An Adept of the vampiric Claw sect trained Dracula's son Janus in combat. He and the other members of the Claw sect later aided another of Dracula's sons, Xarus, in battle against Janus. (Death of Dracula #1, 2010)

Jazz musician and vampire hunter Jamal Afari was one of the men who trained Blade (Eric Brooks). He was vampirized by Dracula and destroyed by Blade. Dracula later revived him to help fulfill a prophecy to restore all vampires. (Marvel Preview #3, 1975)

A distant Falsworth family cousin, Katherine Ainsley-Jones was evacuated from London to stay at Falsworth Manor in 1940; seeking to woo fellow resident the immortal Mortigan Goth, let Baron Blood (Falsworth) vampirize her. Drinking Goth's blood temporarily restored her humanity for decades. After vampirizing several school children, she was immolated by the android Human Torch's taint in Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth)'s blood. (Mortigan Goth: Immortalis #2, 1994)

Stygian princess Akivasha encountered and enthralled Conan. (Savage Sword of Conan #10, 1976)

Vampirized by Dracula while reporting on the Nightstalkers, Midnight Sun reporter Tara Algren lured her girlfriend Bethany Flynn to be vampirized by Dracula as well. (Blade: The Vampire-Hunter #1, 1994)

After Adze vampires vampirized his wife, Anita Alomii, forcing him to destroy her, and killed his children in Guyana, former MIT student Benjamin Solomon Alomii joined Noah van Helsing's vampire hunter, but was vampirized during an assault on Dracula's Transylvanian castle forcing Blade to destroy him. (Tomb of Dracula #1, 2004)

Siren sect leader Alyssa was Xarus' lover, though she sent a failed assassination attempt against him and secretly aided Janus. (Death of Dracula #1, 2010)

Amenhotep (aka Khufor) was an Egyptian pharaoh until Rama-Tut forced him to drink the nectar of the undead and become a vampire. Released from imprisonment in recent years, Amenhotep battled Swordsman (Jaques DuQuesne) before carelessly exiting the pyramid and being destroyed by the sun. (Daring Mystery Comics #6, 1940; vampire: Avengers #129, 1974)

Separated from his vampire father, Mathias, when he was young, George Amplas was raised by humans, Howard and Marion Bosley, with both George and his adoptive parents oblivious to his true nature. His vampiric urges grew, and he discovered what he truly was, slaying his adoptive parents, as his real father found him (Strange Tales #7, 1952)

As psychic vampire Jared Amundson was destroyed by Blade, he temporarily sent Blade's mind into the past to inhabit the body of vampire hunter Jonas Cray. (Midnight Sons Unlimited #7, 1994)

Order of Tyrana-connected Bloodshadows gang member, Glory Anah, was Blade's girlfriend. She fought vampires in England with the gang until Lamia vampirized her. (Blade: The Vampire-Hunter #6, 1994)

Campbell Andrews tried to seduce Husk into a vampire ambush, unaware she was an X-Man. Husk staked Andrews and destroyed his compatriots. (X-Men vs. Vampires #1, 2010)

Anna (Clan Destine #3, 2008); see Marietta Borgezia

While psychically linked to Jacqueline MacDonald, Dracula's thirst was insatiable. He was picked up as a hitchhiker by Edna Appleton, Marianne Manino & Alice Weinberg, who were vampirized after Edna jokingly offered her neck after learning his name. The ravenous Dracula also fatally drained Connie Stewart & prostitute Colleen Brown. (Tomb of Dracula #3, 1980)

USO actress Mary Arnett was entertaining troops in 1945 when she was vampirized by the Belgian girl Esme Georges, who had been vampirized at age 9 in 1941 by Nazi officer Helmutt von Schuler, who had in turn been vampirized by Baron Blood (Falsworth). After von Schuler's destruction, Mary was destroyed by the sun while battling Captain America (Steve Rogers) while Bucky (James Barnes) destroyed Esme. (Captain America #601, 2009)

When Manhattan's Bleecker Street's Mina Aruca advertised for victims, George Crandall, disgusted with his mundane life, answered her ad, and Mina vampirized him. Crandall's wife unwittingly had him cremated, destroying him before he could emerge from his coffin. (Vampire Tales #6, 1974)

Dracula saved college instructor Emily Arthurs from sexual assault by one of her students, only to vampirize her himself. (Tomb of Dracula #59, 1977)

John Ashby's wife, Lillian, tried to fatally scare her weak-hearted husband by taking him to a haunted house and disguising herself as a vampire. That night John was vampirized and killed Lillian when she tried to scare him again. (Adventures into Weird Worlds#4, 1952)

Ezra Asher vampirized a legion of vampires and allied with St. Cyrus Leviticus to mass slaughter people at Rio de Janeiro's Carnival. Her ex-husband, detective Antonio Vargas, and Wolverine stopped their plan but Ezra escaped. (Wolverine: Black Rio, 1998)

In the early 20th century, servant girl Darla August was driven out Martin Bellis' family's winter cabin in the Wisconsin Woods for romancing his son Anthony. Seemingly perishing in a deadly blizzard, she returned as a vampire years later and lured Martin into a snowstorm and vampirized him in turn; the two continued "haunting" the Bellis cabin each winter, hoping to lure Martin's descendants to join them. Circa the 1970s, the two lured Martin's grandson Henry Bellis into their clutches, killing and presumably vampirizing him, which gave the surviving Bellises the courage to destroy the vampires in their graves. (Vampire Tales #4, 1974)

Edward "Eddie" Badejo, Lothar Hatton, Loren Raines & Shaun Sorenson captured Charles Barnabus but were destroyed by Elsa Bloodstone and allies. (Bloodstone #3, 2002)

In mid-1925, Sir Harry Everett Barclay learned his summer home, the manor called "Bat's Belfry," formerly owned by fearsome Baronet (Marcus) Lohrville, was reputedly haunted. Discovering dozens of hidden corpses, he realized the manor was home to vampires. He used the mystic Book of Thoth to force them from hiding but failed to mystically protect himself, allowing vampire Lohrville and four female vampires to vampirize him. (Vampire Tales #3, 1974)

Pureblood vampire Charles Barnabus was a lawyer employed by Ulysses Bloodstone, and a close friend and confidante of his daughter, Elsa. (Bloodstone #1, 2001)

Hoping to make Dracula his servant, in the early 1910s John Falsworth breached the vampire's castle, but instead became one of Dracula's undead servants. Sent to fight the British, Falsworth worked for the Germans in both World Wars as Baron Blood, battling his elder brother Montgomery, aka Union Jack, and the Invaders. In the modern era Captain America (Steve Rogers) decapitated him and burned the remains, but he later rose again. (Invaders #7, 1976)

The grand-nephew of John Falsworth (Baron Blood) and son of Spitfire, the anemic Ken Crichton was vampirized by Blood's protege, the Baroness (later Baroness Blood), and became the new Baron Blood. He served Dracula during the vampire lord's campaign to invade Britain, but was destroyed by Blade at Spitfire's request after Dracula was routed. (Captain America #253, 1981)

Vampirized by Baron Blood (Falsworth), Lily Cromwell emulated him as the Baroness (later Baroness Blood), seeking the Holy Grail to gain immunity from sunlight, and turning Falsworth's grand-nephew, Ken Crichton, into the new Baron Blood, with whom she conceived an undead child. She later joined neo-Nazi terrorists Axis Mundi, and fought the reassembled Invaders. (Union Jack #1, 1998)

Werewolf Edward Siodmak imprisoned several humans for food. Franz Marais tricked Siodmak into releasing him to lure new prisoners. Marais recruited three hunters, Karl Barrett, Brad Dupont and Leo Rice, to kill Siodmak, but the hunters were vampires and afterwards fed on the humans. (Mystic #31, 1954)

Spurned by Dracula In 1471, Giorgia Bathory spitefully plotted with Baron Hunyadi, but Dracula instead vampirized her then left her to be destroyed by the sun. (Dracula Lives #13, 1975)

Eddie Baxter seeking wealth and fame as a dancer, became dance partners with Marla Reath (allegedly slain by jealous dance partner Andro). After weeks of daytime practice (which Marla survived via a special cream), they won an evening high-profile dance contest, but Marla, seeking an eternal partnership, then vampirized Eddie after sprouting her nocturnal bat-wings. (Suspense #10, 1951)

Wealthy fashion designer Daphne von Wilkinson bargained information to Dracula on Dr. Sun in exchange for vampirizing: Former lovers Martin Beatering (and his wife, Tilly Beatering) and Jack Bolt; fashion designer Ken Mitchell, who stole her designs; fashion model Angie Rodgers; ruthless businessman Sir Winston Twindle. Dracula then sent these vampirized victims after Daphne for using him. (Tomb of Dracula #35, 1975)

Tillie Beatering; see Martin Beatering

Henry & Martin Bellis; see Darla August

Actor Louis Belski starred in Mallet Studios "The Fangs of Dracula!" and briefly believed himself to be Dracula before the real Dracula vampirized Belski. He and co-star Liza Pyne, also vampirized, later fought and were destroyed by Werewolf (Jack Russell). (Dracula Lives #4, 1974)

Bill Parrish discovered his wife, Carol Benning, was a vampire after she accidentally killed Bill's brother. Pretending he believed she was cheating on him, Bill made Carol confess and lead him to her grave where she reunited her spirit and body. Bill then staked her. (Mystic #29, 1954)

Politically influential British nobleman Sir Robert Bentley was vampirized by Dr. Samuel Harkins to join the Brotherhood of Judas' final member of the ruling "Table of Twelve," all of whom were incinerated by pseudo-vampire Michael Morbius. (Vampire Tale #11, 1975)

Bored with immortality's monotony, British noblewoman Amelia Bertram-Hayes stole designs for MI13's Iron Lion armor for Mys-Tech's Ormond Wychwood. Blade and Spitfire destroyed Amelia in Manhattan for treason. (Spitfire #1, 2010)

Leon "Ponce" Bichsel was a pimp and later a corrupt nightclub owner and member of the Legion of the Damned. While investigating the Legion, detective-inspector Kate Fraser was ambushed by Ponce, but she apparently destroyed him with her cross necklace. (Marvel Preview #3, 1975)

As a toddler, vampire Janice Billingsley tormented babysitter June Beaumont, friend of mother Sally. (Adventures Into Terror #4, 1951)

Ship captain Ryan Birks was vampirized by Dracula who then destroyed Birks when the captain threatened child Angelica Neal after Birks' ship crashed near the Neals' lighthouse. (Tomb of Dracula #4, 1980)

Bitsy worked with Federico Valencia. Blade poisoned her with garlic gumballs. (Blade #2, 2002)

Selling his soul to Satan during the 1600s, Rupert Kemp was transformed into a vampiric sorcerer and shapeshifter, the Black Baron. In the modern era he clashed with Captain Britain, who destroyed Kemp's blood contract, destroying Kemp. (Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #235, 1977)

Famed vampire hunter Blade (Eric Brooks) is a vampire himself, having been affected in the womb when his mother was vampirized by Deacon Frost. Highly trained in vampire slaying, Blade revenged himself on Frost and continues to combat the undead. (Tomb of Dracula #10, 1973)

