Earth-7484 (Earth-Deathlok) characters

This alternate Earth diverged from Earth-616 when Roxxon's Nth Command successfully banished all of the super-heroes to extra-dimensional realms where most, if not all, were instantly killed. Roxxon then staged a coup on the USA, which resulted in mass chaos and no clear victor. A number of separate factions struggled for control, including the CIA, the military, and other splinter groups. Its core continuum designation is Earth-7484.

Alpha Mechs (Hellinger creations)

Big Man (Redeemers)

Biggs, Julian (Deathlok foe)

"Cubists" (Spider-Man/Deathlok foes)

Deathlok the Demolisher (Luther Manning)

Demolisher (Deathlok)

Doomsday Mechs (Alpha Mechs)

Gentle Sam (Redeemers)

Godwulf (Deathlok ally/foe)

Hellinger (Deathlok foe)

Homo Ascendant (Alpha Mechs)

Iron Butterfly (Redeemers)

Manning, Luther clone-CIA version (Hellinger/Deathlok foe)

Manning, Luther clone-Hellinger version (Alpha Mech)

Manning, Richard (Deathlok's son)

Redeemers (Godwulf allies)

Ryker, Simon (Deathlok/Godwulf foe)

Sage (Redeemers)

Savior Machine (Simon Ryker)

Shane, Linc (Deathlok associate)

Swashbuckler (Redeemers)

Timestream (Deathlok foe)

Travers, Janice (Deathlok/Luther Manning's wife)

Travers, Mike (Deathlok character)

War-Wolf (Deathlok foe)

Wilcox, Dr. (Manning Clone-CIA)

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