Real Name: Togaro

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Mita/Microverse; see comments)

Occupation: Leader of a race of would-be conquerors

Group Membership: Ruler of a group of beings either native to or otherwise present on Mita vs. another world in the same microverse as Mita

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Bucky (James Barnes), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Frank Ferrule, Mitans (notably Ahlma, Alt, Dianne and her parents, but all of them), humanity

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Big Palooka" (from Bucky);
    Ruthless Giant of Another World (on cover of Captain America Comics#26)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    briefly active on Earth near
Bird's Nest Island;
    formerly Mita (see comments)

First Appearance: Captain America Comics#25 (April, 1943)

Powers/Abilities: Togaro had access to shrinking and growth chemicals, usually in the form of capsules. 

    Using these chemicals, he has gone from perhaps insect-sized (perhaps about 6 mm or 1/4" long) to roughly human-sized  to 100' (or perhaps hundreds of feet) tall on Earth. He could shrink down even further, to microscopic size. The chemicals would allow him to shrink to a size close to the that at which he would be shunted to a microverse, at which point he used a ship that shrunk as it flew, eventually transporting him to a microverse and to the world he desired. Within the Microverse, he could use the capsules to shrink further, like an insect or a hand-held doll, or to grow large enough to hold a human in his hand.

    Rapid growth allowed him to shatter vehicles or buildings that he had been occupying, and shrinking allowed him to approach or even catch a ride on others undetected. Experienced in size-changing, he could use this to great effect in combat. 

    Though he had access to ships that could fly through space and change size to cross dimensional barriers, he wore a fur-like loin cloth (with a belt), and he did not carry any weapons.


Height: Unrevealed and variable (he and his people changed size so often that it was difficult to estimate his true size. 
Weight: Given his build, at 100' tall, he would likely weigh about 230
Eyes: Unrevealed (they were never shown in detail; possibly he has no visible irides)
Hair: Bald with black eyebrows.
Distinguishing Features: Somewhat bestial features, notably fanged teeth and pointed ears.

(Captain America Comics#25 (fb) - BTS) - Leader of some section/group on the Microworld of Mita (accessed via the energies of shrinking), Togaro threatened to kill Dianne, the daughter of the king and queen, who then transported her to Earth via a portal existing on Bird's Nest Island.

    Found by the parents of Frank Ferrule, Dianne was raised as Frank's sister, and she never knew her true nature (see comments).

(Captain America Comics#25 (fb) - BTS) - Plotting to conquer Mita, Togaro slew Dianne's parents and stole some of the size-changing chemicals (perhaps some analog of Pym particles) invented/discovered by Dianne's father.

(Captain America Comics#25 (fb) - BTS) <1943> - While Mitans sought to bring back Dianne so she could sit on the throne, Togaro plotted to capture or kill Dianne. He sent a number of his agents to Earth, enlarged to giant-size to threaten humanity along the American East Coast. togaro-mita-cap25-disguise

(Captain America Comics#25) - After Captain America and Bucky slew a pair of these giants, Togaro visited them at Frank Ferrule's house; unidentified and wearing a trench coat and hat, Togaro told them to stay out of the matter and stay away from Bird's Nest Island or Dianne would die.

(Captain America Comics#25) - Prompted by this to go to Bird's Nest Island, they found a tiny Dianne who had met with the Mitan woman Ahlma and learned her own origins and the Mitans' goal, which she explained to Cap, Bucky, and Frank; unseen by them, Togaro watched and listened a short distance away. When Dianne gave Captain America one of the size-changing capsules, Togaro shrunk down and climbed undetected into Captain America's belt.

    Back at Dr. Ferrule's laboratory, Captain America formulated more doses (see comments) after examining the capsule given to him by Dianne. Togaro used the chemicals to enlarge a cockroach to attack Captain America and Bucky, the pair was joined by Frank in battering the creature into submission. Though Bucky spotted him, Togaro shrank further and escaped, after which Captain America and Bucky shrank and followed his trail. As they caught up to Togaro, however, his greater experience with size-changing allowed him to subdue Cap and escape back to Mita.

(Captain America Comics#25 - BTS) - Dianne and the Mitan woman then led Cap and Bucky to the rock from which they could access Mita. Recognizing the rock as a meteorite that had crashed on Earth long ago, Captain America broke off the portion containing Mita and then employed a pair of guards, Foley and Ezra, to kill anyone other than Cap or Bucky coming out of the rock.

    Alt the Mitan then emerged peacefully and Dianne recognized him and convinced the others to spare him. Alt told Dianne that Togaro was going to attack their city and that she must return to Mita via the chemicals he had brought. Cap, Bucky, Frank, Alt, and Dianne then all began shrinking, after which Alt led his allies toward the shrinking ship that transported them all to Mita. However, while they were en route,
a pair of Togaro's guards assaulted Foley and Ezra, intending to steal the rock. In the ensuing conflict, a bottle of acid was knocked onto the rock, and it flooded towards the tiny Cap and associates.togaro-mita-cap26-holdinggirls
(Captain America Comics#26) - Allowing his followers to catch up, Togaro followed them to the Mitan shrinking ship, shrunk in size, and rode in undetected on Bucky. Later, when Dianne and Ahlma went back to their chambers, Togaro grew to relatively giant size and took them prisoner, threatening to kill them if they did not follow his orders to land the ship as soon as possible. With Alt distracting Togaro, Captain America and Bucky shrank down and entered the room through another door and then began to scale Togaro undetected. When they landed, Togaro suddenly grew and burst out of the ship, after which Cap freed and escaped with Dianne, but Bucky -- having lost his supply of size-changing chemicals in the struggle -- became trapped next to Ahlma.

