the prime minister and Weil planning


Real Name: Toler Weil

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Self-proclaimed liberator (terrorist)

Group Membership: ULTIMATUM

Affiliations: Life Foundation (Mac Way), Symkarian Prime Minister Klaus Limka, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Resistants, Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Sweat Shop, Watchdogs

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Silver Sable (Silver Sablinova), Solo (James Bourne), King Stefan of Symkaria, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), the Wild Pack, all nations

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Worldwide

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#322 (October, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Weil had no superhuman powers. It's highly likely that he had a special weapons training and had a certain experience in terrorist tactics like raids, hiding, deception and infiltration. He was also able to pilot airplanes and helicopters.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#325 (fb) - BTS) - The Red Skull, in his complex scheme to destabilize the USA, gathered under his leadership several terrorist organizations. Sweat Shop, Watchdogs, Resistants and ULTIMATUM supported his plan to start a war between Symkaria and the USA.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#323 (fb) - BTS) - Weil contacted the Symkarian Prime Minister Klaus Limka to use him as a pawn in his plan to destabilize both Symkaria and the US Government. Initially Limka was allied with Weil and was going to cover ULTIMATUM activities in Symkaria, but Red Skull instead decided to eliminated him, in order to deteriorate the diplomatic relations between USA and Symkaria. The Red Skull hired Sabretooth to kill Limka.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#322) - Weil used a secret passage into the Royal Castle of Symkaria to have a meeting with Limka. They toasted and had a drink because their plan was proceeding as planned.

    The next day Weil's ULTIMATUM cell used the Symkarian airforce's planes to parachute on the castle and attack the crowd and King Stefan of Symkaria during the festivities, despite the Wild Pack guarding them. ULTIMATUM forces broke through the Wild Pack's lines of defense at the castle. Limka believed that he was supposed to be the actual killer and that ULTIMATUM was only a distraction for Silver Sable, but Sabretooth used the same secret passage used by Weil, and slaughtered Limka before he could shoot the King. Meanwhile one of the ULTIMATUM operatives succeeded in shooting the King. He hit Stefan's fiancée, Vivian, killing her. Weil voluntarily left a pill of poison near the secret passage to frame the U.S. Government for the murders. The poison was so rare that Silver Sable immediately connected the pill to the CIA.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#323 - BTS) - It worked. The people of Symkaria were enraged. Ambassador Hawthorne paid a visit to the new Symkarian Prime Minister Alphonse Gallatik and tried to set things right. Even Captain America arrived to solve the problem.

   In Paris the terrorist killer Solo eliminated a cell of ULTIMATUM and learned that Weil was still in Symkaria. He left to find Major Weil.
    Weil actually hid out on the Symkarian mountains with his cell near Latveria in an abandoned skiing station, enforcing the defenses, setting up a trap and also preparing for their eventual escape.

   In the capital the reaction of the crowd was harsh. Hawthorne received a death threat and had to leave the Symkarian territory. A war was imminent.
    While Ambassador Hawthorne fled the country, Silver Sable, Captain America and Spider-Man attacked the skiing station. ULTIMATUM soldiers were concealed under the snow, others attacked using rocket skis, but the heroes easily defeated them. Weil decided to detonate the bombs, even though the explosion would have killed his men as well, but to him it didn't matter; the first thing was his own safety, and the second was the death of the heroes. In that instant Solo teleported into the base, interrupting Weil who was forced to flee. Solo didn't succeed in killing Major Weil because Captain America also arrived on the scene, but saw only Solo and hit him with his shield. Weil escaped with his plane.
    A successful research on the ULTIMATUM files let Sable know that the killer of Limka was Sabretooth and she learned the possible location of Toler Weil's next hideout.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#324) - Weil hid in a base of the Life Foundation in New York where he was aided by Mac Way.

    Thanks to information provided by Captain America, Spider-Man found the base in the Metropolitan Museum. Aided by Solo he attacked the base. Weil tried to flee, but was captured.

