Reality-928 circa 2099 A.D.

eldrites_race-928-2099Classification: Alternate reality (Reality-928; see comments) extratemporal (2099 A.D.) unicellular extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Va, unidentified solar system, unidentified galaxy, Reality-928 circa 2099 A.D. (at least)

Known Members: None identified

Affiliations: Y'Lestja race

Enemies: None identified

Government: Unrevealed

First Appearance Doom 2099 I#18 (June, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: The Eldrites are unicellular creatures dwelling in the depths of the sea.

Traits: The Eldrites form mathematical equations of great complexity and beauty. 

    They believe that each problem solved brings them closer to divinity.

Type:  Unicellular
Fingers: None
Toes: None
Skin color: None
Average height

Doom 2099 I#18 (fb)) - Dwelling on the sea world Va, the Eldrites form mathematical equations of great complexity and beauty, believing that each problem solved brings them closer to divinity.

(Doom 2099 I#18 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Eldrites communed with the Y'Lestja, an energy/consciousness collective race who traveled the universe, merging their consciousness with apparently all beings on a planet and sharing the collective knowledge they have gained.

Comments: Created by John Frances Moore, Pat Broderick, and John Nyberg.

    The Eldrites are shown in a single panel, so that's all we've got to go on. Technically, the Eldrites are not seen in the image, which is actually only shows their world, Va.

    They existed in the state described in this profile at some point prior to the Y'Lestja's traveling to Earth in Earth's year 2099 A.D. It is unrevealed how far into the past they have existed.

    IF Reality-928 shares a common history with Reality-616, then it would stand that the Eldrites exist in Reality-616 as well, but perhaps the Eldrites encountered Galactus or the Ebon-Seeker or the Black Stars or some similar being/race that had slaughtered multitudes of beings and races in the past.

   Page 11 was divided into triangular panels, and so cropping them to show the whole panel leaves a lot of the other panels included.  The yellow lines separate the panels, and Va is the central one, with the M'rglots of Drelys to the upper left, and a glowing image of Kazimierz Rosikon (who was communing with the Y'Lestja) to the lower left.

    Anyway, I would like to learn more about the Eldrites

Profile by Snood.

Eldrites should be distinguished from:



     Va is a planet in
unidentified solar system, in an unidentified galaxy, in Reality-928 circa 2099 A.D. (at least; see comments in main entry).

     Va is home to the unicellular Eldrites race, at least.

     Va is a sea world, with the Eldrites dwelling in its depths.

--Doom 2099 I#18

Note: As a "sea world," it is presumably covered completely or almost completely with water, even moreso than the 2/3 coverage on Earth, IIRC.

Beyond what is stated in the main or sub-profile, we don't have any other information on the planet's properties.

images: (without ads)
Doom 2099 I#18, pg. 11, panel 3

Doom 2099 I#18 (June, 1994) - John Frances Moore (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler), John Nyberg (inker), Joey Cavalieri (editor)

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