Official Name: Captain America, Nebraska;
formerly Burlington, Nebraska

Continent: North America

Population: Unrevealed

Capital City: Inapplicable

Government: American political system

Major Languages: English

Monetary Unit: United States dollar

Major Resources: Tourism

National Defense: Presumably typical American city defenses (i.e. police officers, security guards, etc.)

International Relations: None known

Extraterrestrial Relations: None

Places of Interest: Captain America Museum and Gift Shop, Cap Dogs hot dog stand, Joseph Park

Domestic Super Humans: None

Non-Human Population: None 

Prominent Citizens: None

Superhuman Residents: None

Domestic Crime: Captain America, Nebraska was twice attacked the terrorist group Rampart.

International Crime: None

First Appearance: Captain America VIII#695 (January, 2018)

History: (Captain America VIII#695 (fb) - BTS) - After Captain America saved a bunch of children from the white supremacist group Rampart, the townspeople of Burlington, Nebraska unanimously voted to change their city's name to Captain America, Nebraska.

(Captain America VIII#695) - Ten years after the town's renaming, as Steve Rogers was leaving Bouton, Nebraska on his motorcycle, he saw a billboard advertising a town in Bouton County called Captain America, Nebraska. Arriving in town during the town's annual Captain America Celebration, Rogers hid his shield in the hubcaps of his motorcycle and ventured into the Celebration, where one young boy figured out he was the real Captain America while another woman assumed Rogers was a cosplayer. Learning that there was a Captain America costume contest at noon, Rogers walked over to Cap Dogs, a hot dog stand, and ordered two hot dogs with mustard and onions, commenting that the Celebration was some party and asking how long the Celebration had been going on. Upon learning that the town was renamed from Burlington ten years after Captain America had saved children from a white supremacist group, Rogers asked the hot dog vendor that the town must have been renamed shortly after Captain America was found in the ice. The vendor quickly called Rogers an "icer," someone who believed the story of Cap being frozen in ice, and suggested his own theory of how a modern-era man was placed within the Avengers as the team's popularity grew. Rogers soon heard someone yell to look out and, jumping into action, he dramatically turned to catch a flying disc designed after Cap's shield that a little girl had thrown. Rogers then turned his attention towards Captain America, Nebraska's stage, where random civilians were sharing their stories of meeting Captain America. The stories were interrupted, however, when the terrorist group Rampart returned and announced their plans to take over the United States starting with Captain America, Nebraska, where they had once been defeated. Rogers immediately jumped into action, donning his Captain America costume and defeating the Rampart cell, who caused an explosion. Saving the townspeople, Captain America revealed himself and admitted that he had come there not for the Celebration but to do his job to track down Rampart and that he was able to investigate better without his costume. The townspeople of Captain America, Nebraska celebrated Cap for saving the town again and when they called him inspirational, Captain America asked why, suggesting the town be inspired by the townsfolk who risked their lives to help those injured by Rampart. He then saluted the townsfolk before departing.

Comments: Created by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.

The fictional town of Captain America, Nebraska was likely based on the real-life town of Metropolis, Illinois, a town themed to DC's Superman. Supporting evidence of this might be the Captain America Celebration and Captain America Museum and Gift Shop, which were likely modeled after Metropolis' own annual Superman Celebration and the semi-famous Super Museum, as well as the billboard welcoming people to Captain America, Nebraska, which barely a very striking similarity to the one welcoming visitors to Metropolis, IL. The font is even very similar.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Captain America, Nebraska has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Captain America VIII#695, p9, splash page (Captain America Celebration, main image)
Captain America VIII#695, p8, pan3 (Captain America, Nebraska sign)

Captain America VIII#695 (January, 2018) - Mark Waid (writer), Chris Samnee (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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