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Real Name: Wilbur Fiske

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Biochemist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified city (possibly New York City?), USA

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#70/1 (August, 1959)

Powers/Abilities: A genius in the field of biochemistry, Fiske created a growth serum. Apparently born a dwarf, Fiske stood at a height of about 4' 6" (1.37 m), but after imbibing the serum, the size of his body (and clothing) proportionally increased several hundred times. The effect of the elixir was only temporary, and Fiske returned to his normal height within a 24-hour period.


(Strange Tales I#70/1 (fb) - BTS) - The past of Fiske is unknown, but at some point he was employed by a research laboratory; in his spare time at home, he worked on a formula for a growth serum.

(Strange Tales I#70/1) - In the year 1963 (see comments), Fiske was passed over for a job promotion in favor of a co-worker. The diminutive scientist blamed others' prejudices of his short stature for his failure to advance in his career, so he was determined to remedy the situation. That evening, Fiske returned to his home in the suburbs, where he completed the growth serum and drank it. Within hours, he grew to a height where he could no longer be contained in his cellar lab; by the time morning came, Fiske had burst through the roof of his house. As his size gradually increased, he strode into the city--he was now several stories tall. On a lark, Fiske decided to rob a bank... by lifting the entire building off its foundation and carrying the bank away! The military held off launching an assault on the giant, for they feared the destruction that would result if the amazing colossal man were toppled. Fiske continued to expand and he soon towered over the tallest buildings, yet he was careful and watched his step so he wouldn't cause any damage to the city. Suddenly, Fiske noticed that it was getting difficult for him to breathe, and he realized he was so tall that his head was in the upper limits of the stratosphere. Feeling dizzy from the lack of oxygen, Fiske was worried that he would die; but just then, the growth serum lost its potency. Fiske began to shrink, and he reached a point where he could breathe again. He returned the bank to its original location before he shrank to his normal size, then he profusely apologized to the citizens for his indiscretions. 

(Strange Tales I#70/1 - BTS) - Fiske was brought to trial and his case was a national sensation, but since no real harm was done, he received a suspended sentence. 

(Strange Tales I#70/1) - Fiske returned to his job with a new outlook on life; he had learned his lesson and decided he'd continue to work hard to get his just rewards, and he'd never again blame his lack of height for his life's shortcomings.

Comments: Created by an uncredited writer, Jack Kirby (pencils) and Chris Rule (inks).

I'm guessing that as his size increased, Fiske acquired all the extra mass from the dimension of Kosmos

Although this tale was published in 1959, the caption in the first panel established that it took place in the year 1963. I could see no reason why they used this "futuristic" year--the world didn't seem markedly different. Anyway, since the story setting is in the future, it could be argued that it didn't actually occur on Earth-616, but in some alternate reality, instead. 

Fiske's growth serum predates the work of Henry Pym (when he became Giant-Man @ Tales to Astonish I#49); however, there have been earlier instances of chemically induced growth (see Doctor Dill, Eric Wolton). And there have been other short men who attempted to use growth serums to augment their respective heights (see Albert Poole, Daddy Longlegs).

Mr. Dunn (Astonishing#57 (January, 1957), 6th story "The Strange Power Of Mr. Dunn!") also created a Growth Formula like Wilbur Fiske.

Marvel reprinted the story in Uncanny Tales#7 (December, 1974)

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Profile by John Kaminski.

Wilbur Fiske has no known connections to:

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Strange Tales I#70/1, p1 (main image)

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Strange Tales I#70 (August, 1959) - Jack Kirby (pencils), Christopher Rule (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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