(Captain America Comics#26 - BTS) - Although Dianne rushed to the city of Mita alongside Cap and Frank, the people were in a panic over the approach of Togaro and his men, and they demanded the size-changing drug for themselves. They realized it was unwise to supply the drug to this unruly mob.

(Captain America Comics#26) - Togaro's size-changing ship then arrived, and Togaro rushed to it, after which he told Ahlma he would have his revenge by destroying this world and then told one of his men, Greer, that Ahlma would be his servant. Togaro then caused his ship to grow larger than the planet Mita, pushing it from orbit toward its sun.

(Captain America Comics#26 - BTS) - Captain America had Alt enlarge the ship to a thousand feet long and he helped gather the Mitans to board the ship to escape their doomed world.

(Captain America Comics#26) - On Togaro's ship, Togaro spotted and captured Bucky, enlarging him back to relative "normal" size to better keep an eye on him.

    After hours of his ship progressively enlarging and just before reaching the edge of "the little atomic space," Togaro announced his plans to conquer Earth.

(Captain America Comics#26 (fb) - BTS) - Togaro told Bucky he had about 300 men serving him, and he was going to make them giants to facilitate his plan.togaro-mita-cap26-giant

(Captain America Comics#26 - BTS) - Eventually stealing some of the enlarging drug from Togaro's men, Bucky and Ahlma escaped Togaro's ship after it landed within the rock on Earth. Soon after, the Mitan ship Cap piloted arrived, but faulty repairs from Togaro's previous damage caused the ship to crash, and only Cap, Dianne, and Frank were rescued.

    The five rushed up the caverns within the rock, progressively growing in size, but staying ahead of Togaro and his men. As they reached the bottom of the crater leading out of the rock, they found that Togaro's men still held watch. Slipping out unseen, they rushed out into the woods, after which Togaro's men grew to giant size and began rampaging through the nearby town. Growing to giant size, Cap and Bucky battled and defeated Togaro's men, and then they similarly overcame another group of even larger giants by growing larger than them.

togaro-mita-cap26-vs-cap(Captain America Comics#26) - An immense Togaro then confronted them, and Captain America took all of his remaining enlarging drug to match Togaro's size. Though still slightly smaller than Togaro, Captain America stunned him with a swing of his shield into his gut and then followed with a series of punches to the face.

(Captain America Comics#26 (fb) - BTS) - Toppling to the ground, Togaro struck his head against a cliff, and Captain America believed that to have killed him. Togaro then shrunk out of sight, and Captain America assumed his body returned to the sub-atomic realm.

(Captain America Comics#26 - BTS) - Captain America advised Frank Ferrule to destroy the rest of the size-changing chemicals.

Comments: Created by Ray Cummings and Syd Shores.

    Do we really believe Togaro died? Hitting his head and then shrinking out of sight? No way...

    Duplicating a size-changing chemical seems a bit beyond Captain America's abilities! Perhaps it was actually Frank or others working at Dr. Ferrule's lab.

    Togaro and his men had a monstrous appearance, unlike the otherwise human Dianne, Alta, Ahlma, and the rest of the Mitans. Togaro was a leader not under the domain of Mita's king and queen.
    I don't know whether Togaro and his men came from another part of the planet Mita or another world in Mita's dimension? 

    Perhaps Mita did not have a population of billions, or even millions, but it's not really feasible that they could gathered more than several thousand (perhaps even tens of thousands if there were multiple floors) to fit on the ship in the time allowed. A giant Captain America ran around gathering others. 

    Thanks to Loki for getting me scans of the comic! Hopefully the rest of the series (and the rest of the Golden Age comics) become available digitally in the near future! The grainy ones from #26 are all from microfiche!

    Although and most stories treat microworlds as being part of an atom or molecule and being literally sub-atomic, it has been clearly stated and shown in the most reputable stories and sources that such "Microworlds"/"Microverses" are realms accessed by the energies of shrinking. 

    Although Dianne stated that she never knew her true history, it is more likely that her memories were suppressed or something, as she seemed to recall everything after she met up with Ahlma.

    Incredible Hulk II #148 (Feb/72)] had advanced Technology unlike Jarella's sword & sorcery kingdom so clearly something happened on K'ai that cause it to revert to a primitive state. Since it has been decades since TOGARO & his unidentified people's( Green Skinned & Pointed Eared ) appearance in Captain America Comics#25-26, why not Identify them as K'aians?                                                                        From John Holstein
    We certainly can’t identify them as such because that didn’t happen in the story, but it is a possibility, and an interesting one, for sure. Of course, Dianne and her people didn't have green skin, and Togaro and his men were somewhat monstrous in appearance, unlike Jarella's people.

Profile by Snood.

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    #26 cover;
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Captain America Comics#25-26 (April-May, 1943) - Ray Cummings (writer), Syd Shores (penciler), Stan Lee (editor)

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