British-born vampire Marquis Lawrence Blasco vampirized Chicago prostitute Lily Marlowe. Blasco guided her in bringing him her "clients" to feed upon; because he killed their shared victims long after Lily parted company with each, their later times of death provided her with an alibi. Lily's pimp Burt Johnson grew suspicious, however, and tracked her to Blasco's theater hideout, using a makeshift cross on a spotlight to immobilize Blasco, enabling Johnson to destroy both him and Lily. (Vampire Tales #9, 1975)

Sole survivor of the Grand Conclave of Hungarian vampires, winged vampire Szilard Blasko seemed the last vampire in the country. Cripplingly lonely, he was lured into a graveyard by Magdolna Molnar, disguised as a vampire, and was promptly staked. (Uncanny Tales #18, 1954)

Blivet (Woodrow Mencken) was a member of the vampire motorcycle gang Undead MC. They allied with spider-demon Shelob to destroy the angelic Uri-El. Johnny Blaze destroyed Blivet with Uri-El's sword. (Blaze #10, 1995)

Seeking a vampire super-soldier, Hydra created Dracula clone Bloodstorm, who merged with Frank Drake & Hannibal King while battling the occult hunting Nightstalkers; and after separating, became a host body for the true Dracula's spirit. (Nightstalkers #16, 1994)

Dracula has kept numerous vampiresses as brides in his castles over the centuries. Brides since at least 1691, Nikolett Bodo, Bettina Kaposvar & Emese Kisfaludi attempted to feed on Jonathan Harker In 1890, but were staked and decapitated by Abraham van Helsing. (Dracula Lives #1, 1973)

Jack Bolt; see Martin Beatering

In 1459, parish priest Nicholas Bordia was secretly a vampire and held the secret of the Montesi formula, a spell from the mystic Darkhold which could destroy vampires. When Dracula visited his village, he attempted to destroy the vampire lord, but was destroyed by Zaveria, a girl who had fallen for Dracula and who blamed Bordia for her father's death. (Dracula Lives #4, 1974)

In 1889, when Parisian vampire Marietta Borgezia attacked wife of the Japanese ambassador Natsume Masako, Jasmine Destine's spirit transported out of Masako's body and usurped Marietta's body for her own. Marietta's evil spirit destroyed, her vampiric progeny Anna, Franz, Marie, Natasha and Sacha discovered their own bloodlust permanently sated. They befriended Jasmine, considering her family, and now live off animals and willing human donors. (Clan Destine #4, 2008)

The Ancient vampire Boy served Saracen. Boy slew many Silverfang units when they attacked him and his master in their Italian base. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, 1999)

Owner of an electronics firm and Stephen's second in command among the Mystikos sect, Bradley created the light bending amulet allowing vampires to survive sunlight. Bradley feigned alliance with Janus and Stephen, but betrayed them to Xarus and saw Stephen destroyed, thus becoming Mystikos leader. (Death of Dracula #1, 2010)

Motorcycle gang leader Lucas Brand used cameras to record the torments of rivals of iron lung-dependent businessman Jason Faust, who had learned voodoo in his years of inactivity. Brand and his gang members were vampirized by Dracula, who sent Brand to vampirize Faust, who died at sunrise. Dracula commanded the other gang members to ride into the sunrise until the sun destroyed them. Brand subsequently served Dr. Sun before being destroyed (Tomb of Dracula #11, 1973)

Joining the vampiric Order of the Falling Sun, Brother Steven became Children of the Night sub-gang leader; two of his underlings, Colin and Emil, provoked a fight with Werewolf (Jack Russell) that was broken up by Ghost Rider (Noble Kale). After several murders, Steven left a victim's corpse in Werewolf (Jack Russell)'s isolation chamber, hoping Werewolf would believe himself guilty. (Werewolf by Night #6, 1998)

Colleen Brown; see Edna Appleton

Young gypsy Carmen Burnemissza was rescued by the Frankenstein Monster, who befriended her, unaware she was a vampire. Coerced by her grandmother Marguerita Burnemissza, also a vampire, Carmen and the Monster uncovered and revived Dracula who slaughtered the Burnemisszas' gypsy caravan. Discovering the truth, the Monster destroyed both Burnemisszas. (Frankenstein Monster #7, 1973)

Circa 1940, John and Charmaine Burton, while vacationing in Mirov, Hungary with young son Tom, were vampirized by Bertalan Revesz, but locals believed them truly dead and buried them. Tom returned to the USA and grew up with an obsessive hatred of vampires. As an adult, he repeatedly dreamed his parents urged him to return to Mirov, and he did so, intending to avenge their deaths. However, he encountered his parents, who wished their son to join them in vampirism. (Adventures into Terror #30, 1954)

Dancer Odette Byelai was vampirized by Dracula and used her shapeshifting powers to assume birdlike forms which she used in her dance. When Dracula attended a performance, he forced his will on her, changing her transformations into horrible batlike forms. Byelai destroyed herself on a wooden shard. (Tomb of Dracula #5, 1980)

16th century Englishwoman Rosella Carson was vampirized by Dracula while visiting Transylvania. Sent by her father, Solomon Kane found her at Castle Dracula and destroyed her. (Dracula Lives #3, 1973)

Bartholomew "Bat" Cartwright was a vampire outlaw active in the late 19th century American Old West. (Marvel Western: Outlaw Files, 2006)

Dalton Cartwright headed a family of vampires living atop a mesa in the modern American west. He tried to coerce Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) into joining him, but was instead destroyed. (Ghost Rider #48, 1980)

Ceres and Geza of Claw Sect participated in the assault on the Mystikos. Deadpool destroyed Geza with a wooden crossbow bolt; and Ceres with UV light from modified radiology machine after his light bending amulet was pulled off by an MRI machine. (Deadpool #30, 2011)

Julie Chambers was vampirized by Dracula while boyfriend Jimmy Hodges stole fake gems. (Dracula Lives #9, 1974)

18th century vampiress Kendra Change, recently arrived in Great Britain, hired a merchant to transport her coffin from Liverpool to London, claiming it contained "treasure," but highwaymen Howard Douglas and Jeremy Haynes robbed the merchant's stagecoach. He revealed the "treasure's" location in a failed bargain for his life, and when the two boarded Change's docked ship, she vampirized both. (Vampire Tales #7, 1974)

In the late 1970s, urban police Lt. Mitchell Chapel investigated the disappearance and presumed murder of Andrea Simmons, who had been vampirized by Dracula. Upon her return, Andrea fatally drained her murder suspect boyfriend James Nagle whom Mitchell immediately staked. He then held Andrea at bay with a makeshift cross and staked her. Dracula arrived too late to stop Chapel from destroying Andrea in her own fireplace, and Chapel impaled himself with his stake to prevent Dracula from vampirizing him, but Dracula nevertheless did so. (Marvel Preview #12, 1977)

Charnel (Orlando Briggs) was the leader of the vampire motorcycle gang Undead MC. They worked with spider-demon Shelob to destroy the angelic Uri-El. Johnny Blaze destroyed Charnel with Uri-El's sword. (Blaze #10, 1995)

After being vampirized, researcher Francois Chicault of the New Orleans Assassins Guild enslaved the mysterious Antiquary's child acolytes to acquire access to Antiquary's ancient texts. Blade destroyed Chicault in Antiquary's hidden library. (Gambit #4, 1999)

Jasper Chin was an agent of Solomon Negus organizing the fights with Fang transformed humans at the UVS Darkside Dance. (Spider-Man vs. Vampires (digital comic); (print) Spider-Man vs. Vampires#1, 2010)

In 1974, zoologist Debra Chomen was vampirized by Volan Gaul, who resided in a cavern in a mountainous US region. Debra's husband, George Chomen, later caught and caged Gaul in bat form. When highway patrolmen brought the seemingly dead Debra to George's cabin, he despondently drank rat poison and waited to die. Gaul escaped the cage and fed upon George, whose poisoned blood apparently destroyed Gaul. Debra revived and vampirized George, and the two took up residence in Gaul's cavern. (Vampire Tales #7, 1974)

CIA pilot Roberta Christianson was vampirized by Dracula. Strong-willed enough to resist his control, she crashed her plane in a failed attempt to destroy him. (Dracula Lives #8, 1974)

Tryk queen Cilla planned to birth the prophesized Tryk king Zukajaa by mating with a Daywalker. Posing as a human she seduced and was impregnated by Blade, escaping before he could destroy her. (Blade #1, 2002)

Lord (Todor) Clavering was a soldier and advisor to Transylvanian prince Dracula alongside Comte de (Stefan) Marko; defeated in the Turkish onslaught that felled Dracula, he was also vampirized and fell under Nimrod's sway. (Bizarre Adventures #33, 1982)

Marv Colan was staked by Martha Johansson-controlled X-Man Rogue while he attempted to feed on a young woman. (X-Men vs. Vampires #1, 2010)

Colin; see Brother Steven

Mystikos sect's Director Everett Colvin (owner of Mercy General Hospital, which demonstrated unprecedented success while allowing Mystikos to feed from its blood bank), Svetlana Krol and others hired Deadpool to protect them from Claw Sect. (Deadpool #30, 2011)

When Dracula was made human by Mephisto, he sought to be revampirized by his bride Marissa Constanda, but she had changed her loyalty to Torgo, and assaulted Dracula. (Tomb of Dracula #68, 1978)

Sweeney Conway was vampirized by Al Virgil, whom Conway destroyed. Months later, in Manhattan, Conway vampirized blind man Jerry Donder but fled from passersby. Conway fled from police using as a disguise Donder's dark glasses, which prevented Conway from from realizing it was day outside before sunlight destroyed him. (Vampire Tales #10, 1975)

Neville Cortman; see Wanda Warren

The wealthy Josiah Creech secretly led an army of "vampire tarantulas" that assaulted his home town in Marud, Romania, draining the victims' blood. Most of the villagers fled town, but when Creech stayed behind, Kurt Eraclid led looters into his mansion, at which point Creech transformed and attacked alongside his minions. (Adventure into Terror #15, 1953)

Conceived with magical help, John Crichton is the Pureblood son of Baroness Blood and Baron Blood (Crichton); having inherited the anemia that plagued his father's mortal life, he can only survive by drinking blood of direct relatives, such as his parents or grandmother Spitfire. (New Invaders #4, 2004)

George Crandall; see Mina Aruca

Lucas Cross is a member of the Order of Tyrana and the father of Blade. Lucas allowed himself to be vampirized in prison to survive a terminal disease. In recent years Lucas schemed to fulfill a prophecy to regain his soul, but instead resurrected of all vampires ever slain. (Blade #1, 2006)

Tara Cross was attacked by vampire Deacon Frost while she was pregnant and died giving birth to Eric Brooks, who became Blade. Dracula later revived her as a vampire to use against Blade. (Tomb of Dracula #13, 1973)

A half-human in Sverna, a village of Hungarian vampires, George Csizmadia was kept locked in the basement by his parents, Eva & Janos, and brother, Vid, after George went mad upon discovering his inhuman side, to prevent the other townsfolk from learning of his human side and destroying them all. (Strange Tales #7, 1952)

