(of Earth-95514)

Real Name: Blaze

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Asgardian)/alternate reality (Earth-95514) goddess

Occupation: Goddess, superhero

Group Membership: Avengers

Affiliations: Loki (Loki Laufeyson), various unidentified Earth heroes

Enemies: Hela, Thor (Thor Odinson)

Known Relatives: Loki Laufeyson (Loki, grandfather), Thor Odinson (Thor, adoptive great uncle), Odin (adoptive great-grandfather), Freya (adoptive great-grandmother), Laufey (great-grandfather), others

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Asgard

First Appearance: Spider-Man Magazine (I#14) (1995)

Powers/Abilities: Blaze can summon the internal power of the universe itself to project energy blasts. She also possesses wings capable of flight.

She likely possesses the same superhuman physical attributes shared by all Asgardians including longevity, strength, durability, immunity to Earthly disease, etc.

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 420 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

History: (unpublished story) - The mischievous granddaughter of the Asgardian Loki, Blaze sought to be a great hero like her great uncle Thor and even battled the villainous Hela.

(Spider-Man Magazine (I#14)) - Traveling to Earth, Blaze met several Earth heroes.

(unpublished story) - Blaze ultimately joined the Avengers.

Comments: Created by Euriana Han.

Blaze was a product of Marvel's Spider-Man Magazine visiting Ms. Hopkins' third grade glass at Saratoga Elementary School in Springfield, Virginia circa 1995. Each child was asked to design their own superhero and only five of them were shown in Spider-Man Magazine's "Classy Super-Heroes" article in the fourteenth issue of the Magazine. In Blaze's case, she was created by then-third grader Euriana Han.

HUGE thanks to Blaze's creator, Euriana Han herself, for providing more back story and an origin for Blaze, who wasn't given much information at all in the original Spider-Man Magazine article!!

After Spider-Man Magazine I#10, the issues of the Magazine no longer featured issue numbers and mostly were listed as "Winter, 1995" and so forth, as the Magazine had went to a seasonal publishing schedule instead of monthly like the earlier issues. According to the indicias of the recent Adventures of Spider-Man & Adventures of X-Men trade paperbacks (which reprinted the original comic strips from Spider-Man Magazine), the issue that featured Blaze would have been #14.

Earth-95514 was the designation given for the alternate future in which Blaze hails from.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Blaze has no known connections to:


Freya is the great-grandmother of Blaze due to Odin's adopting of Loki.

--unpublished story


Hela once battled Blaze.

--unpublished story


Laufey is the biological great-grandfather of Blaze.

--unpublished story


Loki is the grandfather of Blaze and was known to be quite mischievous, a quality Blaze seemed to inherit despite her desire to become a heroine.

--unpublished story


Odin is the great-grandfather of Blaze due to his adopting of Blaze's grandfather Loki.

--unpublished story


Thor is the great uncle of Blaze by Loki's adoption by Odin. Known as a great hero, Thor inspired Blaze to pursue heroism and adventure.

--unpublished story

images: (without ads)
Spider-Man Magazine (I#14), p8, pan2 (Blaze, main image)

Spider-Man Magazine (I#14) (1995) - "Classy Super-Heroes: Blaze" - Euriana Han (art), Amy Weingartner (editor)

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