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Real Name: Z'cann

Identity/Class: Skrull K-Class (mutant)

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: Cadre K (Fiz, Goroth, Nuro R'Tee, Spunje, others unnamed)

Affiliations: Avengers (Ant-Man/Hank Pym, Captain America/Steve Rogers), Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Forge, K'thron, Sage ("Tessa"), Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), X-Men (Beast/Henry McCoy, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Marrow/Sarah, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Rogue/Anne-Marie, Stepford Cuckoos (Celeste Cuckoo, Mindee Cuckoo, Phoebe Cuckoo), Tempus/Eva Bell)

Enemies: Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur), Blood Brothers, Children of the Sun, Ego the living planet, Granok, High Commander, Intergalactic Council, Kreddick, Ronan the Accuser, Ruul, Skrulls

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sagittarian Ranch, North Dakota, United States of America;
                                  formerly Cadre K's colony, Andromeda Galaxy;
                                  formerly Intergalactic Council, Selandiar;
                                  formerly the Skrulls' Earth base;
                                  formerly a Skrull Creche-World, Andromeda Galaxy

First Appearance: X-Men II#97 (February, 2000)

head shot

Powers/Abilities: As a K-Class Skrull Deviant, Z'cann possessed exceptionally potent telepathic abilities. She was able to channel the collected psychic energy of an entire planet and fire it in potent blasts. Besides her mutant powers, Z'cann had the common shapeshifting powers of most Skrulls.

Height: 5'1" (in base form, by approximation)
Weight: 120 lbs. (in base form, by approximation)
Eyes: Green (red in first appearance)
Hair: Black

first appearance


(X-Men II#95 - BTS) - The young telepathic K-Class Skrull Z'cann was among a number of K-Class Skrullians delivered to Earth for experimentation by chief scientist Granok who had been trying to use K-Class's mutant nature to mimic the particular powers of whoever the Skrulls would mimic. Z'cann was kept in a pen with others. The Skrulls worked for Apocalypse who wanted to use them to gather the Twelve.

(X-Men II#97) - During the final fight against the X-Men, the Skrulls sent in Z'cann and the K-Class mutants to fight on their behalf. They were told to first bring down the size-changing K-Class Skrull Fiz who had escaped earlier to join the X-Men. Fiz was shot in the back with an electrical blast and then pounded on by his fellow K-Classers. The beating continued until Fiz was rescued by Beast. The battle continued and eventually overwhelmed the young telepath Z'cann who tried to flee from the battlefield, only to face the high commander who was about to whip her for trying to run. Fiz was on hand to knock him out. He then persuaded Z'cann to use her telepathy on him to make the other K-Class Skrulls see and experience all the things he learned during his time with "The Xavier". This was enough for the Skrullian mutants to switch sides and openly aide the X-Men, which allowed the team to leave the battle and enter Apocalypse's pyramid.

(Uncanny X-Men I#378  ~ X-Men II#98 ~ X-Men Unlimited I#26) - The K-Class Skrulls were all present when the Cyclops/Apocalypse hybrid briefly altered reality several times to fool the Twelve into expending their powers to help strengthen him. Z'cann played no part in any of the alternate planes of existence, but did bear witness to the aftermath when a heartbroken Jean Grey learned that her husband had apparently perished.

(Uncanny X-Men I#379) - Feeling responsible for the fate of the young mutant Skrulls, Charles Xavier decided to join them on a trip into outerspace to help train them and make sure they found a place to call their own. Upon departing Earth aboard a Skrull spacecraft, he was given a Shi'ar holo-empathic crystal that contained the essences of all the different mutants he'd helped back on Earth. With all the K-Class Skrulls already on board, the professor said goodbye to Colossus and Kitty Pryde who had come to see them off. When Colossus asked Charles why he had to go, Xavier simply said the Skrulls' need was greater and left.

(Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet#1 (fb) ) - Out of all the rescued K-Class mutants, Charles Xavier selected Fiz, Z'cann, Nuro, R'tee and Spunje to form Cadre K, a strike force under his command that would raid Skrull creche-worlds and rescue mutant Skrull infants from being exterminated. They struck on six different worlds, including Carpiax IV. After defeating any and all opposition, Cadre K would take the infants to safety to a hidden colony somewhere in Skrull space.

(Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet#1 - BTS) - Cadre K's actions infuriated the Skrullian authorities who sent their ambassador Kreddik to the Intergalactic Council on the planet Selandiar. There, in front of all the civilized, space faring races in the known galaxy, Kerrak pleaded that the council would vote to brand humanity a menace. Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra Neramani grudgingly agreed to the ambassador's proposal to use the M'ndavian method to determine mankind's guilt. Over the next several weeks, the council got reports about Ego the Living Planet's growing insanity. The worldsized lifeform was trying to awaken his "brothers and sisters", destroying entire civilizations in the process. Even as the M'ndavian trial against man continued, the council received word that the seemingly unstoppable Ego was headed for Selandiar.

Z'cann shuts down Ego

(Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet#1) - When Ego reached Selandiar, none of the planetary defenses proved capable of holding him back. However, Cadre K arrived and, led by Xavier, landed on Ego in an attempt to try and stop the crazed creature. The team bravely fought against Ego's antibodies, while Xavier attempted to reach Ego's mind, only to realize it was shrouded in madness and blind rage. Xavier ordered Cadre K to retreat, but they were overwhelmed by Ego's antibodies. Only the timely arrival of the Silver Surfer allowed them to break free. Xavier then decided to shut down Ego's mind to end the threat. To do so, he psi-linked with Z'cann while gathering the psychic strength of everyone on Selandiar. He then focussed it through the young Skrullian telepath who succesfully fired the psychic energy barrage into his mind. Before their attack could succeed, Cadre K and the Silver Surfer were caught in the crossfire of the Ruul's attack on Ego (the Ruul, aka the Kree, were actually behind Ego's madness as part of their bigger scheme). Cadre K and Xavier were stunned and forced to flee Ego when they spotted imperial forces coming. They were forced to leave Z'cann behind. The girl was taken to Selandiar to plead before the council on humanity's behalf, praising Charles Xavier as best she could. However, her testimony did not persuade anyone. In the end, the M'ndavian crystals all went black, which meant Lilandra and the council had to take action against Earth.

