Real Name: Unrevealed, probably James Howlett

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Image reality - see comments) human, probably mutant

Occupation: Former agent of Tyrus

Group Membership: Erebus prisoners (Batman, Beast, Captain America, Captain Marvel/Billy Batson, Colossus, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Flash, Hulk, Joker, Juggernaut, Punisher, Spider-Man, Superman, Thing, Thor, Venom, Wonder Woman)

Affiliations: Cerebus the Aardvark, Spawn (Al Simmons), Troll (Bartholomew J. Troll);
    formerly Tyrus

Enemies: Formerly Berzerkers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Unrevealed, probably Logan

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: (arm only) Spawn#10 (May 1993);

Powers/Abilities: Wolverine possesses metal (presumably Adamantium) claws, and probably a metal skeleton too. He also likely has enhanced senses and a healing factor.

Height: 5'3
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eyes: Unrevealed, probably blue
Hair: Black

(Spawn#10) - Because his "creators" had sold him out, Wolverine was imprisoned in Erebus, the seventh level of Hell, alongside the Hulk, Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), Batman, Wonder Woman, Punisher, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Doctor Doom, Beast, Venom, Colossus, Juggernaut, Flash, Superman, Spider-Man, the Thing, Thor, Doctor Octopus and the Joker. When they were later visited by Spawn and Cerebus the Aardvark, the inmates appealed to the pair for release, but despite Spawn blowing up their prison the inmates remained incarcerated.

(Berzerkers#2) - Wolverine fell into the service of Tyrus on the plant Savageon, and joined the pursuit of his escaped prisoners, the Berzerkers. He was no longer with the group when they caught up with their prey, perhaps having bailed on the group because he soon realized he was working for the wrong side.




(WildC.A.T.s I#25) - Wolverine hung out with some similarly hirsute friends (see comments), including his hairstyle-twin, Youngblood's Trolle, at the superhero eatery Clark's Bar and Grill, but was refused a drink at the bar because he didn't have proof of a secret identity on him, which led to a heated discussion with his fellows. 


(Prophet II#5) - Wolverine was minding his own business, reading a newspaper in a doorway, when Prophet and a Cyber-Assassin smashed through a window right behind him, startling him into popping his claws; the crashing glass also grabbed the interest of the nearby Hulk, Mr. Fantastic and Captain America.




(Pact II#4/4 - BTS) - When his teammate Zephyr Noble took up smoking, claiming her superpowers should protect her from its potentially lethal side effects, Firebreather (Duncan Rosenblatt) stated that this was merely a commonly held misconception among superheroes, citing Wolverine, Nick Fury and the Thing as examples of this erroneous thinking.



Comments: Created by Len Wein, Herb Trimpe and Jack Abel, introduced to Image by Dave Sim and Todd McFarlane.

    Obviously this profile takes some conceits, treating several unconnected cameos as the story of a single individual; clearly we are only getting snapshots of his life, and while it might seem bizarre to, for example, find him serving a villain such as Tyrus on an alien world in Berzerkers, we've got to remember that if you were to pick up a random selection of Earth-616 Wolverine appearances spread across multiple titles and several years, you'd have no idea why he's suddenly much more feral-looking with bone claws in one story and then back to more of less his normal appearance but serving Apocalypse as a Horseman in the next. Fwiw, in Berzerkers, Tyrus also has a Yautja (Predator) and a Mandalorian (not Boba Fett, based on armor coloring) in his service.

    Another question in terms of whether it can all be the same Wolverine depends on the state of Image's shared reality. Most of the appearances above are from the company's early years, so they should be, but by the time the Pact comic came out Image's reality had suffered some...disruptions. Shattered Image saw the reality split so that the Youngblood characters were no longer part of their history, transforming into the Wildstorm Universe, which gradually drifted into the DC Megaverse (in the days when DC published Wildstorm, but kept the universes separate bar the odd crossover), briefly merged with Marvel's Heroes Reborn universe, then joined the DC multiverse proper following Infinite Crisis, merged into the DC universe completely after Flashpoint, and became a separate reality within their multiverse again post-Convergence - phew! So presumably the reality shift removed Youngblood's Troll from the scene where he is with Wolverine in WildC.A.T.s I#25; similarly, the Berzerkers belonged to the Youngblood section of the Image universe, so they probably phased out too, taking with them Wolverine's appearance in their miniseries.  If Shattered Image wasn't enough, in Savage Dragon II#103 (September 2002) the original Image Earth is destroyed, which Officer Dragon now living on a parallel Earth; this presumably means that any Image story published prior to this is strictly speaking in a different reality from those published before it, albeit one that had a virtually identical history up until that point.

    Some sites state that Wolverine has a cameo in Youngblood I#9, based on an extreme close-up of someone in a mask attending Badrock's party for the premiere of his new TV show; however, checking that issue, I believe the character in question is actually Batman. In case others disagree, I include a summary of that appearance here in the comments - based on publication date, it would go after the Spawn appearance and before the Berzerkers' one.

(Youngblood I#9) - Having landed a deal for a TV show based on himself, Badrock threw a party so that every hero he knew could watch the premiere airing at his mansion. Standing outside, the press sought to catch each new arrival for a quick soundbite about what they thought of the still-unseen show; while black-suited Spider-Man predicted it would be amazing, spectacular and sensational, Wolverine (or Batman) angrily told the reporter to get the camera out of his face.

     Of course, with Youngblood's departure from Image's reality, the question of whether this is Wolverine or not becomes moot anyway.


