cup_and_trident-hyborian-mainThe CUP AND THE TRIDENT

Classification: Hyborian era Inn

Creator: Unrevealed, possibly the unidentified innkeeper

Patrons Ariostro, Conan the Cimmerian, Sigurd of Vanaheim, Strabo, many others

Base of Operations: Near the harbor of Messantia, capital of Argos

First Appearance: Conan of the Isles (1968);
    Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles (1988)

Abilities/Functions: The Cup and the Trident provides shelter, food, drink, and lodging to its patrons, many of whom are sailors, fishermen, and occasional travelers.

    The atmosphere is warm, light, and merry, although there are occasional rowdy barfights.


(Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles) - As a fierce storm broke around midnight, all was cozy and merry within the Cup and the Trident when the oaky door suddenly crashed open bringing in gusty winds as well as a large and elderly warrior.

    This was Conan, who had come to the area seeking a ship to investigate the mysterious Red Shadows that were slaughtering the people of his kingdom, Aquilonia, which he had abdicated and turned over his son, Conn, to pursue this mission..

    As Conan closed the door, the other patrons swiftly returned to their own affairs, and the innkeeper approached Conan, asking what he could bring him.

    Conan replied that he wanted a hot mulled ale and a haunch of the calf he smelled sizzling...and he told the innkeeper to be quick about it, as he was wet to the bone, frozen to the marrow, and hungry as a famished wolf.

    Conan's sitting by the open fire and roasting calf generated ire from some of the other patrons, and Strabo provoked a confrontation with Conan, who swiftly beat him into submission. cup_and_trident-hyborian-inkeeper

    As Strabo's comrades carried him to another room for revival, Conan's battle prowess swiftly confirmed his identity to his old ally, Sigurd of Vanaheim.

    Conan and Sigurd discussed Conan's plans, and they were overheard by Argossean king Ariostro, who had come there seeking to secretly fund non-Argossean forces to investigate and stop the Red Shadows that were plaguing Argos as well.

    Arisotro approached the two men and offered him a number of gems to fund their purchase of a ship, which they used to obtain what they named the Red Lion.

Comments: Created by L. Sprague DeCamp & Lin Carter;
    adapted by Roy Thomas, John Buscema, Danny Bulandi, Ricardo Villamonte & Armando Gil.

    At the time of this story, Conan was about 70 years old.

Profile by Snood.

The Cup and the Trident should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads):
Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles, pg. 12, panel 1 (interior);
          panel 2 (Conan's entrance);
          panel 3 (inkeeper)

Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles (1988) - Roy Thomas (writer), John Buscema (pencils), Danny Bulanadi, Ricardo Villamonte & Armando Gil (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)

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