Jarand Vosburg

vosburg-jarand-hodp-full-recliningReal Name: Jarand Vosburg

Identity/ClassHuman (see comments);
16th century

Occupation: King

Group MembershipRoyal family of unidentified realm presumably in Eastern Europe (see comments)

Affiliations: None identified

EnemiesNostranda and the vampiresses of the House of Denied Pleasure, the "giant"/dwarf guard of the House of Denied Pleasure

Known Relatives: Zarathon Vosburg (son, presumably deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsUnrevealed;
    last active and died
in the House of Denied Pleasure, adjacent to the seaside town Krindrel, presumably Eastern Europe...until it was pulled down into some Hell-realm;
    presumably formerly a castle within his domain

First AppearanceVampire Tales I#10 (April, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Jarand Vosburg was an adult male experienced in ruling his kingdom. 

    He did not demonstrate any other special skills, and he succumbed to the same carnal lusts from which most men suffer. 

    It is quite possible Jarand would have revived as a vampire after his death (see comments).

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10"; though reclined, he looked about the same size as Zarathon; people were an inch or two smaller on average in the 16th century )
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 180 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed (black and white comic; no clear images)
Hair: Dark, possibly brown or gray

vosburg-jarand-hodp-full-dying(Vampire Tales I#10 (fb) - BTS
/ Vampires: The Marvel Undead: Vampires Unabridged Appendix) - Circa the 16th century, Jarand Vosburg, king of the unidentified land presumably including Krindrel (see comments), was driven by lust to enter the House of Denied Pleasure, where he was imprisoned and slowly drained of blood by the vampiresses who dwelled there.

(Vampire Tales I#10 (fb) - BTS) - The weakened Jarand was kept in a dungeon cell guarded by a dwarf, although legend told of a giant guarding the dungeons.

(Vampire Tales I#10 - BTS) - Suspecting his father's fate (see comments), Jarand's son, Zarathon, sought out the House. Arriving there, he destroyed several vampiresses en route to where he though he would find his father.

    Pleased to find a dwarf rather a giant guarding the cell, Zarathon ambushed and slew the guard with a stake. 

(Vampire Tales I#10) - Taking the guard's keys, Zarathon opened the door and found his dying father. Jarand told Zarathon that even one of great age may harbor a young man's lust...and even a king was first a man like any other. He then urged Zarathon to leave, as the beauties had bled him to the brink of death and that sinister, evil force of suffering, torment, and hideous slow death were present. He further warned Zarathon that sorcery was afoot and that the very house was alive...sentient...and just as the beauties fed on the life of men, the House fed on the life of the women. The House needed those women to sustain its Hellish life, just as the women needed his blood to sustain their lives. 

    Jarand again urged Zarathon leave...telling him that he was no longer king, just a fool near Hell. "So leave...before they...find you..."

    Jarand apparently perished just as another trio of vampires entered the cell, hoping his young and strong form would allow them to replenish the house.

(Vampire Tales I#10 - BTS) - Zarathon eventually destroyed the resident vampiresses as well as the House's creator, the demon-vampire-sorceress Nostranda, With Nostranda's apparent destruction, the crumbling House collapsed into the abyss, after which the ground sealed over it.
    Zarathon escaped the crumbling house, but was apparently maddened by his experiences.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Mike Vosburg, and Howard Nostrand.

    Jarand and Zarathon Vosburg's last names was first revealed in the Vampires Appendix section of Vampires: The Marvel Undead, specifically the Unabridged Appendix. This was an obvious homage to penciler Mike Vosburg. Nostranda's name was revealed in the same entry, obviously an homage to inker Howard Nostrand. That same source confirmed the time period of the story to be the 16th century.

    If Jarand perished from being drained by vampires, he would likely have been revived by the prophecy fulfilled in Blade III#12 that brought back every vampire that had ever perished.
    Of course, it is possible that they were resurrected in broad daylight and incinerated...assuming they had the standard vampire weakness to sunlight.
    Alternatively, these may or may not have been conventional vampires, so any of those rules may or may not apply.

    Not that it matters at all, but while the dialog seems to indicate that Zarathon entered the tavern and immediately asked Sareena to sit and drink with him, the art shows a finished plate and an overturned chalice (or something), presumably indicating he called to her upon entering, was seated, ate his meal, and drank himself into a sorry state...so maybe he wasn't completely maddened by the experience but rather was just traumatized over it. Maybe he got over things and went on to become a good and wise king of...wherever he would have been king of...

    King of what and where?

    We don't know anything about the king of the land of which Jarand was king, nor do we know how far/long he traveled to get to the House, which was adjacent to the seaside town of Krindrel. Sareena did not recognize Zarathon, despite his being prince under Jarand. However, with no social media, television, or printing press, it is quite likely most people would have never seen their king (although he could have been on coins or in portraits that may have traveled the land), let alone his son.
    Regardless, with Jarand's passing, Zarathon would have become king...assuming he retained his sanity.

map of possible locations of Krindrel    Krindrel sounds German (as does Jarand), while Zarathon looks like a fancy Solomon Kane, who is English, but spent time in Germany. However, it is unrevealed of what land Jarand was king.

    From what I can find, Jarand is of Germanic origin and is found mostly in the Nordic countries, particularly Norway.

     And while we're on the subject of naming characters after comics creators, Vosburg and Nostrand are both Dutch and Moench is also Germanic
--David Zuckerman

     The outfits are very in the style of the Hammer Horror movies, specifically the ones set somewhere undefined in Europe circa the 1600/1700s. 

     Those tended to be vaguely "somewhere in Europe, slightly to the eastern side." Per this map of Europe in 1700, I'd say no further west than the Holy Roman Empire boundaries, no further east than the edge of Russia, no further south than the upper edge of the Ottoman Empire.

     And given we're told Krindrel is a seaside town, the regions I've just marked in purple would seem the best options.


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images: (without ads)
Vampire Tales I#10/2, pg. 6, panel 8 (full; recumbent);
        pg. 7, panel 1 (back of head, dying)

Vampire Tales I#10/2 (April, 1975) - "House of Pleasure, House of Pain" - Doug Moench (writer), Mike Vosburg (penciler), Howard Nostrand (inker), David Kraft (assistant editor), Don McGregor (associate editor), Len Wein (consulting editor), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Vampires: The Marvel Undead (December, 2011) - Jeff Christiansen, Mike O'Sullivan, and Stuart Vandal (head writers/coordinators); Markus Raymond & Mike Fichera (assistant coordinators); Ronald Byrd (writer)

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