Real Name: Kashmir Vennema

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/Alternate Reality (Earth-16211) human technology user

Occupation: Interdimensional technology procurer, purchaser, and salesperson

Group Membership: Vennema Multiversal

Affiliations: Secret Empire-616

Enemies: Black Widow of Earth-62111, Captain America (Steve Rogers) of Earth-616, Captain Americas of multiple other realities, Kashmir Vennema of Earth-13010

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    apparent corpse presumably transferred to Earth-12128;
    apparently died in a warehouse meeting place in Miami, Florida, Earth-616;
    formerly Vennema Multiversal, Earth-17121;
    formerly Earth-16211

First Appearance: Captain America and Black Widow#636 (November, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: Kash does not have actual superhuman powers; however, she is highly intelligent (possibly genius level) and charismatic, and is a good with sales/negotiation.

She had access to advanced technology from Vennema Multiversal and other sources. She was seen to operate and/or have access to pylons that set up a field blocking transmissions from unapproved sources. She used a transmitter that sent equipment from Vennema Multiversal. She carried and was experienced with a handgun. She also had possession of stasis containers holding a dozen specimens from a dozen different realities.

Height: Approximately 5'8" (based on her standing next to Hawkeye)
Weight: Approximately 135 lbs.
Eyes: Green (some panels look more brown)
Hair: Black
Distinguishing Features: She wore red/rose-colored glasses like a few other Kashmirs. She presumably had a tattoo or jewelry with the Vennema Multiversal symbol on it, but I didn't see that.

(Captain America and Black Widow#636 (fb) - BTS) - Kashmir's father walked out on her mom when Kashmir was six years old. She and her mother didn't have much money for things like toys, and the young Kashmir never really played with dolls.

(Captain America and Iron Man#636 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Kashmir Vennema was recruited into Vennema Multiversal, an organization of Kashmir Vennemas across numerous universes, who obtained technology from one reality and sold it to another for profit, heedless of the damage to each reality.

(Captain America and Black Widow#636 (fb) - BTS) - On multiple Earths, Kashmir was opposed by those realities' Captain Americas.

(Captain America and Black Widow#636 (fb) - BTS) - Kashmir contracted with the Secret Empire of Earth-616 to sell them exotic weaponry (it's not clear whether they knew they were getting alternate reality super-humans or not)

(Captain America and Black Widow#636 (fb) - BTS) - Possibly based on information given by Kashmir Vennema-12083, who was imprisoned at the Raft, Captain America investigated the meeting place of Secret Empire with Kashmir-16211.

(Captain America and Black Widow#636) - Kashmir's agents set up a containment field, preventing outside transmissions or observations of their location. When her agent told her it was ready and the cargo could be transmitted on her mark, she addressed the Secret Empire agents, "Gentleman! Everything's in order on this end. If you're ready, I'd be happy to show you the merchandise." When they acknowledged, she said, "mark," and a dozen containers arrived. She continued, "I think you'll be excited by this selection, gentlemen. A dozen specimens, selected from a dozen different worlds and indoctrinated into serving...well...into serving whatever cause we program into them." As the contents of the containers were obscured, one of the Secret Empire agents asked who she had brought. She responded, "Come now. No money has been exchanged. Surely you don't expect me to fully open the kimono without a deposit at the very least." When her agent sighted and shouted out "Captain America!," Kashmir responded, "I'm fairly certain he's not included in the..." As her agent tried to point out that Captain America was approaching, Cap's shield struck him in the head and then bounced back and knocked Kashmir's transmitter out of her hand. After she dove for the transmitter but Cap's thrown shield cut her off, she cursed and said, "Countless worlds...and that man is always a thorn in my side."

    As Cap started taking out the Secret Empire agents, Kashmir drew a gun and told him, "I'm afraid I can't have you beating up my customers, Captain. Let's see if you bleed red, white, and..."

    But before she could finish, the Black Widow of Earth-62111 shot her through the back of the head, apparently killing her. As the Widow took out the rest of the Secret Empire, Captain America spotted and rushed her, but she shot him in the shoulder and leg.

(Captain America and Black Widow#637) - Kashmir's corpse remained on the ground as the Black Widow-616 arrived and defeated the Widow-62111.

(Captain America and Black Widow#637 - BTS) - Realizing that Kashmir-16211 was dead (apparently the victim of another hit), the perimeter containment field broken, and the payload (the dozen specimens in stasis), two agents at Vennema Multiversal discussed the matter. The senior/superior/standing Kashmir ordered the other to "slingshot it," sending the stasis containers, Cap, both Black Widows, and everything within the field to another dimension at random. They arrived on Earth-12128 (I don't see Kashmir-16211's body there, but it should have gone, too).

Comments: Created by Created by Cullen Bunn and Francesco Francavilla.

    While geography and real world history aren't really my strong-suits, you can Google "Kashmir" to see it is an Asian region incorporating different territories ruled by India, Pakistan, and China.

    These Kashmir Vennema profiles may be a bit heavy in detail and dialogue, but that's because I'm trying to give each counterpart some distinction in terms of behavior, speech patterns, etc.

    What is up with the choice of her name? I think Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) says it best in Avengers Assemble#21: "What's a cashmere enema?"

    Vennema Multiversal first shown in Captain America and Iron Man #635, first identified by name in Captain America and Black Widow #637

Profile by Snood.

Kashmir Vennema-12116
should be distinguished from her various alternate reality counterparts:

images: (without ads)
Captain America and Black Widow#636, pg. 14, panel 5 (face);
        pg. 15, panel 1 (full, with containers);
        pg. 19, panel 1 (shot)

Captain America and Black Widow#636-637 (November, 2012) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Francesco Francavilla (artist), Jake Thomas (assistant editor), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)

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