: Parallel Earth

Environment: Essentially Earth-like

Usual means of access: Unknown (vibrational attunement?)

Dominant Life Form: Similar to Earth-616 (early Roman Empire)

Prominent Characters: Ariane, Brak the Barbarian, the Darters, Friar Jerome, Jonel, Nestoriamus, Septegundus, Tyresias, Valena, Yob-Haggoth

First Appearance: Chamber of Chills#2 (January, 1973)

History: (Savage Tales I#7/2-8/2) - The Earth where Brak walked had a level of civilization similar to Eearth-616 at the early Roman Empire. Many tribes and nations were present. Some were believed to be barbarians, others believed to be more civil, because they lived in large cities or great state-towns like Kambda Kai in the Ice Marches or Khurdisan the Golden, in the warm south. The coin commonly used for change was the Dinsha.
    Many religions were followed and many gods were worshipped, but the two forces who influenced men's destiny were the dark, evil Yob-Haggoth and the nameless god, its fiercest foe, in their struggle for the dominion over humanity. Northern tribes worshipped the gods of war.
    Some forms of arts were practiced and appreciated, like singing, playing and composing verses. The man known as Tyresias was claimed the Minstrel Supreme.
    Also magic, or sorcery, was present on Earth, usually granted by gods or demons to worshippers like priests and witches. But in other cases, other forms of magic were used by shamans and alchemists.

the Idol of Yob-Haggoth(Savage Tales I#8/2 (fb) - BTS) - Yob-Haggoth's emyr upon Earth was Septegundus, powerful, evil sorcerer. The nameless god had had as first worshipper Nestoriamus, who created the symbol of the stone cross and an order of friars who always wore it and could cast enchantments praying to their god.

(Savage Tales I#7/2) - The celebrations in honor of Yob-Haggoth performed by his priests involved slavery, blasphemy, depravity and sometime blood sacrifices. Feasts in his name involved enchanted goats and plump young girls, and, two times per year the god granted his power to the one who conducted the rite of blood: Septegundus.

(Savage Tales I#8/2) - Septegundus' power grew, and so grew Yob-Haggoth's power till the point to claim, through his followers, the nameless god dead. But in Kambda Kai, where the Cult of Yob-Haggoth had its northernmost shrine, a barbarian from the northern tribes named Brak was involved in the periodic thrice-blooded sacrifice, and, with the strength of his arm and the survival instinct typical of his race, Brak managed to kill Ariane, the Daughter of Hell, Septegund''s daughter, and also to destroy the temple of Yob-Haggoth, thirty times as high as a man.

(Chamber of Chills#2) - Yob-Haggoth's influence, however, had spawned over other lands, and a lot of other sorcerers and witches invoked him as source of power. In a land raided by a cursed creature, a dragon, Valena the Witch used Yob-Haggoth's power for his master and her evil purposes. Also there went Brak, who, with the help of Jonel, avoided the curse on his broadsword, killed the dragon and also the witch.



Comments: Parallel Earth c
reated John Jakes.
    Adapted to comics by John Jakes (plot), Dan Adkins (script), Val Mayerik (pencils), Joe Sinnott (inks).

    Per Savage Tales#7, Brak dwells in a parallel universe, which is about on the level of the time of the early Roman empire--Snood

    Kambda Kai was also called Kamda Kai in Savage Tales I#7/2.

    Néstore (in Italian) is the elder of a group, for age or wisdom.

    Further information about the parallel Earth of Brak  taken from the novels of John Jakes.

(The Barge of Souls) - The throne of Phrixos was inherited by Rhea, helped by Brak, who gave her the Shield of the Horned Lady.

(The Sorceress) - The known world finished at the Smoking Mountains at east and at the Columns of Ebon at west.

    An alchemist named Celso Hyrkano, discovered the secret of the transformation of common metals in gold.
    Yob-Haggoth's power let Septegundus revive his daughter, sending her spirit to possess Nordica, the body of Celso's daughter. In the Mountains of the Four Winds, the battle among Yob-Haggoth and the nameless god continued. Ambrosio the Stilites, worshipper of the nameless god, helped Brak the Barbarian in defeating the Manworm, Yob-Haggoth's creation, and Nordica.

Some strange creatures populated this world:

Profile by Spidermay.

No known connection to any other parallel Earth.

Yob-Haggoth has no known connections to:

Nestoriamus has no known connections to:

Savage Tales I#7/2, p2 panel 1 (procession in honor of Yob-Haggoth)
Savage Tales I#8/2, p9 panel 4 (the Idol of Yob-Haggoth)

Other Appearances:
Savage Tales I#7 (November, 1974) - John Jakes (plot), Doug Moench (script), Steve Gan (pencils and inks)
Savage Tales I#8 (January, 1975) - John Jakes (plot), Doug Moench (script), Steve Gan (pencils and inks)

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