In New England, Martin Cunningham slew and presumably vampirized Carla & Gerry Thornehill, then adopted their son Jason, who reminded Martin of himself as a youth. Ten years later, Jason destroyed Martin upon learning he had killed the Thornehills. (Vampire Tales #8, 1974)

In 1875, pirate Captain Harold Cutlass was vampirized by Dracula in the presence of his young daughter Marianne. As she grew, she kept her father locked up to keep him from killing and bringing him blood stolen from hospitals, until broke free and battled Dracula again while the vampire lord attacked his daughter. Dracula destroyed him with a wooden stake. (Tomb of Dracula #48, 1976)

The enigmatic Pureblood vampire Damien plotted to trouble Blade. (Behind the scenes: Blade: Vampire Hunter #2, 2000)

After marrying werewolf Archibald Danton, Edna Stapleton Danton and her daughter Lenore, both vampires, kept him tied to his bed to prevent him from devouring men Lenore lured back to her apartment while somehow surviving in daylight. When Burt Lang discovered and unwittingly freed Archie, Lenore slew her stepfather before vampirizing Lang as well. (Suspense #27, 1953)

Morgan Dawkins fed on Horace Grimstone, night watchman at a hospital blood bank who believed himself a vampire & nightly drained a blood pint, replacing it with water and iodine. Horace died from an emergency transfusion with the iodine-tainted water but arose a true vampire. (Vampire Tales #7, 1974)

Becoming a vampire in 1931, Parisian Baron (Emile) de Sevigny murdered 35 people over several years. In 1954, when writer Vincent Dufrac undertook a biography on de Sevigny, the flattered Baron granted an interview, but Dufrac, the ghost of one of the Baron's victims, killed de Sevigny. (Journey into Unknown Worlds #28, 1954)

Mid-16th century, Spanish vampire Don Santiago de Valdez joined explorer Hernando de Estrada's Central American expedition, killing several, but de Estrada and others buried him, weighed down by stones, in an Indian mound in what became west Texas. In the late 19th century, Steve Brill, searching for gold, inadvertently freed de Valdez, who attacked Brill at his ranch house, but Brill set the house aflame, apparently destroying de Valdez. (Chamber of Chills #2, 1973)

Formerly held in a bottle in mist form, Lenore DeCade was sent by Dracula after Rachel van Helsing and Frank Drake. Dracula later used DeCade as a shield to block a wooden spear meant for him. (Tomb of Dracula #5, 1972)

Vampire Lucas Defrense lived with his sister Lyra in a castle outside Olhain, France. She lured villagers to him so he could drink their blood, but kept him secret from her boyfriend Pierre. When the villagers blamed her for the vampire murders, Pierre tried to warn her. Lucas targeted Pierre, but Lyra protected her boyfriend from her brother, who slew Lyra instead. Villagers stormed the castle and burned it down after destroying Lucas. (Adventures into Terror #10, 1952)

Circa 1951, wealthy Carl Dekker bought a supposedly haunted house built within a graveyard as rumor claimed it might provide eternal life; Katalin Nagyivanyi, vampirized there in the 1850s, granted Dekker immortality by vampirizing him. (Adventures into Weird Worlds #4, 1952)

Vampire leader Arthur DeLacorte, immune to sunlight due to a procedure developed by Baron Blood in World War II, operated a Swiss boarding school until he and his vampires were discovered and apparently destroyed by M (Monet St. Croix). (Generation X #60, 2000)

Frank and Eleanor Delano kept their vampirism secret from their son Teddy. After Teddy found one of their victims they told him that there are no such things as vampires to prevent him from accidentally exposing them. (Mystic #17, 1953)

Count Marcos de la Triana married Marianne, whose father, Captain Cutlass, had already been killed, raised and destroyed by Dracula. The vampire lord vampirized de la Triana, who in turn changed Marianne. The Count was destroyed by Blade. Distraught, Marianne sought out Dracula and begged him to destroy her. (Tomb of Dracula #48, 1976)

Marianne de la Triana; see Count Marcos de la Triana

Alonzo DeRose; see Nick Diablo

Running the Heavy Helpers school, Despondency Delight and her starving Handsome Vamps servants fattened up humans to feast on them. When they abducted Scamperdink Hornfincle Bandersnatch III, his mother hired Deadpool to find him. Deadpool saved himself and Scamperdink by convincing the servants to rally against their mistress and devour her. (Deadpool #1000, 2010)

In the early 1930s, "Madam" Angela DiPalma ran a Manhattan brothel in which vampire prostitutes preyed upon would-be customers. Christina Lawrence's murder of Leroy Hayes drew amateur detective Hodiah Twist to investigate. Amateur detective Hodiah Twist and butler Conrad Jeavons investigated, and Twist, disbelieving in vampirism, hypnotized supposedly "deluded" Angela into walking into sunlight, which to his astonishment, destroyed her. Pursued by Lawrence and other vampiresses, Jeavons fled into a Salvation Army facility, the preponderance of crosses in which immobilized the women, allowing his escape. (Vampire Tales #2, 1973)

In 1926, mob boss Nick Diablo put a hit out for Dracula who had seduced and vampirized Diablo's girlfriend, Luisa Morelli. Dracula instead vampirized his attackers, assassin Maria Petrella and Diablo's underlings, including Alonzo DeRose, Guisippi Mainardi, Umberto Mammone, who in turn assaulted Diablo. (Dracula Lives #8, 1974)

In 1902, Katherine Dietrich posed as a servant girl to drink the blood of young American Albert Hodgon and fulfill a prophecy made 400 years earlier by Helene Kinizsi, burned at the stake by one of Hodgon's ancestors. Hodgon, however, had a tropical blood disease, and his blood destroyed her. (Strange Tales #6, 1952)

In 1459, Serge Dobogoko deflowered his virgin girlfriend Cristina Virag, her blood restoring Dracula who had been burnt to ash; a vampire slave of Varnae, Serge subsequently targeted Cristina, but Dracula destroyed him. (Bizarre Adventures #33, 1982)

Dolores (Lorena Haam) was a member of the vampire motorcycle gang Undead MC. On her back she had shifting tattoos created by an Egyptian mystic that foretold the future. The Undead MC allied with spider-demon Shelob to destroy the angelic Uri-El. Johnny Blaze destroyed Dolores with Uri-El's sword. (Blaze #10, 1995)

Jerry Donder; see Sweeney Conway

In the 1930s, Lamont Dontrell sought mutual protection and camaraderie by vampirizing at least two dozen fellow hoboes, using a Kansas garbage dump as a base. After vampirizing hobo Oakie Slim, Lamont killed police officers, prompting organized police response. Slim rebelled against Lamont's leadership, staking Lamont while the police destroyed Lamont's followers. Lamont then rode out of town on a train flat car, allowing the dawn to destroy him as well. (Vampire Tales #11, 1975)

Howard Douglas; see Kendra Change

Transylvanian Dina Dracko was captured in bat form by vacationing brothers Dean and Jeff Phillips. Taking the "bat" as a pet, Dean returned to the USA with Jeff, whom Dina romanced and vampirized. When Dina took sanctuary within a cave, Dean erected a cross at the entrance, which he then sealed with rocks. Dean then destroyed Jeff via silver bullet even as he revived, and Dean was subsequently sentenced to death for Jeff's murder. (Marvel Tales #100, 1951)

London's vampire community vampirized a faithful boy to become Draconis, slayer of vampire hunters. Destroyed by Blade, he was later revived by a prophecy. (Blade #7, 2007)

Once known as Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracula is a powerful and dangerous vampire lord. Made famous through Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula has survived centuries of attempts to destroy him and remains the most dangerous and infamous vampire. (Suspense #7, 1951)

As Dracula repeatedly fed on artist Amber Drey, her painting style went from beauty to tormented and distorted figures of horror. Distraught, as she entered the final stages of vampirism she painted a woman on a crucifix, contact with which immolated her. (Tomb of Dracula #3, 1980)

Vampires Betty and Michael Dugan were disappointed their son, Donald, was born a werewolf, though it did allow him to survive an attempted murder by his uncle Claude, who wanted revenge for the Dugans threatening to kill him. (Suspense #16, 1952)

19th century scientist Guillaume du Monte falsely claimed to have a cure for vampirism, leading a depressed Dracula to seek his aid. Guillaume sent Dracula to kill the only man whose research might have helped, then attacked Dracula to study his body, but Dracula vampirized him. (Dracula Lives #1, 1973)

Brade Dupont; see Karl Barrett

Emil; see Brother Steven

In eastern Europe, Dogu Enche led a vampire community who used abandoned gold treasures to pay Tevye Cazaral to lure victims to the vampires' caverns. Learning of Tevye's actions, several Roma caravan members killed him and destroyed several of Enche's vampires, only for local villagers to execute the Roma, whom they believed guilty of the vampires' murders. (Vampire Tales #6, 1974)

An overweight vampire working for Hrolf, Fatboy was sent to dig up the buried alive Blade, who destroyed Fatboy with a sword. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, 1999)

Jason Faust; see Lucas Brand

Sorcerer Cagliostro's wife, Lorenza Serafina Feliciani, was vampirized by Dracula in revenge for Cagliostro's murder of his servant Karlos. Failing to restore Lorenza's humanity, Cagliostro eventually staked her. (Dracula Lives #5, 1974)

NYPD Detective Dominic Ferrera's investigations uncovered vampire Angie Freeman's vigilante activities. She apparently vampirized him, but ten days later when she suspected he was going to inform Misty Knight and Colleen Wing about her, Angie slew him and pushed his body under a subway train. (Bizarre Adventures #25, 1981)

Repeatedly used and abandoned by men, American Mary Fetter was vampirized by Dracula in Paris. When he refused her pleas of faithfulness, she staked herself. (Dracula Lives #13, 1975)

A vampire scratch contaminated Elliot Flanders with vampire blood. He never fully turned and became a nearly braindead "Huskie," who fed on animals. Blade destroyed him after giving Flanders the chance to say goodbye to his family. (Blade #6, 2002)

Bethany Flynn (Blade: The Vampire-Hunter #2, 1994); see Tara Algren

The "42nd Street Stalker" attacked Luke Cage and DW Griffith as they returned from a late night cinema showing. Cage's skin proved impervious to his teeth, which Cage shattered with a punch; the vampire fled when Griffith threatened him with garlic bread. (Power Man and Iron Fist #76, 1981) NOTE: This vampire has no known connection to the similarly appearing Janos V. Trevorik (Power Man #26, 1975), an albino framed as a vampire by R. Lambert Martinson & Hazel Donovan, seeking to trick Cage into killing him so he could take Trevorik's occult possessions.

