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Membership: Swarm (leader, Fritz von Meyer), 8-Ball, Delilah, Killer Shrike (Simon Maddicks), Melter, Squid (Don Callahan)

Purpose: Criminal

Aliases: All-New Sinister Six

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), X-Men's Special Class (Ernst, Eye Boy/Trevor Hawkins, Glob Herman/Robert Herman, Hellion/Julian Keller, No-Girl/Martha Johansson, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Shark-Girl/Lara Dos Santos)

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Spider-Man and the X-Men#4 (March, 2015)



(Spider-Man and the X-Men#4 - BTS) - Nazi super villain Swarm gathered several super powered criminals to form his version of the Sinister Six.

(Spider-Man and the X-Men#4 (fb) - BTS) - Swarm planned to have his new team make a proper debut by stealing a gold shipment worth 10 million dollars from a New York City bank.

(Spider-Man and the X-Men#4) - While robbing the bank, the Sinister Six were discovered by Spider-Man and the Special Class of X-Students who he was mentoring. They happened to be on patrol in the area, when the ultra sensitive Eye Boy noticed bee pheromones, which alarmed Spider-Man who had battled Swarm before. As the Sinister Six attacked the X-Students, Spider-Man focussed on Swarm. He got some assistance from Hellion who blew up Swarm with a telekinetic blast. With their leader out of commission, the Sinister Six surrendered.

Comments: Created by Elliott Kalan (writer), R.B. Silva (pencils), Rob Lean (inks).

With the original 8-Ball and Melter deceased these two could be the ones who were part of the Goblin Nation from Superior Spider-Man#26.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Sinister Six has some connections to

  • Sinister Six, the on-again off-again collection of Spider-foes, usually led by Dr. Octopus @ Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#1
  • Sinister Seven, The short-lived team assembled to kill Kaine @ Spider-Man Unlimited I#9
  • Sinister Twelve, Norman Osborn's team of supervillains @ Marvel Knights Spider-Man#10
  • Sinister Syndicate, the alliance of Spider-villains organized by the Beetle @ Amazing Spider-Man I#280
  • or any other "Sinister" teams

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    Spider-Man and the X-Men#4, p1, pan6 (main image)

    Spider-Man and the X-Men#4 (March, 2015) - Elliott Kalan (writer), R.B. Silva (pencils), Rob Lean (inks), Katie Kubert (editor)

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