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Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Cosmic entity

Occupation: Embodiment of Numinosity

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: A.P.E., Groot, Mantron, Power Pack (Destroyer/Alex Power, Molecula/Julie Power, Mass Master/Jack Power, Starstreak/Katie Power), Rocket Raccoon, Skrulls (Bl'rt, Laz, unidentified Skrull)

Enemies: Eris (her personal army, A.P.E. and unidentified others)

Known Relatives: None known, although Numinus has claimed relationship to Eternity, Death and Galactus

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Active throughout the universe

First Appearance: Power Pack I#51 (December, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Numinus embodies numinosity and possesses near-omnipotent cosmic powers. She is able to tap into the vast energy of the universe for an incalculable number of effects. Some of her most rudimentary abilities include the ability to manifest an impenetrable energy field around herself or others. She possesses Class 100 strength, enabling her to lift over 100 tons, although she may use her vast power to increase her strength immeasurably beyond that.

Height: 27'11" (variable, according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe '89 update#5)
Weight: 17.7 tons (variable, according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe '89 update#5)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


(Power Pack I#51 (fb) - BTS) - As the living embodiment of numinosity, Numinus is in charge of miracles of fate, going around looking for depressing situations headed for inevitable disaster. If she determines her involvement to be karmatically appropriate, she grants a little miracle to change the outcome. Her purpose is making people aware of the fact the universe is still a place of infinite mysteries.

(Power Pack I#51 (fb) ) - Numinus was responsible for several small and not so small miracles on Earth. She made escaping burglars slip on banana peels, piqued the curiosity of scientists by leaving anomalous data in their findings to spark their interest. She also would do small things like make a depressed person notice the simple beauty of a random leaf or have artists lose their eraser so they can't destroy their work. One time, Numinus prevented accidental nuclear disaster by causing the detonation button jam long enough for people to realize it was just a false alarm.

(Groot I#4 (fb) ) - Numinus was partly responsible for the miraculous empowering of the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. She also had a hand in sparking the romance between Jean Grey and Scott Summers.

(Groot I#4 (fb) ) - Numinus witnessed several tragic moments in the superhuman community. Among them the further mutation of the Thing, the unfortunate death of Gwen Stacy and the heroic sacrifice of Jean Grey to save her fellow X-Men.

(Power Pack I#51) - Numinus noticed the Kymelians were in need of help, just when the super powered children Power Pack had left the horse-like alien race. Figuring time was short and the situation called for a personal appearance, Numinus chose to reveal herself. After explaining the kids shouldn't fear her, she revealed her origin and reasons for showing up. Upset that the Kymelians had messed with their parents' minds they refused to go back, prompting Numinus to explain they were staggering towards extinction if Power Pack wouldn't teach the Kymelians to listen to their inner child. Ever since their motherworld had blown up, the Kymellians had gradually lost their identity as children of a living plane, as well as their inner child, the part that made them a magical race. Numinus promised Power Pack they wouldn't have to worry about how they would get through to them and that it would just happen. Trusting the kids would do the right things Numinus disappeared, Power Pack then returned to the Kymelians.

(Groot I#4 (fb) ) - Numinus was forced to watch other horrors befalling Earth's heroes: Wanda Maximoff's reality altering mental breakdown, the metahuman "civil war" and the Phoenix incident that led to Cyclops murdering his mentor Charles Xavier. Depressed by the knowledge she was unable to fix all this tragedy, Numinus began to question whether or not the universe had always been broken or if it even was worth saving.

(Groot I#4) - Groot and a ragtag team consisting of Mantron and a group of Skrulls were on their way to rescue Rocket Raccoon from the bounty hunter Eris when they encountered the still very depressed Numinus. Looking for new friends wherever he went, Groot approached her. In his own unique way, he managed to persuade the cosmic entity that things weren't as gloomy as she felt they were. Invigorated by a renewed sense of hope, Numinus decided to join Groot and help him on his quest. When the group reached and boarded Eris' vessel, Numinus engaged the bounty hunter by herself. Summoning her powers of random chance, Numinus even surprised herself when Eris ended up having the hiccups. Clearly hating her powers she was quickly cast aside by Eris who set her sights on Groot. She successfully destroyed Groot with several bombs and then ordered her men to torch everything so Groot wouldn't be able to regrow himself. Shocked by such brutality, Numinus used her powers to ensure a single splinter survived so Groot's survival would be ensured.

(Groot I#5) - Eris prepared to kill Numinus and the ragtag team by blowing them out of the airlock of the ship but Numinus' powers caused the button to jam long enough for the little Groot to arrive and attack Eris. Just than one of the three Skrulls suddenly manifested it's Super Skrull powers and the team appeared to gain the upper hand and the Mantron even managed to persuade Eris' A.P.E. unit to switch sides. Unable to deal with the bounty hunter himself, Rocket Raccoon than empowered Groot with a solar grenade through which he grew to staggering proportions. But still unable to successfully deal with the bounty hunter, who decided to take the entire group out by blowing herself up. It was the Mantron then who took center stage and sacrificed himself to save the group. After his destruction Numinus, in an effort to console the A.P.E. unit, miraculously gave it the Mantron's backup floppy disk. She than decided it was time to leave and having said her goodbyes she disappeared into space.

Comments: Created by Jon Bogdanove (writer), Gray Morrow (pencils, inks).

"Numinous" is an adjective meaning used to define things are mysterious, spiritual or supernatural.

Numinus' design was patterned after the African-American actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

Numinus received a profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe '89 Update#5. However the color scheme in the profile's main image wasn't accurate. Her armor was white and blue while her skin was brown not pink.

Just when I wrote this profile on Numinus and submitted it, this cosmic entity reappeared in the pages of Groot. What a surprise! It was great to see Jeff Loveness use a redesigned version of her in his book, I'd say she fit perfectly. By the look of her the creative team on Groot was most likely inspired by Numinus' 1989 Handbook image.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Numinus has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Groot I#4, p9, pan 4 (main image)
Power Pack I#51, p14, pan1,2 (meeting Power Pack)
Groot I#4, p16, pan1-3 (in combat)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe '89 update#5, Numinus entry (main image)

Power Pack I#51 (December, 1989) - Jon Bogdanove (writer), Gray Morrow (pencils, inks), Carl Potts (editor)
Groot I#4 (September, 2015), Jeff Loveness (writer), Brian Kesinger (pencils, inks), Devin Lewis, Sana Amanat, Nick Lowe (editors)
Groot I#5 (October, 2015), Jeff Loveness (writer), Brian Kesinger (pencils, inks), Devin Lewis, Sana Amanat, Nick Lowe (editors)

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