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Membership: Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, Thing

Purpose:  To save the Earth

Affiliations: Humanity

Enemies: The Mole Man (of Earth-98630)

Base of Operations: An unidentified location on Earth-98630

First Appearance: Marvel Vision#30 (June, 1998)

History: (Marvel Vision#30 - Timeslip) - When the Mole Man used his subterranean creatures to bore out part of the Earth's core, altering the mass and weight of Earth and causing it to become caught up in the sun's gravitational pull, Reed Richards attempted to save Earth by launching a rocket into space that would rain elements down on the Earth to restore its lost mass and weight. Unfortunately, in the rush to save the Earth, Reed left off critical shielding on the rocket and when he, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, and Sue Storm flew the rocket into space, it was bombarded by cosmic radiation. The rocket soon crashed back on Earth with the cosmic rays affecting the four's genetic structure, transforming them into the elements that they had intended to rain on Earth. Ben Grimm became the embodiment of earth, Reed was water, Sue was air, and Johnny was fire. Reed quickly explained to the others how to restore the Earth's mass and weight. Despite the foursome deciding to become superheroes as the Fantastic Four, the world they had saved had been forever altered by the brush with destruction, with most of the population living in tunnels.

Comments: Created by Jim Krueger and Dan Jurgens.

The Fantastic Four's reality diverged from Earth-616's version of Fantastic Four I#1, when the Mole Man enacted his plan to destroy the Earth.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Fantastic Four (Timeslip) should not be confused with:

Human Torch

Johnny Storm was the younger brother of Sue Storm. When he accompanied Sue, Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm into space to save the Earth, he was bombarded with cosmic radiation that embued with the power of fire. Upon his return to Earth, he used his powers to help save the Earth and defeat the Mole Man.

The Human Torch could burst into flame and manipulate fire for varying effects. 

--Marvel Vision#30 - Timeslip

Invisible Woman

Sue Storm was the fiancee of Reed Richards and accompanied him into space to save the Earth where she was bombarded with cosmic radiation. Upon her return to Earth with the others, she had been embued with the power of air by the cosmic radiation. She then aided the others in saving the planet as Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four.

Sue had the ability to manipulate air for varying effects, including transforming into a transparent gaseous form.

--Marvel Vision#30 - Timeslip

Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards was a scientist that discovered the Mole Man's plan to burrow into the core of the Earth. Unfortunately, he discovered it too late and a good portion of Earth's mass and weight was lost. In order to restore the planet, Reed planned to take a group of his friends into space to distribute elements into the Earth's atmosphere, adding back its missing mass and weight. Unfortunately, the rocket trip was rushed and critical shielding was left off, causing Reed and the others to take the brunt of a cosmic radiation storm. Returning to Earth, Reed found that he had been transformed into the embodiment of water itself, power he used to help restore Earth to normal.

Mister Fantastic could transform into and manipulate water for various effects, such as transforming into a stream of water and travelling great distances through it.

--Marvel Vision#30 - Timeslip


Ben Grimm was a friend of Reed Richards and the pilot chose by him to fly Reed, his fiancee Sue, and her brother Johnny into space to save the Earth. While in space, Ben and the others were bombarded with cosmic radiation that transformed Ben into the embodiment of earth itself. Back on Earth, the Thing used his newfound power to help restore Earth to normal.

Ben was the embodiment of earth, able to cover himself in rock-like armor.

--Marvel Vision#30 - Timeslip

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Timeslip: The Collection#1, cover (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, & Mister Fantastic)
 p45, splash page (Fantastic Four & Thing)

Other Appearances:
Marvel Vision#30 (June, 1998) - "Timeslip: Fantastic Four" - Jim Krueger (story), Dan Jurgens (art)

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