Real Name: Hector Bautista

Identity/Class: Human (cosmic power (Infinity Stone) user)

Occupation: Former prisoner

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Bats, Gloria Rider, Loki Laufeyson, Talonar (Robbie Rider), Wolverine (James Howlett)

Enemies: Fraternity of Raptors, Texas Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Institutions Division, Warbringer, an unidentified killer;
    formerly Talonar (Robbie Rider)

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents

Aliases: "Overtime" (see comments)

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Infinity Wars: Infinity#1 (January, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: The Time Stone (one of the Infinity Stones) allows Hector Batista to stop, accelerate and slow down time, and do the same with various objects. It also enabled him to time travel on a limited basis, displaying the power to travel at least to the recent past.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown; (after contact with the Time Stone): green
Hair: Brown

History: (Infinity Wars: Infinity#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hector Bautista was born after flights to the moon had ceased, and he spent all of his life hoping to survive until the moment when they resumed.

(Wolverine: Infinity Watch#4 (fb)) - At some point, Hector ran into a store near a gas station where an unidentified man committed a massacre and left the scene.

(Infinity Wars: Infinity#1 (fb)) - All the blame for the massacre was placed on Hector, and he ended up in prison. He prayed every day in the hope that the truth would emerge but after a while, he stopped praying, concluding that it made no sense to pray in hopes of restoring justice. Bautista was soon sentenced to death, and both a lawyer and a priest had a conversation with him. According to Hector, bad news were the only things that came out of their mouths. He later had a meeting with his heartbroken parents.

(Infinity Wars: Infinity#1) - Later, Hector stood in the courtyard of the prison and was thinking while staring at the sky. When the time for his walk came to an end, the guard asked him to return to the cell. Hector told the guard how he had hoped to survive until moon flights resumed, and the guard joked that NASA could arrange a flight before Hector's execution. In the middle of the night, an object broke through the ceiling of Hector's cell, merging the perplexed Hector with the Time Stone without him realizing it. The guards burst into the cell and assumed Hector had made an attempt to escape. When one of the men raised a club on him, Bautista shouted "Stop!" and found out that time had stopped. Looking around confused, he ultimately went to bed. When the time "resumed," the guards wondered how the prisoner was standing in front of them when a few seconds ago, he had been in another place. They transferred Hector to another cell and prison officials later called the incident a meteorite fall.

    The next morning, a few hours before Hector's scheduled execution, a priest visited Bautista, who was eating his last meal, and asked if there was anything he would like to talk about before execution. Hector refused and said a few words about his innocence, soon feeling changes in his body. Hector was later interrupted during his final meal when the guard told the felon that his time was up, prompting Hector to accidentally stop time again. Hector finally determined that he had acquired superpowers. Stealing the cell keys, Hector then escaped from prison and stole a van belonging to a group of journalists outside.

(Wolverine: Infinity Watch#2 (fb) - BTS) - Hector soon stole a motorcycle as he continued his run from the law.

(Wolverine: Infinity Watch#2) - Wolverine and Loki were entrusted with the defense of Hector Bautista by Logan/Phoenix of Earth-14412. The press and media reported that the fugitive was heading west. When Hector was in Huntsville, Wolverine and Loki utilized the Skíðblaðnir flying ship to follow the news helicopters and found Hector on the road, defending himself from the police. Logan grabbed Bautista and threw him aboard Skíðblaðnir but Hector, sensing a threat, froze time. Wolverine, wielding the alien Time Diamonds, did not succumb to time stop and hit Bautista. The heated dialogue between them was interrupted by the appearance of the alien Warbringer, who said that he was looking for the Time Stone in order to travel back in time and save the Chitauri race. Wolverine attacked the Warbringer while Loki tried to take Hector away, but Hector used his abilities again and disappeared. Loki soon determined the location of Hector and, armed with a bat equipped with Time Diamonds, appeared in front of Hector and knocked him down. The God of Mischief wondered why the Time Stone had chosen Hector, but Bautista replied that he was simply trying to save his own life and had no idea what Loki was talking about.

