knees & upcolorized faceTANYA BERGERON

Real Name: Tanya Bergeron (maiden name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human werewolf;
    circa 1954

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: Werewolves of Earth

Affiliations: None revealed

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Henri

Known Relatives: Carl Bergeron (husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed location in the "North country" (Canada? or  perhaps somewhere in Europe)

First Appearance: Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (July, 1954)

Powers/AbilitiesTany shifted -- apparently at will, at least during the full moon -- between her human and werewolf forms; a magical charm blessed by a padre apparently rendered her powerless and unable to transform. 

    Her werewolf form possessed super-human strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, stamina, and senses; the limits of these abilities are unrevealed. She was presumably vulnerable to silver and magical assaults, and possibly to wolfsbane, etc. 

    It is unrevealed what, if any, effect the presence of daylight, moonlight, and/or the full moon have on her abilities, intelligence, etc.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 5'4")
Weight: Unrevealed (perhaps 120 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed (black and white comic; I would guess green)
Hair: Blonde

human coupleHistory:
Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (fb) - BTS) - Tanya Bergeron became a werewolf under unspecified circumstances (possibly heredity; perhaps a bite or scratch from another werewolf; perhaps other mystic means).

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (fb) - BTS) - Tanya married Carl Bergeron, and they went on their honeymoon .

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29) - As Tanya and Carl strolled through a museum, which apparently contained some live animal exhibits, they saw some timber wolves. Tanya noted how beautiful, strong, and powerful they seemed, and Carl agreed, telling her how he had taken some fascinating photos of them in the wild. This gave Carl the idea to suggest that they continue their honeymoon in his cabin way up north in the forest, where they could do some hunting and he could indulge in his hobby of wildlife photography; Tanya thought this was a wonderful idea, and she was sure she would enjoy it.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (fb) - BTS) - The next day they arrived at a tiny settlement, and Carl hired a guide and camp cook, Henri.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29) - Tanya noted how it woud be easier for them with Henri along to do all the cooking and camp chores.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (fb) - BTS) - For two days, Tanya, Carl, and Henri hiked into the silent white forests of the north country.

    The last day of the trip, Henri began mumbling about loup-garou.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29) - Carl asked Tanya if she was tired, but assured her it was only 20 minutes until they reached his cabin. When Tanya wondered what Henri had been mumbling about since morning, Henri explained to her that this was loup-garou country and he did not like it. Tanya was unfamiliar with the term, but Carl explained that it meant werewolf; Carl further added that the people up her were very superstitious and told her not to let it upset her. When Carl commented that if he was lucky, he might get a photograph of one of these "mythical creatures," which would be a real prize, Carl warned him not to laugh, as his people knew the truth.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (fb) - BTS) - Tanya went into the cabin, while Carl followed the excited Henri.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 - BTS) - Henri discovered a smashed camera, with tracks all around it. Carl told Henri to take it easy as it was probably just some strange kind of animal. Carl further suggested they see if the film was alright so they could know what kind of beast made those tracks. Nonetheless, Henri noted that the tracks were half-man and half-beast: "De Loup-Garou has been here!"

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (fb) - BTS) - When they got back to the cabin, Carl put the film in the developing fluid, then strolled around outside the cabin.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 - BTS) - Outside the cabin, Carl heard a noise he thought to be the developing pan smashing to the floor. 

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (fb) - BTS) - Tanya saw Carl running from the developing room with films in his hands.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 - BTS) - Carl rushed back in to find the films gone, although one crumpled piece of negative film lay on the ground where the invader had, in haste, dropped it. Carl picked it up to see a vague form of a werewolf.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29) - Tanya then entered the developing room, asking Carl what happened and telling him she had seen Henri running out with the films. Hiding the film behind his back, Carl acknowledged this after which they heard a wolf's howl nearby. confirming self as werewolf

    Tanya told Carl she was afraid of Henri, though she didn't know why. Carl assured her she should not worry and that she should stay there as he was going to take care of things.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 - BTS) - Armed with a high-powered wolf rifle, Carl headed out and began following Henri's tracks.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (fb) - BTS) - Henri circled back to the cabin and came after Tanya, armed with an axe. Henri wore a charm around his neck, blessed by his padre that prevented Tanya from assuming wolf form and/or fighting back.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 - BTS) - Just as Carl realized the tracks were circling back to the cabin, Tanya cried out, and he raced back to the cabin.

both werewolves(Journey into Unknown Worlds#29) - As Carl threw the door open and saw Henri rushing Tanya with the axe, Tanya cried for help again, and Carl shot Henri, who fell to the ground, dropping a photo of the werewolf. Realizing Henri had made a set of prints with the film he stole, Carl realized the werewolf had long hair colored like Tanya's.

