Valgon turns to face the men's guns pointing at him


Real Name: Hugo Valgon

Identity/Class: Normal human (1950s Era)

Occupation: Inventor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Risa Skara, Yvar Skara, Colonel Yubek, Orkavo

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unnamed European (?) country

First Appearance: Adventure Into Mystery#3/2 (Atlas) (September, 1956)

Powers/Abilities: Hugo Valgon was a gifted inventor in the service of his country. He had developed the Valgon Ray Activator (see comments).

Valgon reveals the truth to Yubek


(Adventure Into Mystery#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - Hugo Valgon devoted years to create a ray activator device to boost the power of his leader, Orkavo.

(Adventure Into Mystery#3/2 (fb)) - When completing his work, Valgon accidentally placed a tube in the wrong place in the Valgon Ray Activator, inadvertently generating an interdimensional transporter (see comments). Initially numbed, he found that he had been transported elsewhere and came across Risa Skara, the daughter of the king's administrator, Count Yvar. He was surprised at the peaceful nature of Risa's world. She took Valgon to meet Yvar, who offered him local hospitality. Within days, Valgon and Risa fell in love and the inventor asked for her hand in marriage, but Yvar refused. Several days later, Valgon returned to his Earth and he was able to convince Orkavo to let him take machinery and arms back with him, secretly hoping to win over Yvar. Valgon returned to Risa's world the same way and gave the items from his world to Yvar in exchange for his daughter's hand in marriage. However, Yvar soon learned to handle the tools of war, causing destruction and generating intimidation in a world that had not previously known them. Realizing that he had to eliminate the introduced technology to safeguard Risa's world, Valgon destroyed the machinery and weaponry and fled for Risa's sake back to his home dimension, determined to protect Risa's world from any further incursion by also destroying the interdimensional transporter machine.

(Adventure Into Mystery#3/2) - Colonel Yubek arrived with armed men to arrest Valgon for destroying the machine. He chose to believe Valgon's wild story as to why he felt it had to be smashed and would declare that the device had exploded to save Valgon.

Comments: Created by unnamed writer, pencils, inks.

The Valgon Ray Activator was most likely a interdimensional transporter but to only one dimension, although it was admittedly never specified. It could also have been a teleportation device to a far-flung planet, but potential problems regarding the language, distance, atmosphere, etc. seem to have been too easily overcome for such a basic device. It could also have been a time machine, but no awareness of war and troops is also very unlikely. This would also help explain why the device was seen to be powerful for his nation's military regime in that it may have been seen as an instantaneous transport machine to instantly carry troops across borders.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Hugo Valgon has no known connections to:

Risa Skara

Risa Skara

Risa Skara was the first person in her dimension to meet Valgon and took him to see her father, the local administrator. She and Valgon quickly fell in love and the two hoped to marry, but were stopped by her father. She grew concerned at her father's increasing ambition and reluctantly accepted that Valgon had to escape her dimension to avert further destruction.



--Adventure Into Mystery#3/2

Yvar Skara

Yvar Skara

Protective of his daughter, Count Yvar Skara was administrator to the king and forbade Valgon's request to marry Risa. However, he became tempted by the destructive capacity of Valgon's gifts from his own dimension and the opportunities for boosting his power base.



--Adventure Into Mystery#3/2

Colonel Yubek

Colonel Yubek

Colonel Yubek and his armed men found Valgon destroying the transdimensional transportation machine, but he later believed the inventor's account and covered up his destruction.



--Adventure Into Mystery#3/2

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Other Appearances: None

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