Real Name: Nephri

Identity/Class: Human (Egyptian; 30th century B.C.)

Occupation: Monarch; former betrothed of Rama-Tut

Group Membership: Queen Nephri's Royal Court (2940-2930 B.C.; presumably 2920-2890);
   formerly Rama-Tut's Royal Court (2950-2940 B.C.; presumably 2930-2920)

Affiliations: Logos, Ozymandias

Enemies: Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur), Rama-Tut

Known RelativesAmenhotep (Khufor, father), unidentified mother (deceased), Ozymandias (brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Egypt circa 2950 B.C.

First Appearance: Rise of Apocalypse#1 (October, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: She was a very religious person with a strong believe in the Ennead. She knew how to deduce omens.


(Rise of Apocalypse#2 (fb) - BTS) - As a child Nephri was bathed by her brother Ozymandias.

(Rise of Apocalypse#3 (fb) - BTS) - Nephri's mother taught her the ways of the old religion and to believe in omens.

  Her father died protecting Ozymandias from scavengers and her mother died during the flood season. Before any of these events Nephri saw omens that fit the upcoming tragedies. In Rama-Tut she saw the gaze of Osiris, who brought death to anyone in his way.

(Rise of Apocalypse#1) - Nephri, younger sister of Ozymandias, was Rama-Tut's betrothed. One day Rama-Tut ordered Ozymandias to bring him En Sabah Nur of the Sandstormers' tribe as a wedding gift for him and Nephri.
  To Nephri's surprise visier Logos informed Rama-Tut of Ozymandias' failure as Nur had seemingly died during the assault on the Sandstormers, but Rama-Tut knew that this was unlikely.

(Rise of Apocalypse#2) - Upon Ozymandias' return Rama-Tut informed the public that he would marry Nephri. She was smart enough to that Rama-Tut only did this to punish her brother for his failure to bring Nur to Rama-Tut.
  Some time later Nephri was disgusted when her brother tossed an elder slave from the pyramid he helped to built to his death. She knew that Rama-Tut's reign had had turned her people into animals and that he must be stopped.
  A night later she overheard from her window En Sabah Nur talk to Logos about killing Rama-Tut and Ozymandias and she thought to herself that she needed to talk to the stranger Nur.

(Rise of Apocalypse#3) - Nephri brought Nur to safety into the burial chamber of Tut's main pyramid after her brother Ozymandias had tossed him from the pyramid. She saw him flying and when Nur awakened told him who she was and that she believed in the old religions and omens. She wanted to remove his bandages to see his face, but Nur didn't let her.

  Nephri brought En Sabah Nur to Rama-Tut's Sphinx. Inside they found Logos bound to a cross and they were attacked by Ozymandias and Rama-Tut's solders.
  The next morning Nephri and Logos were both bound to a spear to show the people what happened to traitors. Rama-Tut presented En Sabah Nur to his people and told them that he would adopt him. Nephri turned away in disgust when Nur revealed his face. She didn't watch Nur turn on Rama-Tut and then was defeated by the pharao.

(Rise of Apocalypse#4) - Shackled in the Vault of the Damned Nephri tried to reason with her brother, but Ozymandias only wanted to see Nur die while trying to save Nephri. Soon Nur arrived to kill all the serpents that attacked Nephri, but she thought he was evil. After he freed her, a spear impaled him from behind. Nephri ran to her brother when she saw Nur, now calling himself Apocalypse, tear apart the soldiers. Nephri and her brother left the Vault of the Damned, following Nur's path of destruction. Nephri didn't follow Nur unlike her brother, who paid dearly for it.

  After her brother's disappearance Nephri became Queen of Egypt. (See comments)

  Fifty years later Nephri knew she would soon die. Her heart began to beat weakly and she called for her priests, but instead Nur appeared to mock her. She was surprised that Nur still looked the same and still disgusted by his face.

(Incredible Hulk II#456 - BTS) - While Apocalypse brainwashed the Hulk to become one of his Four Horsemen Apocalypse told the Hulk how Nephri had betrayed him in the past.

Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh, Adam Pollina, Mark Morales & Harry Candelario.

Rise of Apocalypse mostly took place during Rama-Tut's first reign. The events seen in Rise of Apocalypse#3-4 with the Fantastic Four can be seen in Fantastic Foru I#19, West Coast Avengers II#20-23 and Dr. Strange II#53. In Rise of Apocalypse only the events of Fantastic Four I#19 are clearly seen to cross over with the events. Nephri can be counted BTS during all preceeding appearances of Rama-Tut in ancient Egypt.

  Rama-Tut's predecessor in the Marvel Universe was Amenhotep, but he can't be Nephri's father because Nephri clearly remembered the circumstances of her father's death and Ozymandias probably wouldn't have worked for Rama-Tut if he had put his daddy into a pyramid to die there. Maybe Amenhotep was the one that took the power from her family and this was the reason why Ozymandias "happily" served Rama-Tut.

  Queen of Egypt? Rama-Tut returned 3 years after he first left and became Pharao again. Does this mean she eventually married Rama-Tut or did she just give up her power upon his return only to become Queen again after Rama-Tut's reign ended 17 years later? I'm not even sure she was Queen at the end of #4. Maybe she was for a short time, but then like I already mentioned, Rama-Tut returned and regained his power. Maybe Nephri had gone mad over this or she suffered from Alzheimer and just couldn't remember that she wasn't the Queen anymore. And the problems caused by Rama-Tut's son Ramades are not even taken into account here.

Nephri's father was revealed to be Amenhotep in his profile in Vampires: The Marvel Undead#1 (December, 2011)

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Nephri has no known connection to:

images: (without ads)
Rise of Apocalypse#1, p9, pan1 (main)
Rise of Apocalypse#1, p13, pan4 (head shot)

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