Franz (Clan Destine #3, 2008); see Marietta Borgezia

The vampire Freak served with Silverfang, elite agents of SHIELD's vampire hunting sub-division Silvereye. He telepathically controlled Blade until Blade resisted him and destroyed Freak. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #2, 2000)

Tom Freeman convinced the vampire Andras Juhasz to protect his crime-ridden neighborhood in return for Juhasz being given a community member once every 5 years to become Juhasz's acolyte. Tom's sister, investigating reporter Angie Freeman, was the first sacrifice. Though Juhasz was subsequently destroyed, Angie carried on with the deal, but she picked her old friend Misty Knight as the next sacrifice, and Misty and her partner, Colleen Wing, destroyed Angie. (Vampire Tales #6, 1974)

Vampire Johann Frisch was unearthed by Francis "Cowboy" Brown in his search for Dracula, then destroyed with a cross. (Tomb of Dracula #65, 1978)

19th century German chemist Deacon Frost injected himself with a serum to become a vampire. In 1929 he fed on Vanessa Brooks, his enzymes affecting her unborn son, Eric, who became the vampire hunter Blade. (Tomb of Dracula #13, 1973)

After Dracula vampirized London barmaid Gladys Fulton, she in turn vampirized the flirtatious Corker Haller. (Tomb of Dracula, 1973)

Jean Garver was vengefully vampirized by Dracula after her husband, NYPD officer Lou Garver, drove off Dracula with a silver plaque. (Dracula Lives #8, 1974)

In early 20th century Latveria, Lucas Cross allowed fellow prisoner Vincent Gaul to vampirize him to survive prison. (Blade #6, 2007)

Volan Gaul; see Debra Chomen

Esme Georges; see Mary Arnett

Geza; see Ceres

In recent years, Kodo led his vampire agents, including Ghost Blade, Inka, Nighteyes, Quickshot & Visigoth, as well as vampires Karrik, Luna & others against the Serpent/hammer-empowered Hulk/Nul. (Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #1, 2011)

Tabitha Glance was a student at a Swiss boarding school until headmaster Arthur DeLacorte vampirized her and sent her after mutant hero M (Monet St. Croix), who promptly destroyed Glance. (Generation X #60, 2000)

Tessa Goodwin lured Cloak and Dagger into a building to feast on them, but they knocked her unconscious and called Dr. Stephen Strange to deal with her. (Marvel Comics Presents #133, 1993)

Transylvanian Alexander Gordski became a pawn of demon Puishannt, who empowered him to challenge Dracula as vampire lord. Son of Satan (Daimon Hellstrom) destroyed him by time-warping Gordski and his army into daylight. (Defenders #95, 1981)

Károly Gorlac led a vampire colony outside Sverna, Hungary that Karl Croya who promised to bring the vampires fresh blood. When Gorlac learned Croya was draining the vampires' own blood while they slept and selling it back to them, they killed him. (Strange Tales #9, 1952)

Stumbling home drunk, Buckley Grainger was fatally drained by Dracula. (Tomb of Dracula #7, 1972)

A follower of Baroness Blood, the German neo-Nazi Grausum attacked the gay pride march at Dymhurst Common on her behalf. (New Invaders #4, 2004)

Horace Grimstone; see Morgan Dawkins

Groza led a Mortuus Invitus group to Transylvania to aid Noah Van Helsing's opposing Dracula's performance of the ascension ritual and was happily destroyed by the energies released by Aamshed to destroy Dracula. (Tomb of Dracula #4, 2005)

A dwindling Austrian village, reputedly "the gathering place for all Europe's vampires," unwittingly hired as new police chief Arash Gustaf, who initiated several half-hearted policies to give the remaining villagers hope to prevent their leaving. (Mystic #25, 1953)

Vampire Eric Guy created a psychic connection with Lorraine, the wife of retired vampire hunter Musenda, rendering her vampire-like and using her to feed during the day while he slept. He was tracked and destroyed by Musenda and Blade, restoring Lorraine to normal. (Tomb of Dracula #58, 1977)

Frank Hagstrom, having mystically inherited his family's vampirism, moved from Europe to the USA to live with his brother, Rudolph Hagstrom, and Rudolph's wife, Helen. After Frank killed several people, Rudolph destroyed Frank, but Frank vampirized Rudolph. (Spellbound #22, 1954)

Hairball (Wolcott Farris) was a member of the vampire motorcycle gang Undead MC. They allied with spider-demon Shelob to destroy the angelic Uri-El. Johnny Blaze destroyed Hairball with Uri-El's sword. (Blaze #10, 1995)

Corker Haller; see Gladys Fulton

Daughter of famed vampire hunter Quincy Harker, Edith Harker was vampirized by Dracula and her father was forced to destroy her. (Tomb of Dracula #7, 1973)

As leader of the Brotherhood of Judas "coven," Dr. Samuel Harkins sought rulership of England by vampirizing select victims whose influence or expertise could further his goals. He erred, however, by recruiting "living vampire" Michael Morbius, who apparently destroyed all 12 Brotherhood members, including Harkins. (Vampire Tales #11, 1975)

Pulp writer Harold H. Harold was a longtime ally of Quincy Harker's vampire hunters, until he saved Dracula from impalement and Dracula vampirized him. (Tomb of Dracula #37, 1975; vampirized: Howard the Duck #5, 1980)

Lothar Hatton; see Eddie Badejo

Jeremy Haynes; see Kendra Change

After Frederick Heathcliffe nearly depopulated one village, the remaining villagers shielded nearly every residence with crosses. On an adjacent farm, Heathcliffe unwittingly descended upon a scarecrow, upon whose pole he inadvertently impaled and destroyed himself. (Vampire Tales #9, 1975)

Vampirized by Dracula when no human victims were available, Bessie the Hellcow has encountered Howard the Duck and Deadpool. (Giant-Size Man-Thing #5, 1975)

Ruth Hilmersson faithfully guarded her master Arthur DeLacorte, serving as his assistant in the Swiss boarding school he ran until she was destroyed by M (Monet St. Croix). (Generation X #62, 2000)

The "Hogurth Vampire" preyed on the unwary using his shapeshifting powers to take the form of Hogurth Castle, devouring the unwary who entered the "building." American reporter Arthur Sulman, investigating reports of the "vampire," was fed upon; this being's true nature is unrevealed. (Journey into Mystery #21, 1955)

Ban, Ond, & Zolton Horhaga terrorized Helgar, Hungary for centuries; although two were slain in 1949, Ond was set adrift in the Mediterranean Sea within his coffin. (Amazing Mysteries#33, 1949)

Vampirized by Deacon Frost, Hrolf was among the vampires in SHIELD's vampire hunting sub-division Silvereye's elite Silverfang agents. When Silvereye's ship Blackeye crashed Hrolf was among the few escapees. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, 1999)

After Dracula was staked by Blade and Ogun Strong's vampire slayers, Dracula's servant Kuai Hua and her handmaidens restored Dracula. (Tomb of Dracula #30, 1975)

Atlantean warrior Husam reluctantly joined Namor against the Aqueos vampires only to see his brother, Husni, become vampirized. When Husni vampirized Husam, Husam rejected the Aqueos ways and tried to destroy his brother and himself before both were destroyed by Namor. (Namor: The First Mutant #1, 2010)

Dr. Yusuf Hussain, father of British heroine Faiza Hussain (Excalibur), was vampirized by Dracula, a psychological strike against Faiza. Resisting Dracula's control & vampiric urges, Yusuf was rescued by British agency MI13 during the vampire Britain invasion. (Captain Britain and MI13 #5, 2008)

Inka; see Ghost Blade

Daniel Ionescu flew off when Chester Rudy stumbled across him feeding on Howard Ravin; fearing the vampire's reprisal, Rudy fled without calling help for the dying Ravin, whose reanimated corpse subsequently confronted Rudy. (Adventure into Weird Worlds #30, 1954)

Zorni Iregszemcse dwelled amongst a vampire colony in a graveyard in Carlsdoon, Hungary. When American wax museum owner Willie Nickleday approached him to become a fright exhibit, the vampires instead put Willie on display as the only human to willingly approach them. (Suspense #23, 1952)

A vampire couple traveling through the Balkans, Josef & Ylla Ivar were warned and comforted by Dr. Grautik of a werewolf scare, after which they fed on Grautik and is dog. (Journey into Unknown Worlds #22, 1953)

Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dr. Theodore Jackson, an expert in blood disorders, was vampirized in the 1930s and put to work by the Blood Circle to cure vampires' weakness to sunlight. Decades later, he produced the Sunwalker formula. (Marvel Team-Up #7, 1998)

Willingly vampirized by a Dutch trader in 16th century Japan to gain immortality, Jakkaru led his army to defeat 5 warlords before being destroyed by Raizo Kodo after vampirizing his brother Ryuhei. (Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood, 2011)

Born of Dracula and ex-cultist Domini, Janus Tepes was possessed by an angel at infancy to combat his father. As he grew to adulthood, he battled his brother Xarus after Xarus had destroyed their father and attempted to become Lord of Vampires. (Tomb of Dracula #51, 1976)

In England of 1893, Melissa Jenkins was spurned by her lover James Gordon, who intended to marry another. When Melissa attempted to vampirize him, Gordon imprisoned her within a coffin which he sealed in cement. Eight decades later, Melissa escaped and attacked Gordon's presumed adult grandson Jim. As they struggled, James Gordon's apparent ghost appeared and hurled a wooden stake to impale Melissa, destroying her. (Vampire Tales #1, 1973)

Joy (Felicity Sharpe) was a member of the vampire motorcycle gang Undead MC. They allied with spider-demon Shelob to destroy the angelic Uri-El. Johnny Blaze destroyed Joy with Uri-El's sword. (Blaze #10, 1995)

Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee is a former Xavier Institute student and depowered X-Man that was vampirized during the Vampire Nation's recent San Francisco infestation; she remains with the X-Men, struggling against her vampiric tendencies. (Uncanny X-Men #244, 1989)

Beginning in 1956, Andras Juhasz committed a spree of murders across Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. In recent years, he befriended US soldier Tom Freeman, whom he accompanied back to the USA; in exchange for safe haven, Juhasz preyed upon Freeman's Harlem neighborhood's criminals, with full support from residents. After five years in this role, Juhasz, seeking a comrade vigilante, killed victims outside Harlem, luring Freeman's reporter sister Angie Freeman to investigate. Juhasz vampirized Angie, who spent the next five years carrying on his work. At some point during that timespan, Juhasz was apparently destroyed in a fire. (Vampire Tales #6, 1974)

Yiki Onna leader Juito was one of Dracula's generals. He sent his clan against Noah van Helsing's vampire hunters and they slaughtered Japanese hunter Michiyo Watanabe and abducted Noah. Pleased with their minor success Dracula did not destroy Juito. (Tomb of Dracula #2, 2005)

Bettina Kaposvar Nikolette Bodo

Karrik; see Ghost Blade

Harry and Jenny Kasher were a vampire couple unaware of the partner's vampirisim. Despite being married for seven years both were too afraid to tell the partner about it and kept it a secret. (Journey into Mystery #14, 1954)

Circa 10,000 BC, warrior K'chama was vampirized during the hunt. Becoming his tribe's chieftain he renamed them Drelliks and taught them how to act and look like true vampires. Conan allied with the Bamula tribe against the Drelliks. K'chama's bride Eesee impaled him with a spear and Conan ran it through his heart. (Conan the Barbarian #102, 1979)

With his undead wife, Anna, and son, Karel, Stefan Kero preyed on the Hungarian village of Rovato, draining but not slaying them, then using make-up and trickery to pass as similarly afflicted villagers whenever mobs assembled to hunt the hidden vampires, until puny vampire hunter Jan Mazerok exposed them by releasing mosquitos, which were drawn to the stolen blood in the Keros' veins. (Journey into Mystery #11, 1953)

