Real Name: Pamela Shaw

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Day care volunteer, super hero; former housewife

Group Membership: Earth Force (Earth Lord/Kyle Brock, Skyhawk/Winston Manchester)

Affiliations: Susan Austin, Bes the God of Luck, Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Code: Blue (Daniel "Fireworks" Fielsten, Julius "Mad-Dog" Rassitano, Samuel "Mother" Majowski, Margarita "Rigger" Ruiz, others), Hogun the Grim, Horus, Odin (Odin Borson), Silver Sable (Silver Sablinova), Sven, Thor (Odinson)

Enemies: Bloodaxe (Jackie Lukus), Demons of Despair, Grog the God-Crusher, Seth

Known Relatives: Unidentified husband, unidentified child (deceased)

Aliases: the Mistress of the Tempest

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Thor I#395 (September, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: After being transformed by the god Seth, Pamela Shaw was transformed into the Wind Warrior, capable of generating and controlling air currents, allowing her to fly, to fire focused gusts of wind, or to create powerful whirlwinds. Wind Warrior stands 9 inches taller than Pam Shaw. Wind Warrior has the mark of Aton on her palm, and when she presses her palms together, she transforms. She can also sense the other members of Earth Force through the Aton sign.

Height: (As Shaw) 5'2"; (as Wind Warrior) 5'11"
Weight: (As Shaw) 135 lbs.; (as Wind Warrior) 143 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(Thor I#395 (fb) - BTS) - Pamela Shaw was content, if bored, as a housewife with her husband and baby, but after her baby died, her husband left her. Shaw attempted suicide but survived and was rushed to the hospital.

(Thor I#395) - The god Seth appeared before the souls of Pamela Shaw, Winston Manchester, and Kyle Brock, two other patients on the brink of death, and offered them a chance to serve him as super-powered operatives. Using the sign of Aton, the Sun God, Seth transformed Pamela into Wind Warrior, the Mistress of the Tempest; Manchester into Skyhawk, the Master of Flight; and Brock into Earth Lord, the Tower of Strength. Calling them Earth Force, Seth sent them back to the hospital and ordered them to kill Hogun the Grim, a patient there, promising to let them continue to live if they served him. The Earth Force was surrounded by a S.W.A.T. team, and Wind Warrior, determined to keep them safe, used her powers to first take their breath and knock them out, then to usher them out of the hospital in a whirlwind. As doctors and nurses rushed to get patients to safety, Thor placed Hogun and his medical team, in the middle of a critical operation, in a force field, and Earth Force did their best to fight their way through. When Thor rushed to save a vulnerable patient, Skyhawk attacked him, but Earth Lord and Wind Warrior had second thoughts, not wanting to trade the lives of others for their own. Wind Warrior took Skyhawk against his will in a whirlwind, along with Earth Lord, and they rushed away to reassess their circumstances.

(Thor I#396 (fb) - BTS) - The members of Earth Force realized they had been manipulated by Seth and that they wanted to fight against him instead.

(Thor I#396) - Earth Force returned to Thor and Hogun and heard that Asgard was under siege by Seth. They made peace with the heroes and promised to help them fight. Thor arranged for the team to get a ride to the Rocky Mountains with the Black Knight, where they questioned Grog the God-Crusher, another Seth-powered super-villain. When Grog opened a portal to Seth's dimension, they followed him through and wound up in Seth's dimension of death. Overwhelmed by the demon forces of Seth, the heroes tried their best to fight back, but Wind Warrior was overwhelmed and fled. Thor and the others were swiftly overwhelmed by Seth's demons.

(Thor I#397) - As the battle raged, Wind Warrior stayed in hiding, using her winds to repel the demons when they found her, before she was discovered by the Lost Ones.

(Thor I#398 (fb) - BTS) - Wind Warrior learned that the Lost Ones were gods who had been stripped of their power by Seth, and they were led by Horus.

(Thor I#398) - Wind Warrior accompanied the Lost Ones as they searched for power.

(Thor I#399) - Wind Warrior used her powers to break into the Black Pyramid, then she led Horus and the others inside, where she found her allies (including Thor, Bes the god of luck, Black Knight, Hogun, and Odin) in battle. Skyhawk and Earth Lord were thrilled to see Wind Warrior alive.

(Thor I#400) - As Odin called to the gods of Asgard to rise up in final battle with Seth, Earth Force vowed to help them see the fight to the finish. Soon, Earth Force attacked Seth directly, but Seth easily defeated the team with blasts of power. Despite their defeat, Earth Force bought the Asgardians and Black Knight enough time to regroup, and Seth was soon defeated. The Asgardians used their powers to heal the Earth Force members, returning them to Earth in their human identities, with the sign of Aton still on their hands.

(Thor Annual I#16/4) - Shaw was distressed when she saw men kidnapping a baby in the park, and she soon attacked them as Wind Warrior, using winds to take their guns before following the man, Sven, with the child. Silver Sable revealed herself to Wind Warrior, explaining that she was taking the child back to her mother, as the child had been kidnapped by her criminal father. Earth Lord rushed in to help, but Shaw ensured him things were taken care of. After proving she was on the side of good, Sable offered Wind Warrior a job.

(Thor I#456 (fb) - BTS) - Shaw began volunteering at a daycare.

(Thor I#456) - Earth Lord summoned Skyhawk and Wind Warrior, through their Aton signs, to help Code: Blue fight Bloodaxe, and they rushed to his aid, cancelling their work days to do so. Earth Force attacked Bloodaxe while civilian Susan Austin was rushed to safety on Wind Warrior's winds. When Earth Lord and Skyhawk were overcome by Bloodaxe's strength, Wind Warrior generated a large whirlwind that nearly tore her apart, then she launched it at Bloodaxe as Code: Blue tossed in fireworks. When the smoke cleared, Bloodaxe was gone, and Earth Force was celebrated for their heroism.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Brett Breeding.

While the Earth Force was appointed as part of the Fifty State Initiative, for Washington state, it is unknown if Wind Warrior was part of that team. Wind Warrior is often spelled with a hyphen, such as Wind-Warrior.

Earth Force have a profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#2 (August, 1989). Wind Warrior had her own profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#25 (1992).

Profile update by Chadman.

Wind Warrior has no known connections to:


(Thor Annual I#16/4) - Working for Silver Sable, Sven and his men were assigned to kidnap a child in order to return the child to her mother, as the baby had been kidnapped by her father. Sven and his men rushed to grab the child in the park, but they were attacked by Wind Warrior before Sable settled affairs.

--Thor Annual I#16/4

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