   The situation between the USA and Symkaria nonetheless turned worse. Death squads from Symkaria were ready to hit US officers as retaliation.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#325) - Weil was imprisoned at the Pentagon. After a while he confessed that the next target of ULTIMATUM was the Symkarian ambassador in the United States, but actually he was lying. Spider-Man realized this and with the consent of Captain America, disguised himself as an ULTIMATUM soldier and faked an invasion of the Pentagon to break out Weil. Weil escaped, but brought unwittingly with him a spider-tracer. Spider-Man followed him to the National Archive.

    Weil had reached the Red Skull, who had a bomb set up to destroy all the documents of the National Archive. Symkaria was going to be blamed and a war would have started, but before they could complete the operation, Spider-Man interrupted them. The Red Skull escaped using one of the many secret passages in the basement of the Archive. Weil tried to activate the bomb but Spider-Man blocked the switch and saved the day. He captured many soldiers of the Sweat Shop, Watchdogs, Resistants and Weil as well.

    Thanks to the new evidence and the witnesses recovered at the National Archive, the real mastermind behind the international crisis was acknowledged as the Red Skull. The relationships between Symkaria and USA returned to normal.

Comments: Created by David Michelinie (writer), Todd McFarlane (pencils and inks), Gregory Wright (colors).

Weil had no remorse when he was going to sacrifice his own men to kill the superheroes while he escaped, however he was ready to die in the explosion at the National Archive.

Limka's first name was revealed in Symkaria's Marvel Atlas entry.

Profile by Spidermay.

Toler Weil has no known connections to:

Limka has no known connections to:

Mac Way has no known connections to:

Prime Minister Klaus Limka

    Limka was a normal human. He was Prime Minister with the powers deriving from his position.

    Limka had already great political power in Symkaria, but he was envious of the great popularity that King Stefan had among the people. When Major Toler Weil proposed him to kill King Stefan, Limka was eager to help him. His plan was to abolish monarchy and transform Symkaria into a democracy, with himself as the leader.

    Limka agreed with Weil that ULTIMATUM would have provided the distraction needed for him to kill the King. Limka also knew Sabretooth but did not know the role that the mutant had in the plan.
    To help ULTIMATUM's cover and infiltration, Limka provided false information to the Wild Pack.
    Sable led three raids to find the terrorists, following the false intel, but was obviously deceived.
    Nonetheless, after the third failure, she decided to ignore Limka's suggestions, and employed the Wild Pack for the personal safety of the King. In those days Symkarian festivities to commemorate the Royal bloodline led to public appearances of King Stefan, so it was easier to attack him.

    The next day the attack came from the sky. ULTIMATUM stole Symkarian airforce planes to parachute down on the castle during the parade, shooting into the crowd and providing the distraction that Weil had waited for. Before Limka could take his shot at King Stefan Sabretooth emerged from the secret passage and slaughtered Prime Minister Limka.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#322

Mac Way

    Mac Way was a normal human overseeing high-tech security systems.
    Mac Way worked for the Life Foundation in the secret base inside the Metropolitan Museum.

He supported Major Toler Weil, to keep him hidden, but Spider-Man and Solo found their hideout.
Mac Way released some robot armors, armed with automatic guns, but they were destroyed by Spider-Man. Solo teleported into the control room and Weil fled, while Mac Way activated the automatic crossbows. Solo was hit, but captured Mac Way.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#324

images: (without ads)
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Amazing Spider-Man I#325, p8, pan8 (Weil, head shot)
Amazing Spider-Man I#322, p6, pan3 (Prime Minister Limka)
Amazing Spider-Man I#324, p18, pan5 (Mac Way)

Amazing Spider-Man I#322 (October, 1989) - David Michelinie (writer), Todd McFarlane (pencils and inks), Gregory Wright (colors), Jim Salicrup and Tom DeFalco (editors)
Amazing Spider-Man I#323 (November, 1989) - David Michelinie (writer), Todd McFarlane (pencils and inks), Gregory Wright (colors), Jim Salicrup and Tom DeFalco (editors)
Amazing Spider-Man I#324 (November, 1990) - David Michelinie (writer), Erik Larsen (pencils), Al Gordon (inks), Jim Salicrup and Tom DeFalco (editors)
Amazing Spider-Man I#325 (November, 1990) - David Michelinie (writer), Todd McFarlane (pencils and inks), Gregory Wright (colors), Jim Salicrup and Tom DeFalco (editors)

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