Over 200 years ago, Indian Damen Kigallen had an affair with a white woman named Rue, who was slain by the Ku Klux Klan; became a vampire in hopes of reuniting with Rue's reincarnation; in modern days, believed Martha Johanssen to be Rue reincarnated, but allowed himself to be destroyed after Martha proved his inhumanity/lifelessness when Rogue was unable to absorb his powers or mind. (X-Men vs. Vampires #1, 2010)

Reneé Kimbrell found her victims over the internet. Blade contacted her through and destroyed her after their date. (Blade #3, 2007)

Hannibal King is a private investigator vampirized by Deacon Frost. He avoids using his powers or drinking human blood and is a frequent enemy of Dracula and other vampires. (Tomb of Dracula #25, 1974)

In 1601, Baron Gruther Von Snessel fell in love with Helene Kinizsi, daughter of the village blacksmith. After a year of marriage, the Baron discovered she was a vampire, and had her burned at the stake. She swore to return in 400 years and drink the blood of the Baron's descendant. (Strange Tales #6, 1952)

Emese Kisfauldi Nikolette Bodo

When Dracula resurrected Blade's mother, Vanessa Brooks (born Tara Cross), as a vampire, Blade tracked her to Dracula's Transylvanian castle. Brides Catherine Kiskvnalas and Beatrix Nanai attacked and were destroyed by Blade. (Marvel: Shadows and Light #1, 1997)

Unaware husband and wife Dora Knight and Dr. Jeffrey Todd were vampires, jealous Count (Gyorgy) Zoro sent zombies to bury Todd, then seduced Dora into marrying him; after revealing his zombie controlling secrets to Dora, Count Zoro learned she was a vampire and unwittingly raised Todd when he summoned a zombie to destroy her. The pair slew Zoro then raised him as a zombie under Dora's control to make them wealthy. (Uncanny Tales #16, 1954)

Circa 1585, brothers Raizo and Ryuhei Kodo destroyed marauding vampire warlord Jakkaru after he vampirized Ryuhei, who then vampirized their entire clan, including parents Lord & Lady Kodo and Raizo's lover Suzume, while Raizo investigated the truth. Vampirized by Suzume while destroying entire clan, Raizo considered suicide before accepting vampiric nature. He spent centuries searching for a purpose, along with but ultimately leaving numerous vampire clans, including Krieger and Claw sect. Decades ago in Kenya he used superhuman feats as distraction to allow his seclusive vampire allies to escape and saved investigating Charles Xavier from mercenary Svetlana and allies. In recent years Kodo led several vampires against Serpent/hammer-empowered Hulk/Nul. (Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood, 2011)

Marie Kompf was attempting suicide off a bridge when she was approached and vampirized by Dracula. (Tomb of Dracula #16, 1974)

Messenger Gordon Kostner delivered a box to Venus (Aphrodite), unaware it contained the "spirit of death." Speaking from within the container, the spirit tempted both Venus and Kostner with promises of power and immortality; Kostner succumbed, released the spirit, and was merged with it, becoming a vampire, but Venus swiftly destroyed him. (Venus #19, 1952)

In the early 1950s, Enore Kraska fell in love with Sophia von Heinif, descendant of a long line of vampire hunters; unknown to her father, Sophia had inherited latent vampirism from her mother, contributing to her attraction to Kraska. Sophia's father repeatedly attempted to destroy Kraska but inadvertently destroyed Sophia instead with a trap involving silver, then collapsed from a heart attack. (Journey into Unknown Worlds #27, 1954)

Vampire Thomas Kreuzer lived in the cellar of Belruth's jail and terrorized the German village at night. Inspector Rudolf von Milch was too scared to investigate and told the villagers to lock themselves in their houses at night. Von Milch stayed in prison and became the vampire's next victim. (Journey into Mystery #6, 1953)

While stationed in one of Dracula's castles, Nazi captain Rudolph Kriss became obsessed with capturing vampires, forcing his men to stake prisoners and villagers, unaware he himself was a vampire possessed by Dracula until his aid Lt. Hanson staked him. (Dracula Lives #2, 1973)

Svetlana Krol; see Everett Colvin

In the early 1950s, Count Stelian Kronin, after over 25 years as a vampire, fell in love with a female newcomer to his village, Mara Vintila. Desperate to regain humanity, Kronin killed scientist Prof. Malleck and stole an experimental serum which freed him of vampirism. Now human, Kronin romanced and wed Mara, who, on their wedding night, revealed she herself was a vampire and either slew or re-vampirized Kronin. (Uncanny Tales #6, 1953)

In Hungary, Deszo Kruzak was part of a community of overtly batlike vampires. One evening, in 1954, he captured a victim and brought him to his fellow vampires, but the captive proved to be the Beast-Man, an unusually savage and powerful werewolf, who apparently slaughtered Kruzak's entire community. (Marvel Tales #113, 1953)

Vampire Victor Krycek partnered with Rocco the Ragman, a being made of old clothes, to gain entrance into people's home to satiate his hunger for blood. Ragman refused to help the vampire any further after he collected enough clothes. Victor attacked the Ragman, only to realize he was not human either. Ragman then staked the vampire through the heart. (Adventures into Weird Worlds #22, 1953)

Box manager Carl Black persuaded Myra Kutler to run away with him. Unaware she was a vampire, Carl locked himself inside a room with an iron door to escape her raging husband Joseph "Killer" Kutler. Offering her everything she wanted Myra took his blood. (Journey into Mystery #2, 1952)

Charniputra leader Kuyuk was one of Dracula's generals. He sent his clan to bring down the plane of Noah van Helsing's vampire hunters before they reached Transylvania. When the hunters survived Dracula absorbed Kuyuk's life force, destroying him. (Tomb of Dracula #2, 2005)

Vampiress Diana LaCroix and her mother Carmen plotted to revive the ten most evil people to ever set foor in New Orleans. They abducted Rikki Eco and her friends Ize, accidentally killing the latter, and placed the spirit of General Butler in Rikki. (Epic Anthology #1, 2004)

In pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis, Lamia was Varnae's high priestess. In recent years she lived in England and slew Blade's Bloodshadows gang. Blade subsequently destroyed Lamia. (Blade: The Vampire-Hunter #6, 1994)

Burt Lang met and swiftly fell in love with and became engaged with Lenore Danton, but was vampirized by her and her mother after discovering Lenore's werewolf stepfather, Archibald. In Reality-5302, Lang avoided meeting Lenore, only to be fatally struck by a car. (Suspense #27, 1953)

Hotel porter Nigel Langood assisted Dracula's servant Clifton Graves in moving a coffin full of gold coins. When Langood attempted to pocket some of the money, Dracula vampirized him. (Tomb of Dracula #3, 1972)

In the early 20th century, in the Sicilian village Tamora, Bernardo Latta murdered a man who had raped Bernardo's sister Sophia Latta. Released after ten years in prison, Bernardo slew the licentious Cormone brothers, with whom Sophia was keeping company, for supposedly disgracing his family. Sophia, now a vampire, killed and presumably vampirized Bernardo. (Vampire Tales #8, 1974)

Christina Lawrence; see Angela DiPalma

Secretly a vampire, police constable Thomas Lawson worked only the night shifts. When Dai Thomas and detective Kate Fraser investigated the death of Josie Harper, proving the girl had been slain by the Legion of the Damned, Lawson informed Legion director Marguerite D'Alescio. (Marvel Preview #3, 1975)

Vampire Elmar Legride of Vienna was captured by vampire Lord Nosferatu and subjected to the Ebola Three/Six virus which destroyed him but allowed Nosferatu to drink his blood to become physically more powerful. (Bloodstone #4, 2002)

Wealthy Ursula Lensky was obsessed with Dracula and purchased a number of artifacts stolen from his castle by Anton Rizzoli. Dracula vampirized a delighted Lensky and sent her to kill Rizzoli; in the process she was caught and destroyed herself by policeman Lou Garver, allowing Dracula to reclaim his possessions. (Dracula Lives #9, 1974)

Anton Levka briefly claimed Castle Dracula in 1459 when the lord of the castle was believed dead. He was vampirized by the count when Dracula returned. (Dracula Lives #4, 1974)

Lianda was a gypsy mystic and vampire who, under Varnae's influence, vampirized Dracula and opposed Turkish vampire Turac. She was destroyed by Varnae when he felt her usefulness had ended. (Dracula Lives #1, 1973)

The daughter of Dracula and wife Zofia, Lilith was transformed into a vampire by gypsy spell and is destined to oppose her father through the centuries, unable to die as long as her father lives. (Giant-Size Chillers #1, 1974)

Lisa went for drinks with her Uncle Morty in San Francisco's Union Square, covered in vampire blood when the Union Square Suicide Bomber detonated, compelled to go to Xarus, who vamped her; decapitated by Wolverine. (X-Men #1, 2010)

Circa the 1910s or earlier, Baronet (Marcus) Lohrville, owner of the "Bat's Belfry" manor, abducted four young women and vampirized them as his underlings. In mid-1925, Sir Harry Barclay used the manor for a summer home, and Lohrville and the women vampirized him. (Vampire Tales #3, 1974)

Loretta Lukow secretly fed on hypnotized "Waist Watchers" meeting attendees, became fatter while her clients became skinnier; immolated when knocked into sunlight by X-Man Karma. (X-Men vs. Vampires #2, 2010)

Luna; see Ghost Blade

In 1809, blind Velanna Lupescu was vampirized by Dracula as her husband Enikõ tried to rally the villagers against the vampire. Enikõ was forced to destroy his wife, who had become one of Dracula's brides. (Dracula Lives #10, 1975)

Siobahn MacDermott was Namor the Sub-Mariner's lover, but she grew tired of being a kept woman, never knowing when her man would deign to visit, and in 1943 was seduced by Baron Blood (Falsworth), who promised her eternal life. When she rejected Namor, he angrily left her with Blood, who bit her (Namor Annual #2, 1992)

Guisippi Mainardi; see Nick Diablo

Umberto Mammone; see Nick Diablo

Marianne Manino; see Edna Appleton

Vampiress Prudence Mann arrived in Salem in 1686. She rejected Puritan Caleb, who accused her of being a witch. Escaping execution Prudence returned to slay Caleb. (Journey Into Mystery #15, 1954)

The Ancient vampire Maracen was decapitated and put in garlic essence with silver to keep his body from regenerating. The undead prophet Scribe sent Maracen's head to Saracen, who destroyed the head. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, 1999)

Marie (Clan Destine #3, 2008); see Marietta Borgezia

Lily Marlowe; see Marquis Lawrence Blasco

Private eye and secret vampire Raymond Marlowe was hired by the terrified Reginald Rudley, who believed he had spotted a vampire trying to get in his bedroom window. Accompanying Rudley home, Marlowe confirmed the intruder, Gustav Nakszyński, was a vampire, then joined in as Gustav fed off Rudley. (Astonishing #18, 1952)

Sheepherder Francois Armal could destroy vampires by merely staring into their eyes. Learning about the alleged King of Vampires Masinissa, Armal challenged him. Masinissa met his challenge and slew Armal, whose powers were useless against the eyeless vampire. (Journey into Unknown Worlds #28, 1954)

