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Classification: Extraterrestrial humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Across the USA (1950s era);
   formerly planet (name & location unrevealed in interstellar space)

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Humankind (notably Mallory Clyde, Bob Turner, Martha Turner)

First Appearance: Astonishing I#8/2 (January, 1952)

Powers/Abilities: Man-Eaters are fiercely ravenous extraterrestrials that quickly adapted to Earth's atmosphere. They appear to feast only on humans, consuming a grown human in minutes and leaving only clean bones. In their native form, they have membrane-like wings that sag below their arms and help them glide; as they slowly fly, their lower body is composed of wispy smoke. Having consumed human flesh (and with it human DNA), Man-Eaters can mimic a fully grown human, including their speech, but to eat, they must partially return to Man-Eater form with exposed head and claws. They have extended jaws and drooling corrosive saliva that helps to quickly digest their prey. Their durability is unknown, but given their ability to instill paralyzing terror in their victims, it may be that they have a terror stare or aura.

Traits: Man-Eaters are highly skilled predators and operate solo. They have excellent stealth capabilities in infiltrating new foreign environments. They are driven purely by unyielding carnivorous hunger, seeking no conquest or negotiation, just slaughtering for food.

Type: Extraterrestrial bipedal shapeshifting humanoids
Eyes: Two (in head)
Fingers: Five (including opposable thumb)
Toes: None in true form
Skin color: Brown-gray
Average height: 6'6" in true form (by approximation); adult human height (5' - 6'6") in mimicry


(Astonishing I#8/2 (fb) - BTS) - The shapeshifting predators that came to be known as Man-Eaters traveled through interstellar space to planet Earth.

(Astonishing I#8/2) - The spacecraft landed in a remote farming field and two Man-Eaters exited wraith-like toward farmer Bob Turner, who instinctively panicked and fled back to the farmhouse to his wife Martha. But the horrific Man-Eaters followed and, with their victims frozen in fear, the two Man-Eaters devoured the humans in minutes, leaving only clean bones behind as they left.

(Astonishing I#8/2 (fb) - BTS) - The next day, more victims were found across the USA, as far-ranging as New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Thousands of victims were claimed by the ravenous creatures, which spread terror and public dissent. However, it was discovered that Man-Eaters could take on human form, yet all the while Man-Eaters insinuated themselves into society by taking on human guises.

(Astonishing I#8/2) - Chief of the Science Bureau Mallory Clyde addressed the nation by radio of the startling revelations, recommending people isolate during the national emergency. The radio engineer cut him off and partially turned into a Man-Eater, devouring Clyde while still on live broadcast. Suspicion spread among Americans as they questioned who was an alien while the killings continued. Still some people went on their normal daily routine, but leery of any unusual dress or behavior. At one point, trouble began on an overnight coach with some harassing a lone woman, but a company security guard (really a Man-Eater imitating guard Phil Murphy) boarded and kept the peace. At night with dimmed lights, the Man-Eater made his way from the back of the bus, quickly feasting on every passenger until he reached the bus driver.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer & Norman Steinberg.

The Man-Eaters' activities seem to oddly have been confined to the USA. Perhaps they were later eliminated by magic as a type of space vampire/werewolf, or tracked down by monster hunters. However, given the wide scope of their numerous killings, this could also have been an alternate Earth, a type of precursor to a zombie Earth. The spacecraft they landed on Earth might not even have been their own.

Only two Man-Eaters are shown exiting the spacecraft, yet the killings rapidly spread far across the USA. Was it a case where it was only a pair who traveled incredibly fast (and separately), targeting cities, or were there multiple spacecraft landings? And surely if it was just a meal they were after, they would initially target smaller towns for stealth, but by first attacking major cities, they spread panic and terror, suggesting other motives beyond base hunger.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Man-Eaters have no known connections to:






Mallory Clyde

Mallory Clyde was the U.S. Government's Chief of the Science Bureau investigating the insidious threat of the alien Man-Eaters. He reported findings that they were extraterrestrials, carnivorous and could change their shape to appear like any human, and recommended that people isolate themselves, declaring a state of national emergency. At that point, a nearby radio engineer partially turned into a Man-Eater and devoured Clyde on live broadcast with Clyde's scream heard across the nation.






--Astonishing I#8/2

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Astonishing I#8/2, p2, pan1 (main image)
   p5, pan7 (headshot)
   p1, pan3 (emerging from spacecraft)
   p2, pan6 (rear view)
   p3, pan5 (imitating human body in suit)
   p3, pan3 (Clyde)

Astonishing I#8/2 (January, 1952) - uncredited writer, Norman Steinberg (pencils & inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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