Persuaded otherwise...


Membership: Unrevealed

Purpose: To appear in an Ultraverse comic

Affiliations: Unrevealed

Enemies: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: Earth-93060 (Ultraverse)

First Appearance: UltraFiles column appearing in Ultraverse titles for February, 1995.



Comments: Created by Jeffrey Henderson. Art finalized by J. Bingham.

   This was the winning entry for a competition in the comic magazine Hero Illustrated. There were 8 other First Place character creations shown, but only one Grand Prize Winner. It was stated in the UltraFiles column for February 1995 that the Grand Prize Winner, Jeffrey Henderson of Las Vegas, "can expect The Persuaders to appear in an upcoming Ultraverse comic." However, they never appeared.

   I'm guessing that they got caught up in the reality wave that restructured the Ultraverse in the wake of Black September...

   Any further details from the creator or Malibu crew would be very much welcome.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

The Persuaders have no known connections to:

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UltraFiles column appearing in Ultraverse titles for February, 1995 (e.g., Hardcase#20)


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