Monstrous, blood-drinking, fanged and presumably vampiric, Mark Mason was held in a barred cell by his mother, Elene Mason of the Weeping Willows estate in Dartmouth, New Hampshire. Elene hired a succession of attractive women to be Mark's blood brides to feed him; Lily Wells plotted to murder Elene to gain her wealth and her son for herself before learning the truth and being locked in the cell with Mark. (Mystic #6, 1952)

Millicent Mason was a film actress who would kidnap her admiring fans and keep them in a dungeon as a food source. (Vampire Tales#3, 1974)

Circa the late 1950s, in the European village Vlostag, vampiress Carla Mayersk sustained herself on "missing persons" provided by her husband, Warren, Vlostok's police commissioner. Eventually Warren framed one of Valerie's vampirized victims, Count Korick Varma, as the killer vampire and staked him at Castle Varma. In 1974, Americans James Leonard and Harold Coulter, researching a vampire book, visited Vlostok; afraid they would learn of Varma's innocence, Commissioner Mayersk blew up the local dam to flood Castle Varma, but the water swept away the stake, reviving Varma. Leonard and Coulter confronted Mayersk at his home, as did Varma. He revealed Valerie's presence to the Americans, and she vampirized her husband. (Vampire Tales #5, 1974)

Warren Mayersk; see Carla Mayersk

MI5 agent Phil Mayhew was exposed as a vampire by MI13 head Pete Wisdom. Upon discovery, he destroyed himself with a capsule of holy water. (Captain Britain and MI13 #10, 2009)

British escaped convict Ted Melford who stowed away on the freighter Dunlop out of Liverpool. Desperate for food and water after three days hiding below decks, Tod Melford attacked a bat, intending to eat it; however, the bat was a vampire and bit him. Now craving blood, Melford drained the bat and turned into a man-sized, bat-like vampiric monster with wings, poor eyesight, greatly enhanced hearing and a radar-like sixth sense. He could also turn into mist. After killing and draining seaman Hawkins and throwing the corpse overboard, Melford hid in a crate when the crew began searching for Hawkins. Realizing too late that the crate was actually the coffin of a dead man being shipped to his home country for reburial, Melford found himself somehow stuck inside the coffin and shifted back into human form. The superstitious crew, thinking the coffin was some kind of jinx responsible for their ship's misfortunes, tossed the coffin into the sea, unaware Melford was trapped inside with the corpse as it sank to the ocean floor. (Journey Into Unknown Worlds #23, 1953)

Lila Mengering was a member of the Belonging, a group of psychic students gathered by Gregor Smirnoff. Mengering became a servant of Dracula and later a full vampire when she offered her blood to him to save his life. (Tomb of Dracula #1, 1991)

Circa 1952, Hungarian vampire Hans Meszaros, somehow able to safely exist in sunlight, encountered amnesiac farm worker Eric. Noting their coincidental resemblance, Hans drugged Eric, bound their torsos together with plastic and, perhaps via hypnotism, convinced Eric they were conjoined twins, providing Hans with a seemingly flawless alibi for his subsequent murders. Eric, believing Hans' death would kill him as well, tolerated the situation for two years before finally destroying Hans via wooden stake. Although prepared to die, Eric regained his memory and freed himself from the plastic bond. (Astonishing #35, 1954)

Ken Mitchell; see Martin Beatering

Shar Mohacs was a friendly European vampire who enjoyed playing checkers; after a frenzied mob slew Shar, a blood-hungry vampire was ""promoted"" to his district. (Marvel Tales #128, 1954)

Beatrice Montague and her brother voluntarily became vampires. In recent years she served as his general when he planned to take control over New Orleans with a vampire army. She was apparently destroyed by Monica Rambeau. (Black Panther #13, 2006)

Victor Montague and his sister voluntarily became vampires. Returned from his grave in recent years he sought to build a vampire army to take control over New Orleans. Black Panther (T'Challa) led a team of adventurers to end this scheme. Turning into sunlight Monica Rambeau destroyed Victor. (Black Panther #12, 2006)

Luisa Morelli; see Nick Diablo

Physician Heinrich Mortte and his wife Gitta became vampires at Dracula's hands. Heinrich continued his medical career, feeding off patients, while also serving Dracula by creating a projector which would give unlife to deceased bodies. When daughter Adrian discovered his secret, Heinrich turned against Dracula and destroyed the projector and himself. (Tomb of Dracula #8, 1973)

Vampire Herman Murdoch joined a "Last Man Club" where the goal was to outlive everyone else to win a keg of wine. People became suspicious when five members died in one year, but the coroner found nothing to implicate the last three survivors. When only he and George Jason, were left Herman admitted to have cheated because he was dead all along and slew Jason. (Uncanny Tales #24, 1954)

Hungarian vampire Laszlo Nadasdy was ambushed and killed by vampire hunters at the Grand Conclave in the Krodosz Forest. (Uncanny Tales #18, 1954)

James Nagle; Lt. Mitchell Chapel

Katalin Nagyivanyi; see Carl Dekker

Inhuman-looking vampire Gustav Nakszyński was spotted as he tried to break into the home of his latest prey, Reginald Rudley. Rudley fled, and returned with private detective Raymond Marlowe as protection, but Marlowe revealed himself a fellow vampire, and shared Rudley's blood with Gustav. (Astonishing #18, 1952)

Beatrix Nanai; see Catherine Kiskvnalas

Natasha (Clan Destine #3, 2008); see Marietta Borgezia

South American vampire Navarro attempted to use chemical weapons to thin out humanity, but was destroyed by vampire detective Hannibal King. (Journey Into Mystery #521, 1998)

Laurie Neal, wife of lighthouse keeper Frank Neal, was vampirized by Dracula as he tormented the family. Dracula attempted to capture and turn their young daughter Angelica, but Frank and local priests drove him away. (Tomb of Dracula #4, 1980)

2000-year-old Sudanese vampire Solomon Negus was part of a secret enclave to unite all vampires and dealt with Fang, a drug that could turn humans into pseudo-vampires. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Blade destroyed the Darkside Dance, his drug trafficking and underground fighting operation, though Negus escaped them. (Spider-Man vs. Vampires (digital comic); (print) Spider-Man vs. Vampires#1, 2010)

While Dracula had been turned human by Mephisto, vampire Torgo Nia claimed his role as Lord of Vampires. Dracula challenged him to blood combat and slew Torgo with his own sword. (Tomb of Dracula #70, 1979)

Nighteyes; see Ghost Blade

The Nightspawn was an African vampire enslaved by witch doctor W'Sulli. Freed by Brother Voodoo (Jericho Drumm), Nightspawn turned on W'Sulli, presumably killing him. (Marvel Preview #12, 1977)

Former covert operative Carl Blake, aka Night Terror, was vampirized by Steppin' Razor during a mission in Los Angeles. Allied with Marie Laveau he involuntarily became the host to Varnae's spirit. (Ghost Rider Annual #1, 1993)

Emil Nikos assisted Dr. Michael Morbius in his attempts to cure his anemia. When Morbius became a "Living Vampire" he lashed out at Nikos,killing him. Nikos was later revived by a group of undead as a true vampire, and confronted Morbius, threatening he would return for revenge. (Amazing Spider-Man #102, 1971)

Under the command of ancient vampire Varnae, Nimrod the First had Dracula brought to him, claiming to be Earth's vampire lord. Coercing Dracula to fight him,Nimrod bested Dracula until he inadvertently slew his lover Lala Viteazul. Enraged, he charged Dracula, who threw him into a wooden stake, destroying him. (Dracula Lives #3, 1973)

Adri Nital was vampirized as a child by an unidentified vampire serving Dracula. His parents Jyoti and Taj seperated over his death leaving Jyoti alone to raise him with blood when he returned as a vampire. Blaming him for animal deaths in Jajpur, India an angry mob destroyed him. (Tomb of Dracula #28, 1975)

Indian Taj Nital became a vampire hunter after vampires, including Dracula, attacked his family. After hunting vampires for years Taj was vampirized by Varnae. Serving Varnae Taj abducted Dracula's son Janus and was destroyed by his former friend Blade. (Tomb of Dracula #3, 1972)

Nocturne used his vampire abilities as a criminal in Chicago, bringing him into conflict with the heroic Black Fox (Robert Paine) and the First Line. Returning from seeming death many times, Nocturne was last seen with the First Line when the latter intercepted an invading Skrull armada, where Nocturne was possibly destroyed. (Marvel: The Lost Generation #12, 2000)

Circa 10,000 BC, vampiress Norissa was one of the denizens living in the vampire-controlled village Harrikar. She served the lord of the village well and was among those feeding on Lord Tollius, a descendant of the man who left her and everyone else trapped inside the village to be vampirized. (Savage Sword of Conan #155, 1988)

Allegedly one of the Ancient, Lord Nosferatu led the Nosferatu clan. He orchestrated the creation of the Ebola-Three/Six virus to infect other vampires and turn them into a bloodsource for the Nosferatu. Elsa Bloodstone ended the scheme alongside Dracula and destroyed Lord Nosferatu. (Bloodstone #4, 2002)

Adjacent to seaside town Krindel, vampire sorceress Nostranda erected "the House of Denied Pleasure"; rumors of the house's wealth lured travelers to be fed upon by vampire women, whose power strengthened the sentient structure and, through it, Nostranda. Circa the 16th century, Jarand Vosburg, king of an unidentified land, was imprisoned in the House, and his adventurer son Zarathon sought to free him. Although Jarand perished from the vampires' prolonged feeding, Zarathon destroyed the House. (Vampire Tales #10, 1975)

Nuo and her girlfriends went to "Ladies Night" at the Bedlam bar, flirted with then tried to kill Gambit during a motorcycle chase, but he decapitated Nuo after destroying her friends. (X-Men: Curse of the Mutants: X-Men vs. Vampires#2, 2010)

The monstrously bat-like Zsigmond Nyitrai plagued a town outside Budapest. When the villagers fled to the city, Jan Rajeck vowed to stay with his dying wife, Lena; but, ultimately overwhelmed by fear for his own life, Jan ran from his cabin to join the group, not realizing his friends had set a trap for the vampire to protect him, and Jan was fatally speared. (Spellbound #23, 1954)

Vampire Clyde O'Reilly attended a lecture on the non-existence of vampires by Dr. Anton Klaus and met Klaus personally to be ensured that he could not be a real vampire. Clyde returned to his girlfriend Rose, who had stuck her finger. Losing control Clyde slew her and later that night Dr. Klaus. Waking up the next morning Clyde, unable to deal with what he had become, hung himself. (Astonishing #31, 1954)

Vampire Ronald "Ronnie" Orley stalked Scottish trophy collector Sir Francis at his mansion. Many friends warned Francis of vampire activities at his home. Not afraid of vampires Francis, knowing about Ronnie's vampirism, destroyed Ronnie with a silver sword and took his head for his collection. (Spellbound #10, 1952)

Jeanie Ovington was the fiance of Dracula's descendent Frank Drake. She joined Drake and his business partner Clifton Graves in exploring one of Dracula's castles which he had inherited, where Graves found Dracula's body and unintentionally revived him. Dracula vampirized Ovington, forcing Drake to destroy her. (Tomb of Dracula #1, 1972)