    Warbringer soon caught up to Hector as well, but Loki tricked him with an illusion. Believing that he had obtained the Time Stone thanks to Loki's illusion, Warbringer left Earth. Moments later, a portal opened from which members of the Fraternity of Raptors emerged and kidnapped Hector, threatening to destroy the planet if Wolverine and Loki tried to intervene.

(Wolverine: Infinity Watch#3) - The Fraternity of Raptors took Hector to their spaceship. In the ship's laboratory, Hector lost consciousness but soon regained it when the Fraternity (including the Earthling Talonar, brother of Richard Rider) decided to surgically remove the Time Stone from Hector's body. Bautista began to argue that he had no idea how to command time using the Stone. The interrogation was interrupted by the return of Wolverine and Loki, who had enlisted the support of Doctor Strange's ghost-dog, Bats. However, the heroes from Earth were defeated by the Fraternity of Raptors, and Hector tried to neutralize the conflict by attempting an arrangement with Talonar, but Talonar refused to make concessions. When Bats appeared before Hector, Hector was shocked and, realizing how crazy the entire situation was, cried out that he was ready to die.

(Wolverine: Infinity Watch#4) - Raptors tortured Hector Bautista and came to the conclusion that Hector was capable of  suspending the passage of time. Talonar suggested that it would be possible to understand more of how Bautista accomplished this after his death. The torture then came to an end when Loki, who had teleported away following his defeat by the Raptors, returned to the ship with Talonar's mother, Gloria Rider. Mistakingly believing her to be another illusion, Talonar killed her. While Talonar mourned his mother, Loki freed Hector. Bautista traveled back in time and prevented the murder of Gloria Rider, diverging Gloria's death to reality-19555 and settling the conflict as a result.

    However, this did not mark the end of Hector's adventure, as the Warbringer returned, with the same desire to acquire the Time Stone.

(Wolverine: Infinity Watch#5) - Wolverine asked Hector to use the power of the Time Stone in hopes that Hector's powers would help them escape and defeat Warbringer, and Hector, though being very afraid, did it. Hector stopped time and proved unable to resume it again. Spending three days outside of the normal flow of time, Overtime managed to go around the Raptors' entire space ship several times but failed to find a way out. In one of the rooms, Hector discovered the corpse of an alien who died during tortures. He put on alien's armor and began to try to take time off the pause. He finally succeeded.

    Having trained a little, Hector Bautista realized how the Time Stone worked and returned to his new friends. He slowed down time around Warbringer, allowing Wolverine to defeat Warbringer. As a result of the damage caused by Warbringer, Wolverine and the others, the spacecraft began to collapse. Talonar opened a portal to Earth in order to keep the others and himself from perishing in the spacecraft's destruction. Wolverine, unaware that Bats had departed, thought that the ghost dog had remained on the destroyed ship and asked Hector to go back in time to rescue Bats, but soon opted instead to have Bautista take him back in time to save the X-Men, whom Wolverine thought had died after he saw the Xavier Institute in ruins. Hector refused, not wishing to face whatever had seemingly killed the X-Men, prompting Wolverine to get angry. Angered at Wolverine in turn, Hector hit Wolverine and departed.

Comments: Created by Gerry Duggan and Mark Bagley.

Hector was only called "Overtime" by Earth-14412's Thor, who was reading historic events in a book called Flowa's Journal. Hector has yet to refer to himself as Overtime as of yet. --Proto-Man

Profile by Mike Castle.

Overtime has no known connections to:

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Wolverine: Infinity Watch#5, p4, pan1 (Overtime, headshot)
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Infinity Wars: Infinity#1, p2, pan1 (Hector in prison uniform with guard)
Infinity Wars: Infinity#1, p11, pan4 (Hector stops time for the first time)
Infinity Wars: Infinity#1, p9, pan4 (accident in the cell)
Wolverine: Infinity Watch#2, p5, pan2 (the chase)
Wolverine: Infinity Watch#2, p19, pan1-2 (Hector is captured by the Fraternity of Raptors)
Wolverine: Infinity Watch#4, p3, pan1 (Hector is being tortured)
Wolverine: Infinity Watch#5, p15, pan3 (Overtime beats Wolverine)

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