NOVA 0:0
The arrival of Nova 0:0

Real Name: Robert Rider

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-9442) human; extraterrestrial (Xandar) technology user

Occupation: Centurion of the Nova Corps of Earth-9442

Group Membership: Nova Corps (Earth-9442)

Affiliations: Nova (Richard Rider)

Enemies: Aakon agents, Inhumans (Black Bolt, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa), Shadow Consortium, Star-Thief (Ditmil Pirvat)

Known Relatives: Charles (father), Gloria (mother), Richard (brother), all from Earth-9442 and all deceased

Aliases: Nova Infinity

Base of Operations: Earth-9442: New York, U.S.A.; Xandar

Earth-616, specifically New York, U.S.A; Earth's moon near the Inhuman city of Attilan; Mars

First Appearance: (In shadows) Nova II#3 (March, 1994), (Full) Nova II#4 (April, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Nova 0:0 was a Centurion-rank Nova Corps member from another dimension, where their uniforms were silver and dark blue, instead of blue and yellow like that of Earth-616, although still with the red star blast on the helmet. However, his uniform had two stars on the chest, instead of three. Nova 0:0 maintained the full helmet that covered his face, even when on Earth; this allowed him to breathe in outer space. He always kept the powerful Nova uniform on.

    Nova 0:0 had been well-trained in using the Nova suit and force effectively. He was at least as powerful as the Earth-616 Nova (classified as superhuman strength, endurance, speed and resilience), although with much more advanced fighting skills and a higher IQ than that of the Earth-616 Nova. It took many powerfully armed and armored Aakon warriors to stop him. He was able to fly fast in Earth atmosphere, as well as navigate space. He could also generate intense Nova blasts that could be seen between planets. Nova 0:0's often used a gravimetric pulse, which would very briefly leave the victim at rest to the Earth's rotation -- although this would drain his power, as well as a seismic ripple that shifted the topographical pressure beneath the victim. He was able to cross dimensions to alternate universes, although how he achieved this is unknown. The eyes of his uniform also blazed when he prepared to use the Nova force.

    He was somewhat of a skilled strategist, defending his extradimensional counterpart and training him in new ways to use the Nova force. However, he also recognized when it was time to run in order to focus on the more immediate task of stopping the Deathstorm bomb.

The blazing eyes of Nova 0:0History:
(Nova II#4 (fb)) - On Earth-9442, Robert Rider was chosen to wield the Nova force instead of Richard because of his higher IQ, but was not there when the Deathstorm struck his world and could not halt its immense destructive force as it incinerated the people and places he held dear.

(Nova II#4 (fb) - BTS) - He resolved to prevent this from happening again and jumped across dimensions until he reached Earth-616 (it is unknown how many other extradimensional counterparts, if any, he encountered/helped).

(Nova II#4 (fb) - BTS) - Nova 0:0 secretly observed Nova (Richard Rider) for several weeks.

(Nova II#3) - Back at his Crash Pad, Nova was watched from the shadows by Nova 0:0.

(Nova II#4) - Receiving a call for his Nova Express messenger service, Nova zoomed off to the location, but realized too late that it had been a set-up for a confrontation with Nova 0:0. The two fought briefly, with Nova 0:0 emphasizing that he was there to advance Rich's abilities and train him in wielding the Nova force because of an imminent and deadly threat. Nova 0:0 then used a gravimetric pulse to shunt Nova 20 miles, before blasting Rich with a seismic ripple. Still fighting, Nova 0:0 encouraged Rich to break past his psychological blocks that inhibited his ability to fully utilize his powers. Nova 0:0 revealed the catastrophic fate of his own alternate Earth before rocketing away.

Nova 0:0 battles on the moon

(Nova II#6) - Nova discovered the meaning of the 0:0 part of the extradimensional Nova's adopted name: it referred to ground zero of the arrival of Deathstorm on Earth.

