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Real Name: Dennis Sykes

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer; former banker

Group Membership: Avengers (Captain America/James Barnes, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Thor/Odinson, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards-Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm)

Affiliations: Ego the Living Planet, Jim, Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder), Samantha Parks, Zabu

Enemies: Hammerhead (Joseph), Mr. Negative (Martin Li), Mr. Scrath, Tag Team (BMF, Bonehead, Cujo, Downunder, Gearloose, Scope), Paul Taylor

Known Relatives: Abbey Sykes (wife), June (sister, deceased), Kelly (niece), unidentified brother-in-law (deceased), unidentified parents (deceased)

Aliases: "Matter" (rejected codename)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                   formerly Queens, New York

First Appearance: Heroic Age: One Month To Live#1 (November, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: Prior to getting mutated by medical waste, Dennis Sykes possessed no known superhuman powers. As Flux, he could manipulate all forms of matter in whatever manner he saw fit. At first, with no proper training or experience, he relied on relatively simple feats like melting walls and other solid matter. Over time, he learned how to repair broken objects or construct complex sculptures reforming any nearby matter to fit his needs. He also could control organic matter, such as living tissue, theoretically on a planetary level. His powers did not work on himself, though he could transform his clothes. Due to his widespread cancer, he tired easily.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#5 (fb) ) - Dennis Sykes was born in Queens, New York to a Vietnam veteran turned steel worker and his loving wife. As a child, he was fascinated with space travel and determined to become an astronaut.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#2 (fb) ) - As a young kid, Dennis would love to read Rocket Man comics behind his father's desk at home. Once, after he'd come home from a military funeral, Sykes Sr. was annoyed to see his son waste his time like that. When the surprised Dennis wondered if his dad was going to teach him that magic coin trick as promised, the elder Sykes told him there was no such thing as magic.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#1 (fb) - BTS) - At 17, Dennis was so disgusted by his father's boring desk job, he told him to his face he'd never be like him. His father just gave him a knowing smile.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#5 (fb) ) - When Dennis was about ten years old, his father tried to teach him the importance of doing work you love and commit to do that job well: for yourself and not for the acknowledgment or praise of others.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#1 (fb) - BTS) - After his father's death, Dennis stayed in the house he was born in. He also found himself working every day at the very same old desk he'd once called his father out over. Dennis eventually met and married the painter Abbey.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#4 (fb) - BTS) -Dennis' brother-in-law died of cancer a few years after his daughter Kelly was born.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#1 - BTS) - When his sister June was killed by a drunk driver, her 10 year old daughter Kelly moved in with Jim and Abbey.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#1) - Early one morning, Dennis was working from his home office when his boss Jim called. He told Dennis that the bank could no longer afford the grant for the local children's hospital sculpture garden, forcing Dennis to tell them the bad news. Already depressed because he had to do something so rotten, he went downstairs to see his wife arguing with their adopted niece over the fact she didn't want them to come see a school science exhibit because it was only meant for actual parents. When she stormed off crying, Dennis had a brief talk with her in her room, which he also remembered as her sister June's room once. He tried to cheer her up, even doing a little magic trick that she always enjoyed when she was younger. Kelly didn't buy that, after all if he really knew magic he could have saved her mother from that drunk driver. As he left, she smashed her mom's special picture frame on the floor in aggravation. Next, Dennis went to the children's hospital to tell the furious and emotional nurse Samantha Parks the bad news about the sculpture garden. Just as he was leaving, he spotted a pair of thugs robbing one of the hospital's medical waste trucks, thinking it contained valuable drugs. When he tried to stop them, they first beat him up and then forced him to swallow some of the medical waste they poured over him. Just as they got ready to shoot him, the Thing happened by and saved Sykes who collapsed at the hero's feet. Thing brought him to the Baxter Building for tests, calling Abbey and Kelly to come see their "hero". After a brief visit, Reed Richards came in to tell him some bad news: he had discovered that Sykes was already suffering from stage IV cancer, spread throughout his body though the bio waste mutated his condition. Richards figured Sykes only had about a month to live, a fact he immediately hid from Abbey and Kelly when they came in again. Refusing Reed's offer to refer him to a specialist, he went home to make the most of his last month on Earth. The next day, went to his job, said hello to the secretary Lucy and stormed into his boss' office to read him the riot act before quitting. That night at home, he made a point of trying to repair Kelly's broken picture frame. Frustrated when the glue didn't work, he was shocked to find the individual pieces suddenly melted together in his hands. Before he had time to let that sink in, he was surprised by a visit from Samantha Parks who wanted to come by and apologize for going off like that the other day and to say she didn't blame him for what the bank had done. Inspired by this and his new found powers, Sykes decided to steal the money the bank had promised the hospital from the vault. He donned a ski-mask and a cap to hide his identity and melted the walls of the bank to reach the vault. Stealing the exact amount the hospital owed, he hid it back home in the empty crawlspace only to wake up the next morning to see his break-in had made the papers and that Abbey and Kelly had already found the money. He tried to explain, showing off his powers, but Abbey was insistent he returned the money. When he tried to do that that night, he was caught by Spider-Man who was initially going to turn him in but was so moved by his story of needing a second chance he let him go. Sykes then spent the rest of the night at the children's hospital using his powers to create the proposed sculpture garden from scratch. The next morning, he proudly showed Abbey and Kelly his work, but the little girl didn't much care, calling them "just decorations on a place where children die."

