Real Name: Angelina Brancale

Identity/Class: Human technology user (virtual reality construct)

Occupation: Professional criminal;
   formerly secretary, Dan and Matt's Video Store clerk

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Delilah, Det. Jacob Raven, Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), Dr. Octopus (Carolyn Trainer), Master Programmer, Master Zei, Rose (Jacob Conover), Scarlet Spider (Joe Wade), True Believers

Enemies: Kaine, Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Tony Prescott;
   formerly Delilah, True Believers

Known Relatives: Unidentified father

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: An underwater base in New York City;
   formerly a scientific complex on Staten Island

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#397 (January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Stunner is a virtual reality construct created through an invention of Dr. Octopus (Trainer). In her Stunner persona, Angelina Brancale possesses superhuman strength, endurance, agility, and leaping ability. While her mind is implanted in the form of Stunner, she is able to sense her surroundings around her while in the VR matrix.

Height: 5'8" (Brancale), 7'2" (Stunner)
Weight: 302 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


(Amazing Spider-Man I#427 (fb) ) - Angelina Brancale was an overweight child, often teased and bullied by her peers. Due to her shyness, she was unable to make any friends and figured she would live her life in obscurity.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#397 (fb) ) - Although Angelina wished to spend her time outdoors with the boys, her father insisted she worked on feminine hobbies, such as cooking and sewing.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#427 (fb) ) - Angelina got a job as a secretary for Dr. Carolyn Trainer. The two fell in love, and Otto eventually presented Angelina with the virtual reality matrix, created by Dr. Trainer, as a gift.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#18/3 (fb) ) - Angelina submitted to months of testing on the virtual reality matrix. The machine eventually succeeded in creating Stunner.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#397) - Stunner attacked the patrons of Lucky's, a bar. After destroying much of the bar and injuring the patrons, Stunner is held at gunpoint by the bartender. Doctor Octopus (Octavius) appeared and gave the bartender money to pay for the damages. The pair returned to Doctor Octopus' laboratory, where Stunner scolded Doctor Octopus for wallowing over Spider-Man. Just as Stunner began to cheer Doctor Octopus up, she is suddenly teleported away. Later, Stunner saved Spider-Man from falling to his death, then proceeded to punch him into a wall. Stunner, unhurt by Spider-Man's punches, defeated the hero. Doctor Octopus arrived and Stunner witnessed the unmasking of Spider-Man.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#220) - Stunner watched Doctor Octopus attempt to save Spider-Man. After several failed attempts, Stunner consoled him, telling him he owed Spider-Man nothing. After discovering May Parker is sick, Doctor Octopus sent Stunner to order a bouquet of flowers for her, though she was watched by Kaine. After returning back to the lab, Stunner found Spider-Man in a fury as a side-effect from one of Doctor Octopus' serums. Stunner attempted to protect Doctor Octopus, but Spider-Man flung her aside and escaped. She later noticed Doctor Octopus getting upset, as he discovered his serum is only temporary.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#398) - In Central Park, Stunner enjoyed herself by testing her boundaries. She ripped a tree in half and threw it across the city. As she was thinking to herself about how much fun she was having, she suddenly heard a voice (Kaine) telling her to stay away from Doctor Octopus.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#221) - Stunner witnessed Doctor Octopus cure Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus then gave Stunner an important mission, and she left before Spider-Man was able to awaken. Stunner prepared to carry out her task, but Kaine ambushed her and defeated her with a smoke grenade. Stunner later regained consciousness and rushed to Doctor Octopus' side, only to find him dead.

(Web of Spider-Man#124) - Stunner, knowing that Peter Parker was innocent, grabbed Detective Jacob Raven in an alley and suggested they work together to find the real killer of Doctor Octopus.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#9) - Defeating Tony Prescott's bodyguards, Stunner confronted Prescott himself, ordering to know about Kaine. Prescott revealed that he hired Kaine to take care of Papa Granite, who had been squeezing into Prescott's business.

(Web of Spider-Man#126) - After receiving a radio call from the police, Stunner and Jacob Raven were able to find Kaine's whereabouts. During the battle between Spider-Man and Kaine, Stunner demanded Spider-Man to step aside and allow her to kill Doctor Octopus' murderer. Judas Traveller suddenly appeared, teleporting Spider-Man and Kaine away and leaving an angry Stunner.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#403) - In a fit of anger, Stunner destroyed a pillar next to her. Jacob Raven convinced Stunner they would find Kaine. Stunner then vanished, telling Raven she would return. Later, Stunner spotted Kaine and Spider-Man back where they first teleported away. She quickly attacked Kaine, telling Spider-Man that if he interefered, she'd kill him too.

