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Real Name: Kito (full name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Normal human (early 1950s era) (Korean citizen)

Occupation: Insurgent/serial killer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: mother (name unrevealed)

Enemies: North Korean Communist military forces, especially senior officers

Known Relatives: mother (name unrevealed), father (deceased, name unrevealed), brothers (deceased, names unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: mobile near Kawloon, Korea

First Appearance: War Comics#13/4 (November, 1952)

Powers/Abilities: Kito was a murderously vengeful woman who behaved flirtatiously to seduce men so that she could remorselessly kill them. She was staunchly anti-Communist.

Height: 5'2" (by approximation)
Weight: 110 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


(War Comics#13/4 (fb) - BTS) - In the early 1950s, as the Korean Communists advanced southward, they pillaged many homes and farms. Kito's father and brothers were killed on the Communist Koreans' bayonets. Kito and her mother sought bloody vengeance using a simple trick to lure and seduce North Korean soldiers (especially officers), then poison them with a free meal. They roamed the countryside, pretending to own abandoned farms, before moving on to bait their next kills.

(War Comics#13/4) - As Communist Korean soldiers marched past, Kito sat by the side of the road, blowing kisses and flirtatious comments. An officer pulled up and Kito kissed him passionately, promising kisses for all in the major's military car. Called by her mother, Kito offered free dinner and accommodation for one night, lying that it was their farm damaged in the war. Given it was near their camp, the Communist major agreed. Wine was given and Kito did a victory dance to entertain the officers while the mother prepared the poisoned food. The officers ate heartily, although Kito and her mother would not eat. But Kito toasted to democracy's victory and the defeat of Communism, then revealed their plot as the officers began to fall dead. The major struggled, but Kito stabbed him. Kito and her mother left the corpses, placed their cooking utensils, food and wine on their donkey, then moved near Kawloon where there were new troop movements. They found another abandoned farmhouse and Kito again tricked new Communist officers to dinner.


Comments: Created by uncredited writer & Syd Shores (art).

A slight variation on the seductive Communist female killer often used in war comics of the era.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Kito has no known connections to:

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War Comics#13/4, p1, pan1 (main image)
   p4, pan2 (headshot)

War Comics#13/4 (November, 1952) - uncredited writer & Syd Shores (art), Stan Lee (editor)

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