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Real Name: Lee Kirby

Identity/Class: Normal human (early 1950s Era)

Occupation: Soldier (Private First Class)

Group Membership: US Army

Affiliations: Fellow US soldiers, notably Fats, Brodsky

Enemies: North Korean army

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Korea

First Appearance: Man Comics#21/1 (December, 1952)

Powers/Abilities: Lee Kirby was a trained soldier in the US army and displayed courage in the face of adversity.


(Man Comics#21/1 (fb)) - Part of the operation dubbed "Easy Mark Project", Private Lee Kirby was part of a small squad of US soldiers escorting several military engineers to destroy a bridge in communist-held territory, carrying six large barrels containing dynamite. Kirby voiced concern about the dynamite should a cannister fall but was told that a cap or fuse was required for it to ignite. An enemy jet screamed in, firing at the group before zooming away, the soldiers' position now compromised. They later encountered an enemy patrol and fatally shot almost every member, but one got away. They then stumbled across a large patch of quicksand with one engineer almost pulled in. Logs were thrown to help the soldiers get across and quickly sank after the US men safely crossed. After they climbed up the small hill, the barrels were opened and the dynamite taken by the engineers, who departed on their mission of destruction with the soldiers ordered to wait. Thirty minutes later, a shell hit the US soldiers and they fled, except for Lee Kirby, who was knocked out and left for dead.

(Man Comics#21/1) - Night and rain fell, with the military phone drawing Kirby back to consciousness. Disoriented, he saw enemy gunfire but answered the phone and was ordered to stay there for the engineers to return before he could advise them of his situation. He then heard enemy soldiers jeering at him as they came up the hill. His rifle buried, Kirby turned to the empty barrels and fixed fuses to them to make them appear primed to explode. He then rolled all six at once down the hill at the enemy soldiers, shouting out that they contained dynamite. The Red soldiers panicked and rushed down the hill or were knocked down. They all fell into the quicksand and were soon dragged under. Kirby then found his squad and, their mission ended, they went back the same way, using logs again to cross safely.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer and Gene Colan (art).

Special thanks to the Atlas Tales web site for the scans. The colors have not been altered.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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Man Comics#21/1, p2, pan1 (main image)

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