Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal human (ca. early 1950s)

Occupation: Jet fighter pilot, squadron leader

Group Membership: Korean People's Air Force

Affiliations: Korean People's Air Force pilots

Enemies: US Air Force pilots, notably Mark Kerrin, Tim Wilks

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in north Korea

First Appearance: Combat Kelly I#12/3 (April, 1953)

Powers/Abilities: The Vulture was a very skilled jet fighter pilot and was military-trained.


(Combat Kelly I#12/3 (fb) - BTS) - The Vulture earned a fearsome reputation as a MiG jet fighter pilot against UN forces in the Korean War, usually following no flight plan and preferring left flank attacks. His strategy was divide and conquer - his fellow MiG pilots would distract UN forces while he picked off scattered targets. US pilot Tim Wilks' plane was hit by the Vulture over rocky terrain near Chonju and he ejected while fellow US pilots, including Mark Kerrin, evaded other MiG jets, but the Vulture's bullets set fire to Wilks' parachute and the US pilot died. Wilks' corpse was recovered by the Communists and returned the next day to the US base; the Vulture had pinned a taunting note to the body, "A lesson for small canaries from - The Vulture".

(Combat Kelly I#12/3) - The following day was a routine flight for the same Sabrejet squadron, although Kerrin desperately wanted to avenge Wilks. Meanwhile, the Vulture's squad was patrolling the same area and, upon seeing American targets, the Vulture waggled his wings distinctly. An aerial dogfight quickly ensued. The Vulture passed Kerrin's Sabrejet several times, but Kerrin was too slow and exhausted his bullets. The Vulture gave chase to Kerrin, who fled into a cloud bank, then quickly darted out when he saw approaching birds. The Vulture continued and impacted with the vulture birds, which clogged the MiG's nose vent and sent him hurtling to his death. Having lost two other MiGs as well as their leader, the Communist squadron retreated.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer.

This was a text-only story with just a basic comic panel showing a grounded Sabrejet. As such, there are no cues to the MiG pilot's physical stats. The nationality is also unknown, as Russian, Chinese and Korean pilots flew MiG jets against UN forces.

Although not defined as a MiG-15 (just "Mig" in the story), it's fairly clear that this is what the Vulture flew to counter the USA's F-86 Sabrejet. The North Koreans' Soviet-built MiG-15 jets were powerful performers in the skies of the Korean War, leading to many victories, especially against American bombing raids.

Chonju, also spelled Jeonju, is a city in South Korea.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Vulture has no known connections to:

Mark Kerrin

A US fighter pilot flying Sabrejets stationed near Chonju during the Korean War, Mark Kerrin was a friend to fellow pilot Tim Wilks. Wilks had been killed by the Vulture in a dogfight and the corpse delivered to Kerrin's base the next day. Kerrin felt hatred and wanted vengeance on the Vulture. Kerrin's squad soon encountered the Vulture's squad again and aerial combat ensued. Kerrin exhausted his bullets firing wildly at the Vulture, then fled into a cloud bank. Seeing vulture birds, Kerrin quickly darted away, but the pursuing Communist pilot impacted with the birds, and Kerrin watched the Vulture's jet fall. Kerrin was satisfied having helped kill the enemy ace pilot and looked forward to telling his colleagues.

--Combat Kelly I#12/3

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Combat Kelly I#12/3 (April, 1953) - uncredited writer, Stan Lee (editor)

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