    There are a few Image characters who share Wolverine's distinctive hairstyle, and in WildC.A.T.s I#25 Logan appears to be in the company of a few of them. I'm far less expert with Image characters than I am with Marvel, so if anyone out there thinks they can positively identify them, please drop me a line. The one with goggles is definitely Youngblood's Troll. The Berzerker Wildmane likewise has Wolverine's hairdo, but I don't think he's one of the guys in the picture, since he lacks a beard.

    I'm cheating slightly by counting Prophet II#5 as an appearance, since Wolverine only appears on the cover. However, the scene more or less happens in the story inside, just from an angle whereby you can't clearly see the bystanders near the window being smashed. As such, I feel it's fair to treat the cover as canonical to the story.

    Wolverine also appears in ShadowHawk IV#14, but there he is shown as part of a montage of characters witnessed by Shadowhawk as he transitions through Alternity (a.k.a. the Bleed, a.k.a. the multiversal crossroads), so there's no reason to believe this isn't 616 Wolverine.  

As best as I can identify:
main image: ShadowHawk
panel 1, top down: Don Simpson's Fiascoverse characters - Phantom Jungle Girl, unknown, Meddler, the Slick, Ms. Megaton Man
panel 2, top down: Tower's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents - Raven, NoMan, Dynamo, Lightning
panel 3: Valiant's Shadowman
panel 4: Wolverine
panel 5, top down: DC's Green Lantern, Batman, Flash Superman
panel 6, top down: Archie/MLJ's Comet and the Fly (miscolored)
panel 7, top down: miscolored Ultraverse I think - Hardcase, Nightman (masked face), Prime (arm) and Mantra
panel 8: Spawn
panel 9: 1963's Mystery Incorporated - top down: Kid Dynamo, the Planet, Neon Queen

    Similarly, Wolverine is in Gen13 II#13C, but there he is one of many cameos from characters native to other comics/realities, so once again there is no reason to believe it wouldn't be 616 Wolverine.

    He also shows up in normalman-Megaton Man Special#1, where he is seen fighting Batman, but that scene is set in Alternity, described as "sorta like a place that everything that is anything that is everything all comes together at the same place and time"; as a result, the issue in question contains a ridiculous number of cameos from across the comic book section of the Omniverse, so again this could easily be 616 Wolverine.

Bottom left, Dave Sim's Cerebus the Aardvark kicks Don Simpson's Megaton Man while he is punching Captain Everything (from normalman).

    Above Megaton Man, Valiant's Solar punches a miscolored Titan (from Comics' Greatest World) off the panel's edge while Fawcett/DC's Captain Marvel knocks Ultraverse's Prime to the ground.

     Behind Captain Everything, Wolverine spars with Batman, while an as-yet unidentified woman points a gun at them and another not-yet identified woman watches. Superman swoops in from above to intervene.

     Top left, Groo battles Beanworld's Mr. Spook, Supergirl kicks Mary Marvel, Scott McCloud's Zot confronts Jeff Smith's Phoney Bone, and Spawn tries to strangle Spider-Man. In the bottom panel, Megaton Man punches Captain Everything towards comic creator Scott McCloud.

I was reminded of one additional appearance in an Image comic in Youngblood: Bloodsport (well, full disclosure, it was under Liefeld's Arcade Comics stuff, but considering he's back at Image now and it features such prominent Image characters as Seahawk and Battlestone, it likely would be set on that earth). It's.....well, it's a Mark Millar joint, and it's genuinely pretty heinous. Might have to pair down a bunch of language. This is his sole appearance in the comic alongside Cyclops, and they're dressed as Mariko Yoshia and Jean Grey and...well, it explains itself.
--Stella Holley

Profile by Loki.


Wolverine is an alternate reality counterpart of
  • Wolverine, long time X-Man --Incredible Hulk II#180
  • and a myriad of the above's alternate reality counterparts

but has no known connections to:

  • any other "Wolverine" characters

images: (without ads)

Prophet II#5 back cover (main image)

Spawn#10, p6, pan 1 (imprisoned)

Berzerkers#2, p3, pan1 (on bike)

WildC.A.T.s II#25, p6, pan2 (at the bar in Clark's)
The Pact II#4/4, p1, pan5 (anti-smoking example)
Youngblood I#9, p18, pan14 (Batman or Wolverine?)
WildC.A.T.s I#25, p6, pan3 (with his friends in Clark's)
ShadowHawk IV#14, p2-3, pan1-10 (Alternity)
normalman/Megaton Man Special#1, p11, pan2/p12 pan1-2 (fighting Batman)

Spawn#10 (May 1993)
- Dave Sim (writer), Todd McFarlane (art), Tom Orzechowski (editor)
Berzerkers#2 (September 1995) - Beau Smith (writer), Dan Fraga (pencils), Marlo Alquiza, Danny Miki, Joe Weems (inks), Eric Stephenson (editor)
WildC.A.T.s I#25 (December 1995) - Alan Moore (writer), Dave Johnson, Kevin Nowlan and John Nyberg (art), Mike Heisler (editor)
Prophet II#5 (February 1996) - Chuck Dixon, Steven Downs (writers), Stephen Platt (cover artist), Marlo Alquiza (cover inker), Eric Stephenson (editor)

Pact#4 (January 2006) - Robert Kirkman (writer), Jason Howard (art), editor uncredited
Youngblood I#9 (September 1994) - Jim Valentino (writer, pencils), Dan Fraga (inks), editor uncredited
ShadowHawk IV#14 (October 1994) - Jim Valentino (writer, pencils), Randy Queen, Batton Lash (inks), Len Senecal (editor)
normalman/Megaton Man Special#1 (August 1994) - Jim Valentino (writer, art), Don Simpson (writer, art for Megaton Man only), Larry Marder (writer, art for Mr. Spook only), Randy Chalenor (editor)

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