(of Earth-20143)

Real Name: Miles Morales

Identity/ClassExtradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-20143) human mutate

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Carnage (May Parker), Ben Parker, Peter Parker

Enemies: Spider-Man (Miles Morales of Earth-1610), Team Spider-Ma'am of Earth-3123 (Ben Parker, Peter Parker, Spider-Ma'am/May Parker)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: None

First Appearance: Spider-Verse III#2 (January, 2020)

Powers/Abilities: Miles Morales had the same powers as his Earth-1610 counterpart, including superhuman strength and agility, web-swinging, the ability to cling to solid surfaces, a "spider-sense" that warned him of danger and bioelectric kinetic strike known as the venom blast.

Height: 5' 8" (by approximation) (see comments)
Weight: 160 lbs (by approximation) (see comments)
Eyes: Brown (by approximation) (see comments)
Hair: Black (by approximation) (see comments)

History: (Spider-Verse III#2) - Miles Morales obtained Spider-powers in an alternate universe in which Peter Parker, his Uncle Ben and Aunt May as well as Miles himself all turned to evil after interpreting the Multiverse of infinite possibilities as the lack of free will, making life maddeningly meaningless. Deciding to kill their alternate reality counterparts, Peter, Ben and May, who was bonded with the Carnage symbiote, traveled to Earth-3123 and attacked their counterparts there. The timely intervention of Earth-1610's Miles Morales enabled the Earth-3123 versions to prevail, and Miles and Spider-Ma'am had just restrained the evil counterparts when the evil Miles Morales arrived to join the fight. He used a venom blast on Spider-Man-1610 and Spider-Ma'am-3123 and freed Carnage May from her restrains, allowing his teammates to attack their heroic counterparts again. They started gaining the upper hand until Earth-3123 Peter had an idea, positing that if parallel realities overlapped one another then an impact coexisting across multiple realities could both open and seal an interdimensional tear, thus sending their evil counterparts back to their home reality. Needing their own extradimensional counterparts to hit the exact same spot across the Multiverse, May shot her webbing at the heart logo of the Sweetheart's Cafe and her actions were mirrored by her numerous other superpowered counterparts in their respective realities (wearing costumes of Ghost-Spider, Spider-Woman, Iron Spider, Black Suit, Silk, Captain Universe, Bombastic Bag-Woman and Scarlet Spider, Ricochet, Hornet and Prodigy among others), as did good Miles, Ben and Peter, which indeed opened up the portal and sucked Miles and the other evil counterparts back into their home reality.

Comments: Created by Ryan North and Pere Pérez.

    Miles' physical attributes are approximated from his Earth-1610 counterpart.

    Despite wearing a Spider-Man uniform, Miles does not use an alias during the story.

Profile by HBK123.

Miles Morales has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Spider-Verse III#2, p10, pan5 (Miles Morales, main image)
Spider-Verse III#2, p11, pan2 (Miles Morales in his costume, red with blue webbing)
Spider-Verse III#2, p16, pan2 (Miles Morales fighting his Earth-1610 counterpart)

Spider-Verse III#2 (January, 2020) - Ryan North (writer), Pere P
érez (pencils), Jordi Tarragona Garcia (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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Last updated: 06/30/2020

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