Randy Oliver and Drew Stanley were two vampirized slackers employed by the vampire Navarro. (Journey into Mystery #520, 1998)

Jack Owens was an airline executive who worked at Heathrow airport. He was fatally bled by Dracula when the enraged vampire's flight to Boston was delayed by mechanical troubles. (Tomb of Dracula #36, 1975)

Jeff Phillips; see Dina Dracko

Born with a rare disease Janez Plaznik required twice as much blood as a normal vampire. When his brother Igor was born Janez became jealous of Igor's strength and prowess. Unaware Igor kept him alive through blood transfusions, Janez conspired with a local witch to kill Igor. Janez acquired a powder he used on Igor during sleep, which paralyzed his wings after awhile. Locals destroyed Igor and Janez returned home where his parents Marko and Majda told him how Igor kept Janez alive. Unwilling to die slowly Janez destroyed himself with a stake through the heart. (Marvel Tales #127, 1954)

In 1945, Baron Blood (John Falsworth) imprisoned the US Army's 5th Infantry, including Col. William Poprycz, in a Nazi base. After Blood tortured Poprycz's men to death, Poprycz accepted his offer of vampirism. When Blood departed his base, Poprycz used his new powers to slay Blood's soldiers, then stepped into sunlight to be destroyed. (Captain America #20, 1999)

Vampire Igor Potcoava fed on and murdered Claude Aceman in St. Louis. Aceman returned as some form of reanimated corpse, covering his decaying flesh in bandages, and hunted Igor down and vengefully staked him; sentenced to death for murder, Aceman crumbled to dust in a courtroom after revealing the truth and removing his bandages in daylight. (Journey into Mystery #16, 1954)

Seeking a cure for inherited werewolf curse, Nina Price was instead turned into a vampire. She uses her two supernatural afflictions to prey on criminals. (Amazing Fantasy #10, 2005)

Quickshot; see Ghost Blade

Loren Raines (Bloodstone #4, 2002); see Eddie Badejo

Rank was bitten by a vampire and worked with Blade for some time. He never fully turned because he did not start drinking blood. His body rotted and lacked any regenerative abilities. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, 1999)

The vampire Xavier Rath owned the Jaded Palate restaurant in New Orleans. He served blood to all the vampires attending Ulysses Sojourner's meeting. (Blade #3, 1999)

Marla Reath; see Eddie Baxter

In the early 1950s in Borgy, Hungary, vampire Emil Reiner was a cobbler, surviving in daylight and transforming at midnight and feeding on the town's fattest people in succession. He diverted attention from his activities while fatally draining Stefan Donagy and Anton Rovek by stirring suspicion against a silent traveling stranger. However, the stranger proved to be a vampire hunter, and he apparently destroyed Emil. (Mystic #17, 1953)

Sylar Remz assaulted Hector of the Bloodshadows gang at some point in the 1930s. Eric Brooks, later Blade, and Logan (James Howlett) destroyed him. He was later revived by a prophecy unintentionally fulfilled by Blade. (Blade #5, 2007)

Bertalan Revesz; see John Burton

Leo Rice; see Karl Barrett

Rico served with Silverang, an elite unit of SHIELD's vampire hunting sub-division Silvereye. Blade destroyed him thereby revealing the extend of vampire infiltration within Silvereye's ranks. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, 1999)

Anton Rizzoli looted pilfered valuables from one of Dracula's castles and sold them at auction, mostly to wealthy socialite Ursula Lensky. Dracula vampirized Lensky and sent her to attack Rizzoli, who she killed and made a vampire. (Dracula Lives #9, 1974)

Roadkill (Earl Flatt) was a member of the vampire motorcycle gang Undead MC. They allied with spider-demon Shelob to destroy the angelic Uri-El, who destroyed Roadkill. (Blaze #10, 1995)

An expert swordsman and member of the Legion of the Damned, vampire Stephan Roak attempted to bite Arabella Morely, but was destroyed by Blade. (Marvel Preview #3, 1975)

Angie Rodgers; see Martin Beatering

The Tryk Rowkis was queen Cilla's lover. He protected Cilla's chosen mate Blade and caused him trouble at the same time. Blade destroyed Rowkis with a sword given to him by ancient Tryk enemies Seofon. (Blade #1, 2002)

In the early 1800s Lord Ruthven traveled Europe, frequently targeting naive young women; immune to sunlight, Ruthven could be slain using silver, but moonlight revived him. (Vampire Tales #1, 1973)

Sacha (Clan Destine #3, 2008); see Marietta Borgezia

Silversmith Henry Sage was vampirized by Dracula in Vienna in 1794; in modern times, the Sunwalker formula partially restored his humanity, prompting him to force Blade to kill him. (Marvel Team-Up #7, 1998)

As a member of the Brotherhood of Judas vampire cabal, Morgana St. Clair pretended to be a vampire hunter and persuaded "living vampire" Michael Morbius to help her "against" the Brotherhood. When the two "infiltrated" a Brotherhood ritual, Morgana led her fellow members in attacking Morbius, who set them aflame with an immense candelabra, apparently destroying them all. (Vampire Tales #11, 1975)

In 1902, Manhattan-born vampire David St. Francis was transported to the year 2311 of Earth-7592 as one of many "Interfacers," denizens of past centuries inadvertently pulled forward in time by the era's attempts to channel wasted energies of the past. Hiding from the era's complacent authorities, David killed dozens of 24th century natives and romanced fellow Interfacer Melissa Morgan, who knew of and accepted his vampirism. Over four months after David's arrival, however, an "Interfaced" version of Jack the Ripper killed Melissa and destroyed David. (Vampire Tales #9, 1975)

The gorgeous Yves St. Monroe assaulted Blade in New Orleans. Blade scarred his face, but Ulysses Sojourner forbade Yves to kill Blade. (Blade #1, 1998)

Hector Santos attacked Divinity Drake (Aamshed) in an underground club for vampire fans. Blade, who was following her, cut Hector into pieces, destroying him. (Tomb of Dracula #1, 2004)

The Ancient vampire Saracen awakened from a prolonged slumber and summoned the demon Reaper and sent him after Blade. Saracen survived an attack by Silvereye on his Italian base. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, 1999)

Mistaken for a corpse, vampire Mario Scorrega was revived by Doctor Molnar, utilizing an elixir, blood plasma and the blood of his henchman Quadro. Mario thanked Molnar by feasting on his blood. (Adventures into Terror #21, 1953)

After caring for the people of his Tasmanian village for years, Dr. Manfred Sentell took a wife and fled into the mountains around his 30th birthday when he turned into a vampire. Two years later, Sentell's infant son, Antony, was found alone by a woodchopper, brought back to the village and raised by Marieke and Gustaaf Visser. Having married Sylvia Jansen, Antony sought out his real father, but destroyed Manfred upon finding him a vampire. On his own 30th birthday, Antony became a vampire and fatally drained Sylvia before regaining his senses and fleeing to the mountains to avoid harming his own young son, Alfred. Antony eventually realized the hereditary nature of the curse, as well as that his son's love could break the curse and save them both; but the adult Alfred slew Antony upon seeing him as a vampire, and Antony knew Alfred was doomed to perpetuate the pattern. (Menace #9, 1954)

Dr. Glenn Silas was an agent of Solomon Negus working in the fabrication and distribution of the drug Fang that turned humans into pseudo-vampires. (Spider-Man vs. Vampires (digital comic); (print) Spider-Man vs. Vampires#1, 2010)

Andrea Simmons; see Lt. Mitchell Chapel

The Baroness (Lily Cromwell) turned anemia sufferer Christopher Sinclair into a vampire, then used him to lure his friend Ken Crichton into her clutches. (Union Jack #1, 1998)

The daughter of a village pastor, Julka Sinkovit was seduced and vampirized by Dracula, who then slew her father and mother and set his sights on Julka's younger sister, Morgit, as his next convery. The Puritan adventurer Solomon Kane burned Julka to ashes and staked Dracula with the pastor's jeweled crucifix, saving Morgit. (Savage Sword of Conan #26, 1978)

In 19th century England, Hamilton Slade was leader of the Clan Akkaba, descendants of the immortal mutant Apocalypse (En Sabah-Nur). Despite his morphing powers, Hamilton was vampirized by Dracula. Under Dracula's rule, Hamilton betrayed Apocalypse and the Clan. Hamilton's head was teleported off his body by his younger brother, Frederick Slade, whom Hamilton had previously left brain damaged. (Apocalypse vs. Dracula #1, 2006)

Oakie Slim; Lamont Dontrell

Ulysses Sojourner sought to unite all vampires on the East Coast after driving Blade into suicide, but Blade halted this scheme. (Blade #3, 1999)

Amnesiac, Lajos Solyom annually wandered the streets of Rakusc, Hungary, taking a victim at midnight before returning to his crypt for another year. The village undertaker, Tamas Bako, tried to hide the confused Solyom in a coffin in his hearse to protect him from the "Vampire of Rakusc," but at midnight Lajos assumed his monstrous bat form and fed on the undertaker before returning to his crypt again. (Adventures Into Weird Worlds #5, 1952)

Shaun Sorenson; see Eddie Badejo

Bitten by her uncle, Baron Blood (Falsworth) during World War II, Jacqueline Falsworth avoided vampirism for decades thanks to a transfusion of the android Human Torch's synthetic blood. The vampire taint and artificial blood activated a latent mutantcy, and Jackie became the superfast heroine Spitfire. When Blade unwittingly revived all slain vampires, the same spell also activated Spitfire's vampirism, turning her into a daywalker like Blade. (human: Invaders #7, 1976; vampire: Captain Britain and MI13 #1, 2008)

Drew Stanley; Randy Oliver

Lenore Stapleton; see Edna Stapleton Danton

Gorna Starski was killed by a vampire, making his wife Petra Vornik vow never to remarry. When she became engaged, he returned and attacked Petra and her family, somehow briefly gaining control of fire before Dracula attacked and destroyed him. (Tomb of Dracula #22, 1974)

Diane and Peter Staz were psychically connected twin vampires known as the Vampz. They served Marie Laveau and assaulted Blade, who destroyed Diane and broke Peter's back. (Blade: The Vampire-Hunter #9, 1995)

Katerina Stenski of Modavia was enjoying a romantic moment with lover Leonid Korsak when Dracula slew Leonid and fed upon Katerina. (Tomb of Dracula #22, 1974)

Stephen was the head of the Mystikos Sect of vampires before being betrayed by his partner Brad and destroyed. (Death of Dracula #1, 2010)

Vampire Steppin' Razor (Xedric Demacherlier) led the Yardi drug operation in Los Angeles and was targeted for assassination by the government. He vampirized the assassin Night Terror and later allied with Marie Laveau to give Varnae's spirit a new host. (Blade: The Vampire-Hunter #4, 1994)

Connie Stewart; see Edna Appleton

CIA operative Tatjana Stiles hired Hannibal King to track down her partner who had been killed by agents of vampire Navarro. When she was fatally wounded, King vampirized her and she used her undead powers to perform wetworks for the CIA. (Journey Into Mystery #520, 1998)