(Spider-Man I#60) - Stunner battled Kaine and gained the advantage. During the skirmish, the building collapsed with Stunner underneath. Spider-Man searched for her, but she quickly vanished.

(Amazing Scarlet Spider#2) - Stunner was summoned into a virtual reality realm by an unknown being (later revealed to be Master Programmer). Though she was confused, Stunner felt she could trust the being.

(Scarlet Spider#2) - Joe Wade was placed into the same room as Stunner's host body, Angelina Brancale.

(Spectacular Scarlet Spider#2) - Stunner told Joe Wade to enjoy himself in his newfound life through the virtual reality construct.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#426 - BTS) - Some time after the destruction of Dr. Octopus' (Trainer) headquarters, Angelina Brancale was no longer able to turn into Stunner. Sinking into a depression, she eventually got a job at Dan + Matt's Video store as a clerk.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#426) - Angelina Brancale stocked the shelves at the video store. Suddenly, Dr. Octopus (Carolyn Trainer) appeared and told her Stunner must return. Angelina entered the virtual reality matrix and became Stunner once again. Later, Stunner and Dr. Octopus (Trainer) prepared to retrieve Otto Octavius's body from the True Believers. They entered the True Believers' secret headquarters, disguised as a meat packing company, but were immediately attacked by the ninjas and Delilah. Stunner and Delilah traded blows, until Spider-Man showed up, saving Stunner from Delilah's meat hook. The Rose (Jacob Conover) appeared and suggested they all worked together to defeat Spider-Man. Stunner watched as Spider-Man was defeated and chained up, being used to resurrect Doctor Octopus.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#427) - As preparations for Doctor Octopus' resurrection were being completed, Stunner revealed her distrust of the Rose and Delilah to Dr. Octopus (Trainer), who had a back-up plan. Stunner then attacked Spider-Man after he is able to break free of the chains, though she is defeated after being smashed into a wall. With Spider-Man gone, Stunner decided to take his place. Carolyn Trainer whispered that Stunner did not have to die since she is only a virtual reality construct and her real body is in their laboratory. The process is started; Dr. Octopus (Trainer) then ordered Stunner to return to her physical body. Stunner reluctantly complied, screaming Otto's name as the virtual reality matrix exploded.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#428) - After battling Spider-Man, the revived Doctor Octopus returned to Carolyn Trainer's secret laboratory to find Angelina Brancale bloodied and in a vegetative state, though still alive.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#18/3) - Angelina was placed into a machine to keep her alive. Consumed with guilt, Doctor Octopus visited Angelina every day, delivering a rose to her bedside.

(Superior Spider-Man I#20 - BTS) - At some point, Doctor Octopus gave the comatose Angelina to the Columbia University Medical Center.

(Superior Spider-Man I#20) - Angelina woke from her coma. She immediately asked about Doctor Octopus, though she flew into a rage when discovering that Doctor Octopus had recently died. After leaving the hospital, Angelina made her way to her and Otto's old building on Avenue B and equipped herself with the Stunner technology, vowing to take revenge on the Superior Spider-Man.

(Superior Spider-Man I#21) - Stunner attacked the Daily Bugle, demanding to know where to find Spider-Man. She succeeded in getting Spider-Man (Otto Octavius)'s attention after rampaging through the city. Otto attempted to explain his position as Spider-Man to Stunner, but she refused and continued to attack. Spider-Man left, but Stunner easily broke free and chased after him. Just as she managed to trap Spider-Man and nearly kill him, his spider-robots destroyed the cables on Angelina's VR suit. Octavius then used his own VR technology to create a Doctor Octopus avatar. He told Angelina that he's found someone else and ends his relationship with her, leaving her weeping and powerless.

Comments: Created by J.M. DeMatteis, Tom DeFalco, Mark Bagley & Larry Mahlstedt.

Although Stunner has not been seen in over a decade, she is one of the few female Spider-Man villains developed over the years. It is a shame she goes forgotten, but Carolyn Trainer appeared not too long ago, maybe Stunner could follow suit. She has all the makings of a great Spider-Man villain.

Stunner received entries in the Spider-Man Encyclopedia and the Marvel Legacy 90's Handbook.

Stunner's most recent appearance is in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man II#5, but as with Hypno-Hustler, it is unclear if this series is canon:

(Marvel Knights: Spider-Man II#5) - Stunner was among dozens of criminals and supervillains gathered by Richard Fisk to fight Spider-Man. Stunner is defeated alongside the rest of the villains.

Profile by Clint Theron.

Stunner has no known connection to:

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