Membership: "Black Widow" of Reality-41591, "Captain America" of Reality-31520, "Captain Marvel" of Reality-51935, "Hulk" of Reality-93128, Spider-Man of Reality-19145, Thor of Reality-11354, Tony of Reality-62141

Purpose: To destroy the Avengers of Earth-21443

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Kang (temporally divergent counterpart of Earth-6311's

Enemies: Avengers of Earth-21443 (Black Panther/T'Challa, Black Widow/Natasha, Captain America, Captain Marvel/Carol, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Man/Peter, Thor)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly their each individual realities

First Appearance: Avengers Mech Strike#5 (September, 2021)

History: (Avengers Mech Strike#5 (fb) - BTS) - The time conqueror Kang (likely a temporally divergent counterpart) gathered together his own team of Avengers, recruiting counterparts to his superheroic Avengers foes from realities in which the counterparts had become predators and had killed Avengers.

(Avengers Mech Strike#5) - After the time conqueror Kang took over Avengers Mountain on Earth-21443 and the Avengers confronted him, an Eternity-powered Black Panther goaded Kang into chasing him through time but before Kang departed into the timestream, he unleashed his own twisted group of Avengers. The Avengers-21443 quickly jumped into battle against their counterparts, remarking that Kang seemed to run out of original ideas for attacks. Each Avenger squared off against their direct counterpart and Kang's evil Avengers seemed to get the upper hand at first until Captain America-21443 reminded his Avengers that Kang's Avengers were not used to working together. Switching opponents, the Avengers-21443 then began to gain some ground in the battle and before they were overwhelmed by Kang's Avengers once more, reinforcements arrived in the form of their auto-piloted mech suits. While the mech suits worked on destroying the remnants of Kang's Biomechanoid virus that was infecting their headquarters, the Avengers-21443 and Kang's evil Avengers continued their fierce battle. When Black Panther traveled into Kang's past and struck him down before his plot had ever been set in motion, thereby diverging Earth-21443 from its original timeline, the Kang who successfully enacted his plot was shunted into Eternity itself while his Avengers disappeared in the divergence.

Comments: Created by Jed McKay and Carlos Magno.

Spider-Man and Thor were the only members of Kang's Avengers that were identified by their codenames. The Iron Man counterpart was only identified as Tony (likely Stark) while the Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel and Hulk counterparts were not identified at all.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Kang's alternate Avengers have no known connections to:

"Black Widow" (of Reality-41591)

"Black Widow" of Reality-41591 was a monstrous, spider-like female would became the apex predator in her reality, killing her world's Avengers. She was eventually recruited into Kang's Avengers and sent against the Avengers of Earth-21443, where she squared off against Black Widow-21443. Black Widow-21433 asked if there was any need for words between them and "Black Widow"-41591 replied that there was none. She continued to battle her counterpart until ramifications from Earth-21443 diverging from its original timeline caused "Black Widow" to disappear.

"Black Widow" had a monstrous, spider-like appearance that included jet black skin, red eyes, long, razor-sharp claws on her fingers and toes and an insect-like mandible for a mouth.

"Black Widow" is the black-skinned creature at center of image with extremely long claws.

--Avengers Mech Strike#5

"Captain America" (of Reality-31520)

"Captain America" of Reality-31520 appeared to be some sort of insectoid being, either extraterrestrial or a mutate, and he became the apex predator of his reality after killing the Avengers. Cheering for America, "Captain America" wore a costume resembling that of most realities' Captain America (Steve Rogers), only topped with a skull with an "A" painted on it, possibly the skull of his reality's Steve Rogers. He was later recruited into Kang's Avengers and sent against the Avengers of Earth-21443, where he battled his Earth-21443 counterpart until Hulk-21443 changed opponents to bash "Captain America" into the ground. Quickly recovering, "Captain America" attempted to hurl his shield but it was caught in mid-air by Spider-Man-21443's webline and tossed into "Captain America"'s teammate, Thor-11354. Retaliating, "Captain America" kicked Spider-Man-21443 in the face before attacking his own counterpart once more. He eventually disappeared from the scene when ramifications from Earth-21443 diverging from its original timeline shunted Kang into Eternity itself.

"Captain America" had an insectoid appearance that included a bug-like face, three arms and clawed hands (three fingers) and feet (two toes). He also carried a buzzsaw-shape shield and two swords.

--Avengers Mech Strike#5

"Captain Marvel" (of Reality-51935)

"Captain Marvel" of Reality-51935 appeared to be a brown-skinned alien Skrull and she became the apex predator of her reality, killing Reality-51935's Avengers. After being recruited into Kang's Avengers, "Captain Marvel" was sent against Earth-21443's Avengers and immediately tackled her Earth-21443 counterpart. When the Avengers-21443 switched opponents, "Captain Marvel" fired an energy blast at Earth-21443's Captain America before attacking Thor-21443. She watched from the air as the Avengers-21443's mech suits arrived on auto pilot to attack the Biomechanoid virus that Kang had infected their headquarters with before returning to attack her counterpart. When Kang was shunted into Eternity itself due to ramifications of Earth-21443 diverging from its own timeline, "Captain Marvel" disappeared along with the rest of Kang's Avengers.