(Nova II#12) - While in the upper Earth atmosphere, Nova was suddenly assaulted by Nova 0:0, who hurled rock debris at the 616 hero. They communicated briefly using their helmets. Their rough sparring took them to the surface of the moon and Nova displayed his increased fighting skills against his extradimensional counterpart. However, they were then attacked by the Inhumans (Black Bolt, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa) and Star-Thief, who resided in the Inhuman city of Attilan based on the moon. Star-Thief blasted Nova 0:0 and was then hit by Black Bolt. Nova 0:0 realized that the Inhumans had been manipulated into attacking them and warned too late against Nova responding in kind to Black Bolt's attack. Nova 0:0 elected to escape the clutches of the Inhumans and fled.

(Nova II#13) - Robert Rider of Earth-616 doodled with the 0:0 image, linking the zeroes so they looked like an infinity symbol.

(Nova II#14) - Meanwhile, Nova 0:0 had found the villainous Shadow Consortium's base and signaled Nova and his fellow New Warriors with a "0:0" signal on a readout in their helicopter. Nova 0:0 then made himself scarce, remembering the battle on his own world, as the New Warriors battled Shatterforce, the Consortium and Aakon agents.

(Nova II#15 (fb)) - Aakon agents had tracked the Earth-616 Robbie Rider and sought to kidnap him, but they were blasted away by Nova 0:0. Later, Nova 0:0 dropped Robbie at a subway station after having explained the nature of the Deathstorm to him, and returned to fight the Aakon warriors. However, he had been zapped by a ray that weakened him, and he was defeated.

The end of Nova 0:0 (Nova II#15) - Nova found the beaten Nova 0:0 at the dump and pleaded with Nova to defend his family and protect the Earth. Nova 0:0 then flew off into space to stop the Deathstorm from being activated.

(Nova II#16) - Nova 0:0 attacked the Aakon warriors near the Ram's Head spaceship in outer orbit around Mars, while back on Earth, Nova learnt of what Nova 0:0 had told Robbie Rider and that he didn't really know how the Deathstorm operated, just that Nova had to become an empty vessel to counter it.

Back near Mars, Nova 0:0 signaled Nova with a giant flare amidst his fight with the Aakon. Nova responded immediately and rocketed to where the flare was. There, he encountered Nova 0:0 being blasted by the Aakon with molecular disruptor guns. When Nova attempted to intervene, Nova 0:0 instead ordered him to get aboard the space ship and stop the Deathstorm bomb. When the Aakon sought to fire at Nova, Nova 0:0 jumped in and took the full blast, receiving mortal wounds in the process. He then fell to the surface of Mars, where his helmet came off. A triumphant Nova then arrived to discover that his extradimensional counterpart was actually his brother from another universe. Just before dying, Nova 0:0 told Nova how proud he was of him.

(Nova II#17) - On Mars, Nova gave a personal eulogy for Nova 0:0 and returned to Earth. Soon after, Garthan Saal, who was pursuing Nova, arrived at Nova 0:0's burial marker and detected Nova's energy trail.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza (writer), Chris Marrinan (pencils) & Mark Stegbauer (inks).

It is likely, but unconfirmed, that Nova 0:0 initially encountered extradimensional villain counterparts as those of Earth 616's Nova, such as Condor, Diamondhead, Powerhouse and Zorr. However, the circumstances of his receiving the Nova force were also unrevealed.

The alternate Nova that Rich speaks to in Nova II#6 revealed that he never surrendered his powers and instead returned to Xandar to lead the Nova Corps, but this took him away from defending the Earth from the Deathstorm. It is likely that Nova 0:0 took a similar path to this alternate Nova.

It's specified in Nova II#4 that Nova 0:0 is spoken as "Nova Zero Zero".

So how many other extradimensional Novas did he help? How many other extradimensional Deathstorms have there been? Was the devastation of Deathstorm in his home dimension only because Robert was selected over Richard?

Profile by Grendel Prime


Nova 0:0 has no known connections to:

Nova 0:0 should not be confused with other members of the Nova Corps, particularly those of Earth 616, including:

Nova II#4, p5 (main)
Nova II#12 cover (blazing helmet)
     p14, panel 1 (moon shot from behind)
Nova II#16, p22, panel 5 (face revealed)

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