main imageRAMSEY McNEIL

Real Name: Ramsey McNeil

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Little League baseball coach

Group MembershipHaysboro Hawks (Little League baseball team)

Affiliations: Box (Madison Jeffries),  Mrs. Chenen, Simone Chenen, the Haysboro Hawks (Eric Chenen, Tommy Mayhew, others), Claire McNeil, Shaman (Michael Twoyoungmen), Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen), Katheryn Twoyoungmen, Vindicator (Heather McNeil Hudson)

Enemies: Alien seed pods, Calgary Chinooks (a rival Little League team) (Bayberry, others), Guardian (James MacDonald Hudson), Wolverine (James Howlett)

Known RelativesClaire McNeil (wife), Heather McNeil Hudson (Vindicator, daughter), Becky (daughter), seven sons (names unrevealed), Claire MacNeil Hudson (granddaughter), James MacDonald Hudson (Guardian, son-in-law), James Howlett (Wolverine, cousin removed by marriage), David McNeil, Yvette McNeil (distant cousins)

Aliases: "Coach", "Dad", "Daddy"

Base of Operations: Haysboro, Calgary, Canada

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#5/2 (December, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Ramsey McNeil normally had no superhuman powers, other than being a terrific Little League baseball coach and father. While possessed by the alien seed pods, Ramsey became covered in tree-like bark and roots, providing him with sufficient durability to resist small arms gunfire and low-level energy blasts. His tree-like shell was especially prone to fire, however, being made of wood.

History: (Alpha Flight I#65 (fb) – BTS) – Ramsey and Claire McNeil befriended Father Lloyd.

(Alpha Flight I#47 (fb) - BTS) - Ramsey and Claire McNeil settled in Haysboro, Calgary, because they thought it seemed like a town where nothing ever changed.

(Alpha Flight I#5/2) - While at the hospital visiting a dying Katheryn Twoyoungmen, Ramsey, his wife Claire and daughter Heather were present when Katheryn passed. After an angry Elizabeth Twoyoungmen stormed out of the hospital room, Ramsey told Elizabeth's husband Michael that Elizabeth could stay with the McNeils for a time while Michael mourned the passing of his wife.

(Alpha Flight I#47 (fb)) - After his daughter Heather fell in love with James MacDonald Hudson, Ramsey ordered James off of his property, worried that James would expose his daughter to James' dirty, dangerous government work.

(Alpha Flight: In the Beginning#-1) – Ramsey and Claire followed James and Heather to the justice of the peace’s offices, where Claire overheard Heather’s misgivings about not having a proper wedding. Ramsey remained calm when Claire angrily berated James, claiming that if all James could provide for Heather was a marriage by the justice of the peace, then Claire and Ramsey would not be a part of Heather’s life with James. She also informed James that if Heather were not married in a Catholic church, then both she and Ramsey would not consider the marriage official. As Ramsey led Claire away, Heather confided to James that while she would agree to be married by a justice of the peace, she would also not consider their marriage official until it was done in a church.

(Alpha Flight I#47 (fb)) - When Heather subsequently eloped with James, Ramsey and Claire followed them and found them in the company of Canada's newest superhuman operative, Logan. Ramsey attempted to take Heather home but Logan threatened him with a claw and told Ramsey that Heather would only leave if she wanted to. James attempted to explain to a leaving Ramsey about Logan but Ramsey warned James that Logan was an animal and asked James what Heather was going to do with James' medals when he got himself killed. Ramsey and Claire then left to return to Calgary.

(Alpha Flight I#47 (fb) - BTS) - The McNeil children grew up and moved away, leaving the retired Ramsey and Claire McNeil alone in their home. Out of boredom, Ramsey took up coaching the town's Little League baseball team, the Haysboro Hawks.

(Alpha Flight I#47) - During a game against the Calgary Chinooks baseball team, young Tommy Mayhew accidentally caught an alien seed pod that he mistook for the ball. When he stopped to stare at what he had caught, Ramsey yelled at Tommy, trying to get him to pay attention to the game. When Tommy wandered off into the woods, an angry Ramsey let him go. After many of his team began disappearing along with other members of the town, Ramsey contacted Alpha Flight and asked for his daughter Heather (now the heroic Vindicator) to return home. When she did, Ramsey and Claire came out to greet her then they all went inside the McNeil home to discuss what had been going on with the disappearances. Despite feeling like the disappearances were better left to the police, Vindicator agreed to help them find the missing children. Ramsey and Vindicator drove out to look for them and while in the car, Ramsey confessed that he almost wished he had not contacted Heather and that she had stayed far away. When Heather asked, Ramsey sadly confessed that he did not want to lose her again. Their conversation was cut short when they ran afoul of some of the alien seed pods in the road. They also found Simone Chenen's notebook nearby and, concerned, Vindicator flew off into the woods to find Simone, telling Ramsey to stay there. When Ramsey picked up one of the alien seed pods, the pod infected and possessed him, leading him into the woods with the other transformed townsfolk. The transformed Ramsey, Simone Chenen, and other townsfolk soon made their way to the McNeil home, where Claire McNeil and Mrs. Chenen were talking to the police. The police attempted to fend off the transformed townsfolk without much success until Vindicator returned home and began using her costume's plasma bursts to incinerate the wooden shells covering the transformed townspeople. After freeing the townspeople from the seed pods, Vindicator failed to notice a seed pod that had missed being destroyed.