(Maximum Security#1) - The Intergalactic Council had the Sol system quarantined behind an energy barrier and Earth turned into an interstellar penal colony. All the galaxy's prisoners, undesirables and riff raff were exiled on Earth, including Z'cann.

Z'cann vs Blood Brothers

(X-Men II#107) - Stranded on Earth, Z'cann used her powers to pass herself off as human. She made her way to Salem Center by train to warn the X-Men. She fell asleep on the way there and when the conductor woke her upon arrival, she briefly turned into her real form. This caused a ruckus amongst the passengers which grew to full blown pandemonium when the alien Blood Brothers revealed themselves and attacked Z'cann. The Skrull girl tried to fight, but was outmatched. Luckily, the X-Man Rogue was on hand to help save her. Rogue recognized Z'cann from their previous mission against the Apocalypse. Because the Blood Brothers had injured her, Z'cann couldn't tell what she knew. This forced Rogue to use her powers to absorb her memories. Rogue returned Z'cann to the X-Mansion for proper medical care while she summoned the X-Men to share the Skrullian's intelligence with them. The newest alien prisoners arrived on Earth via a portal on Ellis Island. The X-Men theorized that the gateway worked both ways, offering a way off Earth.

(X-Men Unlimited I#29) - Z'cann was looked after by Forge and Tessa who tried to stabilize her condition and doubted if she would survive. She suddenly transformed into a giant, furious beast and grabbed Forge only to be sedated in time by Tessa. At the same time, Xavier and the rest of Cadre K waited right outside the Sol system for the barrier to go down.

(Bishop: The Last X-Man#15) - After learning that Deathbird possessed a key that could breach the barrier, Xavier led Cadre K on a chase to find the renegade Shi'ar. They eventually tracked her down to a Shi'ar space station where she'd already killed the entire crew with her bare hands. Before Cadre K could start a search for Deathbird, the timetossed X-Man Bishop appeared, inadvertently wrecking most of the station during his arrival (Deathbird served as Bishop's unwitting chronal anchor, causing him to manifest in our time wherever she was). Xavier and Cadre K rescued Bishop from Deathbird, who fled to a different part of the station. As soon as he came to, Bishop was introduced to the professor's newest students and then joined Charles in trapping Deathbird and retrieving the key. Bishop was given the key and agreed to let himself get imprisoned and sent to Earth so he could put it to good use.

(Maximum Security#3) - Cadre K and Xavier assisted Earth's heroes and a number of interstellar villains in helping free Earth from Ronan the Accuser, the Ruul forces and Ego the Living Planet. After a team of Avengers, stuck in space before the quarantine, exposed the Ruul's duplicity to Lilandra and the Intergalactic Council, the embargo of Earth was ended. Z'cann lost Xavier who decided to remain on Earth because he felt the Skrulls knew all they needed to continue their fight. The K-Class Skrulls thanked their mentor for sharing his dream and assured him he'd always be with them in spirit.

(Secret Invasion: Skrulls!#1) - Chancellor Kal'Du researched all Skrulls at request of Queen Veranke for the Warbook files. The entry revealed all Cadre K members had retained their mutant abilities in the wake of M-Day. Kal'Du suggested that with the genetic data that was collected from Charles Xavier years ago by scientist Dro'ge they could find a way to manipulate Cadre K into their service. This was the chancellor's only recommend use for the K-Class Skrulls.

(A + X#18 (fb) - BTS) - Weary of not being accepted anywhere in the galaxy, the five members of Cadre K eventually returned to Earth. Going by stories told to them by Xavier, they believed America was a welcoming place to exiles with nowhere to turn. Learning of a strand of Skrull mutated cattle (caused by Mr. Fantastic once hypnotizing three Skrulls to believe they were cows), the Cadre decided to care for them. They settled down in North Dakota where they founded the Sagitarrian Ranch. They began to quietly acquire all Skrull-"tainted" bovines they could find. In order to supplement their income, the Skrulls began to raise bisons which they sold to a chain of hamburger restaurants.

(A + X#13 - BTS) - Cadre K's existence on Earth following the so-called Secret Invasion was discovered by Skrull investigator K'Thron. He summoned Cyclops and Captain America to search and capture Cadre K, convinced they were up to no good.

(A + X#14 - 18) - The Avengers and X-Men entered an uneasy alliance to track down Cadre K at their Sagittarian Ranch. After a brief fight, Z'cann showed Emma Frost and the Cuckoos they had no ill will in mind. Cadre K then had to team up with the heroes to fight off Doctor Doom who attempted to capture the mutant Skrulls to unlock the secrets of their DNA. While Z'cann telepathically eluded Doom who had come to North Dakota in person, the other Cadre members travelled to Latveria to destroy Doom's lab which contained all the data on Skrull physiology. In the aftermath, the heroes and K'Thron bid the Cadre goodbye, with Captain America wishing them well.

Comments: Created by Alan Davis (writer, pencils), Terry Kavanagh (writer), Mark Farmer (inks).

Bishop: The Last X-Man#15 erroneously shows Z'cann besides her fellow Cadre K member while she was already sent to Earth as a prisoner.

Profile by MarvellousLuke & Norvo.

Z'cann has no known connections to

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