armechadon-planet-tantalus-kulkulk-tiny-full-rearviewReal Name: Kulkulk

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Armechadon)

Occupation: Provincial ruler (province unspecified)

Group Membership: Leader of the people of an unspecified province on Armechadon

Affiliations: Hept-Supht; presumably others of his province

Enemies: Tantalus;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None;
    Tantalus insultingly addressed him as "toad"

Base of Operations: Unspecified province on the planet Armechadon (formerly Arqa), unidentified star system, unidentified galaxy

First Appearance: Blackwulf I#8 (January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Kulkulk demonstrated no superhuman powers. He may have an extended lifespan or some specific powers, but he did not demonstrate any (in his six panels).

    He had at least one (left mandibular) enlarged, sharp canine tooth (and possibly another enlarged tooth immediately next to that one), as well as sharp claws on the end of his manual digits (apparently 3 fingers and a thumb).

    His crown had numerous horn-like projections (larger ones on each side and on the back, with a smaller horn on the front between a pair of gems. It is possible that the horns were part of his head and not part of the crown, but that would make getting the crown on and off exceedingly difficult (maybe that was his power).

Height: Unrevealed (Tantalus looks to be at least 8', if not 9' or taller, in comparison to the 6'2" Blackwulf; Kulkulk comes up to Tantalus xiphoid ("solar plexus"; the bottom of his sternum), so perhaps 5' to 5'6")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 190 lbs.)
Eyes: Red (apparently red irides with either red sclera or no visible sclera)
Hair: Sparse back hair
Skin: Gray


armechadon-planet-tantalus-kulkulk-profile(Blackwulf I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Kulkulk is presumably a member of the Deviant race that dominated the planet Armechadon. Although apparently not old enough to have known Tantalus, at some point in the 25,000 years after Tantalus departed Armechadon, Kulkulk came to be ruler of an unspecified province on Armechadon.

(Blackwulf I#8 - BTS) - In recent years, Tantalus' starship the Vimana -- carrying Tantalus and the Peacekeepers (Bristle, Lady Trident, Schizo, Wraath) emerged from hyperspace near Armechadon and landed soon after.

armechadon-planet-tantalus-kulkulk-death(Blackwulf I#8) - As natives gathered, Hept-Supht told Kulkulk, that the ship was the Vimana, the legendary starship of Lord Tantalus. Kulkulk, however, silenced Hept-Supht, noting that Tantalus was just a myth/legend. Hearing this, Tantalus approached, asking if his realm was in such disarray because the people didn't believe in him. While others knelt, bowed, and hailed Lord Tantalus, Kulkulk tried to maintain some order, shouting, "Now see here!" Tantalus countered that he saw and was not impressed; calling Kulkulk "toad," he asked if Kulkulk ruled in his absence. Kulkulk noted that he ruled this province, but that the "Dark Lord" ruled the world from the Tower of Tartarus. Kulkulk continued, arguing that "Tantalus" would not unseat the Dark Lord with his little sham and that legend told of how Tantalus could kill a man with but a touch, "If you truly were the dreaded one--" And Tantalus proved his identity by killing Kulkulk with a touch.

Comments: Created by Glen Herdling, Angel Medina, and Bill Anderson, Sandu Florea & Mike Machlan.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:


armechadon-planet-tantalus-hept-supht-facearmechadon-planet-tantalus-hept-supht-full-tiny-probHept-Supht was in some way associated with the provincial ruler Kulkulk.

He(?) had numeros sharp teeth and a large mouth.

Blackwulf I#8) - As natives gathered, Hept-Supht told Kulkulk, that the ship was the Vimana, the legendary starship of Lord Tantalus. Kulkulk, however, silenced Hept-Supht, noting that Tantalus was just a myth/legend.

--Blackwulf I#8

Note: Hept-Supht's fate in the ensuing conflict between the Peacekeepers and Undergrounders is unrevealed.

     I am uncertain that the full body image is Hept-Supht, but given that it was the closest character to Kulkulk, I THINK it was.

images: (without ads)

Blackwulf I#8, pg. 7, panel 1 (Kulkulk & Hept-Supt in profile);
          panel 3 (Kulkulk - tiny rear view full body);
          panel 5 (Kulkulk - face - frontal);
       pg. 8, panel 1 (Kulkulk death);

Blackwulf I#8 (January, 1995) - Glen Herdling (writer), Angel Medina (penciler), Bill Anderson, Sandu Florea & Mike Machlan (inkers), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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