Lucy Stone was a vampiric cattle rancher who kept vampire bulls, feeding people such as her husband Ricky to them. (Strange Tales#21, 1953)

In 1862, Lyza Strang asked Dracula to slay her husband Archibald to ensure Otto von Bismarck became prime minister of the German state, after which she betrayed him to the guards. She was later vampirized by Dracula and slain by Abraham van Helsing. (Tomb of Dracula #30, 1975)

After being struck by a car and placed in cryogenic suspension, Victor Strange was turned into a vampire by his sorcerer brother, Dr. Stephen Strange, and was later used by Marie Laveau to break the Montesi Formula that prevented vampires existing on Earth. He became a vigilante, first as Baron Blood, then as Khiron, but committed suicide after nearly harming an innocent. (Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #10, 1989)

Hoping to regain her youth, aging actress Ilsa Strangway convinced Dracula to vampirize her, only afterward learning she had made herself eternally middle-aged. She begged vampire hunter Rachel van Helsing to destroy her. (Tomb of Dracula #3, 1972)

Adel, Ilona & Nadia Syrenzy; Count Aladar Varma

Karla Szeged denounced her loyalty to Dracula in favor of usurper Torgo. (Tomb of Dracula #70, 1979)

The vampires Charlie Taylor and Mona got married without knowing about each other's vampirism. They moved to Moorton where Mona regularly hunted at night. Charlie grew weaker because there were not enough humans left for him to feed on. Confirmed his wife was the vampire he destroyed her with a stake to remove his competition. (Mystery Tales #22, 1954)

Maria Terrizi was a child vampire in Pozouli, Italy, who brought tourists home to feed her vampire grandmother, Sophia. (Mystic#5, 1951)

Although Thakorr fought vampires as emperor of Atlantis, he served as Aqueos highlord after vampirization, but was apparently destroyed by grandson Namor McKenzie. (Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1/Marvel Comics #1, 1939)

Varnae chose former executive Aaron Thorne to lead the secret clan Bad Seed, but clashes with Blade and Dracula halted his plans to create new thralls and resurrect Varnae. (Blade: Vampire-Hunter #1, 1994)

Carla & Gerry Thornehill; see Martin Cunningham

Dr. Jeffrey Todd; see Dora Knight

Appearing teen-aged, vampire Topher infiltrated the Runaways, attempting to seduce Nico Minoru then Karolina Dean, before feeding on Dean's solar-powered blood, which destroyed him. (Runaways #7, 2003)

Turkish warlord Turac attempted to take Wallachia in 1459, and became Dracula's first foe and first victim as a vampire. (Dracula Lives #2, 1973)

After being forced to slay her own father when Dracula turned him into a vampire, Elianne, Lady Turac, used black magic to become immortal and pursue a vendetta against the vampire lord. In modern times she confronted him, but he fatally drained her. Detective Kate Fraser staked Elianne just before she could rise as a vampire. (Giant-Size Dracula #3, 1974)

Sir Winston Twindle; see Martin Beatering

The Union Square Suicide Bomber was sent by Xarus to infect Jubilee and other humans with vampire blood by exposing himself to sun, which caused him to explode. (X-Men #1, 2010)

Andrew Urquhart, seeking someone "worthy" of his hatred, pleaded for help from a passerby, who ignored him. Urquhart spent days stalking the man, learning much about him, even his favorite type of horror comic books. He went to great trouble and expense to publish a custom-made issue, including a story describing Urquhart's own actions; when his victim purchased the issue, Urquhart attacked him just as he finished reading the story. (Adventure into Terror #6, 1951)

15th century cook Federico Valencia was vampirized the night before he was to depart on Columbus' ship Santa Maria. Valencia was replaced and has since served meals to vampires. Blade destroyed Valencia with silver bullets. (Blade #2, 2002)

First wife of famed vampire hunter Abraham van Helsing, Elisabeth van Helsing was vampirized by Dracula's Children of Judas servants and destroyed by her husband. (Dracula Lives #3, 1973)

One of Dracula's most implacable enemies, Rachel van Helsing was eventually vampirized by him, but convinced Wolverine to stake her. (Human: Tomb of Dracula #3, 1972; vampire: X-Men Annual #6, 1982)

Vane led a group of Mortuus Invitus to defend Noah's vampire hunters against US vampire assaults, but stayed behind, fearing succumbing to Dracula's control. (Tomb of Dracula #2, 2005)

In Moldavia, vampire Count Aladar Varma extorted stonecutter Henrik Syrenzy into reconstructing Castle Varma. Syrenzy, hoping to protect his wife Christina and three daughters Adel, Ilona and Nadia, falsely claimed to have no family, but Varma learned the truth and killed Christina. Forced to bring his daughters with him to Castle Varma, Syrenzy was horrified when Varma vampirized them. Syrenzy spent years at the task, and Varma vampirized Syrenzy's three daughters. As work neared completion, Varma departed on a journey of several months; Syrenzy destroyed his vampire daughters, then departed, having reconstructed Castle Varma's structure into a cross-shape, resulting in Varma's destruction when he could not enter. (Vampire Tales #4, 1974)

Count Korick Varma; see Carla Mayersk

Atlantean Darkholder Varnae became the first Lord of Vampires on pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis. In 1459 AD Varnae committed suicide after choosing Dracula as his successor. Marie Laveau revived Varnae in recent years and helped him gain Night Terror as host after a battle with the Nightstalkers destroyed his body. (Bizarre Adventures #33, 1982)

Cursed for slaying his own son, after being shot dead, Mortimer arose as Varney the Vampire. After over a century of unlife, he was overcome by self-disgust and threw himself into the volcano Vesuvius. (Dr. Strange #15, 1990)

Count Endre Varnis and his elderly butler, also a vampire, resided in seclusion on Vampire Mountain in Virginia. In late 1942, Pvt. Joe Dawson set up a searchlight near Varnis' home, and Varnis attacked. Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes) intervened, and Varnis fled but fell on a tree branch, impaling himself and causing both Varnis and butler to perish. (Captain America Comics #24, 1943)

Vampire Christoph Vauder ran into a robber while stalking another victim on a graveyard. Thinking the robber's knife was made of silver Christoph worked with him. Christoph slew the robber when he realized the knife was actually made of steel. (Marvel Tales #107, 1952)

Industrialist Darius Venginian, secretly a vampire, was appointed to lead vampire hunting SHIELD sub-division Silvereye and sent vampires to infiltrate it. His attempts to force Blade into service ultimately brought down the whole operation, but Venginian escaped. (Blade: Vampire Hunter #1, 1999)

Ancient vampire Verdelet took the alias Max Blast to pose as a new guru to hypnotize unsuspecting crowds and have his vampire lackeys drain their blood. Attending one of Verdelet's lectures Dr. Stephen Strange drove him away. In a subsequent encounter Strange's girlfriend Clea destroyed Verdelet. (Midnight Sons Unlimited #6, 1994)

Circa 1642, sorcerer Vicaro died but rose as a vampire. Able to take a monstrous humanoid bat-form, Vicaro eventually relocated to the USA. In 1942, he abducted townspeople to feed upon, but the Angel (Thomas Halloway) fought him long enough for sunlight to end Vicaro's vampiric existence. (Marvel Mystery Comics #35, 1942)

William "Billy-Blue" Vickers was a regular client at Madame Vanity's brothel. The Legion of the Damned vampirized him and Blade destroyed him as soon as "Billy-Blue" rose from the dead. (Vampire Tales #8, 1974)

Legion of the Damned leader Anton Vierken was directed by Dracula agent Marguerite D'Alescio to orchestrate the creation of the "Sunlight Serum." When Blade learned about the Legion they framed him for murder and killed Madame Vanity, the woman who raised Blade after his mother's death. Blade ultimately destroyed Vierken and the serum. (Vampire Tales #8, 1974)

Mara Vintila; Count Stelian Kronin

Al Virgil; see Sweeney Conway

Alfred & Antony Visser; Dr. Manfred Sentell

Lala Viteazul was a minion of Nimrod who tried to seduce they young Dracula. Dracula refused Lala's advances and used her as a shield in combat with Nimrod, causing him to destroy her. (Dracula Lives #3, 1973)

Sophia von Heinif; Enore Kraska

Helmutt von Schuler; see Mary Arnett

While walking home from work, Transylvanian barmaid and college student Isabel Vortok was attacked and presumably vampirized by Dracula. (Dracula: Lord of the Undead #1, 1998)

Dracula vampirized 19th century Countess Nikolett Vryslaw, whose husband Zsombor kept her imprisoned for 20 years until Dracula returned to his village. Taunting Dracula, Zsombor destroyed Nikolett then suffered a heart attack, denying Dracula any revenge. (Dracula Lives #9, 1974)

The Baroness (Lily Cromwell) repaid the loyalty of her servant Wampyr, who had been instrumental in her tracking down the Holy Grail, by letting him be burnt to death by the rising sun, a sacrifice as part of the Grail ceremony that granted her immunity to sunlight. (Union Jack #1, 1998)

"The Vampire's Bride" star Wanda Warren claimed she would even marry a vampire if he would make her famous, prompting green-skinned vampire Neville Cortman (who appeared identical to the movie's vampire) to kidnap her to make her his vampire bride, and her disappearance put her into the headlines. (Spellbound #7, 1952)

Alice Weinberg; see Edna Appleton

In 1943, explorer Mona Welles stole the Mexican Anzatec tribe's idol and was cursed with vampirism. By late 1945, she resided on Black Rock Island and, as a winged woman called the Bat, fed upon locals until Namor the Sub-Mariner investigated. The two fought, and Namor later hid Mona's coffin; lacking safety, she perished in morning sunlight. (Marvel Mystery Comics #74, 1946)

Lucy Westenra was engaged to nobleman Arthur Holmwood before being vampirized by Dracula. She was destroyed by John Seward and Abraham van Helsing, and her story formed the basis of Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula.

The vampiric creature White Worm was raised from Hell by Deacon Frost. Blade destroyed White Worm when it hunted two young boys. (Blade #½, 1999)

One-eyed Worm-Digger served Aldes Yancey, guarding his boat and living from his leftovers. Blade destroyed Worm-Digger by impaling him on a tree trunk. (Blade #1, 1998)

Xarus is the son of Dracula and brother of Janus. Assassinated Dracula and united the Vampire Nation, converted former X-Man Jubilee to vampirism, led Vampire Nation in a failed failed attempt to conquer the X-Men and San Francisco. Apparently destroyed by a resurrected Dracula. (Death of Dracula #1, 2010)

Aldes Yancey, a former fisherman, lived on a boat and hunted people in the Louisiana Delta. Blade left him nailed to his boat for the sun to incinerate Yancey. (Blade #1, 1998)

In 1930s Poland, Leo Zimm was close friends with Max Eisenhardt, both forced with their families into Nazi concentration camps. En route, Leo was vampirized and escaped. Decades later, Leo joined Xarus' San Francisco invasion and encountered Max, now Magneto, who possibly destroyed Leo. (X-Men vs. Vampires #1, 2010)

Zukajaa is a prophesized Tryk king apparently conceived by Tryk queen Cilla when she mated with Blade. (Mentioned: Blade #4, 2002)

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