"aliens who possessed Fantastic Four"
(of Earth-88201)

Membership: Unidentified aliens posing as Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm and Sue Storm

Purpose: To conquer Earth

Aliases: The Fantastic Four

Affiliations: The Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor) (who were unaware of their true nature)

Enemies: Victor von Doom

Base of Operations: The Baxter Building, USA

First Appearance: Avengers Halloween Special#1 (December, 2018)

History: (Avengers Halloween Special#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - When Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm and Johnny Storm traveled into space, a group of unidentified aliens took possession of their bodies, with Sue Storm putting up the most resistance against the aliens. Once completing taking over the bodies of the foursome, the aliens returned to Earth and fabricated a story in which the foursome had been mutated by cosmic rays in space before posing as Earth superheroes, using their "powers" to help others.

(Avengers Halloween Special#1/2) - While changing out bandages on his scarred face, Victor von Doom watched a television show about the so-called Fantastic Four and became suspicious of the supposedly buffoonish Reed Richards. Traveling to the Fantastic Four's headquarters, von Doom spied on the team from afar, sure they were not who they said they were. His armor soon detected a communication frequency higher than any used on Earth, confirming his suspicions that the real Reed Richards had died in space and something else was posing as him on Earth. Deciding to confront the Fantastic Four, Victor von Doom crashed through one of the Baxter Building's windows and was immediately met by the alien posing as Johnny Storm. Drawing a sword, von Doom stabbed "Johnny" before the alien posing as Ben Grimm attacked, only to find himself blown up by von Doom. The alien posing as Reed Richards then followed up but von Doom used his armor to disable "Richards"' muscles, remarking that the alien would suffocate before the effect wore off. Unfortunately, the Avengers, who were unaware of the aliens' true nature, soon arrived and defeated von Doom, arresting him. While in jail, von Doom was visited by the alien posing as Sue Storm, who asked Doom what gave the Fantastic Four away. Doom explained how the real Ben Grimm had been vain and would have been unhappy with his monstrous form and that Doom's theory was proven when his armor picked up the communication frequencies. Von Doom then asked "Sue" if he would now been taken into space and replaced as well, prompting "Sue" to reply that the other aliens had considered it but felt it was more fun to leave Doom in jail. When Doom promised to escape and lead the world against the aliens, "Sue" placed a tiny force field into Doom's brain to initiate a massive stroke, allowing Doom to see her true form before promising to visit Doom again after Doom recovered from the stroke as the last man left on Earth. "Sue" then left, claiming she had a planet to conquer.

Comments: Created by Gerry Duggan and Laura Braga.

The name of the alien race that possessed the Fantastic Four was never revealed. Additionally, the Avengers were never called as such by name but one can assume who they are based on appearance...then again, it's also possible they were called something else in this reality...

Profile by Proto-Man.

The "aliens who possessed the Fantastic Four" have no known connections to:

The Avengers

The Avengers were heroes much like their Earth-616 counterparts. When the aliens posing as the Fantastic Four were attacked in the Baxter Building by Victor von Doom, the Avengers, unaware of the Fantastic Four's true nature, responded to assist the Fantastic Four, defeating and arresting von Doom.

They were (clockwise from top): Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow.

--Avengers Halloween Special#1/2

Victor von Doom

Victor von Doom had been a past associate of Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. After becoming horribly disfigured, von Doom watched on television as the Fantastic Four and immediately became suspicious, feeling as if the real Reed Richards never acted a buffoon as he seemed on television. Also suspicious of Ben Grimm's continued happy-go-lucky attitude following a transformation into a monstrous form, von Doom traveled from Latveria to the Baxter Building and soon confirmed his theories when he picked up a communication frequency higher than any on Earth. Attacking the Fantastic Four, von Doom made quick work of the fiery Johnny Storm, rocky Ben Grimm and stretching Reed Richards, but he was soon taken down when the Avengers, who were unaware the Fantastic Four had been replaced with aliens, arrived and arrested him. Doom was later visited in jail by the alien posing as Sue Storm, who asked how Doom had figured out the Fantastic Four were not what they seemed. "Sue" then admitted the Fantastic Four felt it was fun to leave Doom imprisoned and when Doom promised to lead the world against the aliens, "Sue" placed a tiny force field inside Doom's brain to initiate a stroke, promising to visit Doom again after he recovered as the last man left on Earth following the Fantastic Four's invasion.

--Avengers Halloween Special#1/2

images: (without ads)
Avengers Halloween Special#1, p7, pan2 ("aliens who possessed the Fantastic Four," main image)
Avengers Halloween Special#1, p12, pan3 ("Sue Storm" in true alien form)
Avengers Halloween Special#1, p10, pan6 (Avengers)
Avengers Halloween Special#1, p8, pan3 (Victor von Doom)

Avengers Halloween Special#1 (December, 2018) - "Whatever Happened to the Richards Family?" story - Gerry Duggan (writer), Laura Braga (art), Jake Thomas (editor)

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