(Alpha Flight I#64) – While Heather visited Ramsey and Claire in Haysboro, Heather was visited by her fiancee Madison Jeffries. Watching Madison and Heather kiss outside from inside the McNeil home, Ramsey commented to Claire about how Heather seemed to really be in love. Claire agreed, commenting that Heather certainly looked as happy with Madison as she did with her first husband, James Hudson. Claire then commented that she hoped Heather’s impending marriage to Madison turned out better than Heather’s marriage to James.

(Alpha Flight I#65) – As Heather spoke with Claire inside the McNeil home over coffee, Ramsey and Madison Jeffries worked on fixing the McNeil car outside. Ramsey expressed concern to Madison about Heather marrying another super hero after what happened to Heather’s first husband, James Hudson. As Madison used his metal transmutation powers to repair the car’s engine by transmuting into a maintenance-free engine, he replied to Ramsey, telling him not to worry and reminding Ramsey that he was good at taking care of things. Impressed at Madison’s work on the engine, Ramsey agreed that Madison was good at taking care of things and asked how Madison’s powers worked. The two then continued talking as they walked back inside. Later, after Madison and Heather had went bridal gown shopping and helped stopped a fire supposedly caused by Madison’s Box robot, Ramsey and Claire watched as Heather unsuccessfully attempted to contact Elizabeth Twoyoungmen regarding Madison’s recent strange dreams. When Heather had no luck, Claire suggested they visit Father Lloyd, whom Ramsey explained was a man of the cloth and an old family friend.

(Alpha Flight I#66) – After Ramsey and Claire overheard Heather crying in her room from down the hall, Claire visited with Heather. When Heather later blasted her way through the wall and flew off, Ramsey ran to comfort Claire and the two were assured by Madison Jeffries that he would bring Heather back.

Comments: Created by John Byrne (writer & artist).

In the McNeils’ various appearances, their last names have been spelled “McNeil” and “MacNeil.” I chose to go with the “McNeil” spelling for the sake of these profiles.

In Ramsey’s earlier appearances, he had brown hair (or reddish-brown) but by the time he appeared in Alpha Flight I#64-66, his hair had become gray (except for a miscolor of brown hair in one panel of #65).

Profile by Proto-Man.

Ramsey McNeil has no known connections to

Calgary Chinooks Calgary Chinooks

The Calgary Chinooks were the rival Little League baseball team to the Haysboro Hawks. During a game against the Hawks, Tommy Mayhew was going for a catch to strike out a Calgary Chinook named Bayberry. When Tommy instead caught an alien seed pod, the confused Calgary Chinooks realized he had caught something other than the ball and Bayberry ran for a home run.




--Alpha Flight I#47

Eric Chenen Eric Chenen

 Eric Chenen was a member of the Haysboro Hawks and was the brother of Simone Chenen. Presumably on their way home from school, both Eric and Simone Chenen were infected and transformed into tree-like creatures by alien seed pods. They later stormed the McNeil home with many of the other transformed townsfolk until Alpha Flight's Vindicator freed them and restored them to normal via plasma bursts that burned off their wooden shells.


--Alpha Flight I#47

Haysboro Hawks Haysboro Hawks

The Haysboro Hawks were a Little League baseball team based out of Haysboro, Calgary, Canada. They consisted of many children living in Haysboro, including Tommy Mayhew and Eric Chenen, and were coached by Ramsey McNeil. During a game against the Calgary Chinooks, Haysboro Hawk Tommy Mayhew inadvertently caught an alien seed pod in his glove, which infected him and transformed into a tree-like creature. Unaware of what had transpired, coach Ramsey McNeil was angry that his star player had seemingly wandered off of the field. Soon after, many other members of the Haysboro Hawks began disappearing, including Eric Chenen. Eventually, Alpha Flight's Vindicator was called in and she was able to free the townsfolk from the seed pods' control, restoring them to normal.




--Alpha Flight I#47

Tommy Mayhew Tommy Mayhew

Tommy Mayhew was a member of the Haysboro Hawks Little League baseball team. During a game against the Calgary Chinooks, Tommy accidentally caught an alien seed pod that had fallen from the sky instead of the ball. He soon became entranced by the pod and it infected him with its roots, taking over his mind and transforming him into a tree-like creature. He then wandered off into the woods, leaving in the middle of the game. He later joined the other transformed townsfolk in attacking the McNeil home until Alpha Flight's Vindicator used plasma bursts to free the transformed townsfolk, restoring them to normal.




--Alpha Flight I#47

images: (without ads)
Alpha Flight I#47, p4, pan2 (Ramsey McNeil, main image)
Alpha Flight I#5, p22, pan4 (Ramsey McNeil, headshot image)
Alpha Flight I#65, p13, pan1 (Ramsey McNeil, gray-haired)
Alpha Flight I#47, p3, pan1 (Tommy Mayhew)
Alpha Flight I#47, p3, pan4 (Calgary Chinooks)
Alpha Flight I#47, p4, pan4 (Haysboro Hawks)
Alpha Flight I#47, p22, pan5 (Eric Chenen)

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