Real Name: Ilaney Brükner

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Pilot

Group Membership: None;
formerly German Army Aviation Corps

Affiliations: El-Abel Akreplach, Doctor Bong, Montgomery Burns, Zoe Culloden, Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Dr. Emrys Killebrew, Princess Ophelia, Mercedes Wilson

Enemies: Advanced Idea Mechanics, Ajax (Francis), Bullseye, Landau, Luckman & Lake, T-Ray

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A mystic realm accessed by T-Ray (see comments);
formerly mobile with Deadpool;
formerly a house in the Swiss Alps

First Appearance: Deadpool III#18 (July, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Ilaney could pilot transport planes, helicopters and various other flying vehicles. She knew how to use a shotgun and easily adapted to the use of other weapons as well.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 197 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


(Deadpool III#26 (fb) - BTS) - Ilaney learned to fly as a member of the German Army Aviation Corps.

(Deadpool III#19/26 (fb) - BTS) - Ilaney crashed a transport plane in the Swiss Alps and was not allowed to fly again afterward. Around 20 people died during the crash.

(Deadpool III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Survivor's guilt made Ilaney retreat into bad relationships and heavy drinking. When these methods failed she moved to a secluded house in the Swiss Alps.

(Deadpool III#18) - Ilaney returned with a sled full of wood to her home when Deadpool tipped her with a stick on her shoulder. He was carrying Dr. Emrys Killebrew over his shoulder and asked her, as threatening as possible, to offer him and Killebrew a place to stay.

   Ilaney watched Deadpool take care of Killebrew's wounds for awhile then, when Deadpool seemed distracted enough, took her shotgun out of her cupboard and ordered him to leave her home. She shot him and Deadpool hurled a toy plane at her and fought her over the loaded shotgun. After disarming her Deadpool asked her for her name and she was surprised that he spoke fluent German. He asked her if she had a means of transportation and she told him about her snowmobile. From the nearby mountain Ajax was heard screaming for Deadpool, who immediately told Ilaney to get Killebrew to her snowmobile and get ready to escape. Deadpool used the shotgun to start an avalanche and buried Ajax and Ilaney's house under it. Ilaney fled with Deadpool and Killebrew on her snowmobile while mourning the loss of everything she had in the world.

   Unable to handle the weight of three passengers the snowmobile broke down and Ilaney and Deadpool set up camp. Ilaney took care of Killebrew at the campfire. Ilaney started to ask Deadpool questions about why Ajax wanted to kill him and he started to judge her, which made her sad. Deadpool got more wood for the fire and left Ilaney behind with a threat. Killebrew woke up and asked Ilaney not to tell Deadpool yet because he didn't know how to stop Ajax. When Killebrew told Deadpool the truth he was assaulted by Deadpool and Ilaney whacked Deadpool over the head with a burning torch. She was tired of running away all the time....then Ajax appeared on the scene.

(Deadpool III#19) - Ilaney and Killebrew watched Deadpool fight Ajax. She was talking to Killebrew, who couldn't understand a single word she said. She watched as Killebrew saved Deadpool from Ajax by setting Ajax on fire. Ajax then slew Killebrew while Deadpool and Ilaney ran into the woods and jumped into a river to escape Ajax. Ilaney nearly drowned, but Deadpool gave her mouth-to-mouth to save her life. Deadpool then carried the freezing Ilaney, who went delirious and told him about the crash that ended her pilot career. She wanted her life back and Deadpool hid her when she lost consciousness. After defeating Ajax in the river Ilaney was saved by Killebrew's spirit, who revived her with a touch from his fingertip. Deadpool carried her to safety.

(Deadpool III#26 (fb) ) - During her stay in hospital Deadpool visited her to hire her as his new pilot and Ilaney took the offer, feeling liberated after her recent near-death experience.

(Deadpool III#26 (fb) - BTS) - Ilaney moved to a new home at the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. At her new home she hung out with her planes and plane parts and nursed stray animals back to health.

(Deadpool III#26 (fb) ) - Ilaney picked up Deadpool and Ophelia while they fell from a tower and brought them to the meeting with El-Abel Akreplach, who had hired Deadpool to bring Ophelia to him, so she could become his wife. Ilaney noticed how unhappy Ophelia seemed and Deadpool reminded her that he had hired Ilaney to fly and not to think.

