(of Earth-8107)

Real Name: Unrevealed 

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-8107) human mutate (presumably - see comments)

Occupation: Criminal 

Group Membership:  None

Affiliations: Blastaar, Electro, the Fly, Klaw (all loosely)

Enemies:  Spider-Friends (Firestar/Angelica Jones, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Spider-Man/Peter Parker)

Known Relatives:  None  

Aliases:  None

Base of Operations:  New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode, "Attack of the Arachnoid" (October  8, 1983)

Powers/Abilities:  The Scorpion possessed superhuman strength.

Much like his Earth-616 counterpart, he also wore a battlesuit with a prehensile tail which could shoot a force beam called the Scorpion's Sting and the suit was equipped with a pair of cutters hidden in the glove.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'2")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately  220 lbs.)
Eyes: Reddish-brown
Hair: Unrevealed (see comments)

History: (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "Attack of the Arachnoid" (fb) - BTS) - Via unrevealed means, the man who would be the Scorpion acquired his powers and his battle suit.

(Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "Attack of the Arachnoid") - Breaking into the World Trade Center, the Scorpion stole a canister of the experimental Z99 gas. During the robbery, he encountered Spider-Man and tossed him out of a window. Seeing Spider-Man web-swinging back towards him, the Scorpion remarked that he had made some improvements on his battlesuit and he used his suit's cutters to snip Spider-Man's webline. Climbing to the roof, he was stopped when Firestar arrived and surrounded him with fire. He blasted her with his Scorpion Sting and tried to leap to the other tower but fell short, dropping the gas canister, which opened up on the way down. Iceman, who had arrived earlier to to save Spider-Man, created a similar ice slide to save the Scorpion. When the Scorpion made it to the ground, Firestar engulfed him in a fireball to keep him from moving. The Scorpion watched as Spider-Man recovered the stolen gas canister and webbed it shut.

Afterwards,  the Scorpion was arrested and sent to Riker's Island. Put in a special wing for costumed criminals, the Scorpion was allowed to keep his battlesuit. When Spider-Man was put in the cell next to him, having been arrested for crimes committed by the spider-like Arachnoid, the Scorpion broke down the wall that separated their cells and attacked. The fight was short, with Spider-Man being thrown around and nearly crushed by his tail. Spider-Man escaped when he ducked near the force field door of his cell and the Scorpion blasted it with his Sting, shorting it out and allowing the hero to escape the cell with the Scorpion in pursuit.

When Spider-Man was on the outer wall, the Scorpion blasted the wall with his Sting. He missed Spider-Man but created a hole to the outside. Coiling his tail, he launched himself at Spider-Man and carried the fight outside. They battled on the rocky shoreline with the Scorpion finally connecting with his Sting and burying Spider-Man under a sand dune. With the hero prone, the Scorpion loomed over him with his cutters at the ready. When the guards confronted them, the Scorpion blasted them and Spider-Man escaped. As the guards fired on them both, the Scorpion fled to the island's generator building. Spider-Man followed him inside and the Scorpion fired at him from a walkway above the door. He boasted of his superiority as the hero dodged his attacks and knocked the Scorpion to the floor. Following the hero to the main control panel, the Scorpion struck at Spider-Man with his tail but the hero dodged, allowing the Scorpion to stab the control panel and run the electrical feedback through him. He was knocked out by the feedback and fell to the floor in a heap. He was presumably taken back to his cell while further charges were filed.

Comments: Created by Michael Reeves and Marvel Productions Ltd. (see Appearances for list of artists involved).

Dan Gilvezan was the credited voice actor for Scorpion.

No origin for Scorpion is given so there's nothing to indicate he got his powers via a J. Jonah Jameson-backed experiment (like on Earth-616 - Proto-Man). 

Also, when the Scorpion blows a hole in the wall, we see it's daylight outside, yet when he knocks Spider-Man through it shortly after, it suddenly turns into night. When we cut back to the fight, it's daylight again.

No idea why the cops allowed him to wear his costume in prison with the weapons ready.

Scorpion's eye color was impossible to determine, as he was only ever seen with a visor covering his eyes. -- Proto-Man

Profile by David Lawrence.

Earth-8107's Scorpion 
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Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode, "Attack of the Arachnoid" (all images in this profile)

Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends
cartoon episode, "Attack of the Arachnoid" (October 8, 1983) - Michael Reeves (writer), Jan Green, Rick Hoberg, Cullen Houghtaling, Larry Houston, Sherman Labby, Will Meugniot, Dick Sebast, Bob Schaffer, Don Shepard, Hank Tucker, Warren Tufts (storyboards), Bruce Bennett, Norm Cabral, Dan Faucett, Neil Galloway, Greg Garcia, Gary Graham, Rick Graham, Karl Hepworth, Stuart Heimdall, Elian Hultgren, Boyd Kirkland, Debra Pugh, Dave Sharp, Roy Smith, Tom Tholen, Grant Wilson, Roy Wilson, Bob Foster (layouts), Gerry Chiniquy, Steve Clark, John Gribbs, Donald L. Jurwich, Sid Marcus, Bob Richardson, Nelson Shin, Arthur Vitello (animation directors)

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