47(fb),47,48, Iron Man I#125, Wonder Man I#1, Av195-197, IM#131-133, Micronauts I#19,20, IM#137, IM142, 145, Incredible Hulk II#262, Marvel Team-Up I#103, IM#151, [155] 156, Marvel Two-In-One#87, Av222-224, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions1,[2,3], MTIO#96, Av229, Hlk285, Rom#58,59, Av275-277,
Marvel Age Annual#1, IM#224,225, 233, Marvel Comics Presents#11/3, Marvel Fanfare I#44, IM243, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#24/4, Iron Man Annual#12/4, MCP#81/3, 131/2, 137/2, Av380/2-382/2,
    Fantastic Four I#384,385, Namor I#48, F4#386-388, Fantastic Four Unlimited#6, Silver Surfer III#93-97, FFUnl#7, Fantastic Four Annual#27, FFUnl#8, 9, F4#389-399,Fantastic Force#7,F4#400,400/2, Thunderstrike#21, FFUnl#10, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, F4#401,402, F4:AR#2, Fantastic Four Unplugged#2, F4#403-407, F4Unl#12, F4#408-410, 412, 415, X-Men II#55, Uncanny X-Men#336, F4#416, Av1999(fb), Tales of the Marvel Universe#1/2, [Heroes for Hire#1-5],6-8,[9], Avengers III#1-4, HsfH#10-12, 13, 14?, 15,Quicksilver#11,H16,Q12,Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver Annual1998, HsfH#19, Av26,27, Fantastic Four III#42-44, Incredible Hulk III#32, Thunderbolts I#57, Order#5,6,
Marvel: Double Shots#3/2, Alias#13,14, 15,16-18, Av57-60, 61, 62, 63, Alias#21, Av65-70, Alias#24, 27,28, Av73, 75, 76, 82, 85/500d, Dead Girl#2-5 (spirit), Avengers: Children's Crusade#5-9

ANT-MAN (Chris McCarthy) - SHIELD agent, unwittingly donned Pym's experimental Ant-Man suit, activated it and shrank out of sight, killed during the Hydra-launched super-villain assault
    *D*--Irredeemable Ant-Man#1 (1 (fb), 2 (fb, dies)

ANT-MAN (Eric O'Grady) - Damage Control, Initiative, former SHIELD agent, stole costume from McCarthy after his death, capitalized on his good fortune, eventually captured, assaulted by Carson, lied his way out of trouble, officially given Ant-Man costume and drafted into the Initiative
    "SLAYING MANTIS", Derek Sullivan, impersonated agent Spruce (CWBDR)--Irredeemable Ant-Man#1 (1-6 (fbs), 1-8, Civil War: Choosing Sides#1, Ant-Man#9, 10-12, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), 9 (fb), 10, 12

"ANT-MAN" (Mitch Carson) - SHIELD agent in line to earn Pym's armor until it was unwittingly donned by McCarthy, wore Pym's prototype armor, face badly burnt by O'Grady's jets
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#4 (4-6 (fbs)

ANT-MAN of Earth-9997 - Ant-Men, son of Arcturus Raan and Princess Mari, Microverse, unknown powers if any
    --Universe X#0

ANT-MAN armor prototype - earlier version designed by Hank Pym, used by Mitch Carson in failed effort to capture O'Grady
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#4 (4-6 (fbs)

ANT-MAN armor - designed by Hank Pym to be used by a trained SHIELD agent, donned by Chris McCarthy during Hydra's superhuman assault on the Helicarrier, stolen by Eric O'Grady after McCarthy's death
--Irredeemable Ant-Man#1 (1-6 (fbs), 1-8, Civil War: Choosing Sides#1, Ant-Man#9

ant men of the Hyborian era - offspring of Meara and Laroughe, served Meara, force fed Laroughe sugar to keep him alive.
  half-human, half-ant, bipeds
    --Savage Sword of Conan#70

ANTMEN of Earth X (Bug, Marionette, Neutron, Proton, Spark, Spidra)
    --Universe X#0

ANTON, Dr. FRANZ -scientist, sought for help by Goliath/Pym, captured by El Doradians
    (app-ed)--Avengers I#30 (31

ANTON ?? - Piranha Tots, turned against Razor-Fist when he tried to kill Pat Mulligan, overcame need to cut himself
    --Toxin#2 (3

Antone -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#12

ANTONIO ?? - @ World War II, Italian soldier, posed as Partisan contact to Leathernecks in hopes of killing them, exposed and killed by General Theresa
    *D* (app)--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#13 (13d)

ANTONIO ?? - mutant, former lover of Magma, lost powers on M-Day while in a volcano, died
    *D*--X-Men: The 198#1 (1d)

ANTONIO ?? of Earth-93060 - vampire, killed by Yrial
    *D* (app)--Ultraverse Premiere#0/2

ANTONIO's - restaurant, hosted the Cauliflower Club
    --Iron Man IV#14

Antons -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#18

ANTORO (    ) - Circus of Crime.
    --Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1998