   Ilaney took care of a blue bird when the mailman delivered a message from Deadpool for her next mission.

   Ilaney flew Deadpool in a helicopter to an AIM facility when she started to ask questions about the mission. Deadpool got angry and made her cry by reminding her of the crash that ended her piloting career. AIM agents with jetpacks attacked the helicopter and they were going to crash when Ilaney told Deadpool they had to eject. Deadpool hallucinated at this point and Ilaney looked like Mercedes Wilson to him....and he put a gun to Ilaney's head.

(Deadpool III#27) - Dr. Bong and Ilaney accompanied Deadpool around in San Francisco where he provoked a fight with Wolverine and Kitty Pryde. Ilaney and Bong watched the fight between Deadpool and Wolverine from the sidelines with Kitty Pryde trapped inside a force bubble created by Bong. Bong teleported himself, Ilaney and Deadpool back to his practice after Deadpool was stabbed through the stomach by Wolverine. Ilaney asked Deadpool if he wanted to meet a real doctor now, but Deadpool insisted that he didn't need a doctor because his healing factor would take care of his injuries. He then passed out.

(Deadpool III#28) - Ilaney and Deadpool (as Colonel Sanders) were on a steakout and Ilaney was disappointed because she thought they would get some steak. Mercedes Wilson, hunted by Bullseye, ran right into Deadpool, who was surprised by the fact that she was no mere illusion and could actually be seen by Ilaney as well. Ilaney fled to a roof while Deadpool protected Mercedes from Bullseye.

(Deadpool III#30) - Deadpool asked Ilaney to bring Mercedes to Morocco. Ilaney planned to fatten Mercedes up a bit with Jägerschitzel. Ilaney, Mercedes and Deadpool made a halt in between with the helicopter in New York City at the mercenary bar Hellhouse. Ilaney and Mercedes stayed at the helicopter while Deadpool wreaked havoc inside the Hellhouse. Outside Montgomery Burns suddenly appeared in front of Mercedes, Ilaney and Deadpool, who had just left the Hellhouse. Monty was burning at a stake with a message from T-Ray stuck on his chest.

(Deadpool III#31) - Deadpool returned Monty alongside Ilaney and Mercedes to Landau, Luckman & Lake. The trio was imprisoned by the interdimensional corporation for their effort. Deadpool vomited up explosives to break himself and his women out of the cell. He handed Ilaney a rifle, but didn't allow Mercedes to keep one as well. Deadpool, Ilaney and Mercedes then hid behind a wall while LL&L's guards shot at them. Deadpool used his underwear as white flag to surrender, to Ilaney's shock, but the guards were already knocked out by Zoe Culloden, who had just decided to quit LL&L to be together with Monty. Ilaney liked it a lot because the pairing of Zoe and Monty was like a fairy tale. Deadpool and his women returned to Earth after a hug between Monty and Deadpool, but to their surprise the portal brought them to Maine where they were immediately attacked by T-Ray.

(Deadpool III#32) - Mercedes and Ilaney watched Deadpool shoot T-Ray and then witnessed a memory or illusion of the Wilsons saving the mercenary Jack. T-Ray took Mercedes and Ilaney to another dimension where he offered Ilaney a chance to return home, but Ilaney declined the offer. T-Ray punished her by sending flying piranhas at her. They ate her and Mercedes got trapped in a nightmare that had her relive the plane crash over and over again with the addition of her parents on board. When Deadpool entered her nightmare Ilaney asked him for help, but T-Ray provoked Deadpool to continue their fight. Ilaney crashed the plane into a mountain after Deadpool had tackled T-Ray out through the plane's door.

(Deadpool III#33 - BTS) - Upon Mercedes' wish T-Ray released Ilaney from the nightmare. Mercedes promised Deadpool to tell Ilaney that Deadpool was sorry. Mercedes and T-Ray then left together.

Comments: Created by Joe Kelly (writer), Walter McDaniel (pencils) & John Livesay (inks).

Ilaney was trapped in a neverending nightmare by T-Ray in a mystic realm. Sounds like a connection between T-Ray and the demon Nightmare to me.

BTW Ilaney wasn't fat, she was just well nurtured.

Ilaney has a profile in Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul (May, 2010).

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Ilaney Brükner has no known connection to:

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Deadpool III#28, p7, pan1 (main image)
Deadpool III#26, p6, pan5 (head shot)

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