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#1 - BTS) - As Dennis and Abbey went to chase after Kelly who had run off, the thugs that tried to rob the medical truck earlier called their boss Mr. Negative to report the sculpture garden. Negative didn't care for anything that would unify the neighborhood, figuring it would make the place harder to control and exploit. He ordered it destroyed and then to do the same to whoever built it.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#2) - Incorrectly believing that his powers were a side-effect of whatever Mr. Fantastic did to cure his cancer, Dennis figured he should call Reed Richards and thank him. He was shocked and heartbroken to find Mr. Fantastic hadn't done anything of the kind and that he was really dying. Later, he aided Spider-Man who was fighting Mr. Negative's men trying to wreck the sculpture garden. After defeating the thugs, Dennis had a heart-to-heart with Spider-Man, explaining his 30 day death sentence and that he wanted to be his neighborhood's hero and protector. After some doing, Spidey agreed to show him the ropes. Donning his father's old military uniform and rejecting codenames like Captain Dennis, Denniserine, Matter and even the Mighty Dennis, they went out to swing around New York City. Spider-Man wanted to show him the grandeur of the city and the weight of a hero's responsibility, facts that weren't lost on Sykes.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#2 - BTS) - Hammerhead found out about Sykes' powers and role in the sculpture garden and went to his house to teach him a lesson. Finding only Kelly and Abbey there, he decided to firebomb the place with them trapped inside.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#2) - Still swinging with Spider-Man, Dennis saw the explosion and hurried there. Despite Hammerhead's bravado, Dennis easily defeated him and his henchmen by manifesting a handful of massive stone fists that knocked them out. He then put out the fire by shifting the oxygen into another type of matter. Abbey and Kelly came out unharmed, but Dennis collapsed from the strain much to their surprise, which led Spider-Man to conclude he hadn't told his family yet. Later that evening, after he'd told Abbey everything, there was a knock at the door: the Fantastic Four had come to Queens because they desperately needed Dennis' help.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#3) - Dennis accompanied the Fantastic Four on a trip to the core of the galaxy where Ego the Living Planet for some reason had placed itself in the center of things where he kept expanding and consuming dozens of stars in an attempt to become the galaxy itself. Reed Richards figured that Dennis' powers had the potential to work on a global scale, making him perfect to take on a target the size of Ego. On the way there, Mr. Fantastic officially inducted Dennis into the FF, even using a portable molecular destabilizer to transform his dad's old army duds into a FF uniform. Feeling grateful but attached to his dad's clothes, Dennis asked to have them back. Reed complied, although making a few improvements. Now looking like a real superhero, the FF stood around discussing suitable codenames for Sykes, with the Invisible Woman coming up with the winner: Flux.  As Flux, he went down to the surface of Ego where, guided by Mr. Fantastic, he successfully managed to reach out to Ego and use his powers to manipulate energy and matter to force the planet to shrink back down to normal size. As he was poking around inside Ego's form, Dennis determined the cause of the recent troubles: a bio-mineral parasite had been implanted inside him. With Flux's help, Ego was able to get rid of the creature. Now himself again, Ego prepared to depart, but not before thanking Dennis personally. More than a little exhausted and coffing, Dennis was nevertheless exhilarated by this adventure.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#4 (fb) - BTS) - On the way home, Dennis collapsed. A brief check up proved that using his powers on such a massive scale had spread the cancer in his body, he now only had one week to live. 

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#4) - Dennis woke up three days later in the FF's med-lab where Reed Richards told him the bad news.
When he was met by Abbey, she failed to hide her anger and frustration at Dennis lying about the severity of his condition and the fact there was so very little time for the both of them. Mr. Fantastic had a possible solution though: the Resurrection Lily, a very rare type of flower that only exists in the Savage Land and has incredible restorative properties. Having contacted Ka-Zar, Reed knew one of those Lilies was about to come into its short, 24 hours bloom. Joined by Abbey, Kelly and Wolverine (who had been asked to look over the two in Dennis' absence), the FF took Dennis to the Savage Land. Before they could get to the lily, they were ambushed by a team of mercenaries known as the Tag Team, sent by Timely Industries to collect the Lily for research. With the aid of Ka-Zar and Zabu, the Tag Team was defeated but not before Kelly was mortally injured. In an act of heroic selflessness, Dennis used the flower's healing powers to rescue his niece instead of curing himself.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#5) - With only a few days left to him and unable to even hold down solid foods any more, Dennis Sykes decided to make the best of it. He took his niece for a walk, trying to impart the life lessons he'd picked up from his own father on her. Their quality time was interrupted by Hammerhead who was destroying the neighborhood in order to convince the locals they really should accept his boss' very generous offer to buy up their properties. When Kelly defiantly stood up to the gangster, Dennis quickly put on his Flux costume and tried to oppose him too. He managed to keep the super powered gangster busy long enough for the Avengers to arrive, with Thor taking him down with a single bolt of lightning. Afterwards, Captain America and Iron Man officially inducted Flux into the Avengers, thanking him for his service. A little while later, in his own home and in the presence of his wife Abbey, Dennis Sykes passed on.

(Heroic Age: One Month To Live#5 - BTS) - In honor of Dennis' heroic example, a statue of Flux was erected in the local hospital's statue garden.

Comments: Created by Rick Remender (writer), Andrea Mutti (pencils & inks).

Flux received a profile in Avengers: Roll Call I#1.

Profile by Norvo.

Flux should not be confused with

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Heroic Age: One Month To Live#5, p19, pan6 (inducted into the Avengers)
Heroic Age: One Month To Live#5, p23, pans1&3 (dies)

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