ANTRO (Hashi Noto) - Deathweb.
    humanoid spider, wears armor, teleport himself or other objects or beings, used spider venom as weapon
    (app-deathweb)--Avengers West Coast#82 (Spider-Woman II#2(fb), AvWC#82, 84-86, Spider-Woman II#1-4

ANTRON - Death Squad (Microverse), given form of an Antron by DeGrayde
    (app-antrons)--Micronauts I#36

ANTRONS - Microverse. four armed scavenger drones, some served Psycho-Man and Baron Karza; others were artificially created in the Body Banks
    (app)--Micronauts I#15 (16-17, 28, 36, 40

ANT TICA (Ant Ticans) - Microverse, region on Homeworld's Jungle Zone
    --Alpha Flight II#10 (10(fb), 10-11

ANT TICANS (Cha Lonn) - subjugated by Baron Zebek until liberated by Micronauts and Alpha Flight
    --Alpha Flight II#10 (10(fb), 10-11

ANU - Mesopotamian god, worshipped in pre-Cataclysmic era, as well as Hyborian era, in Corinthia, had bull in
    father of Enlil/Dagon, former ruler
    --[Conan Novel, Conan the Barbarian#10] [Kull the Conqueror III#3], Thor#300 (Incredible Hercules#116-117

ANUBAR, ANWAR - head of Elysian Enterprises, father of Sekmeht Conoway, former agent of Strucker in the search for the Momentary Princess @ 1968, wife killed under mysterious circumstances
    --Gambit III#1 ([12(fb2)], 1, Gambit: Cyber Comic: Hunt for Tomorrow Stone, Gam15(fb)

ANUBIA - New Men, priestess of Cult of the Jackal
    (app-cult)--Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (1(fb), 1

ANUBIAN race (Dirac) - extraterrestrial, some were slavers, encountered Star-Lord
    (app)--Marvel Preview#11( Uncanny X-Men#125 MarvPrev#11

ANUBIS - Heliopolis god of funeral rites, empowered Mindstar
    (app)--Son of Satan#5(unrevealed), 7 (7(fb) [Thor240,241] [SoS#5(fb)],5-7, [MK II#1], Legion of Monsters: Satana#1/2

ANUBIS? - Wundagorian evolved from jackal, leader of the Cult of the Jackal.
    --Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1

ANUBIS of Earth-88194 (Corporal Anubich) - Shadow Dweller, incubated virulent Cryptosporidium strain, sought to spread across Earth, cured and then destroyed by Dr. Zero
    *D*--Dr. Zero#4 ([Critical Mass#3(fb)], [4(fb)], 4 or 5?

ANUBIS of Earth-20051 - Rama-Tut's Guard; android in the forms of the god of Egypt
    (app-rama-tut)--Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#23 (23 (fb), 23

ANUBIS the JACKAL (sheikh Ahmad Azis) - Kuwaiti, reincarnation of Araamses, priest of Anubis, killed by collapsing pillar
    *D* (app)--Moon Knight II#1 (1(fb), 1

ANUNG-ITE - four armed minotaur-like creature from Native American mythology, summoned by Carlton Beatrice and/or Michael Souris, later by Darryl Licht
    (app)--She-Hulk: Ceremony#1 (2, Blaze II#4,5

ANUXA - alien, sent to Earth 1 million years ago, intended to wait for the dominant species on Earth to die out and then claim the planet for his own, figured this was imminent with utilization of the atom bomb, encountered Skipper
    extended life span, immense strength, telepath
    (app)--Tales to Astonish I#7 (7(fbs)

ANVIL (John "Johnny" Anvil) - former agent of DRC, partner of Hammer, gained power by Glxxx who replaced their prison change with an energy link which greatly amplified their strength and durability, killed by Scourge of the Underworld-2
     *D* (D#17,M,net-h+a)--Incredible Hulk II#182 (Marvel Team-Up I#86, Marvel Tales#256/2, Spider-Woman I#34, Marvel Fanfare I#29d)

ANVIL (    ) - see HAMMER & ANVIL--Daughters of the Dragon#3

ANVIL - Fury Secret Base 27
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

ANVIL PRISON - penal colony Annoval 14.
    staff - (Chancellor Stipe + Fossey)
    --Silver Surfer III#74(76

ANYTHING of Earth-93060 (Lewis Freedom Phillips) - Freex, possibly fathered child with Angela (Sweetface).
    transform body into any shape
    (Freex#8, app)--Freex#1 ([5(fb)], 8(fb)/1(fb), Ultraverse Premiere#0/6, Freex#1-5, Break-Thru#1, Freex#6, Nightman I#3, Break-Thru#2, Wrath#4, 5, Fr7, 8, 9-11, Prime I#13/2, GS Freex#1, Freex#12-/Ultraforce I#1/2, Fr13, 14, Firearm I#15, Fr15, Firearm#15/2, Fr16-18

ANZAC Spider Roque - war time foe of Frank Castle
    --Punisher #19 (1989)

ANYTHING MAN - see COLT, JEFF (app)--Defenders I#69

ANZANO, BOB of Earth-93060 - Ultra, killed by NM-E
    *D*--Ultraverse Year Zero: Death of the Squad#4d

Anzel -
    --Captain America Comics#50

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