Real Name: Unrevealed, if any

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (unidentified alien race)

Occupation: Destroyer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Hulk (Bruce Banner), Rick Jones, Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (see comments), residents of Central City and several other cities

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Thing"

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile throughout space

First Appearance: (mentioned)  The Incredible Hulk in "The Hulk Meets the Bulk!" record (1966)

Powers/Abilities: The Bulk was a large, formless mass of what appeared to be black-colored slime. It was at least one mile high and twice as wide and its amorphous form provided protection from most physical attacks such as bullets and even missile explosions.

It also emitted intense radiation, which it could project as destructive, radioactive blasts. It's possible that some of this radiation could be Gamma radiation, as it was capable of triggering Bruce Banner's transformation into the Hulk just by being near Banner.

Height: 5,280'0" (or 1 mile high)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 175 tons)
Eyes: Unrevealed (see comments)
Hair: None

(The Incredible Hulk in "The Hulk vs. the Bulk!" record - BTS) - An extraterrestrial cloud appeared in the sky near Central City, prompting youngster Rick Jones to drive out and investigate, unaware that while he was driving the cloud released the large, monstrous Bulk and the Bulk completely destroyed Central City. While the Bulk destroyed other cities, Jones decided to find Dr. Bruce Banner but he was soon stopped by a military roadblock. Insisting he was a friend of the General, Jones was allowed to pass through and the General immediately recognized him. Told that Dr. Banner had been sent near the Bulk to investigate it for the military, Jones learned from Gen. Ross that the Bulk had withstood all military weapons used against it and the military were hesitant to use nuclear weapons against the radioactive Bulk out of fear of starting a nuclear reaction that would destroy the entire country. Suggesting that the Hulk could defeat the Bulk, Jones was quickly interrupted when news came in that Dr. Banner had disappeared near the Bulk and the Hulk had appeared on the scene. While the military thought the Hulk had killed Dr. Banner, Jones knew that Banner secretly was the Hulk and convinced the General to allow him to parachute down in between the Hulk and Bulk. Almost as soon as he landed, Jones was attacked by the Bulk and he called the Hulk for help. Recognizing Jones, Hulk rushed to save his friend and jumped into battle against the Bulk, tearing parts of its slimy form away. Determined to destroy the creature, Hulk succeeded in killing the Bulk. As it died, the cloud that had released the Bulk dissipated and the dead Bulk collapsed atop the Hulk, the two falling into a crater. The Hulk soon emerged the crater victorious.

Comments: Created by uncredited creative team.

    Gen. Ross was never identified by name, only as "General." One might argue that the general in this story could be any general but I chose to list him as Gen. Ross because he recognized Rick Jones and hated the Hulk, suggesting it was likely meant to be Ross.

    Weird that the record makes a point of mentioning that the Bulk emitted radiation and that just being in the Bulk's presence triggered Bruce Banner's transformation into Hulk yet Rick Jones had no problems at all being near the Bulk unprotected...

    I'm surprised the Bulk didn't draw the attention of Earth's other heroes, considering the fact that it flat out destroyed several cities. The Bulk's rampage would have been a catastrophic event with a large loss of life!

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Bulk
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The Incredible Hulk in "The Hulk vs. the Bulk!" record (1966) - uncredited creative team

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