Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Terrestrial wolf-cyborg

Occupation: Hunter-seeker assassin

Group Membership: Formerly Cybertek

Affiliations: Harlan Ryker

Enemies: Deathlok (Michael Collins), Jim Dworman, William "Billy" Hansen

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly Roxxon Branch warehouse#23, Lynchburg, Virginia

First Appearance: Deathlok II#1 (July, 1991)









Powers/Abilities: The Warwolf was superhumanly strong and durable, able to trade punches with Deathlok who could lift roughly 85 tons. It could run at over 317 mph and could shatter a compact car into pieces on impact. It had eye socket-mounted plasma projectors. These released highly destructive beams, but the Warwolf was effectively blind while they were firing. In addition, the plasma projectors were unstable and could overload if frequently used, resulting in the entire unit exploding. It had advanced hunting/tracking ability.
    The Warwolf had sufficient intellect/programming that it could be given general orders and then perform the actions necessary to accomplish these order. It could be remotely contacted by Harlan Ryker.



(Deathlok II#1) - The Warwolf was designed by Billy Hansen and others at Cybertek as a hunter-seeker assassination cyborg, predating the creation of their Deathlok. A wolf brain was placed into the cyborg form

(Deathlok II#1) - From its stasis in Roxxon Branch warehouse#23, the Warwolf was remotely activated by the imprisoned Harlan Ryker who sent it to slay all of his former superiors who might testify against him in the creation of Deathlok (Michael Collins). It first attacked Billy Hansen, one of Ryker's closest co-conspirators who had been let out on bail after turning state's evidence against Ryker in exchange for a suspended sentence. The Warolf shattered his car, killing him instantly.

(Deathlok II#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Warwolf broke into a National Security Agency facility and destroyed all records pertaining to Ryker's investigation.

(Deathlok II#1) - It next traveled to the Cybertek's main laboratory in Paterson, New Jersey. Deathlok was there meeting with Jim Dworman, who had assisted Deathlok against Ryker and was currently in charge of supervising Cybertek's shutdown. Deathlok discovered the Warwolf and tried to stop it but his computers identified it as containing organic wolf brain, and so he made certain his own systems were set on non-lethal mode. He was unable to stop the Warwolf from destroying Cybertek's computerized records, and the Warwolf then escaped, fleeing several times faster than Deathlok could follow. Learning of Hansen's death via NSA computers, Deathlok then traveled to Danbury Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary where Ryker and the other Cybertek executives were being held. Deathlok stealthily infiltrated the prison and confronted Ryker, but then Warwolf broke into the facility and targeted Cybertek account manager John Rozum. Deathlok arrived in time to stop him, but the Warwolf then turned on him, firing plasma beams and then tackling him. The two tumbled through a wall, and Deathlok had his computer make certain he landed on top of Warwolf. He then had his computer press the advantage against Warwolf, which was showing structural damage, but another blast from Warwolf broke free portions of a nearby wall, and Deathlok had to stop fighting to save a pair of guards from being crushed. Warwolf's plasma eyebeams's delivery system underwent an alignment error and began firing continuously, at which point Deathlok's computer warned him of Warwolf's imminent detonation. With no other choice, Deathlok had his computer target Warwolf for maximum damage, and his energy pistol incapacitated the Warwolf with a pair of blasts. Informed by his computer that Warwolf was undergoing systems failure and that its organic components would fail within 6 hours, Deathlok rescinded the "no killing" parameter and put it out of its misery.

(Deathlok II#1 - BTS) - Warwolf had enough back up memory that Dworman was able to call up Ryker's kill orders.



Comments: Created by Dwayne McDuffie, Gregory Wright, Denys Cowan, and Mike Manley.

Profile by Snood.

Warwolf should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Deathlok II#1, p1 (stasis)
        p3, panel 5 (smashing through car)

Deathlok II#1 (July, 1991) - by Dwayne McDuffie & Gregory Wright (writers), Denys Cowan (penciler), Mike Manley (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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