Real Name: Kashmir Vennema

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/Alternate Reality (Earth-11712) human technology user

Occupation: CEO of Vennema Multiversal

Group Membership: Vennema Multiversal; Vennema Multiversal Inner Council/Executive Board

Affiliations: Various Kashmir Vennemas;
    numerous others unspecified

Enemies: Black Widow-62111, Kashmir Vennema-13010, various Kashmir Vennemas

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed
    formerly Vennema Multiversal, Earth-17121;
    formerly Earth-12116

First Appearance: Captain America and Black Widow#638 (December, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: Kash does not have actual superhuman powers; however, she is highly intelligent (possibly genius level) and charismatic, and an enterprising and experienced leader. She had access to the various advanced technologies of Vennema Multiversal and other sources. She also commanded an unrevealed number of extradimensional counterparts of herself.

Height: Approximately 5'8"
Weight: Approximately 135 lbs.
Eyes: Brown(?)
Hair: Black
Distinguishing Features: Kashmir-11712 is one of the relatively few Kashmirs with short hair. She wore a business suit (pants, shirt, jacket), including a belt with the Vennema Multiversal symbol.

(Captain America and Black Widow#638 (fb) - BTS) - Kashmir Vennema-11712 was born at least one week earlier than all of her other alternate dimensional counterparts (or, at least, those she employed in desk/computer positions at Vennema Multiversal; most specifically, she said she was that much older than anyone else in that room).

(Captain America and Black Widow#637 (fb) - BTS / Captain America and Black Widow#639 (fb) - BTS) - Kashmir Vennema-11712 learned of alternate realities and realized she could see infinite profit in infinite worlds.

(Captain America and Black Widow#637 (fb) - BTS) - Shrewd, ambitious, cruel, and paranoid enough to know she could only trust one person, herself, Kashmir Vennema-11712 formed Vennema Multiversal, a union of Kashmir Vennemas from numerous alternate realities.

(Captain America and Iron Man#635 (fb) - BTS / Captain America and Iron Man#636 (fb) - BTS) - Vennema Multiversal was based on Earth-17121.

(Captain America and Black Widow#638 (fb) - BTS) - Kashmir-11712 researched each Kashmir she recruited, learning subtle little differences, such as variations in upbringing, life experiences, and social patterns.

(Captain America and Black Widow#637 (fb) - BTS) - Vennema Multiversal worked with numerous individuals and organizations -- including super-villains, tyrants, greedy corporations, and wealthy collectors -- across numerous realities, selling the resources of one Earth to another. They dealt in weapons, fringe technology, espionage, assassination, alternate energy, etc.

(Captain America and Black Widow#639 (fb) - BTS) - Someone might be a customer in one reality, but a competitor or target or something else in another reality. Vennema Multiversal participated in many dirty deals and hostile takeovers; they double-crossed some of the most powerful people  in existence. For them...diversification meant making a lot of enemies.

(Captain America and Black Widow#639 (fb) - BTS / Captain America and Black Widow#640 (fb) - BTS) - When Kash-13010 decided she wanted to leave Vennema Multiversal so she could start a new life, the organization (presumably directed by Kashmir-11712) killed her husband and daughter.


(Captain America and Black Widow#638 (fb) - BTS) - Vennema Multiversal apparently targeted Earth-616 as "prime retail space."

(Captain America and Black Widow#637 - BTS) - With Black Widow-62111 having slain Kashmir-16211 and disrupted her operation, two Vennema Multiversal agents sought to prevent unwanted parties from obtaining their technology. The Kashmirs therefore decided to "slingshot it," sending the stasis containers, Captain America, both Black Widows-616 & -62111, and everything within their disrupted perimeter containment field to another dimension at random (Earth-12128).

(Captain America and Black Widow#638) - At Vennema Multiversal, Kashmir-11712 questioned two of her subordinates as to whether they had yet found the people they had dumped, but, as it was a random dump, it might still take them hours to find it. Kashmir-11712 told them she was making it a priority. "Find them and eliminate them. I'll expect an update. Shortly." As she walked out, long hair Kashmir said, "God...we can really be a bitch sometimes."
    During the above discussion, Kashmir-11712 consider the origins of herself and her organization and marveled that being born just one week earlier made that much difference.