    Reverting to werewolf form, Tanya confirmed the truth and explained whey she was powerless against Henri and neeeded Carl to kill Henri with a bullet. Admitting he suspected as much, Carl leapt and grabbed Tanya...

    And embraced her as he adopted his werewolf form as well. Carl told Tanya he had to sure before he asked her to stay with him in my in our natural habitat.

Comments: Created by Paul Hodges (writer unrevealed).

    This story was reprinted in Monsters Unleashed#5 (April, 1974), which is where I read it.

    This is a short story, only 4 pages long, and really only a single panel of story on the first page.

    The following part happens off panel, and I'm not positive what happened:

    The colorized headshot was courtesy of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, from the same image as her knees-up main image)

Profile by Snood.

Tanya Bergeron
should be distinguished from:

carl - body - profilecarl - face - profileCarl Bergeron

    Carl was a werewolf, although it is unrevealed whether this is hereditary or from a werewolf attack or other mystical means.

    In addition to the expected werewolf abilities (see Tanya's abilities), Carl was an avid wildlife photographer and was experienced with the use of  rifle.

    Carl married Tanya, apparently suspecting she was a werewolf as well, although he kept his own nature secret until he was certain. He took Tanya up to his cabin up north, and he hired Henri as a guide and cook 

    Shortly after their arrival, Carl dropped Tanya off at the cabin, while he joined Henri in exploring the area (see comments), during which time they found a smashed camera surrounded by werewolf tracks. Carl began developing the film and then back outside, but then returned after hearing the pan of developing fluid knocked over. He found a single negative that seemed to show a werewolf, after which Tanya told him how she had seen Carl fleeing with film. 

    Soon after he went outside in search of Henri, he heard Tanya scream for help, and he returned to find Henri menacing Tanya with an axe. After Carl fatally shot Henri, he saw the developed picture, which showed a werewolf with long blonde hair like Tanya. After Tanya transformed, confirming she was a werewolf, Car transformed as well, and the two embraced as he told her they could now stay his country, their own natural habitat.

--Journey into Unknown Worlds#29

Note: The second image down from the right top of the profile shows Carl and Tanya in human form, and the bottom right image in the main history shows them both in werewolf form.

Henri attacks Tanya with axe, shot by CarlHenri faceHenri

    Henri lived in the northern country (Canada or perhaps France or Switzerland) and was sufficiently aware of the nature of werewolves that he was a charm blessed by his padre that rendered werewolves powerless.

    Hired by Carl and Tanya Bergeron (neither of whom he was aware were werewolves; nor did either know the other was a werewolf, although Carl suspected) as their cook and guide as they made their way to Carl's castle, Henri warned them of the local loup-garou (French for werewolf).

    Soon after they dropped Tanya off at the cabin, Henri found a smashed camera outside with apparent werewolf tracks around it (see comments). 

    After Carl developed the film, Henri apparent discovered the pictures, which showed a werewolf with long blonde hair like Tanya's. 

    Henri apparently knocked over the developing pan and was seen by Tanya as he fled with the pictures; but when Carl went out after him, Henri doubled back to the cabin and attempted to kill Tanya with an axe. 

    Henri's charm rendered Tanya powerless, but her screams drew Carl, who arrived and fatally shot Henri upon seeing him menacing Tanya.

--Journey into Unknown Worlds#29

Note: Henri went to the Batroc (and Monty Python), I am French...zat is why I have zis outrageous accente!

images: (without ads)
Journey into Unknown Worlds#29, pg. 2, panel 2 (happy human couple Carl & Tanya);
        pg.3, panel 1 (Henri face; with Carl's smaller face over his shoulder);
            panel 2 (Carl's face in profile with pipe);
            panel 4 (Carl, mostly full body, profile);
            panel 6 (Tanya, knees up, straight-on body);
        pg. 4, panel 3 (Henri attacking Tanya with axe, shot by Carl);
            panel 6 (Tanya transformed);
            panel 7 (both transformed)

Journey into Unknown Worlds#29 (July, 1954)

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