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Real Name: Septegundus

Identity/Class: Human, magic user (Earth-73012)

Occupation: Emissary of Yob-Haggoth

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Yob-Haggoth, Darters

EnemiesBrak the barbarian, Friar Jerome and his nameless god, Tyresias

Known RelativesAriane (daughter)

Aliases: Amyr of Evil upon Earth, Bringer of Yob-Haggoth

Base of Operations: Temple of Yob-Haggoth outside Kambda Kai, Marches of Ice, Earth-73012

First Appearance: Savage Tales I#8/2 (January, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Septegundus was a powerful wizard, whose powers came directly from a god: Yob-Haggoth. He could easily cast enchantments for holding persons and he could probably read minds and cast illusions even at great distances. The extent of his powers remains unknown. 
To strengthen his power, Septegundus performed a ritual two times per year.

Head shot

History: (Savage Tales I#8/2 (fb) - BTS) - Septegundus was the chief-priest of the Cult of Yob-Haggoth. Over the years, in the city of Kambda Kai he had the cult prosper. He brought up a daughter, Ariane, and the acolytes of Yob-Haggoth, the Darter boys. Twice per year, he called the power of the god on himself, through a blood ritual.

(Savage Tales I#7/2) - The religion of Yob-Haggoth expanded, processions and perverted rituals were performed in the streets of Kambda Kai. The religion of the nameless god, enemy of Yob-Haggoth, disappeared. The worshippers of Yob-Yaggoth declared the nameless god dead. 

(Savage Tales I#8/2) - Under the Idol of Yob-Haggoth, in the temple outside Kambda Kai, everything was ready to perform the sacrifice which would have granted to Septegundus the power of Yob-Haggoth. The Darters had captured the three which had to be slashed by the ritual dagger, three with different blood: the one who once believed, the believer of another god, and the unbeliever. Their tokens had been prepared, a shred from Tyresias' robe, the cross of Nestoriamus belonging to Friar Jerome, and the broadsword of the barbarian, Brak, the three to be sacrificed, paralyzed by Septegundus' enchantment that froze their bodies. Just before dawn, Septegundus showed on the altar of the temple, and Brak's rage shook the holding grasp from his limbs and he attacked Septegundus, knocking him apart to reach his broadsword. Septegundus, let the Darters dispose of him, while he started invoking the Yob-Haggoth's power. A crimson bolt tore a hole in the Idol of Yob-Haggoth's chest. The scarlet skies spitted rains of toads, spiders and lizards. The Idol lived! Septegundus was ready to take the god's power on him when the barbarian jumped above the Idol and sunk his broadsword in its heart. The Idol had been slain. Septegundus' rage drove him to launch the sacrificial dagger against Brak, who opportunely summoned Ariane. The girl appeared before Brak, and was killed by her father's enchanted dagger. A thundering bolt fell, destroying the Idol. In the rubble, Septegundus picked up his daughter's body, and while retreating in the clouds of dust, swore revenge against Brak, he would be in Khurdisan, waiting for him.

Comments: Created by John Jakes (plot), Doug Moench (script), Steve Gan (pencils and inks)

    Septegundus appeared also in In Jake's novel "Ghosts of Stone". He made an illusory apparition in "The Sorceress", where it was revealed that he had taken Ariane back from hell and let her possess the body of a daughter of an alchemist.

    Septegundus had pointed ears, the skin of his face was formed by tiny ever-changing human-like bodies. His pupils were wholly black and his eyes were ever wide-open because he didn't have eyelids, surgically removed.

Profile by Spidermay.

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Friar Jerome

    Friar Jerome was a priest, worshipper of the nameless god and member to the order of Nestoriamus, so he always had with him a stone cross, symbol of Nestoriamus.

    As a believer in the nameless god, Jerome knew that his god was Yob-Haggoth's fiercest foe.

    Jerome was captured by the Darters and brought to the temple of Yob-Haggoth to be sacrificed. He met Tyresias and Brak and tried to defend the latter when Ariane's bubble kidnapped him. The bubble emitted a sizzling bolt which hit the cross of Nestoriamus. Jerome fainted and his cross was broken.

    Later, he awakened on the altar of sacrifice, his bones were frozen, his broken cross was among the tokens for the sacrifice.  He was saved by Brak's sudden rage and survival instinct which led the barbarian to slay the Idol and Ariane, but he didn't succeed in convincing Brak to embrace his religion.

--Savage Tales I#8/2

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Savage Tales I#8/2, p10, pan6 (Septegundus, main image)
Savage Tales I#8/2, p8, pan4 (Septegundus, head shot)
Savage Tales I#8/2, p2, pan6 (Friar Jerome)

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