fagans_mob-gambitFAGAN's MOB

Membership: Fagan, Remy LeBeau, numerous others unidentified

Purpose: Profit through thievery

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Jean-Luc LeBeau

Enemies: Local law-enforcement and their victims, unidentified vampires

Base of Operations: Presumably New Orleans, Louisana

First AppearanceGambit III#1 (February, 1999)

Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Fagan's mob was composed of orphans of the streets, run by the excommunicated offspring of a doomed romance between a member of the (presumably New Orleans) Assassins Guild and a member of the Thieves Guild.

(Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - After the youth known as "le Diable Blanc" (the white devil, later known as Remy LeBeau and Gambit) came into possession of the Antiquary, Thieves Guild member Jean-Luc LeBeau was angered by the thought of the child spending his life in the Velvet Ministry.

(Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jean-Luc was unable/unwilling to confront the Antiquary directly, as this would have caused problems within the Guilds clans, and because the Antiquary was too connected to the outside world

(Gambit III#20 (fb) - BTS) - A deal was struck between Jean-Luc and the Antiquary, freeing the child from the Antiquary's collection.

(Gambit III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Wishing to eventually claim "le Diable Blanc" as his own and knowing he would have to learn the way of the Thieves Guild, the way of the shadows and back alleys, Jean-Luc LeBeau arranged to have the child (who became known as Remy) become part of Fagan's mob. Jean-Luc kept a distant but watchful eye over the boy from then on.

(Gambit III#22 (fb) - BTS) - In New Orleans' Metairie Cemetery, Fagan's mob (including the young Remy) got into trouble with a pack of vampires. 
    Thereafter, Remy always disliked the
Metairie Cemetery

(Gambit III#1) - After Fontanelle dreamcast herself into the mind of Jean-Luc LeBeau, Jean-Luc shared how he had placed the youth within Fagan's mob.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce, and Rob Hunter.

    Fagan is presumably one of the two men shown with the group of youths in the single panel dealing with Fagan's mob...but which one?

    Fagan and his mob strikes me as an homage to the character Fagin in Charles Dickens' 1838 novel "Oliver Twist." Fagin led a group of children whom he taught to make their livings by pickpocketing and other criminal activities in exchange for shelter.
    As Fagin was active in England circa the time of the stories' publication (and Fagin was sentenced to handing at the stories' end), it would seem very unlikely that Fagan and Fagin are the same person, but then again perhaps he had some means of extending his life...or perhaps they were related....or perhaps it's just an homage.
    I asked Fabian, and he confirmed that it was an homage. Anything beyond that would have to be added by future writers.

    Five other youths are shown in the image, but as far as I know, we don't know anything further about any of them...I love to see Fabian flesh out some of the characters he introduced in this series but didn't have a chance to fully develop.

Profile by Snood.

Fagan and his Mob have no known connections to:

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Gambit III#1, pg. 16, panel 2 (Fagan's mob, including young Remy)

Gambit III#1 (February, 1999) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Steve Skroce (penciler), Rob Hunter (inker), Mark Powers (editor)
Gambit III#22 (November, 2000) - Fabian Nicieza (writer, storyteller), Yanick Paquette (penciler, storyteller), Sean Parsons (inker), Mike Marts (editor)

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