"Captain Marvel" resembled a brown-skinned alien Skrull (complete with pointy ears and a ridged chin) and she also had leathery, bat-like wings capable of flight. She did not display the typical shapeshifting abilities possessed by Reality-616's Skrulls but if she did have those abilities, her wings could have been merely a part of the form she was in rather than inherent. She could also project energy from his hands.

--Avengers Mech Strike#5

"Hulk" (of Reality-93128)

"Hulk" of Reality-93128 was a barbarous, four-legged monster that became the apex predator of his reality, killing his reality's Avengers. He was later recruited into Kang's Avengers team and sent against Earth-21443's Avengers, leaping into battle against his Earth-21443 counterpart. When Hulk-21443 switched opponents to bash "Hulk"-93128's teammate, "Captain America," "Hulk"-93128 lashed out with his axe, knocking Hulk-21443 aside. He continued battling his Earth-21443 counterpart until he disappeared with the rest of Kang's Avengers due to ramifications of Earth-21443 diverging from its original timeline.

"Hulk" was a superhumanly strong and durable monster with a disturbing, four-legged, three mouthed appearance. He carried a large axe in battle.

--Avengers Mech Strike#5

Spider-Man (of Reality-19145)

Spider-Man of Reality-19145 was an arachnoid apex predator that killed his reality's Avengers. After being recruited into Kang's Avengers, Spider-Man was sent into battle against Earth-21443's Avengers, where he fought his Earth-21443 counterpart. Calling Spider-Man-21443 "Petey," implying that he recognized Spider-Man-19145's dual identity, Spider-Man-19145 forced the terrified hero to the ground until the Avengers-21443 switched opponents. Spider-Man-19145 then turned his attention towards Thor-21443, biting into his arm and surprising Thor-21443 with his mettle. He then attacked Captain America-21443 before turning his attention back to Spider-Man-21443. He continued battling Spider-Man-21443 until ramifications of Earth-21443 diverging from its original timeline caused Spider-Man-19145 to disappear.

Spider-Man was a large arachnoid creature with three jaws resembling a mandible, two humanoid arms with clawed fingers, four arachnoid arms and two humanoid legs. He was superhumanly strong, able to pin down superhumanly strong opponents.

--Avengers Mech Strike#5

Thor (of Reality-11354)

Thor of Reality-11354 was the apex predator of his reality, having killed Reality-11354's Avengers. Recruited into Kang's Avengers, Thor was sent into battle against Earth-21443's Avengers, where he fought against his Earth-21443 counterpart. When the Avengers-21443 switched opponents, Thor-11354 went after Captain Marvel-21443 and claimed first blood as he prepared to crush her beneath his hammer "hand." Before he could kill Captain Marvel-21443, however, he was hit in the back of the head by the diverted shield of his teammate, "Captain America"-31520. After being blasted aside by Captain Marvel-21443, Thor-11354 turned his attention back towards Thor-21443 and the two continued their fight until Thor-11354 disappeared as part of ramifications occurring from the diverging of Earth-21443 from its original timeline.

Thor was a superhumanly strong and durable, horned, goat-like being whose hand appeared to be fused to a large hammer through with Thor could channel lightning.

--Avengers Mech Strike#5

Tony (of Reality-62141)

Tony (whose last name is presumably Stark) of Reality-62141 was once human but was somehow transformed into cybernetic being who became the apex predator of his reality after killing his reality's Avengers. After being recruited into Kang's Avengers, Tony was sent to battle the Avengers of Earth-21443 and he immediately attacked his Earth-21443 counterpart, Iron Man. Blasting off the faceplate of Iron Man's armor, Tony sadistically announced intentions to rip Iron Man's face off, remarking on how he once looked pretty when he still had his face. The Avengers-21443 soon switched opponents, however, and Black Widow-21443 plunged a knife into Tony's neck. Swatting Black Widow-21443 aside as the knife flew from his wound, Tony exclaimed that the Avengers-21443 couldn't win this battle, as Kang's Avengers were all killers, monsters, apex predators of their respective realities. Tony then continued, claiming that each of Kang's Avengers had killed the Avengers in their own timeline, and scoffed at the idea that Avengers-21443 teamwork would win the battle. He then continued to battle Iron Man-21443 until ramifications from Earth-21443's divergence from its original timeline caused Kang's Avengers to disappear.

Tony resembled a scarred corpse cybernetically connected to his armor. As a living part of his armor, Tony could project powerful blasts from his arm cannon and was capable of flying under his own power.

--Avengers Mech Strike#5

images: (without ads)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p7, splash page (Kang's Avengers, main image)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p8, pan3 (Kang's Avengers vs. Avengers-21443)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p14, splash page ("Black Widow" of Reality-41591)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p13, pan2 ("Captain America" of Reality-31520)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p10, pan4 ("Captain Marvel" of Reality-51935)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p10, pan2 ("Hulk" of Reality-93128)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p18, pan1 (Spider-Man of Reality-19145)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p11, pan2 (Thor of Reality-11354)
Avengers Mech Strike#5, p12, pan2 (Tony of Reality-62141)

Avengers Mech Strike#5 (September, 2021) - Jed McKay (writer), Carlos Magno (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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