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Real Name: Pete Fuller

Identity/Class: Normal human (early 1950s Era)

Occupation: Soldier (sergeant)

Group Membership: Easy Green Platoon, US Army

Affiliations: Fellow US soldiers, notably Briggs, Flint, Harmon, Horn, Kramer, Newman

Enemies: North Korean Army

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Korea

First Appearance: Battle#29/1 (May, 1954)

Powers/Abilities: Fuller was a trained soldier and knew how to handle guns. He also commanded the respect of the soldiers serving under him.


(Battle#29/1 (fb) - BTS) - Sergeant Pete Fuller was part of Easy Green Platoon assigned to meet fellow US soldiers in the freezing weather at Chosan Reservoir.

(Battle#29/1) - Once there, he was given special orders by a Lieutenant to take an additional three men with a light howitzer and stop advancing communist soldiers while the American troops retreated in the savagely frosty conditions. Fuller and fellow soldiers Briggs, Flint, Harmon, Horn, Kramer and Newman took the light howitzer up onto a ledge overlooking the frozen Chosan Reservoir. With night upon them, they lit fires took keep the oil warm and the howitzer operational, while the temperature slid down to -30 °F (or -34 °C). Fuller saw the communist Korean infantry creep over the ice and ordered his men to hold fire until the enemy soldiers came closer before opening fire on them and delivering heavy casualties. The Korean troops fell back, leaving frozen dead bodies behind. Fuller ordered his men stay awake and not succumb to the cold. Dawn broke and Fuller's fear of heavier artillery accompanying a new attack was realized and he rallied his soldiers, telling them that his troop of seven men could stop the communist military advance. Fuller then told them to raise the barrel of the howitzer as high as it could go. Repeated cannon fire shot skyward and then fell among the enemy military, breaking the ice and causing the tanks and soldiers to fall in. The freezing water quickly killed the Korean troops and the broken ice soon froze over again with the temperature now at -40 °F. Fuller declared "mission accomplished!" 

Comments: Created by uncredited writer and John Severin (art).

The Chosan Reservoir Battle likely corresponds with the freezing Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

Special thanks to the Atlas Tales web site for the scans.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Pete Fuller has no known connections to:

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Battle#29/1, p3, pan6 (main image)

p5, pan4 (head shot)

Other Appearances: None

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