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MembershipCrime-Master (Bennett Brant), Death-Adder (Roland Burroughs), Human Fly (Rick Deacon), Jack O'Lantern, Megatak, Toxin (Eddie Brock)

Purpose: To hurt and kill Venom (Flash Thompson)

Affiliations: Crime-Master's Henchmen

Enemies: Betty Brant, Jesse Thompson, Rose Thompson, Venom (Flash Thompson)

Base of Operations: New York City, USA

First Appearance: Venom II#17 (July, 2012)


(Venom II#17) - Crime-Master sought bloody vengeance against Venom for interfering in his criminal operations. Having already gathered Jack O'Lantern, Megatak and Death Adder into his service, Crime-Master offered protection to the Human Fly if he worked for him, to which the fugitive agreed. This was all covertly watched by Venom (Flash Thompson), who in turn was secretly watched by the symbiote-killing Eddie Brock. Venom was shot at by Brock, revealing their location, and Venom webbed him tight on the rafters. Megatak protected Crime-Master while Jack O'Lantern, Human Fly and Death Adder launched an attack against Venom, who was able to escape. Crime-Master then had Brock brought down and forcefully bonded with the Toxin symbiote.

(Venom II#18) - Targeting Venom, Jack O'Lantern cornered Betty Brant, Thompson's former girlfriend, and Megatak digitally teleported in and joined the fight. Venom and Brant fled only to be attacked by Toxin, but again they escaped.

(Venom II#19) - Crime-Master had the Human Fly abduct Flash's mother, Rose Thompson. Meanwhile, Jack O'Lantern kidnapped Flash's sister, Jesse, and killed her husband, then held her hostage atop an old church. Venom saved his sister only to see Toxin leap away with Betty.

(Venom II#20) - Venom rushed to his mother's apartment, but Death Adder lay in wait to kill him. A fierce battle between the two followed, ending with Venom snapping the poisonous assassin's neck. Guessing the Human Fly would be back at his old hideout, Venom went there and saved his mother, brutally torturing the Human Fly to find out Crime-Master's location: a Staten Island shipyard. Meanwhile, Betty was introduced to Crime-Master with Toxin, Megatak and Jack O'Lantern standing next to him. Crime-Master revealed himself to be Bennett Brant, her brother.

(Venom II#21) - Venom arrived at the shipyard and killed several of Crime-Master's henchmen standing guard. Venom stormed inside the hideout, but was knocked by Megatak. Toxin destroyed Megatak for showing Venom mercy, but Venom eliminated him in turn and incapacitated Jack O'Lantern. However, Crime-Master used his multipurpose gun to hurt and slowly kill Venom. Betty intervened and shot her brother in the back. Crime-Master then fell into a vat of acid, apparently dead. 

(Venom II#22) - While Venom told the Avengers of his run-in with the Savage Six, Jack O'Lantern and the Human Fly were incarcerated in a high-level prison facility (likely the Raft).

Comments: Created by Rick Remender & Cullen Bunn (writers), Kev Walker (pencils), Terry Pallot (inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Crime-Master's Savage Six has no known connections to:

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Venom II#21, cover (main image)

Venom II#17 (July, 2012) - Rick Remender & Cullen Bunn (writers), Kev Walker (pencils), Terry Pallot (inks), Tom Brennan (editor)
Venom II#18-19 (July-August, 2012) - Rick Remender & Cullen Bunn (writers), Lan Medina (pencils), Nelson DeCastro (inks), Tom Brennan (editor)
Venom II#20 (September, 2012) - Cullen Bunn & Rick Remender (writers), Lan Medina & Robert Atkins (pencils), Nelson DeCastro & Rick Ketcham (inks), Tom Brennan (editor)
Venom II#21 (September, 2012) - Cullen Bunn & Rick Remender (writers), Lan Medina (pencils), Terry Pallot, Chris Sotomayor, & Karl Kesel (inks), Tom Brennan (editor)
Venom II#22 (October, 2012) - Rick Remender (writer), Declan Shalvey (art), Tom Brennan (editor)

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