    Two Kashmirs (not necessarily the same as the ones above) identified the dimension to which the others had been dumped and called for Kashmir-11712.


    One of these Kashmirs explained to Kashmir-11712 how hostile this realm was. Regardless, Kashmir-11712 decided to send the Hunt Squad -- Eel-28121, Madcap-21281, Porcupine-12812, Spider-Woman-82121, Ulik-81212 -- after them .

(Captain America and Black Widow#639 - BTS) - Captain America-616 convinced Lizard-12128 to let Widow-62111 use his technology to repair her dimensional transport device. The Hunt Squad ultimately caught up to Cap and the Widows, but they were joined by Kash-13010 and her agents -- Black Knight-13019, Bloodstorm-13391, Ghost Rider-13139, Moon Knight-39131, & Venom-91313 -- who defeated the Hunt Squad.

(Captain America and Black Widow#640 (fb) - BTS) - Kash-13010 invited Cap and the two Widows aboard her ship, which transported them (including her warrior agents) to Earth-17121, and they began heading for Vennema Multiversal HQ.

(Captain America and Black Widow#640) - At Vennema Multiversal HQ, Kashmir-11712 met with her Inner Council boardroom, reminding them that they shared a name that meant they stay poised and calm during times of crisis. Kashmir-11712 tried to mollify them regarding what was coming for them: "And we're prepared for such a possibility. This wouldn't be the first time time our organization came under such...scrutiny." Still, the other Kashmirs questioned whether she took the matter seriously enough and how she could be so nonchalant. Despite agreeing with their concerns, Kashmir-11712 tried to maintain her position of strength, responding, "Because I'm the boss."
    During the above conversation, Kashmir-11712 considered that the other members weren't actually worried; rather they were trying to undermine her as having been unprepared and having responded inappropriately...and she worried that they were right, that she had dropped the ball.



    Kash-13010's agents fought Vennema Multiversal's brainwashed agents, the invading force breached the gate to Vennema Multiversal HQ, and Widow-62111 rushed in to try to take out the inner council; not trusting Widow-62111, Widow-616 rushed in after her.

(Captain America and Black Widow#640 (fb) - BTS) - Widow-62111 slew multiple Kashmirs, including apparently Kashmir-11712 and the rest of her inner circle/boardroom.

(Captain America and Black Widow#640) - Widow-616 caught up to Widow-62111 and found her standing over the slain inner circle.

(Captain America and Black Widow#640 - BTS) - Many Kashmirs fled, while one or two helped free some of Vennema Multiversal's prisoners and send Cap and Widow-616 back to Earth (with Widow-62111).

    Kash-13010 gathered at least three other Kashmirs and plotted to create a new organization, better than the previous one.




Comments: Created by Created by Cullen Bunn and Francesco Francavilla.

    While geography and real world history aren't really my strong-suits, you can Google "Kashmir" to see it is an Asian region incorporating different territories ruled by India, Pakistan, and China.

    These Kashmir Vennema profiles may be a bit heavy in detail and dialogue, but that's because I'm trying to give each counterpart some distinction in terms of behavior, speech patterns, etc.

    What is up with the choice of her name? I think Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) says it best in Avengers Assemble#21: "What's a cashmere enema?"

Profile by Snood.

Kashmir Vennema-12116
should be distinguished from her various alternate reality counterparts:

images: (without ads)
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   #640, pg. 1, panel 2 (Inner Council Boardroom)
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Captain America and Black Widow#636-637 (November, 2012) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Francesco Francavilla (artist), Jake Thomas (assistant editor), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)
Captain America and Black Widow#638 (December, 2012) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Francesco Francavilla (artist), Jake Thomas (assistant editor), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)
Captain America and Black Widow#639 (January, 2013) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Francesco Francavilla (artist), Jake Thomas (assistant editor), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)
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